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武汉市江汉区龟头炎症武汉襄州区男科医院武汉前列腺炎检查要多少钱 China’s steelmakers have reversed last year’s crippling losses to turn a profit for the first half of 2016 amid government pressure to consolidate and cut capacity, fuelling hopes of global industry recovery.由于政府大力推动整合和去产能,中国钢企扭转了去年的巨额亏损,在2016年上半年实现盈利,引发全球行业复苏希望。Member companies of the China Iron and Steel Association, accounting for about 80 per cent of total Chinese production, reported a combined net profit of Rmb12.6bn (.9bn) for the six months through June — up more than fourfold from the same period last year, according to association president Ma Guoqing.中国钢铁工业协会(China Iron and Steel Association)会长马国强表示,今年上半年会员企业总计实现126亿元人民币(合19亿美元)的净利润,同比增长4倍多。中钢协会员企业占到中国产能总额的80%。Speaking at CISA’s annual meeting, Mr Ma, who is also chairman of Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group, said that despite price fluctuations many companies had “accurately predicted market trends” and capitalised on the upswings.同时也是武汉钢铁(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel)董事长的马国强在中钢协年会上表示,尽管价格波动,但许多公司“精准分析市场趋势”,抓住了市场上行机遇。A global recovery in steel prices over the past six months has rekindled optimism about an industry struggling to recover following a fall in prices last year of almost 30 per cent, according to the Platts World Steel Price index.过去6个月全球钢价复苏,这让人们对去年钢价暴跌之后艰难复苏的钢铁行业重燃希望。普氏世界钢铁价格指数(Platts World Steel Price index)显示,全球钢价去年下跌近30%。ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer, said last week that it was “cautiously optimistic” about prospects for the remainder of 2016, though noted that structural overcapacity is still a serious headwind for the industry.全球最大钢铁公司安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)上周表示,对2016年剩余时间的前景“谨慎乐观”,尽管该公司指出,结构性产能过剩仍然是钢铁业面临的强劲逆风。However, the jump in Chinese steelmakers’ profitability might be a “one-off hit” of inventory destocking, which “releases cash and flatters profits”, said Sebastian Lewis, a Shanghai-based analyst at Platts.然而,普氏驻上海分析师塞巴斯蒂安#8226;刘易斯(Sebastian Lewis)表示,中国钢企盈利能力提升可能只是去库存带来的“一次性提振”,因为去库存“释放了现金,美化了利润”。The Chinese government keeping production low was key to the recovery in profits, said Hu Yanping, an analyst at Umetal, an industry information company in Beijing.北京联合金属网(Umetal)分析师胡艳平表示,中国政府化解过剩产能是利润复苏的关键。Overproduction of steel resulted in crippling losses last year for Chinese steelmakers whose production far outstripped domestic demand, forcing them to export the surplus to minimise losses. Despite the turnround for China’s steel giants, exports this year have continued to surge, with 457m tonnes of steel products leaving China’s ports in the first half, up 9 per cent from the same period last year.钢铁产能过剩导致中国钢企出现巨额亏损。这些钢企的产能远远超过国内需求,迫使它们出口过剩产量以尽可能减少损失。尽管中国钢铁巨头扭亏为盈,但今年出口继续飙升,今年上半年有4.57亿吨钢材离开中国港口,较去年同期增长9%。Beijing has steadily increased the pressure on the country’s steelmakers to rein in capacity and help bring the industry back to health.中国政府持续施压,要求钢企遏制产能,帮助整个产业恢复健康。Li Keqiang, China’s premier, said last week that only 30 per cent of coal and steel reduction targets for 2016 had been achieved so far.中国总理李克强上周表示,2016年削减煤炭和钢铁产能的目标迄今只完成了30%。There have been signs that Beijing, armed with new tools including tightened environmental standards and the threat of suspended financing, might be starting to get serious about a long-awaited consolidation in the industry.有迹象显示,带着收紧环保标准和暂停融资威胁等新工具,中国政府可能开始认真对待外界期盼已久的钢铁业整合。