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波兰重启引渡程序,要导演罗曼·波兰斯基面对审讯 -- ::57 来源: 波兰新政府向最高法院提起诉讼,重启引渡导演罗曼·波兰斯基回国的程序 Poland’s new government wants to appeal a decision by a Krakow court that ruled a US request to extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski "inadmissible."波兰新政府要对年克拉科夫法庭对美国要求引渡导演罗曼·波兰斯基“不予受理”的决定重新提起上诉The 8-year-old Oscar winner has been living in exile since 1978.这位8岁的奥斯卡得主自从1978年就流亡国外Filmmaker Roman Polanski has stayed out of the US ever since a 1977 child sex conviction in Los Angeles, when he pleaded guilty to having sex with a -year-old girl during a photo shoot.电影导演罗曼·波兰斯基因在一组摄影中与岁少女发生性行为,并于1977年在洛杉矶被定罪侵犯儿童后,就离开美国一直生活在国外He served a short sentence in jail after a plea bargain but fled the country soon afterwards, fearing his plea bargain could be overruled and turned into a hefty sentence.申辩之后,他在监狱里短暂役,后又担心他的申辩被推翻而导致沉重的刑罚,不久就逃离了美国He has been living in France ever since, where his French citizenship protects him from extradition.他从此在法国生活,他的法国国籍让他不受到引渡的威胁After Polanski began spending time in Poland in , the US requested his extradition from the country.年生活在波兰之后,美国要求该国引渡他回国Although a Krakow court decided against it late last year, Poland’s new Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said Tuesday that he would appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the previous decision, claiming Polanski’s celebrity status had helped him escape justice.虽然去年年底克拉科夫法庭不同意引渡的决定,波兰新司法部长Zbigniew Ziobro于周二表示,他会向最高法院提起诉讼,推翻之前的裁定,声称波兰斯基的名人身份让他得以逃脱公正"He’s accused of and wanted [...] a rape of a child," Ziobro told Poland’s state radio.“他因强奸儿童而被指控并通缉,”Ziobro对波兰官方电台说"If he was just a regular guy, a teacher, doctor, plumber, decorator, then I’m sure he’d have been deported from any country to the US a long time ago."“如果他是普通人,比如一位老师,医生,水管工,装潢工,那么我敢肯定他早就被任何国家遣返回美国了”Polanski’s lawyer Jan Olszewski said in a TV interview that he was "not surprised" by the justice minister’s decision, given Ziobro’s staunchly conservative views.波兰斯基的律师Jan Olszewski在一个电视采访中说他对司法部长的决定“不感到惊讶”,基于他坚定而保守的观点Samantha Geimer, the victim in the 1977 case, has aly made it clear that she felt Polanski’s long exile was punishment enough.该1977年案件的受害者Samantha Geimer已经明确表示她认为波兰斯基长期流亡的事实已经是足够的惩罚了克林顿·希拉里添外孙 “欣喜若狂” -- :00:01 来源: 周六,希拉里和比尔·克林顿对第二个外孙的出生表示“欣喜若狂” Hillary and Bill Clinton welcomed the birth of their second grandchild Saturday, gushing that they are "over the moon."周六,希拉里和比尔·克林顿对第二个外孙的出生表示“欣喜若狂”"We are overjoyed to be grandparents again with the arrival of our grandson, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky, born on Saturday, June 18, ," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and her husband, the mer president, wrote in a statement.“年6月18日,周二,我们的第二个外孙艾丹·克林顿·梅兹文斯基出生,我们欣喜万分,”民主党总统候选人希拉里和丈夫美国前总统克林顿在声明中写道"We are all over the moon as Chelsea and Marc welcome Charlotte’s little brother to the world and grateful our many blessings," they added. "Chelsea and Aidan are both doing well and enjoying this very special time together."