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1. Use common sense and pay attention to your gut reaction. This is often the Holy Spirit in you, warning you that things may not be right. 运用常识,相信直觉。这是你内心的真正感受,会提醒你事情是不是有点不对劲了。 2. If he or she sounds too good to be true, he or she probably is to good to be true and isn’t being truthful on his or her profile. 如果对方好得有点不真实了,那么就应该质疑一下他/她的身份的真实性了。 3. Listen and watch (by ) for signs of a temper, control, etc. and run for the hills if you sense this person needs therapy first. You aren't going to change him or her. Let the person get help. 听一听,看一看(通过视频)对方的性格脾气。如果你觉得这个人有点不太正常,那就赶紧撤吧。你可没必要去改变他/她,让他/她自己想办法吧。 4. Use a free email account with family name and something else. This way a person cannot search all your personal details. 用你的姓氏开通一个免费的电子邮箱,防止别人来搜索你的个人信息。 5. Ask for a RECENT picture and encourage the person to send candid shots for more realism. You don't want major surprises when you meet. Awkward! 问对方要一张他/她的近照,最好是生活照,这样更真实。你也不想在见面的时候,对方是恐龙或青蛙吧,见光死啊! 6. If anyone asks for money, do not give it. Most likely you are being scammed. 如果对方问你要钱,千万别给!十有八九是来骗钱的。 7. Don't reveal details of your personal life too soon and be careful what you reveal. 别太快把自己的生活细节泄露给对方,多留意自己都说了些什么。 8. Paid services usually have more safety and screening procedures than free. 付费的婚恋网站往往比免费的更安全,审核程序也更严格。 9. If you do have a home phone, don't give out the number. Use your cell phone. 不要给对方家庭电话,给他/她手机号码就行。 10. Some people have a great deal of social awkwardness at meeting others. If you meet and it feels awkward, you may want to give it another chance to see if the person settles down and is interesting. 有些人在面对陌生人时会很紧张,表现糟糕。如果对方在见面时是这样的,再给他/她一次机会,看看对方的人品怎样,是不是风趣幽默。 11. Meet in a public space the first time. 第一次见面安排在公共场所。 12. Don't use a provocative handle to get interest. The interest you get is not the kind of interest you want. 不要用轻佻的言行引起对方的兴趣,这样激起的兴趣不是你想要的那种。 13. Don't go into questionable chat rooms. 不要进那些有问题的聊天室。 14. Use Skype (and other visual media) to actually see each other if the relationship progresses. You get more information when you can observe nonverbal behavior. 如果你们的关系有所进展的话,用Skype等视频聊天工具面对面地交流,你可以从非语言的行为中获得更多的信息。 15. Think about how your photos may be used. Once you send them to the cyberspace, people can use them however they want. And get permission from any person who might be in a photo with you. Better yet, crop that person out of the photo. It violates his or her privacy. 慎用照片。一旦你把照片上传到网络,人们就可以任意使用它了。如果是与别人一起的合照,要事先征求对方意见,要不然就直接把别人从照片上裁掉,不要泄露别人的隐私。 /201109/155367Three Men in a BoatThree men were sitting on a park bench. The one in the middle was ing a newspaper; the others were pretending to fish. They baited imaginary hooks, cast lines and reeled in their catch. A passing policeman stopped to watch the spectacle and asked the man in the middle if he knew the other two.;Oh yes, ; he said. ;They are my friends.;;In that case, ; warned the officer, ;you#39;d better get them out of here!;;Yes, sir, ; the man replied, and he began rowing furiously.三人同舟三位男子在公园的长椅上坐着。中间的一个在读报纸,另外两个在假装钓鱼。他们给想象的鱼钩上鱼饵,放线,并卷线把鱼抓上来。 一位过路警察驻足观察了这个景象,他问中间的那个男子是否认识其他两位。;喔,认识,;他说,;他们是我的朋友。;;那样的话,;警察告诫说,;你最好把他们从这里弄走。;;好的,警官。;那男子回答说,接着就开始疯狂般地做起划桨的动作来。 /201202/170480

