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Every couple of weeks, Andrew Livingston, 22, a co-founder of a Brooklyn men#39;s wear company, stops on his way home from work for a drink — either a glass of pale ale or an espresso — in a setting where he typically finds like-minded guys.今年22岁的安德鲁·利文斯顿(Andrew Livingston)是布鲁克林一家男装公司的联合创始人。每隔两个星期,在下班回家的路上,他就会去喝点什么,不是一杯苦啤,便是一杯espresso。在那里,他总能找到一些和自己志趣相投的朋友。His destination: the Williamsburg location of Blind Barber, where haircuts are offered alongside 10 types of beer, including four varieties on tap, and cappuccinos made with Blue Bottle coffee and prepared in an airy cafe adjacent to the hairdressing space. Along with his drink order, Mr. Livingston gets a trim while seated in one of four vintage salon chairs.他去的就是Blind Barber理发店在威廉斯堡(Williamsburg)的店面,那里45美元(约合人民币279元)的理发务配有10款酒水饮品,包括4种不同的桶装啤酒,和几款在理发店旁一家通风的咖啡店里用蓝樽咖啡(Blue Bottle coffee)调制的卡布奇诺。利文斯顿坐在店内四把高级沙龙椅中的一把椅子上,一边选择饮品下单,一边等着理发。“It’s a nice spot to kind of catch your breath,” he said. “For guys, especially in a place like New York, it’s important to have an environment like that, where you can just kind of de-stress, chill and talk.”“这是个不错的地方,很有吸引力,”他说。“尤其是在纽约这样的城市里,对男性而言,能有个那样的环境让你释放压力、好好休息并聊聊天是非常重要的。”Blind Barber’s co-founder Jeff Laub said: “It’s not just about making on a coffee. That coffee is supposed to start a conversation, develop a friendship and then hopefully spark something else.”Blind Barber的创始人之一杰夫·劳布(Jeff Laub)说:“这不只是为了在一杯咖啡上赚3美元(约合人民币19元)。有了那杯咖啡,就可以开始交谈,可以建立友谊,进而产生新的想法。”The cafe-barbershop is a growing trend. Dr. Alon Gratch, a clinical psychologist who wrote “If Men Could Talk: Translating the Secret Language of Men,” said that such a place “seems new, in that it provides a space for conversation.”现在,咖啡厅式的理发店越来越流行了。一位写了《解读男人心:翻译男人密码》(If Men Could Talk: Translating the Secret Language of Men)的临床心理学家阿龙#8226; 葛瑞奇(Alon Gratch)说,这样一处地方“显得有新意,原因在于这里提供了一处可以交谈的场所”。“It is bridging the gap a little bit and moving in the direction of what women do, but in a more unique ‘guy’ way,” he said. “The other traditional places for guys to hang out together are bars, which are very noisy, so there’s no real potential for conversation, or sports events, and the same goes for them.”“这里把男女之间的差距缩小了一点,原本女人做的事,男人也可以去做了,但方式更加男性化,”他说。“过去,男人们往往在酒吧里聚会,但那里的环境非常吵闹,不太适合彼此交谈,再就是一些体育活动,但情况也是一样。”Strictly speaking, these establishments do not bar women, but most schedule appointments at tight intervals to accommodate short haircuts. They typically feature straight-razor shaves and beard trims prominently on their concise s of services.严格来说,这些地方并不拒绝女人,但多数理发店由于预约都排得很满,所以接的都是一些剪短发的活儿。这些理发店往往都把剃须与修髯两项业务一目了然地列在他们那份简明的务清单上。Catering particularly to a style-conscious clientele, these shops list haircut prices several times that of a traditional men’s walk-in barbershop, and the décor has more in common with a farm-to-table restaurant or men#39;s wear boutique than a beauty salon (except for a prominent display of scissors, combs and glass jars of Barbicide).由于这些理发店迎合的是一群有时尚意识的客户,所以他们开列的价格也比那些随到随剪的传统男性理发店要高数倍,而且这些理发店的装修也更像一家“农场直供餐桌”的餐厅,或是一家男装精品店,而非美发沙龙(只不过店内到处都能看到剪刀、梳子与美发产品Barbicide的玻璃罐)。Although coifs and comestibles would not seem to have much in common, for a specific demographic, a cappuccino made with locally roasted, ethically grown beans is a natural accompaniment to high-caliber haircuts.虽然美发与美食似乎相去甚远,然而,对某些特定的人群而言,一杯以栽培得当、当地烘焙的咖啡豆烹煮而成的卡布奇诺,自然与那些高档理发店相得益彰。“It’s definitely the same group of customers,” said Steve Marks, who owns Persons of Interest, a barbershop that teamed up with Parlor Coffee to serve espresso drinks at its Williamsburg location. “It’s all one piece. The same people who are going to get a great haircut are the same people who are keen to have the best coffee.”