“切尔西和马克对我们的祝福满怀感激,对夏绿蒂弟弟的出生热烈欢迎,我们都很高兴”克林顿夫妇说道“切尔西和艾丹母子平安,正一同欢度这个非常特别的时刻”Chelsea, 36, had announced via Twitter that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky had become parents to a baby boy.36岁的切尔西在推特上宣布,她和丈夫马克·梅兹文斯基生了一个男宝宝"Marc and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and love as we celebrate the birth of our son," she tweeted.“马克和我满怀感恩与爱,共同庆祝我们的儿子诞生”切尔西在推特上写道The mer first daughter delivered at Lenox Hill Hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.切尔西和马克的第一个女儿出生在曼哈顿上东区的勒诺克斯山医院She gave birth to her first child, daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, in .Hillary Clinton has boasted about being a grandmother as one of the achievements of which she is most proud.年,切尔西的第一个女儿夏绿蒂·克林顿·梅兹文斯基出生希拉里·克林顿声称,做祖母是她最自豪的成就之一"Until it happened to me, I just could not understand the impact," she was ed as saying at a campaign event earlier this month.“真正成为祖母的时候,我才真正明白了这种力量,”希拉里在本月上旬的一场竞选活动中说道"It is truly like falling in love all over again. There is nothing like it.“就像是再次坠入爱河一般,没有比这更棒的事了”"It’s transmational and until you did it, it is hard to know," she added. "And it has me been an absolutely life-changing experience."“这种感觉是会变的,不做祖母很难真正体会到,”希拉里补充道“对我来说,这真的是一次改变生活的经历”Chelsea Clinton is the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by her father to address global health issues and other causes.克林顿基金会是由比尔·克林顿创建的非营利组织,致力于解决全球卫生等问题,切尔西·克林顿担任副主席She married Mezvinsky, 38, in . Both studied at Stand University. An investment banker, he is the son of two mer Democratic members of Congress.年,切尔西与38岁的梅兹文斯基结婚,他们都毕业于斯坦福大学,投资家梅兹文斯基的父母都是前民主党国会议员Hillary Clinton is not the only presidential candidate to have welcomed a new grandchild on the campaign trail.希拉里·克林顿不是唯一一位在竞选活动中欢迎外孙出生的总统候选人Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump, gave birth to a third child in March. The baby is Trump’s eighth grandchild.三月份,克林顿共和党竞争对手唐纳德·特朗普的女儿伊万卡·特朗普生下第三个孩子,这是特朗普的第八个外孙马路上惊现悬崖?以假乱真街头3D --01 :6:3 来源:sohu 你有没有在街上看到过一些被画上艺术画作的建筑物外墙或行人道呢?你可能看到过,更对它们印象深刻其实全球各地也遍布着各种出色的街头艺术,有些壁画或画作甚至比平常的更特别,因为这些艺术品都代表着创作者丰富的想法 Have you ever been walking down the street and seen some amazing art on the side of a building or on the sidewalk? You probably have and you were probably very impressed. Amazing street art exists all over the world. Some murals or drawings are better than others—but chances are they all had plenty of thought put into them. 世界大毁灭是真的! The apocalypse is here! 原来圣诞老人的办公室是在邮筒下,读了我们寄给他的信..... He is always watching... 你会绕过它走吗? Would you walk around? 穿越回希腊风格 Flash to the past with a little Greek flair. 只是随便带我的宠物狮子出来散步,没什么大不了! Just casually taking my lion a walk. No big deal. 快点长大...快点长大吧! Make it grow! Make it grow! 没有食物的野餐...饿坏了! This is just like a picnic—but without real food. 这些3D街头艺术真是让人耳目一新!是不是又发现了拍照的新方式呢? 快点寻找你身边的街头艺术和它合影吧!脸书网直播视频显示3人在车里听音乐时被击 -- 3::53 来源: 3人在直播中被击!