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  • Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;New British fiction;新英国小说;The writer and the spy;作家和间谍;A clever book that leaves you cold;打不动人心的一本智慧书;Sweet Tooth. By Ian McEwan.《甜蜜牙齿》作者:Ian McEwan. At 64, with a Hollywood film, a Man Booker prize and a gong from the queen, Ian McEwan has become a grand old man of British letters. Publication of his latest novel, “Sweet Tooth”, was announced on the evening news. A ing at the Edinburgh book festival was introduced by none other than the first minister, Alex Salmond.64岁那年,带着被改编成的好莱坞电影,伊恩.麦克万从女王的手里接过了布克奖和奖章。成为英国的最年长的作者。晚间新闻报道了他最新出版的小说《甜蜜的牙齿》。在爱丁堡图书节的一次读书会上,竟然是首席部长阿列克斯.萨尔蒙德推荐了这本小说。For all the attendant publicity, “Sweet Tooth” is not Mr McEwans finest book. It has neither the darkness of “The Comfort of Strangers” nor the passion of “Enduring Love”, nor even the forensic observation that made “On Chesil Beach” such an uncomfortable and memorable . It is a clever book—ostensibly about spying, yet really about writers and the alchemy of fiction. But it is also curiously forgettable. What it lacks is not so much an animating spirit, as a heart.对于所有的参赛作品来说,《甜蜜的牙齿》并不是麦克万最棒的书。它既没有《舒适的陌生人》的那种阴郁,也没有《永恒的爱》那么的,甚至没有那种使《在Chesil的海滩》成为令人忐忑,却难以忘却的书的法医的观察。这是一本智慧的书——表面看似是关于谍报活动的,其实它是讲作者和小说的魔力。但是,说来奇怪,它也容易被忘掉。它缺少的是没有令人心跳般地虎虎生机。The novel is set in 1972, a pivotal year in post-war British history, when a series of bloody IRA bombings and debilitating miners strikes seemed to presage the political and economic chaos that would mark the rest of the decade. Farther afield, the cold war stumbled on, as East and West battled for cultural influence.小说的故事设定在1972年,英国历史上战后的最关键的一年,一连串的北爱尔兰共和军的流血爆炸,虚弱矿工的罢工似乎预示着政治和经济的大乱,那混乱也许充斥那个年代的剩下的整个时间。远方,冷战磕磕碰碰地继续着,就像东西方为了文化影响战斗一样。In her final year at Cambridge—nest of an earlier generation of spies—Serena Frome (rhymes with “plume”, the er is swiftly told, for no discernible reason) has an affair with an older man, who helps recruit her to become a junior spy. At the time the West was spending millions sping anti-Soviet propaganda, and America was bankrolling newspapers and broadcasters like Radio Free Europe. Serena, a compulsive er of fiction, is sent on a secret mission to convert a promising young novelist, Tom Haley, to the cause.剑桥是这个早先一代间谍的的老窝。Serena Frome (与”plume”押韵,给读者一带而过,没有别的意思。)在剑桥的最后一年,和一个老头之间有段韵事,老头协助招募她,使她成了一位初级间谍。那时,西方花费数百万用于反苏宣传,美国资助着报纸和广播,如自由欧洲电台等。一位痴迷小说的读者,Serena身负着神秘使命,被送去策反年轻有为的小说家 Tom Haley到这事业来。The two become lovers. Their hedonistic affair is full of Chablis and long discussions about famous writers and publishers of the time (Martin Amis, Tom Maschler). The book chugs along this way until the end, when Mr McEwan delivers an unwieldy denouement and some unearned sadness. By then it is hard to feel much of anything for these heroes, who are all notions and no depth.这两个成了恋人,他们享受着花天酒地,久久地讨论着当时知名的作家和出版商(如Martin Amis, Tom Maschler)。这本书遵循着这条线索,跌宕起伏,一直到结束,这时麦克万写出了繁琐的结尾和一些顺理成章的伤感。直到此刻我们也很难感受到这些英雄的什么事迹,虽然他们一直贯穿始终,但没有深度。 /201209/199430。
  • What a light bulb and an egg have in common? The shell of an egg and the glass exterior of a light bulb have more than one thing in common. First, both protect something delicate inside: the exterior of the light bulb keeps the delicate internal wiring protected and an eggshell protects a developing chick.The need to protect chicks and wiring requires that eggshells and light bulbs be structurally strong.电灯泡和鸡蛋有什么共同点呢?鸡蛋的外壳和灯泡的玻璃外罩的相同点可不止一处。首先,两者都在保护内部脆弱的东西:灯泡的外罩保护精细的内部接线,而蛋壳保护还未孵化的小鸡。为了保护小鸡和灯丝,要求蛋壳和灯罩的结构性很强。Second, both are made of thin material. A chick, y to hatch, has to be able to peck its way through the shell. And because light bulbs are usually made of opaque rather than clear glass, the glass exterior must be thin so that light can shine through.其次,两者都由薄型材料构成。一只待孵化的小鸡必须能够破开蛋壳钻出来。且因为灯泡通常由不透明的玻璃做成,所以玻璃外罩要很薄,这样灯光才能透过灯罩射出去。So how can a structure be strong and yet made of thin material at the same time? By using a carefully-designed oval shape. Picture for a moment a square egg. If you took that imaginary object in your hand and squeezed it very hard between your thumb and finger, the pressure youd exert would be localized in the exact part of the flat surface your thumb and finger were pushing. Even a slight pressure would be great enough to break the thin shell into pieces.那么什么样的结构即坚固同时又能由薄层的材料制成呢?通过利用一种精心设计的椭圆形。暂且先描绘一个方形的蛋。假设你把这个虚构的对象拿在手里,用拇指和食指用力挤压,你施加的压力会落在拇指和食指接触到的平面上。即使是轻微的压力也足以将薄薄的蛋壳打得粉碎。But if you do the same thing to a real egg, the force you exert is not localized in one point, but is distributed into all directions around the surface of the egg. Though you can eventually break an egg by doing this, it takes a great deal more force to do so. Of course, its no coincidence that the shapes of light bulbs and eggs are similar. When the light bulb was invented and perfected, it was patterned after a shape that nature had come up with hundreds of thousands of years ago.但是如果你挤压一个真正的鸡蛋,那么你施加的压力并不着力在一个点上,而是分散在蛋壳表面的各个方向。尽管你最终还是可以将鸡蛋捏碎,但在那之前你要使更多的劲。当然,灯泡的形状跟鸡蛋相似并不是偶然现象。灯泡的发明和完善还是仿照了大自然几十万年前就有的形状。原文译文属!201301/220892。
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