One telling indication was a joint restructuring announced in late June by Baosteel Group and Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group, China’s second and fourth-largest steel companies, respectively — seen by industry experts as talks about merging. However, the task of cutting capacity is “formidable”, says Mr Ma.一个说明问题的迹象是,今年6月末宝钢集团(Baosteel Group)和武汉钢铁宣布联合重组,这被业内专家视为就合并举行谈判。宝钢和武钢分别是中国第二和第四大钢企。然而,马国强表示,化解过剩产能任务依然“十分艰巨”。 /201608/458417SHANGHAI — Wang Bin looked down. A man wearing a blue skintight unitard writhed at his feet. Mr. Wang grinned. This was the moment he had been waiting for.上海——王彬朝身下看去。一名穿着蓝色弹力紧身衣的男子在他的脚边翻滚。王彬咧开嘴笑了。这是他期待已久的时刻。So, too, had Cheng Shi. When Mr. Wang lifted the writhing man and slammed him to the floor for a three-count, it completed Mr. Cheng’s dream of watching a professional wrestler — battling in that most American of fake spectacles — who hailed from China.这也是程石一直期待的时刻。当王彬把蜷缩在自己脚下的人拉起来,然后把他猛劲摔在地板上,再数到三时,程石的梦想实现了,他观看了一名来自中国的职业摔角手参加这种最美国式的假打表演。“I feel very proud and excited to see him onstage tonight, and so do all the fans,” Mr. Cheng, a 21-year-old student who makes fan s for a Chinese audience, said before the match. He pointed at the screen of his smartphone to indicate the thousands of people watching him on his live broadcast. “We are very, very excited.”程石是一名为中国观众制作摔角粉丝视频的学生,今年21岁。他在比赛前说,“今晚能在擂台上看到他,我感到非常自豪和激动,所有的粉丝也有同感。”他指着他的智能手机屏幕,屏幕上可以看出有数千人在观看他的现场直播。“我们非常、非常激动。”Looking for eyeballs and new money sources, World Wrestling Entertainment — the company that brought Hulk Hogan and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson into American living rooms — has grand ambitions for a bigger but much more difficult market. It has started a new service live-streaming Chinese-language matches and commentary. It is also combing China’s provinces for more beefy talent like Mr. Wang.为了寻找眼球和新的资金来源,曾把霍克#8226;霍肯(Hulk Hogan)和绰号“巨石”的道恩#8226;强森[Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson]带入美国客厅的世界摔角公司(World Wrestling Entertainment,简称WWE),对一个更大但困难更多的市场野心勃勃。该公司已开始了一项新务,播放配有中文的赛事直播,也正在中国各省寻找像王彬这样的壮硕人才。China presents formidable challenges. Entertainment names like Netflix and Rupert Murdoch have taken aim at China’s population of 1.4 billion only to run afoul of the country’s tight controls over media. Wrestling’s cartoon violence and sometimes salacious story lines could attract unwanted attention from the government. And while it has its fans, American-style wrestling-as-scripted-entertainment is largely unheard-of among mainland Chinese.中国市场对该公司来说是一个巨大的挑战。像Netflix和鲁伯特#8226;默多克(Rupert Murdoch)这样的公司都已看准了中国14亿的人口,但它们也与中国对媒体的严格控制发生着冲突。摔角的卡通暴力和有时带有色情色的故事情节可能会吸引来自政府不必要的关注。虽然摔角有自己的粉丝,但是,作为按照剧本编排的,这种美式摔角在中国大陆还基本上没有什么观众。“There is no presence of product over here,” said John Cena, the square-jawed wrestler and action movie star who has learned to speak some Chinese as part of the push. By tackling the language, he added, “I’m kind of a vehicle to leverage what we’ve done.”“在这里还没有以产品的形式存在,”约翰#8226;塞纳(John Cena)说,作为市场开拓努力的一部分,这位方下巴的摔角手兼动作电影明星已经学会说一些中文了。他补充说,通过解决语言问题,“我可以说是一个工具,为我们所做的事情起到杠杆作用。”Wrestling’s answer is to go local — and digital. Bypassing state-controlled broadcast television, it has teamed with a -streaming company to reach fans though computers and mobile devices.摔角的中国市场解决方案是本地化,以及数字化。绕过国家控制的广播电视,公司已与一家视频流媒体公司合作,通过计算机和移动设备直接触及粉丝。