脸书网称在该平台上保留视频是为了“谴责暴力” A Facebook Live on Tuesday showed three men in Norfolk, Virginia, get shot by unknown assailants as they sat in a car and listened to music.一段脸书网上的直播视频周二显示,在弗吉尼亚州的诺福克,3名男子坐在车里听音乐时遭到了不知名行凶者的击The men, two aged 7 and one 9, remained hospitalized Wednesday. One was in critical condition and two were “doing better,” according to a Norfolk Police statement. Police are investigating but have made no arrests so far.这三名男子中有两人7岁,另一名9岁,周三时仍在医院里接受治疗诺福克警方的声明称,其中一人伤势严重,另外两人“有所好转”警方正在进行调查,但是目前为止没有逮捕任何人The shows the men smoking and reciting song lyrics more than 5 minutes. Suddenly, more than two dozen gunshots ring out; the camera then falls to the ground but continues recording more than an hour.画面显示,这几个人正在抽烟,背了超过五分钟的歌词突然,响起了多声声;摄像机随即掉到了地上,但是继续录了一个多小时Facebook said it left the graphic on its site because it meets company standards.脸书网方面称,他们会把视频留在页面上,因为这符合公司规定The Norfolk shooting is the latest example in which Facebook Live has documented a violent altercation in real time. Last week in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, the girlfriend of Philando Castile recorded the aftermath of his fatal shooting by police officers. In the Virginia case, however, it appears no one intentionally left the camera running to capture the incident.诺福克击案是脸书网直播实时记录下的最新一起暴力事件上周在明尼苏达州的法尔肯高地费尔兰多·卡斯蒂尔的女朋友记录下了他被警察杀的后续但是,在弗吉尼亚州的案件中,似乎并没有人故意让摄像机继续运行来捕捉事件现场After the burst of gunfire, the picks up the sounds of worried neighbors, including one man who offers encouraging words to the victims. “Stay calm,” he says repeatedly. “Stay relaxed.”开事件发生之后,视频记录下了担心此事的邻居们的声音,有一个男人一直在鼓励受害者“冷静点”他一遍又一遍地说,“放松点”About minutes later in the , paramedics arrive to administer treatment..视频里过去大约十分钟之后,医护人员赶到现场进行治疗“Sorry about this. Your buddy is more shot up than you are. He’s going second. You’re going to be third,” an emergency responder says to one of the men as they wait another ambulance to arrive.“对不起你兄弟的伤比你严重他上第二辆车你上第三辆”一名急救人员在等待下一辆救护车的时候对一名伤者说Police did not identify the Norfolk victims, but the live-streamed from the of T.J. Williams.警方没有确定诺福克案件中受害者的身份,但是视频直播是在T·J·威廉姆斯的账号名下的When asked about the Norfolk , a Facebook spokeswoman referred The Huffington Post to the company’s recent explanation of its live standards.被问及诺福克视频事件的时候,一名脸书网发言人给《赫芬顿邮报提供了该公司对视频直播标准的现行解释“One of the most sensitive situations involves people sharing violent or graphic images of events taking place in the real world. In those situations, context and degree are everything,” the company said in a statement on July 8. “ instance, if a person witnessed a shooting, and used Facebook Live to raise awareness or find the shooter, we would allow it. However, if someone shared the same to mock the victim or celebrate the shooting, we would remove the .”“最敏感的情况之一就是人们分享在真实世界发生的暴力事件的图像在这些情况下,要以情境和程度为先”该公司在7月8日的一份声明中说,“比如,如果某人目击了击案,并利用脸书网直播认出或者找到了凶手,我们是允许的但是,如果某人分享了嘲弄受害者或者庆祝击案的视频,我们就会予以移除”A company official told the Washington Post that the remained on the site to “condemn violence.”