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The results reveal the extraordinary effect实验结果揭示 烹煮过的食品that cooking food has on easing its way through the snake#39;s body.确实更易被蟒蛇吸收 并产生重大影响So when we feed the python a ground, cooked steak我们发现消化搅碎后的熟牛排we find that the energy expended on digestion assimilation所消耗的能量 比消化未加工的生牛排has decreased by 24% compared to the intact, raw steak.所消耗的能量少24%The figure has huge significance.这个数字非常重要It shows that eating cooked food reduces by a quarter它告诉我们 吃熟食比吃生食the energy required to carry out the process of digestion.消耗的能量要少四分之一Professor Wrangham claims that this extra energy朗汉教授称这些多余的能量caused the dramatic adaptations in Homo erectus.使直立人发生重大适应性变化Cooking made our guts smaller.烹饪使我们的肠道变小Once we cooked our food,我们烹饪食物后we didn#39;t need big guts,就不需要大肠胃去消化and big guts were a disadvantage...大肠道对于我们很不利they#39;re costly in terms of energy.它们消耗的能量较多So those individuals that were born with small guts那些生来具有小肠胃的个体were able to save energy and therefore have more babies and survive better.才能节约能量 从而生育更多后代并活得更好 Article/201506/378420The Warren Cup is made of silver, it#39;s a goblet, and it looks as though it would hold a pretty large glass of wine. It#39;s in the shape of a small sporting trophy, standing on a small base, a bit wonkily now, and it would once have had two handles, although those are now lost. But you can see at once that this is a work of supreme craftsmanship. The scenes on the cup are in relief, and they#39;ve been created by beating out the silver from the inside. Given the subject-matter, it must have been used at private parties, but it would certainly have commanded the admiration and the attention of everybody present.这件制作于两千年前的罗马银器是个看起来容量颇大的高脚酒杯。形状就像一个底座很小的现代运动奖杯,它可能曾有两个把手,但现在已经丢了。任何人都能 一眼看出它的工艺十分精美。酒杯上凸起的图案是靠敲打银杯内壁形成的。它应该曾在私人宴会上使用,就其图案主题而言,想必会获得在场所有人的欣赏。Lavish eating and drinking was one of the key rituals of the Roman world which, two thousand years ago, ran from Spain to Syria. Throughout the Empire, Roman officials and local bigwigs would use banquets to oil the wheels of politics and business, and to show off wealth and status. Roman women were generally excluded from events such as the drinking parties where our cup would have been found, and I think we can assume that it was intended for an all-male guest list. So I#39;m afraid you#39;ll have to imagine that you#39;re a man, arriving at a grand villa near Jerusalem, somewhere around the year 10.铺张的盛宴是罗马世界的重要仪式。在整个帝国,罗马的官员与地方权贵都靠宴席来炫耀自己的权势,并打通政商关节。一般来说,罗马的妇女不会出席可能摆放这种酒杯的豪饮宴席,我们能大致肯定,它是为仅有男性出席的场合而准备的。Slaves lead you through to an opulent dining area, where you recline with the other guests. The dining table is set with beautifully embellished silver platters and ornate vessels, and this is the context in which our cup would have been passed around among the guests. On it are shown two scenes of male love-making, set in a sumptuous private house. The lovers are depicted on draped couches similar to the ones that you, the guest, are lounging on. And you can see a lyre and pipes waiting to be played as the participants settle to their sensual pleasure. Here#39;s Classical historian Bettany Hughes.想象一下,在公元十年左右,一位男子来到耶路撒冷附近的一所豪宅。奴隶将他引进了华丽的宴会区,然后他和别的宾客一样在椅子上斜躺下来。桌上摆放着银质餐具与华美的器皿。在这样的场景下,本文的酒杯在宾客手中传递。上面的两幅男性性爱场景,都发生在私人豪宅。银杯上的人就躺在我们想象中的宾客所倚靠的同样的躺椅上,旁边还有一把七弦琴与几把管弦乐器,等待着在他们享受感官欢乐时奏响。古代历史学家兼电台主持贝塔尼休斯说道。 Article/201412/347611

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391047

Hong Kong feels drop in mainland tourists香港旅游业失去光 内地游客呈现下降趋势In the past three months, Hong Kong has seen the number of tourists from the mainland plummet.过去3个月到香港旅游的内地游客数量呈现下降趋势。And the slump is feared to get worse for the coming May Day Holiday.这样的情况在即将到来的五一假期或许会更加糟糕。During the three-day holiday,the number of mainland tourists is expected to plunge by 30 percent from the same period last year.在为期3天的假期中,内地游客的数量相比去年同期预计会减少30%。That#39;s mainly down to the cancellation of multiple entry permits for Shenzhen residents,the strong Hong Kong dollar and easier visa procedures to go to Japan and South Korea.这主要是因为取消深圳居民的多次入境许可、港元走势变强及前往日韩所需签手序变得更容易导致。Over a thousand hotels in Hong Kong say only 50 percent of their rooms have been booked for the holiday.香港1000多家酒店表示假期期间只有50%的房间被预订。This comes despite numerous discount offers from travel agencies and hotels.尽管旅行社和酒店提供大量折扣,但游客仍不买账。 Article/201505/373291

