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罗·科里尔(Paul Collier)是《最底层的十亿人》的作者,也是著名的发展经济学家,一生致力于反贫困的问题。他的这篇演讲给现在中国所面临的问题也带来了很大的启发。201309/257981。

New Details on Brangelina Secret Wedding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tied the knot in a small chapel in the South of France. New details on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s wedding over the weekend.A`S Lama.is outside their chateau,in the South of France, where they said,I do,surrounded by,perhaps we`ll find out, family friends,and Lama take it away.And good morning to you,Lara,Brad and Angelina have done it,they finally said that I dos, in the small chapel , at their beautiful and spoiling estate, in the south France,right here ,behind me.”“Angelina”.They`re heat, that`s why after 9 years,6 kids,Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally made it offical.This morning ,we wanted to get it low down on the secret noble jewel, heading straight to the couple`s chateau.Looks like it will be a working honeymoon for the newly weds. Pitt`s stepping out on thursday in England,spoting his new ring , well,promoting the outcoming World War Ⅱ drama Fury.With Angelina`s every move photographs,just how did they managed to keep it all under raps.When they decide to do sth,they know how to do without anybody catching the wind of it.The couple touching down on their wedding day last satuaday in France .Then heading to their working...estate chateau. Just how does hollywoods hot couple, tied the knot? Royalty,nobility,and gentry.Sorry magnificant family and close friends, onlya really felt quit distressed not receiving an invitation.The small nod nominational serve sign many taking place in a small chateau on a property.They got a liscence from a local judge here in Califorlia,and then that judge also performed the ceremony.And right by their side,the couple`s children,close friend George Glooney offer congradulations.How great is that?I`m really happy for Brad and Angle and their whole family.Now the question everyone is asking when we`ll see a wedding photo?And we sport some of the photo here who are been so tight,let about the weding at the centry,not spilling any secrets.Telling us this Angelina in a town, but they paid them no attention.Imaging that,Lara.It`s probably lovely for them now, imaging get an asignment at ease.Yes.love to keep it secret,they will keep the cameras away.Yes ,I congradulations to them. /201409/327120。

Haze shrouds large swaths of China雾霾再度笼罩我国大部分地区A heavy round of smog that has been sweeping central and northern China is expected to become worse next week after briefly clearing on Friday night.周五晚上的洁净空气过后,新一轮雾霾已经再次笼罩我国中北部,预计下周将会更加严重。According to the National meteorological center, the pollution has brought visibility down to less than 500 meters in the worst affected areas.国家气象中心发布的数据称影响最严重的地区污染能见度将达到不足500米。Northeast Chinas Liaoning province issued 10 fog alerts over 12 hours by Friday morning.周五上午我国东北的辽宁省发布超过12小时的10级大雾警报。Over twenty highways have been forced to close or partially close, and hundreds of short-distance bus routes have been suspended.20多条高速公路被迫关闭或部分关闭,数以百计的短途公交线路被迫停运。In the provincial capital Shenyang, more than a dozen flights have been delayed.沈阳的十几架航班因雾霾天气而延误。Visibility in the city was lower than 30 meters, forcing many to take public transportation instead of driving their cars.城市中的能见度低于30米,因此许多人放弃驾车改乘公共交通工具。Numerous traffic accidents have been reported, causing further traffic delays.据报道已经有多起因雾霾引起的交通事故,并造成进一步的交通拥堵。201411/344159。

