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福建中医医院生殖中心福建石狮妇幼保健院挂号电话泉州新阳光医院医院在哪个区 新年英语祝福语——给父母亲的祝福语 Mom and Dad: Thank you everything this holiday season! 爸爸妈妈:值此佳节,感谢您们所给予的一切 I'll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you. 我将回家与你们共度佳节 A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it. 寄上一份礼物,希望你们会喜欢 I wish I were home the holidays. 但愿我能回家共度佳节 佳节,我想念你们 Best wishes from Mark, Janet and the kids. 马克、珍妮特和孩子们,谨呈最诚挚的祝福 Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter. 寄上无限的思念和最美好的祝愿,你们的女儿 Season's greetings from Xiao Li and Ming Ming. 献上小丽和明明的节日问候 A holiday wish from your son Tom. 寄上佳节的祝福,你们的儿子汤姆敬上 May you have the best season ever. 愿你过个最愉快的节日 A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter. 愿女儿的祝福带给您欢乐 Happy New year to the world's best parents! 祝世界上最好的父母节日快乐! Season's greetings to my dearest parents! 祝我最亲爱的父母节日愉快! 01956泉州白带异常怎么治疗

泉州医院哪个好The third season finale of their hit series Vampire Diaries aired a few days ago. And the co-star sweethearts Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have been enjoying their time off, going on a romantic spring stroll in the trendy SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan today.当红美剧《吸血鬼日记的第三季大结局已经拍摄完成因而男女主角,同时也是情侣的Ian Somerhalder以及Nina Dobrev也得以抽空一起逛街 187丰泽区做产检哪家医院最好的 泉州妇产医院

