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上饶德兴市去除黄褐斑多少钱上饶市肿瘤医院美容整形科Allianz is to launch a joint venture with the Chinese search engine group Baidu and the investment group Hillhouse Capital in an attempt to set up an online insurer in China.德国保险公司安联(Allianz)将与中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)及投资集团高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)共同组建一家合资公司,目的是在中国建立一家互联网保险公司。The joint venture will apply for a licence to sell insurance online throughout the country, and will target both individual customers and small and medium-sized businesses.该合资公司将申请在中国全国在线销售保险的牌照,目标客户既包括个人也包括中小企业。The trio behind the joint venture intend to offer a range of products including travel, health and internet finance insurance, according to people familiar with the situation.知情人士称,该合资公司背后的三家公司计划推出一系列产品,包括旅行险、健康险和互联网金融险。Allianz’s business in China only makes up a small share of its 122bn in overall annual revenues, but the company is hoping to tap into the rapid expansion of the local market, where premiums are expected to quadruple over the next five years.安联的在华业务仅占其1220亿欧元年度总收入的一小部分,但该公司希望从中国市场的迅猛增长中分一杯羹。未来5年里,中国市场的保费收入将增长3倍。Allianz declined to comment. The company is due to update investors on its strategy later on Tuesday at an event at its headquarters in Munich.安联拒绝置评。该公司将于周二晚些时候在其慕尼黑总部的一次活动上向投资者通报有关其战略的最新信息。The joint venture is one of the first big moves by Oliver Bate, the former McKinsey consultant who succeeded Michael Diekmann as the head of Germany’s largest insurance group in May.组建上述合资公司是这家德国最大保险公司的首席执行官奥利弗拜特(Oliver Bate)的首批重大举措之一。拜特曾在麦肯锡(McKinsey)担任咨询师,今年5月接替米夏埃尔狄克曼(Michael Diekmann)担任安联首席执行官。It highlights the pressures that insurers are under to adapt their business models to the changing habits of customers, who are increasingly purchasing insurance online, rather than through traditional channels such as insurance brokers and banks.此举突显出保险公司正面临压力,要求它们调整业务模式以适应不断变化的客户习惯。保险客户正越来越多地在网上购买保险,而不是通过保险经纪人和等传统渠道。Mr Bate said earlier this week that the move online was having a “big impact” on insurers, and argued that it was important to make Allianz more focused on customers’ changing demands in response.本周早些时候拜特表示,这种趋势正给保险公司带来“巨大影响”。他认为,安联为此应更加关注客户不断变化的需求。 /201511/412451婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院开双眼皮多少钱 上饶脸颊红血丝哪家医院好

广丰区激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱上饶韩美美容医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery唐三Atype of glazed pottery with the dominant colors of yellow, brown and , green was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. It was later called the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, or Tangsancai.唐三是一种盛行于唐代的陶器,以黄、褐、绿为基本釉色,后来人们习惯地把这类陶器称为“唐三”。The Tang tri-colored glazed pottery is a low-melting glazed pottery. It was made by adding metallic oxides to the colored glaze and calcining the object to cre-ate different colors, namely the predominant yellow, brown and green. The chemi-cals in the glaze change gradually in the firing process, creating a variegated effect with a majestic and elegant artistic attraction. Tri-colored glazed pottery was usually used as burial objects.Its loose and brittle base and its low waterproofing proper-ties meant it was not as practical as the blue and white porcelain that had aly emerged at the time.唐三是一种低温釉陶器,在色釉中加入不同的金属氧化物,经过焙烧,便形成浅黄、赭黄、浅绿、深绿、天蓝、褐红、茄紫等多种色,但多以黄、褐、绿三色为主。