The dumplings need to boil for five minutes馄饨呢要在沸水里煮个5分钟until they become translucent.煮到半透明的样子Meanwhile, I head outside to find out how Mohammed#39;s aunty同时,我要出去看看穆罕默德的婶子is getting on with the rest of the meal.在做的其他的菜So this is just the sauce for the noodles, right? Yeah.这是待会儿拌面的酱吗,嗯There#39;s no meat in this one?酱里没有肉哦There is meat in it! Lamb in it.有啊,放了羊肉Oh, OK, lamb everywhere!哦哦,嗯,到处都是羊肉I#39;m helping Mohammed#39;s aunt finish the laghman noodles.我在帮穆罕默德的婶子做拌面The first step is to pull each length of the noodle首先呢,要把面撑开onto an oiled board.放到这块上了油的砧板上Just pull.把面扯开She#39;s kind of working the dough, spinning it.她扯面的样子,像是在纺织Then she winds the noodles around her hands.然后就要将面挽在手上And now for the most difficult part, stretching them out.现在呢就是最难的一步,把面撑开It looks like she#39;s playing cat#39;s cradle! Wow!看起来就像在玩翻绳游戏,哇Wow!哇Then they go into a wok of boiling water for three minutes.然后把面放进沸水锅中煮3分钟Uh, she took it like that.而…她是这样绞的This is a long piece of noodle!这是一长段面条Bang it, pull it, bang it, slap it against the board, that#39;s it!摔它,撑它,啪啪啪,向砧板上拍打,就是这样Ta-da!哒哒It#39;s the end of our time in Kashgar我们在喀什的时光要告一段落了and our exploration of China#39;s ethnic minority cuisines.我们对中国少数民族烹饪技法大探索也到了尾声Please. Thank you. We#39;ll start with the noodles.请动筷,好的,谢谢,我们先试试面的味道吧This is the one you pulled?这是你撑的哦Mm, this I really, really am in love with the noodles.嗯,我非常非常爱这碗面啊~It really is springy and delicious,很弹牙,味道也很好it#39;s really satisfying making your own noodles!吃自己做的面实在是太满足了China is so diverse, so many different people,中国是如此多样化,如此多不同的人different ideas, different religions, different cultures.不同的想法,不同的宗教,不同的文化The Dai minority, the Bulang minority, through food that#39;s,傣族,布朗族,通过食物that#39;s their identity, then now the Uyghurs, that#39;s their culture,食物就是他们的特征,维族也是,食物是他们的文化just right on the plate right there.文化就在他们的餐盘子里啊It says it all. It#39;s magnificent!仅仅食物就可以说明一切,太好了Mohammed, to you, and your whole family, thank you very much!穆罕默德,敬你,敬你全家,谢谢What I#39;ve learned and discovered by coming to Kashgar and Yunnan,我来喀什和云南学到的,看到的is I think it#39;s deepened my understanding about China.加深了我对中国的认识Even though they#39;re within the Chinese nation,尽管他们是少数民族they haven#39;t lost their local traditions,他们也没有丢掉自己的传统which I think is very important.我想真的很重要 Article/201511/410470Don#39;t wait until your temperature is 102 to realize that you#39;re out of ibuprofen or it#39;s expired. Stash away these essentials now, in an emergency flu kit.不要等到发高烧才意识到没有退烧药或药物过期了。现在就收拾一个紧急药品箱,储备好必需的常用药品。You Will Need你需要Thermometer体温计Ibuprofen or acetaminophen布洛芬或扑热息痛Decongestant解充血药Antihistamine抗组织胺药Cough suppressant镇咳剂Tissues纸巾Hand sanitizer洗手液Face mask口罩Liquids液体DVDsDVDSteps步骤Seek emergency medical attention for a child with a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 24 hours and is unresponsive or sluggish. Adults should seek emergency care if they have difficulty breathing, persistent vomiting, or sudden dizziness or confusion.如果儿童体温超过38摄氏度,持续时间超过24小时,反应迟钝,应该立即去急诊。成年人如果出现呼吸困难,持续呕吐,突然眩晕或神智不清时,立即看急诊。STEP 1 Have a thermometer1.准备体温计Put a thermometer into your emergency flu kit. One sign that you have the flu is a high fever.紧急流感工具箱中放入一个体温计。患上流感的一个症状就是高烧。STEP 2 Sock away some ibuprofen2.储备一些布洛芬片Sock away some ibuprofen or acetaminophen to lower your temperature and relieve muscle aches.储备一些布洛芬片或扑热息痛,降低体温,缓解肌肉疼痛。Aspirin is not the first choice for fever reduction: it may be toxic in large doses in adults and may cause Reye’s syndrome -- a rare but serious condition -- in children and teenagers.阿司匹林并不是退烧的首选,成年人大量用会造成中毒,导致儿童和青少年患瑞氏综合征——这种症状比较少见,但是非常严重。STEP 3 Tuck in a decongestant3.准备解充血药Tuck a decongestant into your emergency flu kit to treat nasal blockage.你的紧急流感工具箱中放入解充血药,治疗鼻塞。Do not give cold and flu medicine to children under age 4. Consult a doctor.四岁以下儿童不要用感冒或流感药物。向医生咨询。STEP 4 Include a cough suppressant4.镇咳剂Include a cough suppressant to take at night if needed. Avoid taking it during the day, when it#39;s better to expel any phlegm.准备一些镇咳剂,如果必要的话可以晚上用。避免白天用,这种时候最好排除粘液。Be careful when mixing over-the-counter medications; several may have an ingredient in common, which can lead to an inadvertent overdose.混合用药店非处方药物时要谨慎。几种药物可能含有相同的成分,无意间导致药物过量。STEP 5 Stock up on tissues5.准备纸巾Stock up on tissues and hand sanitizer. Consider keeping a face mask in your emergency flu kit to help prevent sping the flu to housemates with weakened immune systems -- the very young, the very old, and anyone with a chronic illness.准备纸巾和洗手液。考虑在应急箱中放一个口罩,预防流感传染给免疫系统较差的室友——年幼或年老者,或者有慢性疾病的人。STEP 6 Store liquids6.储备液体Store sports drinks to avoid dehydration. If you prefer bottled water to tap, have extra set aside. And put away some packaged soups and herbal tea; hot liquids can be soothing and you probably won#39;t feel like cooking. Finally, stash some comedy DVDs -- because laughter really can be the best medicine.存储一些运动饮料,防止脱水。如果你喜欢瓶装水,多准备一些。也准备一些袋装的汤料和香草茶。热的饮料可以缓解感冒,当你感冒时或许不想煮东西。最后,准备一些喜剧风格的片子,因为大笑是最好的药物。There#39;s no such thing as the ;stomach flu.; Gastrointestinal distress is usually caused by eating or drinking something contaminated.并没有肠胃感冒这种疾病。肠胃不适是由于吃了不干净的东西导致的。 /201412/348212