For many women, deciding what to wear for work every morning can be a stressful and time-consuming experience。对很多女人来说,每天早上决定上班要穿什么有时会很紧张,还浪费时间。 But Jackie Brown, 49, from Surrey, was so fed up of her daily fashion dilemma that she decided to put an end to the problem - by wearing the same outfit every day for a whole month (washed and ironed regularly, of course)。但是来自萨里郡49岁的杰基·布朗受够了每天搭配衣的烦恼,于是她决定解决这个问题——坚持一个月里每天穿同一套衣(当然会定期清洗熨烫)。It may sound boring, but Jackie, an editor at women#39;s magazine Good Housekeeping, found that removing her style dilemma from her daily routine helped to start the day on the right foot and boosted her confidence。可能听起来很无聊,但身为女性杂志《好主妇》编辑的杰基发现:日常生活中省去了搭配衣的烦恼有助于开启美好的一天,还能增加自信。She also discovered that despite being worried that she would look boring, nobody noticed that beneath her accessories she was sporting the same garb daily。她也发现,尽管她担心自己看起来会很乏味,但没人注意到她的配饰下面每天都是同样的打扮。She said: #39;I used to leave house flustered and in a rush and it wasn#39;t a good way to start the day. Also, I would often feel that I hadn#39;t quite pulled off the outfit.#39;她说:“我过去都是慌慌张张匆忙地从家里出来,这不是开启一天的好状态。而且,我经常会感觉衣效果不够好。”#39;And I found not having to decide about clothes freed my mind up to think about what I was doing that day.#39;“而且我发现不需要决定穿什么衣解放了我的思想,可以想想那一天要做什么。”The result was that Jackie felt calmer and more in control and as a consequence, she felt those around her reacted more positively to her too。结果就是杰基感觉更冷静了,控制能力更强了。因此,她觉得身边人对她的反应也更积极了。She said: #39;I felt good about myself and felt people treated me with more reverence and smiled at me more. #39;她说:“我自我感觉很好,感觉人们对我更尊重了,对我笑得更多了。” /201508/392190

A recent article suggests the period for making BFFS the way you did in your teens and 20s is over – so have I accumulated the right kinds of friends?最近的一篇文章提到,结交最好朋友的阶段是在青少年时期和20多岁这段期间,过了这段时间,结交朋友的方式会发生变化,也很难交到好朋友了。——那我现在有没有积累够合适的朋友呢?Once, after spending four straight days alone in my flat, communicating only with an editor (via email) and myself (via the bathroom mirror), I asked myself (in the back of a spoon): ;Do you really need friends? You seem to be doing just fine all by yourself.; It was my cue to drop the spoon, get dressed and make plans to see a friend as soon as possible.曾经有一次,我一个人在公寓里呆了整整四天,只和编辑交流(通过电子邮件),再就是自我交流(对着镜子),我问我自己(对着勺子的背面):“你真的需要朋友吗?你看起来自己一个人就挺不错的了。” 这提醒我扔掉勺子,穿上衣,尽快安排和朋友见面。Earlier this week, I Alex Williams#39;s New York Times piece in which he explores the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30. Actual close friends are in shorter supply, argues Williams. ;No matter how many friends you make, a sense of fatalism can creep in: the period for making BFFs, the way you did in your teens or early 20s, is pretty much over. It#39;s time to resign yourself to situational friends: KOF#39;s (kind of friends) ...;本周早些时候,我读了作家阿莱克斯-威廉斯在《纽约时报》发表的一篇文章,在文章里他探讨了30岁以后交朋友的难处。威廉斯认为,很多人实际上都缺少亲密的朋友。“无论你有多少朋友,一种宿命感会潜入到你心底:遇到最好朋友的时机过了,在青少年时或20岁左右交朋友的方式也已经结束了。现在是时候重新调整自己,结交情境式朋友:我们称其为 KOF(准朋友)。”The article made me think. I will be 30 this November, and while I have a stable of friends accrued over a lifetime, I began to worry about the looming deadline, this most depressing of cut-off dates. Are my true friend-making days numbered? Have I collected all the real friends I am likely ever to have? Most important, have I accumulated the right kinds of friends? Who among my friends is the Rachel to my Monica?