It has also geared up efforts to introduce a new audience to the suplex, the body slam and the drop-kick. W.W.E. has hired four full-time social media directors in Shanghai to maintain local-language social media accounts for its wrestlers and executives. It is also hosting viewing parties, like one this month in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, in which locals devoured pizza and cream sodas while watching a pay-per-view wrestling match and playing the W.W.E.’s latest Xbox game.公司也在努力把背摔、抱举对手重摔,以及飞身踢介绍给新的观众。WWE已在上海聘请了四名全职社交媒体总监,为其摔角手和高管们维护本地语言的社交媒体帐户。公司还主办了观看聚会,例如本月在中国城市广州举办的那场,应邀前来的当地观众吃着披萨饼、喝着汽水,同时观看着按次付费的摔角比赛,玩着WWE最新版的Xbox视频游戏。Success requires exposing Chinese audiences to a new type of entertainment — a choreographed drama in which the outcome is known, though its dangers and injuries are sometimes shockingly real.要想成功,就需要让中国观众接触到一种新型的,一种结果事先就定下来、精心编排的打斗剧,虽然这种表演的危险和伤害有时真实地令人震惊。“They’ve never really seen anything like us,” said Paul Levesque, W.W.E.’s executive in charge of talent and live events, who is also a partly retired wrestler better known as Triple H. “The athleticism is very real. The story lines and the theater part of it is where they had a hard time with the blurred line of that.”“他们从未看到过我们这样的东西,”WWE负责人才和直播活动的执行官保罗#8226;莱维斯克(Paul Levesque)说,他也是以Triple H而闻名、半退休的摔角手。“这里面的运动能力是非常真实的。他们难以接受的是其中的故事情节和戏剧部分,那是让表演和比赛的界限模糊的地方。”To friends unfamiliar with wrestling, “I find that the shortest way to tell them is to say it’s an American version — a global version — of the kung fu novel,” said Jay Li, a longtime executive at multinational companies in China who in April joined W.W.E. as its general manager for greater China. “They get it immediately, because they immediately have a cultural connection and a mental image of what this is about.”对于不熟悉摔角的朋友来说,“我发现,向他们解释的最简单的方法是说那是一个美国版的、一个全球版的功夫小说,”长期担任跨国公司中国区执行官的李杰(Jay Li)说,他已于今年4月作为大中华区总经理加入了WWE。“他们马上就明白了,因为他们马上就产生了一种文化联系,脑海中就有了这是怎么一回事的概念。”While a lot of attention has been placed in recent years on the expansion into Hollywood of Chinese companies like Dalian Wanda, most foreign entertainment firms struggle to make comparable inroads in China. For some, like Disney, penetrating China has meant giving the Communist Party greater say over its business on the mainland.虽然近年来,像大连万达这样的中国公司进军好莱坞的扩张相当引人注目,但大多数外国公司在中国的类似努力却困难重重。对于一些公司,比如迪士尼来说,进入中国市场意味着让共产党对其大陆业务有更大的话语权。Sports — or something that looks like a sport — might be different. Sports enjoys thematic support from the government, which is big on hosting international events like the Olympics and promoting sports like soccer. China’s push to get soccer into schools and make the country a power in the sport has led companies to pay big sums for broadcast rights.体育运动,或者看上去像体育运动的东西可能会有所不同。体育运动享受政府的专项持,政府对举办如奥运会这样的国际比赛,以及促进诸如足球这样的运动高度重视。中国在学校推广足球、把中国变成足球强国方面的努力,已导致不少公司为争夺转播权投入大笔资金。“Sports has historically been underdeveloped in China and online, and a lot of players are looking for ways to monetize that,” said Vivek Couto, a founder and a director at Media Partners Asia, an industry research consultant.“体育运动在中国历史上一直不发达,在网络上也一样,很多人都在寻找在这方面赚钱的方法,”维韦克#8226;库托(Vivek Couto)说,他是行业研究机构“亚洲传媒伙伴”(Media Partners Asia)的创始人和董事。Professional wrestling could use the eyeballs. Like other media companies, W.W.E. is grappling with the new world of cord-cutting, in which viewers drop their cable subscriptions and order shows, à la carte, via the internet.职业摔角需要更多的眼球。像其他媒体公司一样,WWE正在努力应对有线电视需求剧减的新世界,人们正在退掉他们订购的有线电视务,通过互联网来点播想看的节目。International viewers offer one potential growth area. They make up only about a quarter of the paid subscribers on W.W.E.’s digital subscription service, which is one of the biggest contributors to the company’s bottom line.