泉州市新阳光妇产医院预约 There is no shortage of pretty faces in South Korean drama - the problem, rather, is choosing the prettiest ones. Let’s check out today’s most popular Korean drama stars and see how their hallmark handsomeness and signature beauty can be described in the English language.韩剧中从来都不乏俊男美女,但问题是:谁才是最养眼的男神女神?让我们来盘点一下时下人气最旺的韩剧明星,学习一下如何用英文来表达他们每个人所不同的独特魅力Leggy“长腿欧巴”Lee Min-ho, 6, actorsinger李敏镐,6岁,演员兼歌手Basics: Best known his leading role in romantic comedy drama The Inheritors. In July in South Korea, Lee was voted the most attractive male celebrity in TV commercials cosmetics brands.基本资料:因主演爱情剧《继承者们而名声大噪年7月,李敏镐被评选为“化妆品电视广告最具魅力男艺人”Characteristic: In his fans’ eyes, Lee’s physique is leggy (having attractively long and slender legs) and his personality introverted while still radiating a kind and vibrant warmth.特点:在粉丝眼中,李敏镐堪称“长腿欧巴”,一双标志性长腿令人着迷;而性格内敛的他也散发出一种善良而富有活力的“暖男”气质Sunshine boy阳光男孩Park Yu-chun, 7, singer, songwriter, model and actor朴有天,7岁,创作型歌手、模特、演员Basics: Best known as a member of pop group JYJ, Park is well-known his acting in the dramas Miss Ripley, and Missing You.基本资料:他最广为人知的身份是流行组合JYJ的成员,因在韩剧《再见雷普利和《想你中的表演而走红Characteristic: Wearing a dashing suit or a casual sweater, Park is labeled as a sunshine boy who is sweet, considerate and has an irresistible smile.特点:无论身着时髦正装还是休闲毛衣,朴有天都被贴上了“阳光男孩”的标签——温柔、体贴,同时拥有令人无法抗拒的笑容Aloof“面瘫教授”Kim Soo-hyun, 5, actorsinger金秀贤,5岁,演员兼歌手Basics: Kim’s popularity skyrocketed when he starred in the hit period drama Moon Embracing the Sun (捧日之月), which was the most popular in its time slot and, at its peak, had viewer ratings of . percent in South Korea. Known as the “Professor” in the hit drama Man From the Stars, Kim’s popularity has hit the roof in China.基本资料:金秀贤因出演热门古装剧《捧日之月而迅速蹿红,该剧成为韩国同时段收视冠军,创下 .%的超高收视率现在,因出演时下大热的韩剧《来自星星的你中“教授”一角,金秀贤在中国可谓人气爆棚Characteristic: His character in the show has stirred a lot of discussion among fans, with his omnipotent ability to walk through walls, minds, and engage in psychic interfacing. The alien he depicts appears to have an icy exterior and seems very aloof. Kim’s perfectly proportioned figure also means everything on him is a showcase of good fashion.特点:他在《来自星星的你中所饰演的角色可谓上天入地无所不能,具备了穿墙术、读心术以及意念操控等特异功能,从而引发粉丝热议他饰演的外星教授外表冷若冰霜、看起来有些“面瘫”“黄金比例”的身材也意味着金秀贤的着装无处不展示着绝佳的时尚品味Healing治愈系少女Lim Yoon-a, 3, singer, dancer and actress林允儿,3岁,歌舞双栖、演员Basics: Lim stared in Love Rain, a fantasy drama about fate and how the offspring of a previous ill-fated couple who met in the 1970s, also fall in love with each other. In , she played in the TV drama Prime Minister and I (总理与我) and rose to stardom across Asia.基本资料:林允儿曾主演韩剧《爱情雨,这部“命运幻想曲”讲述了一个从父辈延续到现代的爱情故事:上世纪70年代一对恋人因命运捉弄而分手,而到了现代,他们的子女又相恋了年,允儿出演了电视剧《总理和我,人气席卷全亚洲Characteristic: While she has no hot figure, her looks are considered “healing” - her presence and beauty can comt the heart.特点:虽然没有火辣的身材,但她却有着“治愈系”的外形——她的一颦一笑都能够温暖人心Plain Jane邻家女孩Park Shin-hye, 3, actress, singer and dancer朴信惠,3岁,演员、歌舞双栖Basics: Caught in a love triangle in The Inheritors, Park rocketed to fame in China overnight. She is best known her leading role in the television drama You’re Beautiful.基本资料:在韩剧《继承者们中深陷“三角恋”的朴信惠在中国一夜成名她最为人所熟知的角色就要数韩剧《原来是美男啊中的女一号了Characteristic: Starring in The Inheritors, a quasi-Cinderella story, Park appears as a plain Jane, someone who is not hot but has a heart of gold. She also seems shy in the love affair, but this has not prevented her from becoming a fan favorite looking like the girl next door.特点:在“韩版灰姑娘”——《继承者们中,朴信惠饰演了一位外表平凡却心地善良的邻家女孩尽管她在荧幕上谈情说爱时略显羞涩,但这并不妨碍粉丝们对这位邻家女孩的喜爱Knockout chubby迷人婴儿肥Yun Eun-hea, 9, actress, singer and model尹恩惠,9岁,演员、歌手、模特Basics: Yun debuted as a member of girl group Baby V.O.X. She has since moved on to acting and is best known starring in the TV dramas The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and Missing You.基本资料:尹恩惠以韩国女子组合Baby V.O.X成员的身份踏入演艺圈此后她歌而优则演,其主演的代表作有电视剧《咖啡王子一号店和《想你Characteristic: In an interview, Yun commented on her own looks as “a chubby face”. But that hasn’t kept her from being a knockout beauty. Compared with actors born in the 1990s, Yun radiates an aura of sophistication, with less audacity but more elegance and grace.特点:尹恩惠在一次接受采访中评价自己长着一张“肉嘟嘟的脸”尽管如此,她仍是一位绝代佳人同一众90后演员相比,尹恩惠身上散发着成熟干练的气质,她的美没有侵略性,更多显现出的是端庄和典雅 773福建泉州新阳光女子怎么样!泉州江南医院



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