“这显然是同一群客户,”Persons of Interest理发店的所有者史蒂夫·马克思(Steve Marks)说,他在威廉斯堡的门店与Parlor Coffee咖啡店携手合作,为客人提供espresso咖啡。“没有差别。愿意做漂亮发型的是那些人,喜欢喝上等咖啡的也是那些人。”As Dillon Edwards, the founder of Parlor Coffee, put it, “The guy that will spend on a haircut will also spend on a cup of coffee.”正如Parlor Coffee的创始人狄龙·爱德华兹(Dillon Edwards)所言,“愿意花45美元做头发的人,自然也愿意再花5美元喝杯咖啡。”Even in neighborhoods saturated with coffee bars and hair salons, new combination businesses along these lines continue to pop up, having acquired the necessary cafe or liquor licenses. In March, Cotter Barber opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, complete with a La Marzocco manual espresso machine perched on a reclaimed wood counter in front and four antique barber chairs in back. (It is somewhat more unisex, but the majority of the clientele is male.) At the Williamsburg location of Fellow Barber, coffee service was introduced in February. Both cafe-barbershops get their coffee beans from artisanal roasters (San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee and Tandem Coffee of Portland, Me.).即便在已经遍布咖啡馆与美发店的社区里,这种二合一的新型商业模式也在不断涌现,它们还取得了咖啡酒水类产品的经营执照。今年三月,Cotter Barber理发店在布鲁克林的绿点区开业了,店内配有一台La Marzocco的特浓咖啡手动烹调机,就放在前面一个可循环利用的木质柜台上,另外还有四把古董美发椅放在后面(虽然这家店男女皆宜,但大部分主顾都是男性)。Fellow Barber理发店于今年二月在威廉斯堡的门店中开始提供咖啡。这两家店目前都在向一些手工烘焙咖啡豆的商家(例如旧金山的Four Barrel咖啡店与缅因州波特兰的Tandem咖啡店)购买咖啡豆。The combination of barbershops and beverages extends well beyond Brooklyn. In Toronto, for example, there is a bar inside Rod, Gun amp; Barbers, where cigar smoking is also encouraged. In San Francisco, Peoples Barber amp; Shop serves cold beer, as does the Duke Barber Co. in Philadelphia. The Modern Man, a chain of five salons in Portland, Ore., offers beer and bourbon from local purveyors. Fellow Barber plans to add a bar to its Detroit location.而这种酒水结合理发的务已不再局限于布鲁克林了。例如在多伦多,理发店Rod, Gun amp; Barbers在店内设有一个吧台,在那里抽雪茄是受到鼓励的。在旧金山,Peoples Barber amp; Shop 理发店可提供冰啤,而在费城,Duke Barber Co.理发店也一样。在俄勒冈州的波特兰市,有五家门店的连锁美发沙龙The Modern Man可提供来自当地供应商的啤酒与波旁威士忌。而在底特律,Fellow Barber理发店正打算在其门店内增设一个吧台。In the years before the new breed came along, the popularity of barbershops was on the wane. According to “Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History,” they went into a slump in the mid-’60s, and thousands went out of business. In the ’90s, books like “The American Barbershop: A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place,” by Mic Hunter, and “The Vanishing American Barbershop: An Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art 1860-1960,” by Ronald S. Barlow, suggested they were all but finished.在这些新生代的理发店出现之前,传统理发店的人气多年来已经每况愈下。据《美发百科:一部文化史》(Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History)记载,在20世纪60年代中期,理发店数量骤减,成千上万家店面关门大吉。而在90年代,诸如麦克·亨特(Mic Hunter)的《美国理发店:近距离观察正在消失的地方》(The American Barbershop: A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place)与罗纳德·S·巴洛(Ronald S. Barlow)的《正在消失的美国理发店:图解1860-1960理发艺术史》(The Vanishing American Barbershop: An Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art )等书就曾指出,理发店差一点就不复存在了。“They were associated with a generation of postwar men — either World War I or World War II — who had very short hair, very corporate hair,” said Dr. Allan Peterkin, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and the author of three books on men’s grooming. “Then you get into the ’60s, with the hippies, and the ’70s, with the mustache swingers. In the ’70s and ’80s, you started to see more unisex salons, when men had more elaborate haircuts, and they thought that the barber couldn’t do it.