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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):The effort to allow any Michigan voter to request an absentee ballot may be close to critical mass in the state Senate. Thats as more Republicans are accepting the idea that anyone who wants to mail in or drop off their ballot should be allowed to without having to lie to do it.The rule right now in Michigan is that, unless youre a senior citizen, physically handicapped or expect to be out of town on Election Day, youre expected to show up at the polls on Election Day.So, right now, people who want to vote absentee but dont fit into one of those categories are just lying.;We are talking about a small change to encourage people, not to have to lie, whether or not theyll be in town. I think it just encourages people to get out there,; Republican state Senator Wayne Schmidt told Its Just Politics. Schmidt is sponsoring a bill to allow no-reason absentee voting in Michigan.Eleven Republicans and seven Democrats in the state Senate (thats almost a majority in that chamber) have co-sponsored bills to allow no-reason absentee voting. But, this is not a done deal.Thats because there is a Republican version and a Democratic version of the legislation - representing the classic divide between Rs and Ds when it comes to making voting easier.Democrats are focused on access: making it easier for more people to vote. Republicans tend to focus more on security, and ensuring that only people who are supposed to vote get to.The Republican plan would continue to require people to show up at their clerks office and show an ID to get an absentee ballot. Democrats, on the other hand, would let any registered voter request an absentee ballot by mail. No trip to the clerks office to show your ID. That bill is being sponsored by state Senator Steve Bieda.;Youre a US citizen. You have a right to vote just by submitting this affidavit. It goes to your legal address, and you have an opportunity and a right to vote from the convenience of your home,; Bieda told Its Just Politics.So, no deal yet. And we have yet to see the Republican leadership in the state Senate or the state House sign on. Meantime, we should point out that Michigan is becoming more and more of an outlier on this. Twenty-seven states allow no-reason absentee voting and three states actually mail a ballot to every registered voter. Whether they ask for one or not.Well see if the Michigan Legislature can resolve this... so we can start arguing about voting on the Internet.201703/499315生活真美好。每天怀着一份好心情迎接新的一天的到来。同时,也迎来了《Faith口语课堂-天天学》新的一课。大家好,欢迎回来,我是Faith老师。已经准备好了开始我们今天愉快的英语之旅了吗?首先,来学学这个词:colorless adj.无色的;苍白的;颜色黯淡的,无特色的;无趣味的;不生动的His face was white and colorless. 他脸色苍白,没有血色。He led a colorless existence. 他过着平淡的生活。It is a busy, dusty, colorless city. 这是一个熙熙攘攘、满是灰尘而又平淡乏味的城市。The voice was flat and colorless. 口气平淡而刻板。在口语中经常会有这样的表达法:我在想;;我想知道;;英语如何来表达呢:I wonder... Im wondering... wonder: v. 惊奇,想知道,怀疑:Ive been wondering where to hang my new picture. 我一直在想把我的新画挂在哪里。I was just wondering about that myself. 我就是觉得这件事莫名其妙。I am wondering if you have any openings for a bartender. 不知你们有没有酒吧招待的空缺?I wonder if I am in the good graces of the teacher. 我不知道是否讨老师的喜欢。Susan looked at Jack in great surprise, wondering what he meant. 苏珊十分惊奇地望着杰克,弄不懂他说的意思。Wonder: n. 惊奇,惊愕,奇迹They stared at the strange sight in silent wonder. 他们惊讶地默默凝视那奇景。你想知道些什么事吗? /165645

meal ticket 餐券,饭票;一部分人的生活来源和保障a.Nancy doesn't really love her rich boyfriend at all;she just takes him as her meal ticket.南希根本不爱她那个有钱的男友,只是把他当成能够提供生活来源的饭票罢了。b.Her English skills will be her meal ticket when he goes into foreign trading.她良好的英语技能是她从事外贸行业的成功保。leave well alone 不要没事找事、多此一举;见好就收,适可而止,不要画蛇添足You should leave well alone and be happy with your essay the way it is.你应该对你的论文感到满意了,不必在去画蛇贴足。leave sb./sth.alone 把某人或则某事放在一边不加理睬,不去管leave me alone 别烦我,别惹我,滚开Music:How Deep Is Your Love-Bee Gees◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201106/138989