这篇文章引发了我的思绪。今年的11月份,我就30了,按照文章中的理论,我一辈子的所有朋友也就是我现在的这些朋友了,我开始担心这不断逼近的生日,它太让人沮丧了。我结交朋友的天数屈指可数了吗?我已经拥有了可能有的所有真正的朋友了吗? 更重要的是,我的这些朋友交的恰当吗? 我的朋友中,谁和我的关系是像瑞秋和莫妮卡那样?My oldest and best friend is my sister, born three years before me. The key factor in our becoming friends was clearly proximity, but our friendship is one that endures outside our sisterly bond, and in spite of our many differences. My school years were easy; I was a confident child, and managed to form a series of intense friendships that hallmark youth. At boarding school, I got so close to another girl that we shared the same bed for several months – a fact that was more or less forgotten by the time we returned in the new term and both moved on to greener friendship pastures.我的和我做朋友时间最长,也是我最好的朋友,她比我大三岁。我们成为朋友的关键因素显而易见,但我们的友谊超过了我们的情感,尽管我们之间存在着很多的差异。我上学的时候很轻松;我是一个自信的孩子,收获了标志着青年时期的一系列亲密友谊。在寄宿学校里,我和另一个女孩走得很近,我们几个月都用一张床——这件事新学期我们就或多或少给忘了,我们又各自开拓新的朋友领地去了。I had a different ;best friend; for every year at secondary school – entirely normal behaviour for teenage girls. We moved continents when I was a child, relocating to Nigeria for a decade, before returning to London as a teenager in Year 11. My Nigerian friendships are all but over – Facebook keeps up the charade – and I have no contact with anyone from secondary school. I don#39;t mourn the loss of those friendships too much.在中学时每年我的“最好朋友”都不相同,青少年期的女孩都这样。当我还是孩子的时候我们家在世界各地不断迁移,搬到尼日利亚过了十年,然后在我读11年级的时候回到伦敦。 我在尼日利亚的那些友谊基本上都结束了,虽然在Facebook上看起来还存在,但我现在和中学时期的朋友没有任何联系。失去了那些友谊,我也并没有觉得很难过。Much as you rarely marry the first person you date, it is inevitable that the friends you make in the early days are not the ones that endure. I think that as you get older, friendships become more utilitarian – ;my kid likes your kid; or ;we met at NCT class; or ;we work together and I don#39;t entirely hate your guts;.就像很少会有人嫁给自己的初恋,很明显大部分的人和小时结交的朋友间的友谊并不长久。 我认为,当你年纪变得越来越大,友谊会变得更加实际:“我的孩子喜欢你的孩子” 或“我们在NCT课上遇见的。” 或 “我们一起工作,我不讨厌你。”The intensity of the friendships of my youth was borne of a lack of baggage and an abundance of time. You have greater emotional reserves when you make those friendships and when they fail, you bounce back, get back out there and try again. For most people, that resilience leaches away over the years.我年轻时的结交友谊通常非常亲密,这是因为没有负担并、也拥有大量的时间。当你在交友时你拥有较多的情感储备;当友谊失败时你会卷土重来,回到原地并重新尝试。对于大多数人而言,这种弹性随着时间的流逝慢慢消失。I look at my parents and their friends: my dad has had the same friends pretty much all his life. These friendships continued across marriages, deaths and continental moves. My mother is the opposite: she has one solid childhood friend – who we call ;auntie; even though we share no blood – but still manages to form friendships: deep, intense and emotional. The cost of such bright-blazing friendships is that they are often short-lived and excised from the record as soon as they end. I find the thought exhausting, even as I admire her way of flinging herself out there time after time.我也观察了我父母和他们的朋友之间的关系:我爸爸一生中的朋友基本不变。这些友谊见了他们的婚姻、死亡和搬迁。我妈恰好相反:她只有一个稳定的童年朋友,我们叫她“阿姨”,虽然我们之间并没有血缘关系。妈妈仍在不断地和他人建立友谊:那种深刻的、亲密的和恳切的友谊。这样炙热友谊的代价是它们通常时间较短,当友谊结束时不久就会忘记。我发现这种方式让人精疲力尽,我甚至很佩她能一次又一次地投入情感。