一名该公司官员在接受《华盛顿邮报采访时说,在页面上保留那段视频是为了“谴责暴力行为”Facebook has recently faced scrutiny over how it handles sensitive events recorded on its feature. A technical glitch caused the temporary removal of the Castile about an hour, according to Facebook.脸书网现在面临着审查其视频分区中有关敏感画面的问题脸书网称,技术障碍导致卡斯蒂尔事件的视频被删除了约一小时After Castile’s death, Facebook explained what standards it would apply when confronted with “the unique challenges of live .”卡斯蒂尔死后,脸书网解释了当遇上“不寻常的直播事件”时,他们所秉持的标准特朗普获得年美国总统候选人资格 --1 :: 来源: 共和党全国大会第二天,批斗希拉里的活动声势不减,特朗普终于获得了总统候选人的资格 Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination US president on day two of the Republican National Convention.共和党全国大会次日,特朗普正式获得总统候选人的资格The House Speaker, Paul Ryan, urged delegates to e behind Mr Trump, a day after splits in the party were evident as the convention opened.众议院发言人保罗·莱恩敦促共和党人紧密团结在特朗普周围大会首日共和党党内分歧明显The Trump campaign also faces accusations a speech by Mr Trump’s wife Melania on Monday was plagiarised.外界指责特朗普现任妻子玛莲妮亚·特朗普周一的讲话存在剽窃的内容Tuesday’s speakers focused almost exclusively on attacking Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.而周二的大会几乎成为了针对希拉里的批斗大会希拉里极有可能成为民主党的总统候选人New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a mer prosecutor, held a mock trial Mrs Clinton as the crowd chanted "lock her up".在大会上,众人高呼将希拉里“投入监狱”做过检察官的新泽西州现任州长克里斯·克里斯蒂主导了对希拉里的模拟审判Mr Christie and others criticised Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email while she was serving as secretary of state.克里斯蒂和其他人纷纷批评希拉里在担任国务卿期间使用个人邮箱收发工作邮件An FBI investigation said she was "extremely careless" but found her actions didn’t warrant criminal prosecution. However, Mr Christie and and the crowd disagreed as Mr Christie repeatedly yelled "guilty".联邦调查局的调查结论称希拉里“过于粗心大意”,但其行为不足以构成犯罪指控然而克里斯蒂和共和党诸人对此并不认同,克里斯蒂反复高喊“她有罪!”He said she has "selfish, awful judgement" and was to blame various eign policy problems in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.克里斯蒂称希拉里做出了许多“自私而糟糕的判断”,理应为在利比亚、叙利亚和其他国家引发的外交问题负责Mr Trump is expected to accept the nomination on Thursday.特朗普预计将于周四正式成为总统候选人His children played a prominent role on Tuesday, standing with the New York delegation as he was declared winner and delivering remarks.特朗普的子女在周二起到了重要的作用大会宣布特朗普获得候选人资格后,他上台发言,子女们则陪伴在其周围

稀土等产品“出口关税”将取消 --5 ::58 来源: 国务院批准调整部分产品出口关税,取消钢铁颗粒粉末、稀土、钨、钼等产品的出口关税,对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率请看《中国日报的报道:Export duties on rare earths will be eliminated on May 1, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Thursday, a move that analysts said would stimulate China's exports of the limited resource.中国财政部周四发表声明指出,自年5月1日起,我国将取消稀土的出口关税一位分析师指出此举将会刺激中国稀缺资源的出口“出口关税”可以用export duty或export tariff表示,是出口国海关根据关税税则所征收的关税稀土(rare earth)有“工业维生素”的美称,现如今已成为极其重要的战略资源(strategic resources)此次调整将对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率(zero tax rate)中国实施稀土出口限制(export restrictions)时,最初是为了打造中国的产业,防止战略原材料以低价被大量消耗(the depletion of strategic raw materials at cheap prices)年中国突然减少稀土出口配额(export as),造成商品短缺,引发了一场国际贸易问题(international trade issue)英国《金融时报称,此举是一项整体精简计划的一部分,旨在减少政府部门和国有企业的部门壁垒和繁文缛节(reduce the red tape)(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)

