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我想吃箭鱼片- ::00 A:Are you y a second?想不想再要点什么?B:No,I'm afraid we'll have to cancel the order.I'm not sure whether it agrees with me.不用了,恐怕那道菜我们也不要了,因为搞不清合不合我们的胃口A:Would you like anything else?还要别的吗?B:I'd prefer swordfish steak.我想要箭鱼片A:I'm sorry.It's out of season now.对不起,现在不是箭鱼片上市的季节B:Oysters,please.请上牡蛎吧如何对付垃圾短信英语对话-- :: Tracy:Spam message! 垃圾短信!Jack:Are you a user of China Mobile? 你是中移动的用户吗?Tracy:Yes. 是的Jack:You can call 6 or send messages to 6999 to report spam messages. 你可以致电6或者发短信至6999报告垃圾短信Tracy:Oh, that's a good news. 噢,那可是个好消息Jack:And China Mobile's users in Beijing and Shanghai will not be able to send text messages if they are found to have sent illegal or unhealthy content. 北京和上海的中移动用户如果被发现发送了存在非法内容或不健康信息的短信,那他们将不能再发短信Tracy:What's the standard determining the messages? 那什么标准来判断这些短信呢?Jack:China Mobile said that the automatic rating is based on key words provided by police. 中移动说,自动筛选是以警方提供的关键词为基础的Tracy:Will China Telecom and China Unicom follow the action? 那中国电信和中国联通会跟随吗?Jack:Well, they claimed that they will. 他们说会

你在伦敦有朋友吗-1 :50:18 A:Steven, have you any friend in London?史蒂文,你在伦敦有朋友吗?B:Yes, my old friend Hanson lives there有啊,我的老朋友汉森就住在伦敦A:Are you close?你们俩关系近吗?B:Yes. He's one of my best friends. Our friendship med at college. Why did you ask that?是的,他是我最好的朋友之一我们的友谊从大学时就开始了你问这个干什么?A:I'm going to London on business next week. But I know nothing about it.我下周要去伦敦出差,但我对那里人生地不熟B:I get it. You want to find a guide, don’t you?我明白了,你是想找一个向导,对不对?A:Yes, Steven. You always know what I want.没错,史蒂文,你总是知道我想要什么B:Don’t worry. I will call Hanson, and ask him to help you.不用担心,我会给汉森打电话,请他帮助你A:Thank you!谢谢了!我想买件丝绸的唐装外套- :6:58 A:good afternoon! Can I help you?下午好!您要买什么?B:could you show me where the Chinese-style clothing is located? I want to buy a silk coat.唐装在哪儿?我想买件丝绸外套.A:this way, please. Here they are. They're all handmade.这边请.这些都是,都是手工制作的.B:oh, they look nice. May I try that black one on?这件看上去不错,我能试试黑色的吗?A:of course. The fitting room is right over there.当然,试衣间在那儿.B:do you have a medium in the same color? This one is a little tight.这个颜色有没有中号的,这件有点小.A:I'm sorry. All the balck of that size are sold out. Would you like a red one?不好意思,中号的卖完了,要不您试试红色的?B:ok, let me try it on. what do you think?好吧,我试试.你觉得怎么样?A:oh, that suits you very well. Besides it is believed in China that the red color brings happiness and good luck.挺适合的.而且在中国,红色象征着喜气.B:really? I'll take it, and I'm leaving here tomorrow. Is it possible you to send one in black to me by mail when you gte it in?是吗?那我买了.另外,我明天就走了,你们有了黑色的,能给我寄一件过去吗?A:our pleasure. Please fill out this m, leaving your address and telephone number.可以的,请您填个表格,留下您的电话和地址.B:thanks. Hwo much would that come to?谢谢.一共多少钱?A:let me see...我算一下…