国际观众为媒体公司提供了一个潜在的增长领域。国际观众只占WWE数字化务付费订户的四分之一,而数字化务是对公司收入贡献最大的务之一。As China shows, international growth isn’t always easy. In October, W.W.E. told investors it was still waiting to offer subscriptions directly to Chinese viewers.正如中国的经验所示,公司想在国际上增长并不总是容易的。今年10月,WWE对其投资者说,公司仍在等待能让中国观众直接成为其订户。For now it works with a Chinese company service called PPTV, which streams the company’s weekly flagship shows, called “SmackDown” and “RAW,” with real-time Mandarin commentary. (Suplex, in case you were wondering, translates as deshi beishuai, or “German-style back throw.”) PPTV subscriptions start at less than per month, roughly a third of what W.W.E.’s own subscription service costs outside China, and include movies and other shows.目前,WWE在与一家名为PPTV的中国视频公司合作,通过PPTV来播出公司每周一期、名为SmackDown和RAW的主打节目,并实时配有普通话。(如果你想知道suplex怎么翻译,它被译为“德式背摔”。)PPTV订户每月最低收费为20元(不到三美元),大约是WWE自己为中国以外订户提供务收费的三分之一,其务也包括电影和其他节目。Much rides on Mr. Wang, W.W.E.’s first mainland wrestler. The company’s social media team works to make him a star — his verified account on the Weibo social media service recently featured s of him training at W.W.E.’s huge facility in Orlando, Fla. Seven other mainlanders, six men and one woman, will relocate to Orlando in January.很多期望都寄托在WWE的首位大陆职业摔角手王彬的身上。公司的社交媒体团队正在努力把他打造成一名明星,他在社交媒体微上的认帐户最近推出了他在WWE佛罗里达州奥兰多的巨大场地进行培训的视频。其他七名大陆人,六男一女,也将在明年1月到奥兰多去。Mr. Wang, a 22-year-old native of eastern Anhui Province, was an athlete after middle school, a member of the provincial rowing team. He later moved to Shanghai and took up sparring, and caught the attention of representatives from Inoki Genome Federation, a big Japanese wrestling and mixed martial arts promotion.22岁的王彬来自东部的安徽省,中学毕业后当了运动员,曾是省赛艇队队员。他后来到上海去练散打搏击,引起了Inoki Genome Federation代表的注意,那是推广摔角和混合式武术的一家日本大型团体。Mr. Wang spent three years in Japan before he was noticed by W.W.E. He signed a three-year development deal with the American company and started training in Orlando over the summer in preparation for his China debut.在受到WWE的注意之前,王彬在日本待了三年。他与这家美国公司签订了为期三年的发展协议,今年夏天在奥兰多开始受训,为他在中国的首次登台做准备。When the moment finally arrived in Shanghai in September, Mr. Wang entered the arena to modern Chinese music. He gave the crowd a traditional Chinese, kung fu-style greeting, pressing his right fist into his left palm.今年9月,当那个时刻终于在上海到来时,王彬在中国现代音乐声中登上擂台。他把左掌合到右拳上,对人群报以中国传统的功夫式问候。His opponent, a wrestler named Bo Dallas, was booed by the Shanghai crowd before Mr. Wang tossed him to the mat, pinning him in a three-count on the second try.他的对手是一个名叫#8226;达拉斯的摔角手(Bo Dallas),上海观众对他报以嘘声。之后,王彬把对手摔在了垫子上,并在第二次摔倒对手后将其压住了,直到数到三。Mr. Wang doesn’t yet have a defined act or character, or even a flashy name. One of the oldest such personas in W.W.E.-style wrestling is the foreign heel, or bad guy; those include personas like Mr. Fuji, a Japanese villain played by Harry Fujiwara.王彬还没有一个明确的戏码或角色要演,甚至也没有一个花哨的名字。WWE式摔角中最古老这类角色之一是外国浑蛋或坏人,包括比如像佐藤哈利(Harry Fujiwara)扮演的富士先生这种角色。In an interview, Mr. Wang said he wasn’t a big believer in appealing to such nationalistic tropes.在一次采访中,王彬说,他不大相信用这种民族主义老调来吸引人。“People shouldn’t see you for your nationality or ethnic group,” he said. “It’s less about that and more about what you can do, personally, as a warrior and a figure in the ring.”“人们不应该只看你的国籍或民族,”他说。“那不重要,重要的是你能做什么,你个人作为一个斗士、一个人物在擂台上能做什么。” /201612/485696武汉那里治肾虚