一、边听边学 Listen and Learnput ones finger on 确切指出go overboard 夸张,鲁莽hard nut to track 艰难的事、棘手的事get carried away 得意忘形,失去理智within reason 合理地 make ones hair stand on end 惊骇,恐惧pull up stakes 迁移二、边听边说 Listen and SpeakA: I cant put my finger on why business is bad. Its a hard nut to crack.不知道生意为什么这么不好,这真是一件棘手的事。B: Do you go overboard when you buy merchandise?会不会是进货太多了?A: Sometimes I get carried away but I usually buy within reason.有时候我是太过投入了,不过通常都是很合理的。B: Lets try to pinpoint it. Is your rent too high?让我们把问题搞清楚。是房租太贵了吗?A: What I pay would make your hair stand on end.如果你知道我出了多少钱,你肯定会吓一跳。B: If thats the problem, maybe you should pull up stakes.如果问题在这里,或许你得考虑搬家。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /165053

  关键词:spin doctor 特指竞选运动所雇的媒体顾问或政治顾问,可以翻译为“高级幕僚”或“抬轿人”短语释义:今天的漫画上有这样一句话:Is there a spin doctor in the house? 如果要我回答这个问题,我会说yes,因为我在图片上已经看到了spin doctors的存在。“Spin doctor”是欧美政坛近年流行的一个新名词,“Spin”原本是棒球术语,专指那些投球手掷出意图骗过对方击球手的曲线球。所以在美国俚语中,“spin”就是欺骗的意思。当这个词被套用到政治上,也常常带有类似欺骗之意,含贬意。这个短语首次出现在1984年10月号《纽约时报》的一篇文章里,该文道,在里根和蒙代尔两位总统候选人进行电视辩论之后,一群西装笔挺的男女围在一众记者身边,你一言我一语,尝试影响记者的报道。该段社评便首次以“spin doctor”这个词来形容这一群人。而4天之后,《华盛顿邮报》上更进一步正式为这个名词下了定义:“专门负责与记者倾谈和打交道的政治顾问,企图把自己分析和诠释事物及新闻的角度,加诸传媒报道之上。现在spin doctor是西方新闻界的流行词汇,特指竞选运动所雇的媒体顾问或政治顾问,可以翻译为“高级幕僚”或“抬轿人”。情景领悟:1. His title is director of communications but he is just a spin doctor.他的头衔是传媒总监,但他只是一个高级幕僚。2. The president uses spin doctors to help make his policies and speeches palatable to the public.总统利用高级幕僚帮助他制定政策和起草更容易被公众接受的演讲。本节目属 /201305/241975



  Subject:I was only a shot in the dark. 迷你对话A: Do you know when we will have the summer vacation?你知道我们什么时候放暑假吗?B: Maybe in two weeks. I was only a shot in the dark.可能是两个星期以后吧,我是只是瞎猜的。 地道表达 a shot in the dark 1. 解词释义Shot是“开”的意思。“I was only a shot in the dark.”是“我是瞎猜的。”的意思。想像一下有人在漆黑的夜里,到处是伸手不见五指的情况下开,那肯定是打不中目标的,除非是蒙中的。 A shot in the dark的字面意思是“在黑暗里开”,引申为“瞎猜”。 其英文解释为:an attempt to guess something when you have no information or knowledge about it。 2. 拓展例句e.g. It was just a shot in the dark, but I got the right answer to the teachers question.尽管那只是瞎猜,但我答对了老师的问题。e.g. We had nothing to go by. It was a shot in the dark, but it turned out right.我们是没有根据的, 只不过瞎猜, 可是结果却猜对了。e.g. It s hard to know exactly what to do we ll just have to take a shot in the dark.很难说怎么办才对,我们只好瞎碰。e.g. The whole theory is a shot in the dark and no one will ever take us seriously.整个理论都是我们瞎猜的,因此没有人会把我们说的当真。 Ps:have a vacation的意思是“度假”。在vacation前面加上“summer”或者是“winter”这2个表示季节的名词,意思就是“放暑假(寒假)”。例如:Well have a vacation you wouldnt believe. 我们将度过一个你想像不到的假期。How I wish to have a long vacation these days! 这些天我多么希望去度一次长假啊!Did you have a good summer vacation? 暑假玩得开心吗?Do you enjoy having a winter vacation in Paris? 你喜欢去巴黎过寒假吗? /201401/273594without fail when you tell somebody to do something without fail, you are telling them that they must do it 务必;一定 I want you here by two o'clock without fail. 我要你两点钟务必来到这里.You must be here by 8:30 without fail.你务必在八点半之前到这儿.always 总是;必定 He writes every week without fail. 他每周必定写信.She sends me a christmas card every year without fail.她每年都给我寄一张圣诞卡,从无遗漏.déjà vu: the feeling that what is happening now has happened before in exactly the same way 似曾相识(的感觉)I had a strong sense of déjà vu as I entered the room. 进这屋子时我有一种似曾来过的幻觉. /12/93336