哈里王子和凯特王妃的“叔嫂情” --18 :: 来源: 凯特王妃和小叔子哈里王子的关系似乎好得有点过分,而且还时常“冷落”了丈夫威廉王子凯特王妃似似母的形象让哈里眷恋不已,尽管外界有各种不怀好意的揣测,但是各路爆料人士指出,三人友谊由来已久 Whispering conspiratorially in her ear on stage at the Queen’s 90th birthday street party. A good-natured tease about her skyscraper heels that might have got stuck in a grille as they walked up the aisle in St Paul’s a thanksgiving service the Monarch.在女王90岁生日派对上,他站在台上在她耳边狡黠地低声私语他们在感恩节对女王务时走过了圣保罗大街的过道,他善意的取笑她那高入天际的鞋跟可能会卡在格栅里And not getting the chat that reduced her to teeth-flashing, eye-crinkling giggles as they sat together during the same service, while Prince William stared blankly in the other direction.哦,别忘了,在同一场务活动的时候,两人坐在一起窃窃私语,他逗得她眼神发亮、露齿大笑,而威廉王子茫然地看着另一个方向It’s becoming rather hard to ignore how well Prince Harry gets on with the Duchess of Cambridge. Whether it’s at the London Olympics, weddings, Trooping the Colour or even sombre events like the World War I centenary commemorations in Belgium in , Harry and Kate can often be seen side-by-side.很难忽视哈里王子和凯特王妃相处得怎么样无论是在伦敦奥运会、皇室婚礼、皇家军队阅兵仪式、甚至是年比利时一战0周年纪念那样严肃的活动上,哈里王子和凯特王妃都经常互伴左右Harry is, of course, a joker, and likes to give humorous asides during some public events, like his grandfather. And Kate is a polite, responsive soul, not one to ignore others’ attempts to make her laugh. Regardless, the closeness of their relationship is all too apparent.当然,就像他的祖父一样,哈里是一个爱开玩笑的人,他喜欢在一些公共活动中将一些幽默的笑话凯特是一个讲礼貌、反应快的人,从来不会忽视别人想要逗她发笑的举动不管怎样,他们两人之间的亲密关系实在是太明显了Harry has plenty of female friends — including cousins Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie — but he is probably closer to Kate than any other woman on the planet.哈里有一大票女性朋友--包括表扎拉、比阿特丽斯和尤金妮亚--但是他和凯特的关系可能要比和世上其他任何女人的关系都要亲近While cheeky online commentators have suggested there’s a flirtation going on, one source insists: ‘That’s not it, although he does have a knack of making women, including Kate, feel good about themselves, commenting on what they are wearing, example.尽管在网上有无耻的员说这两人在调情,但是有人坚持说道:“事实不是这样的,尽管哈里在和(包括凯特在内)女性搞关系方面的确有一套,比如说他会评价女性的穿着,从而让她们自我感觉良好”‘But as Harry once said, Kate is like the big sister he never had’. Even, occasionally, a mother figure.“就像哈里曾经说过的那样,凯特就像他从未有过的大一样”尽管有时凯特王妃是以一个母亲的形象示人‘While William and Harry get on with Camilla and are delighted to see their father happy, they don’t really confide in her,’ said one source. ‘She can’t replace their mother, and wouldn’t expect to.’有人说道:“尽管威廉和哈里与卡米拉(其父查尔斯王子的再婚对象)相处得很好,并且也乐于见到其父高兴,但是他们并不真的对卡米拉敞开心扉她代替不了他们母亲(戴安娜王妃)的角色,也不希望代替”And so, into the emotional vacuum Diana left behind both her sons, stepped Kate. She has been both a trusted counsel and something of a partner in crime the persistently single Harry.,凯特填补了戴安娜王妃去世后俩儿子的情感空白凯特既是一个值得信赖的商议问题的人,也是一个固执地让哈里保持单身的“可恶”同伙Theirs is a genuine friendship, founded on nights spent in front of Game Of Thrones boxsets and companionable suppers. From giving him cookery lessons to offering sensible romantic advice, Kate has become Harry’s lynchpin.