in about eighth grade, halfway through,大约在八年级中间的某个时候,this new guy came into the school,这个新来的家伙成为了我的同学,who was steve jobs, and we were both introverted,他就是乔布斯, 那时我们都很内向,intellectual, kind of socially inept,聪明, 善于交际,and we gravitated towards each other.我们彼此很合得来.the two boys shared the same hobby.这两个男孩分享着共同的爱好.we started taking long walks and talking我们那时开始散步并且交谈了很多about the meaning of life and what is this all about,关于人生和生命的意义,and after a while we started doing然后过了一段时间,他行动了in addition to walking and talking伴随着越来越多的散步和交谈doing electronics projects together.以及一起做一些电子方面的小项目.fernandez also knew another electronics geek,费尔南德斯认识了另外一个电子极客,his neighbors son steve wozniak,他邻居的儿子,史蒂夫 沃兹亚克,universally known as woz.通常我们都叫他沃兹.so one day, steve jobs bicycled over to hang out with me有一天,史蒂夫乔布斯骑车过来找我and do electronics projects in the garage,在车库里做一些电子项目,and out in front was wozniak washing his car.外面是沃兹亚克正在洗他的车.so I thought to myself, ;ok.因此我想当然的, ;ok.this steve is an electronics buddy, hes an electronics buddy.史蒂夫是一个电子学爱好者, 而他也是一个电子学爱好者.theyd probably like to meet each other.;他们应该很乐意见到对方.;fernandez had no idea at the time费尔南德斯当时肯定不会知道,that the meeting between his two friends他的两个朋友的相识would change our world.将会改变我们的世界jobs and woz were soon to start a business together.乔布斯和沃兹很快共同开启了一向事业its name was apple.它的名字叫做 苹果.if woz and jobs had never met,如果沃兹与乔布斯两人没有相识,there never would have been an apple computer.也许还是会有苹果电脑.there would have been computers,也许还是会有电脑,and there would have been personal computers,也许还是会有个人电脑,but we probably wouldnt have the kind of wonderful empowering things但是我们还是好奇人们陷入这样一种设想that people fall into if woz and jobs hadnt met.设想假如 沃兹与乔布斯没有相遇,会发生什么.this neighborhood we grew up in had在我们长大的这一片地方a lot of lockheed engineers on it,居住着非常多精英工程师,and I would go up and down the street我可以满街跑,To the various dads on the street从那些;爸爸;们那里获得And get mentored in electronics,电子学方面的经验,And steve wozniaks father was史蒂夫沃兹的老爸,one of the people Who mentored me.就是那些教导过我的人其中之一.As jobs and I were walking over,乔布斯和我走过来,I noticed woz out washing his car,我见到沃兹正在外面洗车,And I said, ;hey, woz. Um, come over and meet steve.;然后我说,;嘿,沃兹,过来认识一下,这是史蒂夫(乔布斯)So, ;steve, meet steve.;然后,;史蒂夫(沃兹),这是史蒂夫(乔布斯);。And this is where it happened,基本上,Basically right here.当时就是发生在这里. /201308/254752。

音乐家与社会活动家诺获颁2005TEDPrize时的精演说。 诺认为援助非洲不是另一个明星标榜的事业,而是一个世界级的危机。201409/325305。


Can you remember this language?你能记住这种语言吗Its one youve never seen or heard before.你之前从未见过或听过这种语言Its been created by Simon Kirby它是由西蒙·柯比创造出来的and is made up of words that describe alien fruit.用来描述一些你从未见过的水果Kirby and his team have devised an experiment柯比和他的团队设计了一个实验where they can watch this language使得他们能够仅用一个下午evolve over hundreds of years in just one afternoon.来观测这门语言几百年的进化历程We start the experiment with this garbage language, this random language.我们就从这种无用随意的语言开始了实验In fact, to call it a language is, is in some sense misleading.事实上 称它作语言都是一种误导Its not even a language.它连语言都不是In the beginning, the alien words are completely random.一开始 陌生单词完全是随机产生的With no common factors between them.彼此之间并没有共同元素Kirbys guinea pigs have to familiarise themselves with the new words柯比的实验对象得在记忆测验之前before being tested to see what they remember.尽快熟悉这些新单词201501/353130。

I breathe, I move, I sweatwith the world watchingmy hair, my clothesI like blackBlack is confidentBlack looks goodlooking good means no dandruffconfidence means no dandruffCLEAR means no dandruffI trust CLEARDandruff never comes back注: Dandruff [d#230;ndr#601;f] n. 头皮屑with the world watching 指RAIN在舞台上的一举一动都被世人关注201403/277583。