  Subject: I think we should try to buy more time. 迷你对话A: The singer Bush hasn’t appeared yet. But it’s her turn now.歌手bush现在还没出现,现在已经轮到他了。B: Don’t worry. I think we should try to buy more time.别担心,我想我们应该设法拖延时间。 地道表达 buy time 1. 解词释义Buy time字面意思是“购买时间”,比喻为“拖延时间”。其英文解释为:to postpone an event hoping that the situation will improve。 2. 拓展例句e.g. She tried to buy time by doing a lot of talk.她企图以滔滔不绝的谈话来拖延时间。 e.g. The union leader is trying to buy time by prolonging the negotiation.工会的领袖企图以延长谈判过程来拖延时间。 e.g. Maybe I can buy some time by asking the judge for a continuance.也许我可以叫法官休庭一会儿来拖延时间。 Ps :表示“轮到某人做某事了”,可以这样说:It is one’s turn to do something.例如:Is it your turn to serve the ball? 该你发球了吗? /201410/333567

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A majority of Americans believe states should take the lead to address climate change if the federal government fails to act.That’s one of the findings of the latest in a series of National Surveys on Energy and Environment.Sarah Mills is with the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.She and her team conducted this survey before President Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Mills notes that Trump demonstrated early on in his presidency that the federal government was going to step back on environmental policy.“The [survey] question was, ‘if the federal government fails to act, do you believe it’s your state’s responsibility to take the lead?’” says Mills. “And we found 66% said that they should be taking the lead. And that holds up - there’s majorities of Democrats and Republicans who believe that it’s their state’s responsibility to step in and act on climate change.”Mills says that for the most part, people were supportive of steps that had previously been taken by states, such as renewable energy mandates that require a certain percentage of energy from solar or wind.“We also see that a number of other policies that some states are considering, a carbon tax or a cap and trade where people buy or auction permits to emit carbon, are less popular. People just don’t know about them,” she says.And sometimes, support of an issue is simply a matter of phrasing. When asked about energy mandates, Mills says some people were less supportive than when they were simply asked if more wind and solar should be used in the U.S.Views on climate changeFor a number of years now, the survey team has been asking questions about climate change.In this survey, they found 70% of Americans believe that there is solid evidence of climate change. Mills says that’s the same as the group’s 2016 findings, and matches the high from 2008.She says they found even climate change deniers largely support renewable energy.“So obviously, it’s not for environmental reasons,” says Mills. “One of the questions that we asked on this survey is whether they think that these renewable technologies create jobs, and we see that even if you don’t believe in climate change, a wide majority say that they do think that wind and solar energy do create jobs.”201706/513678

  特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。迷你对话A: I couldn’t believe you should crack such a joke to them.我无法相信你跟他们竟然开这样的玩笑。B: What was wrong?有什么不对吗?A: You carried it too far. You obviously offended someone.你搞得过火了了,显然你惹怒了某人。B: I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.我不是有意伤害任何人。A: I know, I know. But someone took offence.我知道,我知道,可有人生了。 /201305/238553。

  Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my program, this is Ukki. First of all, I would like to ask you a question. Whats your favorite color? When I was a little girl, I like pink very much. So how about you?Todays program,I would like to talk about ;pink; this word with all of you guys.本期的;E聊吧;,我们一起来聊聊跟pink这个词有关的一些习惯用语。粉色属暖色调,由pink构成的习惯用语,表达的是喜气洋洋的良好感觉,1. feel in the pink这个短语的出典可能是健康人的脸颊往往是红扑扑的,而脸色苍白却是虚弱无力的迹象,所以人们用in the pink来表示in good health 健康有力。例句:Today I sure feel in the pink! I had a good nights sleep, a walk in the fresh air this morning, a good breakfast, and I feel like I can get a whole lot accomplished today!今天我感觉精力充沛!我昨晚睡了个好觉,一早又在清晨的新鲜空气里散了步,好好吃了顿早餐,所以我觉得自己今天能完成好多工作。2. tickled pinkTickled 除了大家都知道的;被弄得发痒或者咯咯笑;的意思外,也有;给逗得高兴;的意思。Tickled pink的意思就是:Very pleased; delighted 感到万分高兴。例句:Im tickled pink to hear that Bobs asked Susan to marry him. Theyre both my good friends and Ive always thought they were made for each other. I know theyll be very happy together.听到Bob向Susan求婚的消息我感到万分高兴。他俩都是我的好朋友,而且我一向觉得他们是天生的一对。我知道他们在一起会非常美满。 /201111/162710



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