Tri-colored glazed pottery utensils of the Tang were usually rounded and full in shape in accordance with the aesthetic values of the time. The accurately propor-tioned human and ardmal figures have fluid lines, natural expressions and life-like movements. The soldier figures have strong muscles, big staring eyes and wield swords or arrows. The female figures have high hair buns and full sleeves; they stand gracefully erect, looking natural and elegant. The animal figures are mainly of horses and camels.唐三的色釉有浓淡变化、互相浸润、斑驳淋漓的效果。在色的相互辉映中,显出堂皇富丽的艺术魅力。唐三用于随葬,作为明器,因为它的胎质松脆,防水性能差,实用性远不如当时已经出现的青瓷和白瓷。唐三器物形体圆润、饱满,与唐代艺术的丰满、健美、阔硕的特征是一致的。它的种类繁多,主要有人物、动物和日常生活用具。三人物和动物的比例适度,形态自然,线条流畅,生动活泼。在人物俑中,武士肌肉发达,怒目圆睁,剑拔弩张;女俑则高髻广袖,亭亭立玉,悠然娴雅,十分丰满。动物以马和骆驼为多。A tri-colored glazed pottery of a camel and a dance group was unearthed in a Tang general’s tomb. The camel is brown and stands with its head raised high.The long hairs on its head, chest, s.omach and upper parts of its lwo front legs were carefully executed. On the camel’s back is a platform covered by a rug with two ethnic musicians seated on it with their backs to each other playing instru-ments. A third ethnic person dances between them. The three human figures have deep eyes, high-bridged noses and full beards; they are wearing long, green sweaters with turned-down collars and white boots. The figure in the front has a deep yellow coat. This piece of pottery is truly an exquisite handicraft.在唐右卫大将军墓中出土了一件骆驼载乐俑。这匹骆驼昂首伫立,通体棕黄色,从头顶到颈部,由下颔到腹间以及两前肢上部都有下垂长毛,柔丽漂亮。驼背上架有平台并铺有毛毯。平台上左右各坐胡乐俑二人,而且是背对背而坐,正在吹打乐器,有一俑站在中央,翩翩起舞。这三个乐俑个个深目高鼻,络腮胡须,身穿绿色翻领长衣,白色毡靴,只有前面一人穿黄色通肩大衣。这件高大的驼载乐舞俑精美绝伦,令人赞叹!Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty was mostly produced in Xi’an,Luoyang and Yangzhou, which were important cities along the Silk Road. The cam-el was the major form of transport on the ancient trade route during the Tang,From these glazed potteries, we can imagine the travelers and camels making their hard journey across the desert, depending on one another for survival. The large figures and camels’ resolute expressions represent the hardships assoaated with traveling on the long road.唐三的产地西安、洛阳、扬州是陆上和海上丝绸古道的联接点。在古丝绸之路上,唐代的交通工具主要是骆驼。可以想见,在沙漠中,人和骆驼艰难跋涉,相依为命,所以人和骆驼有一种亲密感。它那高大的形态和坚毅负重的神情,似乎还带着丝绸古道的万里风尘。Tri-colored glazed pottery is the crest of Tang pottery and it flourished during the dynastys early and middle period. As the Tang Dynasty gradually lost power and its porcelain-producing technology developed, tri-colored glazed pottery de-clined. Though tri-colored glazed pottery was also produced during the Liao and Jin dynasties, it was not made in such great quantity and its quality was not as good as that of the Tang.唐三是唐代陶器中的精华,在初唐、盛唐时达到高峰。安史之乱以后,随着唐王朝的逐步衰弱,由于瓷器的迅速发展,三器制作逐步衰退。后来又产生了“辽三”、“金三”,但在数量、质量以及艺术性方面,都远不及唐三。Tri-colored glazed pottery was exported to foreign countries in the early Tang,winning great favor. It was always been famed for its bright colors and pleasing shapes. Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty is a shining pearl among ancient Chinese pottery.唐三早在唐初就输出国外,深受异国人民的喜爱。这种多色釉的陶器以它斑斓釉,鲜丽明亮的光泽,优美精湛的造型著称于世,唐三是中国古代陶器中一颗璀璨的明珠。 /201512/410750上饶去痣团购