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Overindulgence of a good thing.过度沉迷于某件事物Eating too much makes you fat. Spending too much money makes you broke. Working too much leaves your family at home missing you.Playing too much leaves important work undone. And so on and so th.吃得过多会让你发胖,花钱花得过多会让你破产,工作太多会让家人在家想念你,玩耍太多重要的事情就无法完成……这样的例子举不胜举Happiness depends on the balancing act of applying your positive resources equally to the hungry deficits in your life. All details aside, the important thing to remember is this: Long-term happiness is never found in one good thing; it is a combination, it is a balanced lifestyle.快乐取决于你能否把积极的资源均等地分到生活中的赤字中以达到平衡抛开细节不谈,重要的是要记住:长期的幸福不会在一件事情中找到;它是一种结合,是一种平衡的生活方式.[本节目属] 3330【今日课程PDF文下载】点击下面文字即可下载Lesson Two 进阶篇之二【序言】各位亲爱的听众朋友,这里是6+1英语课程我是Juliet清脆的鸟鸣,徐徐的晨风,柔和的晨光,摇曳的绿叶,多美好的清晨呀!带上您一份美好的心情进入今天的7点档口语课堂,开始您美好而充实的一天的生活【发散思维】1 turn something ( or somebody ) down turn down(something or somebody)【Explanation】to reject or refuse to consider an offer , or a proposal or the person who wants to make it 拒绝考虑(提议,建议,或者是提议者,建议者等)【Example Sentences】She turns your invitation because she thinks you intend to come to on her. 她拒绝你的邀请是因为她认为你想吃她的豆腐知识拓展:come on to somebody 是个俚语,表示男生亲近女生,对女生有性面的想法翻译为:轻薄中文口语中的“吃豆腐”的表述就是这个短语He's been turned down ten jobs so far. 他迄今申请了份工作都遭到了拒绝知识拓展:1 介词在这里是表“原因” so far 迄今,目前为止 So far, there are few signs of trouble.直到现在,还几乎没有什么麻烦的迹象The evidence so far is mixed.迄今为止迹象是混杂的He asks her to marry him but she turns him down. 他请求她嫁给他,可是她回绝了 say no to (somthing or somebody)【Explanation】to refuse an offer, or a suggestion,etc. 拒绝, 反对,否定(提议或建议等)【Example Sentences】If you don't invest in this, you'er saying no to a potential tune. 如果你在这上面不投资的话,那就说明你根本就不想发财知识拓展: invest in something 在......上投资 potential tune 有可能会发财She would never say no to anything to her children. 她对孩子百依百顺Didn’t she say not to the date last time?上次相亲,她不是没有拒绝吗?It takes greater energy to say no to a kid .跟孩子说声不行是要费更大的气力的知识拓展:take energy to do something 花费精力做某事,take是“花费,付出”的意思3 refuse 【Situation 1】 to say that you don't want something that has been offered to you 拒绝,回绝,推卸(提供给你的东西) refuse + something The job offer is too good to refuse. 这份工作太好了,无法拒绝I politely refuse their request. 我婉言回绝了他们的请求 【Situation 】to say that you will not give somebody something that he wants or needs 拒绝(给予某人所需之物)作为这个意思,可以接双宾语,结构如下:refuse + somebody + something They refused him a visa. 他们拒绝给他签 She would never refuse anything to her kids. 她对孩子百依百顺【Situation 3】not do something that somebody has asked you to you 拒绝,回绝(别人叫你去做的事)Go on, ask her a date with you tonight; she hardly refuse it. 去吧,去求求她,她不大会拒绝的He firmly refused to discuss this matter. 他断然拒绝商讨这件事儿firmly refuse 断然拒绝She refused to accept there was a problem. 她拒不承认有问题存在,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 What you are willing to sacrifice your goals为了目标,你愿意牺牲什么?When it comes to goal setting, you must be specific.If you find yourself talking to yourself about wanting everything, it means you are treacherously close to achieving nothing. It means you are avoiding the eft required to get anywhere at all.目标制定必须详细如果你这也想要那也想要,很可能会一无所获因为你只想成果而不愿为特定目标付诸切实努力Usually, it not too difficult to decide what you want your life to look like in a year from now.通常一年内的目标并不难决定,难的是为了实现目标而甘心作出放弃This takes serious commitment, and it requires transient discomt. When you decide to aim something higher, you must be willing to suffer a bit of vertigo –the fear of falling. And you must be willing to fight against that voice of emptiness below you which tempts and lures you to believe that you dont have enough strength to ascend any higher你需要全力以赴,还得忍受暂时的苦痛目标越高,担心失败的困扰也越多而你则必须战胜内心那个不断引诱你的消极思维,说什么你根本没有足够的能力更上一层楼sacrifice vt.amp; vi.牺牲,把…奉献给…; 廉价卖出; 牺牲,献祭; [棒]作牺牲打例句:A mother will sacrifice her life her children.为了孩子,一个母亲可以献出她自己的生命treacherously adv.背信弃义地; 背叛地; 靠不住地; 危险地例句:he mountain road treacherously.山路蜿蜒曲折transient adj.短暂的; 转瞬即逝的; 临时的例句:In most cases, pain is transient.大多数情况下,疼痛是短暂的vertigo n.眩晕,头晕例句:He had a dful attack of vertigo.他忽然头晕得厉害[本节目属] 56

Apple Daily, a Chinese-language newspaper known racy celebrity gossip, did not reply to requests comment on the suit.

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