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武汉那个医院治男性好ed Continental’s chief executive has promised the airline will never again eject a passenger who has paid for a ticket and is aly seated, as the company sought to draw a line under a public relations crisis that has damaged its reputation from the US to China.联合大陆(ed Continental)承诺美联航将永不再驱离付机票并已经就座的乘客,该公司力求告别这场已伤害到其在美国和中国声誉的公关危机。Oscar Munoz told A’s Good Morning America television programme on Wednesday: “This can, this will, never happen again on a ed Airlines flight. That’s my premise, that’s my promise.”周三,奥斯卡?穆诺兹(Oscar Munoz)对美国广播公司(A)《早安美国》(Good Morning America)节目表示:“美联航的航班上再也不能,不会发生这种事。这是我的前提,这是我的承诺。”He said the use of law enforcement on board an aircraft had to be looked at very carefully. But he said: “We’re not going to put a law enforcement official to take them off the aircraft. To remove a booked, paid, seating passenger? We can’t do that”.他说,在机上进行执法必须经过非常慎重的考虑。但他表示:“我们不会再让执法人员把他们带离飞机。驱离一个已经预订并付机票,且已经就座的乘客?我们不能这么做。”The comments follow earlier attempts by the company to defend the actions of staff over the incident, which went viral on social media, in which a screaming Asian-American doctor was injured as he was dragged off an overbooked flight.一名亚裔美国医生尖叫着被拖离一架超量预订的航班,还因此受伤,此事在社交媒体上引起热议。美联航早前曾试图捍卫此次事件中员工的行为。Mr Munoz told A he felt “shame and embarrassment” at the way the man had been treated. This was the fourth significant statement from the carrier since Sunday as ed has struggled to find the right tone to defuse anger over the incident, which has attracted comment from the White House.穆诺兹对美国广播公司表示,他为这位男士所受到的待遇感到“耻辱和尴尬”。这是美联航自上周日以来作出的第四份重大声明,该航空公司力求寻找合适基调来平息这起事件引发的愤怒,此事已引起白宫的。In the interview, Mr Munoz said he would not resign as chief executive. “I was hired to make ed better and we’ve been doing that and that’s what I’ll continue to do,” he said.穆诺兹在接受采访时表示不会辞去首席执行官职务。他说:“我受雇是为了让美联航变得更好,而且我们一直为此努力,这也是我要继续做的事情。”Mr Munoz blamed the incident on “system failure”. He explained that passengers are encouraged to take cash compensation for vacating their seats when planes are over-booked. He said: “There is an incentive programme that works really pretty well outside of the [boarding] gate. Clearly, when you get into an aeroplane, and you’re boarded, and luggaged and situated, your incentive model needs to change and I think that’s one of the policies we’ll look at.”穆诺兹将这起事件归咎于“系统故障”。他解释说当飞机超量预订时,乘客被鼓励收取现金补偿以让出他们的座位。他说:“有个激励计划在(登机)门外运行得很好。显然,当你进入一架飞机,而且你已经登机,放好行李并坐在座位上,你的激励模式需要改变,我认为这是我们要考虑的政策之一。”He added: “We do empower our frontline folks to a degree, but we need to expand and adjust those policies to allow a little bit more common sense.”他还表示:“我们赋予了一线工作人员一定权力,但我们需要扩大和调整这些政策,为常识留出更大空间。”When asked if the passenger, David Dao, was in any way to blame, Mr Munoz paused before saying: “No. He can’t be. He was a paying passenger sitting on our seat in our aircraft and no one should be treated that way. Period.”在被问及这位名叫David Dao的乘客对此事负有何种责任时,穆诺兹停顿了一下然后说:“不,他没有责任。他是坐在我们飞机座位上的一名付费乘客,没有人应该被这样对待。就是这样。” /201704/503832 If you think skydiving is scary, try doing it from twice the usual height and without a parachute. After two minutes of free-fall, you must position yourself to land on a net less than half the size of a football field, sp out 200 feet above the earth.如果你觉得跳伞很恐怖的话,试想一下,从一般跳伞的两倍高度进行这项活动并且不带降落伞又会如何。在自由下坠两分钟后,你得把自己定位好,以便落到从地面架高200英尺(约合61米)的网子上,它的面积不到半个足球场大。On Saturday, Luke Aikins took that challenge. He was the first person ever to attempt a skydive with neither a parachute nor a wingsuit — and, in a feat broadcast live on Fox, the first ever to complete one.