这是真正的友谊,是建立在数个夜晚一起观看《权利的游戏和友善的晚餐之上的友谊从上烹饪课到在感情问题上提出明智的建议,凯特成为了哈里最重要的人So what does Kate find so appealing about Harry? A willingness to lark around, one thing — something the usually serious William isn’t often seen doing.那么,凯特觉得哈里的那些地方有吸引力呢?哈里愿意像鸟儿般四处嬉戏,而在老成的威廉身上,这却不是一件那么容易被看到的事情‘Kate has quite a different relationship with Harry than she has with William,’ says the royal insider. ‘Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree, footloose and loves banter. He finds things funny about people and says so.拒王室内部人士透露:“凯特跟哈里的关系和她与威廉的关系完全不同哈里蠢蠢的一面吸引到了凯特,因为他无忧无虑、自由自在、爱开玩笑一旦他发现了哪些人的趣事儿,他就会说出来”‘William, partly because of his position, partly because of his character, plays it safe like his father, whereas Harry is free and easy, with a “let’s have the whole bottle” sort of attitude. Kate also adores the way Harry plays with her children — he is very good with them, a charming big kid and silly uncle.’“也许是因为他所处的位置,也许是因为他的个性,威廉像他的父亲一样表现得很沉稳,而哈里却无拘无束、自由自在,有一种‘对瓶吹’的态度凯特也很喜欢哈里跟她的孩子们玩的样子--他对小家伙们非常好,就像一个可爱的大孩子、傻叔叔一样”Unlike most vigorous, fun-loving young people, a single Prince — and, indeed, a future Queen — have to be careful whom they trust. And, alongside William, Kate is as safe as it can be Harry, and vice versa. Their friendship has a history that extends through Harry’s adult life.和大多数富有活力、喜欢寻欢作乐的年轻人不同,一位单身王子和将来要成为女王的女人,不得不小心他们信任的人而且,有威廉陪伴在旁,凯特和哈里在一起非常安全,当然对哈里来说亦是如此他们的友谊时间长久,贯穿了哈里整个成人生活Kate started dating William in , after meeting him at the University of St Andrews. Soon after, she met Harry.凯特和威廉相识于圣安德鲁斯大学,后来两人于年开始拍拖不久之后,她就结识了哈里He was still a teenager, about to leave Eton, and was deciding what to do with his life. After an extended gap year, when he travelled to Australia and Lesotho, he finally went to Sandhurst in .他当时还是一个少年,即将从伊顿公学毕业,彼时的他正在决定以后的一生要做些什么他延长了自己的休学年,期间前往了澳大利亚和莱索托等地,最终在年,他去了英国陆军军官学校According to a source at St Andrews: ‘From the earliest days, Kate always maintained an open-door policy to Prince Harry.据圣安德鲁斯知情人士透露:“从最开始,凯特就对哈里王子保持着不设防的态度”‘While they were students she always made him feel welcome at the four-bedroom cottage they rented on distant royal cousin Henry Cheape’s estate, Strathtyrum, just outside St Andrews. The three also spent weekends together at the cottage, Tam-na-Ghar, on the Balmoral estate.’“当他们还是学生的时候,凯特总是招待哈里,让他感觉在自己家一样当时她和威廉从一个王室远亲亨利·切普的房产中租下了一幢居小别墅,地点就在圣安德鲁斯外面的Strathtyrum这三人还曾一起在巴尔莫勒尔堡谭纳加尔的别墅里共度周末Another insider said: ‘Cynics — the sort that said she deliberately swapped Edinburgh University St Andrews when she found out William was going there — might say she knew that getting on with Harry was key to her relationship with William.据另一位知情人说透露:“喷子们认为凯特因为发现了威廉要到圣安德鲁斯大学去,所以才故意从爱丁堡大学转学这些喷子们也说凯特知道和哈里相处得好是她和威廉关系的关键(所以她才故意接近哈里)”

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