The friendships that have lasted for me are more considered and meaningful. I made my two closest friends at university more than a decade ago, when we would loll in the student union pub for most of the day, eating chips and ogling boys. We all live in different cities now, two are coupled up and one has two children, so it#39;s hard to find the time to see one other very often. Our bond is still strong, but we are also more realistic about our expectations.对我而言,能持续下来的友谊都是经过深思熟虑并富有意义的。十多年前,我在大学里交了两个最好的朋友,那时我们成天懒洋洋地待在学生会的酒吧里,吃着薯片,和男孩们眉目传情。现在我们三个生活在不同的城市里,其中两个人结婚了,还有一个有两个孩子了,所以很难找时间见面。我们之间的感情依然深厚,但是我们的期望也更加现实。I have made friends online – people who started out as anonymous witty sentences on a comment th – who have gone on to become a part of my ;real life;. Nobody#39;s perfect, but we all draw the line on the things we will and will not put up with. The friendships that last are the ones where you both recognise that you have a good thing going. Getting older might mean you don#39;t make that many new friends, but maybe that#39;s a good thing. The payoff is that you treat them with more care.我交过网友,在贴下留下幽默诙谐的语句慢慢成为我“真实生活” 的一部分。没有人是完美的 ,但是我们都会在能忍受和不能忍受的事情中间画上界限。能够持久的友谊,是双方都意识到继续交往下去会感觉不错。年级变大可能意味着不能结交很多新朋友,但这也许是件好事。这样你会更加关心你的老朋友。And why the mad rush to make all these friends in later life? ;Friends: One to three is sufficient.; Good advice.为什么要急着去交以后生活中的朋友呢?“朋友:一到三个足矣。” 这个说法真不错。 /201210/204367Everyone wants a piece of Jeremy Lin. From Linsanity to Lin-credible then Va-Lin-tine, news headlines have been trying to find wordplays to match the new sensation on the NBA court with his meteoric shoot to stardom.人人都想跟林书豪扯上点关系。从;林疯狂;、;林不思议;,到;情林节;,新闻标题中变着花样地玩着文字游戏,来描述这位一夜成名的NBA新星。However, ;A Chink in the Armor;, a news headline that blamed Lin for his team#39;s loss of a game, is obviously a turnoff which threw a PR disaster at ESPN, one of world#39;s major sports network. It also cost an editor his job. The charge is racism.然而,一条指责林书豪导致他所在球队输掉比赛的新闻标题;;;盔甲上的中国佬;却令人大倒胃口,也将身为全球最大的体育新闻网之一的体育节目电视网身陷公关危机。一位编辑甚至被炒了鱿鱼,罪名是使用种族主义词汇。The case again reminds Americans that while the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, a wrong choice of word might ignite a bomb.这一事件让美国人再次意识到,虽然美国宪法第一修正案确保了言论的自由,但错误的措辞可能会引起轩然。It#39;s also a warning to people outside the country who engage in international communications.这也为其他国家从事国际交流的人士敲响了警钟。Racism种族主义Put aside the context, the phrase ;Chink in the armor; means the weak point in a supposedly strong defense. It is somewhat similar to ;a fly in the ointment;.如果不考虑具体语境,;盔甲上的破绽;这句短语指的是本该万无一失的防御中出现的弱点,有点类似于;软膏里的苍蝇;这个短语(意为一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥或令人扫兴的人或事物)。The phrase is often deployed in sports writing to describe a player#39;s weakness which affects the whole team.这一短语经常出现在体育报道中,用来形容因为某位队员的弱势而导致整个团队受影响。But the word is also a racial slur against Chinese people.但同时Chink这个词也是对中国人带有种族主义的诽谤。With Lin#39;s Chinese heritage, the ;Chink in the armor; was soon bombarded for its racial implication. To quiet public fury, ESPN issued an apology: ;We regret and apologize for this mistake.;由于林书豪的中国背景,这则题为;盔甲上的破绽(Chink在俚语中,贬义指中国佬);的报道因带有种族主义色,很快招致人们炮轰。为平息众怒,ESPN公开道歉:;我们对这一错误表示遗憾和歉意。; /201203/174002

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