卢克#8231;艾金斯(Luke Aikins)在上周六接受了这项挑战。当天在福斯电视网(Fox)现场直播中,他成为史上首位尝试不带降落伞或穿滑翔衣跳伞并获得成功的人。Mr. Aikins began his dive at an altitude of 25,000 feet, just 4,000 feet short of the summit of Mount Everest. Viewers watched him plummet, legs and arms sp, stomach down. Around 18,000 feet, he removed his oxygen mask and passed it to one of the three parachuted assistants diving with him. He aimed for the center of the net, guided by GPS and lights. Seconds before impact, he flipped onto his back and landed safely in the California desert.艾金斯是从2万5千英尺(7620米)高处往下跳的,只比珠穆朗玛峰(Mount Everest)峰顶低了4千英尺(1219米)。观众看着艾金斯下坠,他的四肢张开、腹部朝下。高度达到约1万8千英尺(5486米)的时候,他取下氧气面罩,递给穿戴降落伞陪他一同行动的三名助手之一。在GPS装置与光线信号的引导下,他瞄准了安全网中心点。撞上安全网几秒前,他翻身让背部朝下,最终在加利福尼亚的沙漠里安全降落。He lay cocooned in the net for a few moments, hands over his face. Then he clambered out, into the arms of his wife, Monica, with whom he has a 4-year-old son.艾金斯被裹在安全网里躺了一阵子,双手掩面。 然后他爬了出来,投入妻子莫妮卡(Monica)的怀抱里;他们育有一个4岁儿子。“We did and cannot thank everyone enough for the support,” Mr. Aikins wrote on Facebook shortly after the jump. “My vision was always proper preparation and that if you train right you can make anything happen. Thank you!!!!”“我们不知道该如何感谢大家的持才好,”艾金斯在完成跳伞不久后在Facebook上写道。“我认为永远都要妥善准备,而且只要训练得当,任何事都有可能成功。谢谢你们!!!!”The stunt, planned for two years, almost did not happen. At first, Mr. Aikins, 42, who has skydived 18,000 times since he was 12 years old, felt the idea was a bit much even for him.这次特技跳伞已经准备了两年时间,计划还几乎泡汤。42岁的艾金斯从12岁就开始跳伞,有18000次跳伞纪录。起初,他觉得这个想法就算对他来说都有些太过火了。“Like any normal, sane person, I said: ‘Thank you, but no thank you. I have a wife and a son, and I’ve got a life to live,’” he told People magazine. “Then, two weeks went by and I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘If somebody said you had to do this, how could it be done?’”“就像任何一个神智正常的普通人一样,我说:‘谢谢你的提议,不过还是免了吧。我家有妻小,还想继续过我的人生。’” 艾金斯告诉《人物》杂志(People)。“接下来两周时间里,我老是在半夜醒来,想着:‘如果有人说你非这么做不可,又该怎么去完成它呢?’”Then, just two days ago, S-Aftra, the screen actors’ union, issued a “do not work” order barring its members from taking part in the production unless Mr. Aikins agreed to wear a parachute — something that, Mr. Aikins said in the live broadcast, would actually make the jump more dangerous by adding weight to his body, thus increasing the force of the impact.然后,在仅仅两天前,美国演员工会及美国电视与广播演员联合会(S-Aftra)发出了“禁演令”,要求会员不得参与制作这项计划,除非艾金斯同意带降落伞。艾金斯则在现场直播中表示,降落伞其实会让这次跳伞更危险,因为这会增加他的重量,从而加强撞击力道。As Mr. Aikins’s plane approached the start point of his dive, 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, Calif., he strapped on the parachute but told viewers he would not open it. At the last minute, the union dropped its objection, and Mr. Aikins removed the parachute before jumping from the plane.艾金斯搭乘的飞机飞到近加州西米谷(Simi Valley)上方、2万5千英尺(7620米)高的起跳点的时候,他还是系上了降落伞装备,同时告诉观众他不会打开它。不过S-Aftra工会在最后一刻解除了禁令,于是艾金斯在跳出机身前脱下了降落伞。Mr. Aikins’s publicist, Peter Moran, did not respond to an emailed request for an interview with his client on Saturday evening. But speaking to reporters at the scene, Mr. Aikins was euphoric.艾金斯的公关人员彼得#8231;莫兰(Peter Moran)未回应本报在周六傍晚用电邮发出的访问请求,不过艾金斯在现场接受记者采访的时候显得神采飞扬。“I’m almost levitating — it’s incredible, this thing that just happened,” he told reporters after climbing out of the net, according to E! Online. “The words I want to say, I can’t even get out of my mouth.” “我几乎都要浮起来了── 刚刚发生的事情令人难以置信。”根据E! Online网站的报道,艾金斯爬出安全网后这么告诉记者。“我简直不知道该说什么才好。” /201608/458136武汉华夏男子医院婚前检查武汉最好的泌尿外科医院是哪家



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