Global leaders stand in silence to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in Paris.全球领袖为巴黎遇难者默哀。The G20 focuses mainly on the global economy.But this year’s summit has been overshadowed by last Friday’s events.20国集团主要聚焦全球经济,但今年的峰会被上星期五的恐袭事件蒙上了阴影。The focus has switched to the threat of extremism and its effect on domestic security and international migration.焦点转向极端主义威胁以及其对国内安全和国际移民的影响。German Chancellor Angela Merkel says French officials must work with the security forces and authorities to find out who the perpetrators are, who their accomplices are and what links they may have. Above all, we owe that to the victims and their loved ones she says. But it is also necessary for our own security and something that we owe to the many innocent refugees who are fleeing war and terrorism.德国总理安吉拉·默克尔说,法国官方必须协同安全部队和机关找出罪犯,谁是他们的同伙,以及他们可能会有什么联系。这是我们要向遇难者和他们的亲人交代的,她说道。同样这对自己的安全也是有必要的,我们也要考虑那些逃离战争和恐怖主义的无辜难民。The situation in Syria is also driving the agenda.叙利亚局势同样推动了议程。Critics say Russian air strikes in the conflict-torn country target the political opposition and not IS as Moscow insists.批评者称,俄罗斯在饱受战争摧残的叙利亚的空袭目标是政治反对派,而不是莫斯科坚持的IS组织。But, meeting on the sidelines, some say Obama and Putin are finding they have common ground.但一些人表示,奥巴马和普京找到了共识。译文属。 /201511/410366The very earliest tetrapods did not, as all the textbooks claimed, have five fingers after all.最早的四足动物并不像所有教科书中记载的那样,长着5个趾头It suddenly raised the question: if the most basic assumption behind the previous 100 years#39; research was wrong这立刻引出了这样一个问题:若是连100多年来探寻背后的最基本假设都不正确then what else might be wrong?那么是不是还有别的错误呢Until that day I had assumed, like everyone else, that five was the primitive number of digits for a tetrapod limb.在此之前,我和其他人一样,也认为四足动物足趾的最初数量是5根The old explanations for the origin of the structure,原来的那些关于结构的起源的说法,after all one of the most fundamental and defining structures of being a tetrapod,成为四足动物的最基本的结构定义and in our own way of being human, was in the bin.还有我们成为人类的过程,都变成了空谈Scientists now believe our earliest ancestors with legs科学家们如今认为,我们最早长出腿的祖先must have started out life with numerous digits and then evolution reduced them to five一开始可能依赖多根趾头生活,后来进化才把它们减少为5根over the aeons that followed and the shocks just kept getting bigger.这一特征世代相传,而影响范围也越来越广Another fundamental assumption, that we had evolved legs for the express purpose of walking, just could not be true.另一种基本假设——我们进化出腿的直接目的是为了行走,也可能将不成立。 Article/201703/495009

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