江西省上饶开眼角手术要多少钱 Technology companies and advertisers are putting pressure on carmakers to pass on data collected by connected cars, BMW has warned, highlighting the concerns the automotive industry faces as it ts a fine line between performance and privacy.宝马(BMW)警告说,高科技企业和广告商正在向汽车制造商施加压力,要让他们交出通过互联汽车收集的数据。这种局面凸显出汽车业正面临有关保护隐私的担忧,它们不得不在用户体验和隐私权之间仔细权衡。Ian Robertson, the German manufacturer’s board member for sales and marketing, said that every car rolling off its production lines had a wireless network that could yield information about location, speed, acceleration and even the occupants of the car.宝马公司主管营销的董事会成员伊恩#8226;罗伯逊(Ian Robertson)表示,每辆走下该公司产品线的汽车都装有无线网络,可以生成关于该车位置、速度、加速度、甚至车上乘客的信息。“There’s plenty of people out there saying: ‘give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’,” he told the Financial Times on the sidelines of the Detroit motor show, adding that this included “Silicon Valley” companies, as well as advertising groups. “And we’re saying: ‘No thank you’.”在底特律车展会场外,他告诉英国《金融时报》:“很多人都在跟我们说:‘把你们获取的数据都交给我们,我们能告诉你我们能用它做什么。’”他补充说,这么说的企业不仅包括广告公司,还包括那些“硅谷”公司。“对此,我们的回答是:‘不用了,谢谢。’”About two-thirds of today’s new cars have sensors and communications systems that send and receive data, offering potential for carmakers to find out more about how drivers use their vehicles. But the systems could also provide insurers and advertisers with personal information about customers.如今,大约三分之二的新车拥有能发送和接收数据的传感器和通信系统,从而令汽车制造商有可能更多地了解司机的用车方式。不过,这样的系统同样能够向保险公司和广告商提供客户的个人信息。BMW said it had a firewall in place to protect crucial data about the internal running of the car. But any transmission of data raises concerns about who might access that information — and what they might do with it.宝马表示,该公司设置了防火墙,以保护那些有关汽车内部运转的关键数据。不过,只要存在数据传输,就会有人担心谁可能访问这些信息,他们会对这些信息做什么。Adam Jonas, analyst at Morgan Stanley, said it was a “major issue” for carmakers, which “ unanimously want to create a barrier on this information”. He said: “They don’t want to be the first one to let [their] guard down on information privacy or to become the first company to have a car hacked with bad consequences and image.”根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)分析师亚当#8226;乔纳斯(Adam Jonas)表示,这对汽车制造商来说是个“大问题”,他们“无一例外地想在这些信息上设置壁垒”。他说:“他们不想成为第一个降低隐私保护标准的公司,也不想成为第一家因为其汽车被黑客攻破而导致不良后果和流出非法照片的公司。”Ford was forced into an embarrassing retraction at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after Jim Farley, then head of marketing at the US carmaker, said: “We know everyone who breaks the law. We know exactly when you do it because we have a GPS sensor in your car.” He added: “By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”在去年的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,福特(Ford)曾因其营销主管的一句话而不得不十分尴尬地予以澄清。当时,时任该公司营销主管的吉姆#8226;法利(Jim Farley)说:“我们知道每个违反交通法规的人。我们会在你违法的那一刻知道此事,因为我们在你的车里装了GPS接收装置。”他补充说:“顺便说一下,我们不会把数据交给任何人。”Mr Farley later clarified that the company did not track anyone without their permission.后来,法利曾澄清说,福特不会未经许可跟踪任何人的状况。The scale of the data collected by modern vehicles goes beyond how fast or far cars have driven. In an illustration of the potential data that could be surrendered by carmakers, Mr Robertson said that BMW cars knew whether a child was on board, based on weight sensors in the seats linked to the airbag system.当代汽车收集的数据已不限于汽车的速度和开出的距离。为了向人们展示汽车制造商可能泄露的数据,罗伯逊表示,在宝马汽车的座椅上,安装着一个连接至安全气囊系统的的重力感应器,这个感应器令该车能知道车上是否坐着儿童。“Several companies have said: ‘We’d like to know that data because then we will know whether it’s an adult or a child sitting in the car’,” said Mr Robertson.罗伯逊表示:“有几家企业曾表示:‘我们很想获得这些数据,因为那样我们就能知道坐车的是成人还是儿童了。’”He said that advertisers also wanted to know how long the engine has been running so that they could tell “from the navigation system, they’re about to pass a McDonald’s, the car’s been running for three hours and the child’s probably hungry”.他还说广告商还想知道引擎已运转的时间,从而令他们“能够从导航系统了解到,这辆车正要经过一家麦当劳(McDonald#39;s),而车已跑了三个小时,车上的孩子可能饿了。” /201501/354717上饶激光治疗红血丝上饶打溶脂针价格



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