“这种情况涉及战后那一代的男人——不管是‘一战’还是‘二战’——他们当时都留着非常短的头发,有非常好打理的发型,”多伦多大学的一位精神病学教授阿兰·彼得金士(Dr. Allan Peterkin)说,他还写了三本关于男性穿着打扮的著作。“然后进入60年代,流行嬉皮士,再到70年代,流行长须浪子。在70年代至80年代,你开始看见,有更多男女皆宜的美发沙龙,那时候男人梳着更讲究的发型,但他们觉得这样的发型在理发店里做不出来。”“Today, a lot of men are wearing their hair short — the hipsters wear short, short cuts, even if they have bushy beards — so it’s a swing back to shorter hairstyles; barbers were always the ones who were the best at those.”“如今,有许多男人都留起了短发——那些嬉波士们(hipsters)则留着超短发,哪怕他们蓄了浓密的长胡须——所以,发型潮流又回到了较短的风格;这是理发师们从来都很擅长的一种发型。”The cafe-barbershop hybrids are regaining the cultural territory held by barbershops in the days before the decline.这种咖啡理发混合的商业模式重新占领了传统理发店衰落之前所攻占的那片文化领域。“These combinations are almost like community centers,” said Emma McKay, the executive editor of AskMen, a male-centric website. “In modern society, guys are lacking men-only spaces, and the barbershop still works as a male-first space.”“这些结合了两种务的门店几乎成了社区里的中心地带,”一家男性门户网站AskMen的执行编辑艾玛·麦凯(Emma McKay)说。“在现代社会中,男人们都缺少仅供男性交流的空间,但这些理发店作为一个男性优先的地方仍然有这样的作用。”Stylish men find the environment at such places more inviting than that of a no-frills neighborhood barbershop.有些追求时尚的男性发现,这些理发店的环境比没有装修的社区理发店更吸引人。Carlos Garcia, 32, a restaurant management consultant, still goes now and then for the haircut at a walk-in shop near his apartment in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where he waits his turn while sitting in a vinyl-covered chair. But he has found the experience at Cotter Barber to be more pleasant. There he sits with an Americano in hand; on nice days, he can relax in the shop’s backyard.今年32岁的餐厅管理顾问卡洛斯·加西亚(Carlos Garcia)仍然会偶尔光顾在他的布鲁克林区格瓦纳斯(Gowanus)公寓附近的一家10美元(约合人民币62元)一次、随到随剪的理发店,他坐在店里的一把塑料椅子上等着轮到自己理发。但他发现,在Cotter Barber理发店的体验更加愉快。他手里端着一杯美式咖啡坐在店里;天气好的时候,他还可以在这家店的后院里消遣。“I totally appreciate going in and having coffee I enjoy, since there’s usually a long wait,” Mr. Garcia said.“我真的很愿意进去点一杯我喜欢的咖啡,因为通常都要等上好一会儿,”加西亚说。Jon Wilde, an articles editor at GQ who lives in Brooklyn, said the cafe-barbeshops are “making that haircut feel like an experience and not an obligation. These places are inching us toward that hashtag ‘treat yourself’ moment, where you don’t mind going and taking care of yourself a little bit.”《GQ》杂志的编辑、现住布鲁克林的乔恩·王尔德(Jon Wilde)说,这种咖啡厅式理发店“让人觉得理发像是一次体验,而不是什么必须做的事情。这些地方让我们渐入佳境,懂得要‘善待自己’,因而不妨常去,对自己稍微好一点儿。”“Yes, the haircut might be a bit more expensive,” he said, “but you can have a beer if you want, and they are going to take good care of you.”“是的,在这里理发可能有点贵,”他说,“但如果你愿意,可以喝杯啤酒,而且,他们让你非常享受。” /201506/382772

Paris to unlock #39;love locks#39;巴黎将拆#39;爱情锁#39;The city of Paris will start removing padlocks from the Pont des Arts on June 1, effectively ending the tourist tradition of attaching ;love locks; to the bridge.6月1日起,巴黎将开始拆除艺术桥上的挂锁,有效终止游客们在桥上悬挂;爱情锁;的传统。For years, visitors have been attaching locks to the bridge in symbolic acts of affection.多年来,游客们都会在桥上挂一把象征爱情的锁。Some further seal the deal by throwing keys into the Seine River below.为了使爱情契约更加牢固,有人甚至将钥匙扔到桥下的塞纳河里。The phenomenon sp to other bridges, creating two major concerns: degradation of property heritage and a risk to the safety of visitors.这种现象很快蔓延到其它桥上,造成了两个主要问题:一是破坏了物质遗产,二是给游客安全造成风险。The bridge carries more than 700,000 locks with an estimated combined weight roughly the same as 20 elephants.桥上悬挂了70多万个锁,据估计总重约相当于20头大象。Part of the bridge collapsed under the weight last year.去年,重压导致部分桥体塌陷。The removal of the locks is a ;strong first step after a long time of inaction.;拆除爱情锁是;长期不作为之后的第一步强有力的举措。; /201506/378313

  生活中,很多事眨眼间就发生了,可解决起来却没那么简单。这个时候,越是着急,越爱出错,欲速则不达,所谓心急吃不了热豆腐。下面就来看看,哪些说法要告诉我们这个道理吧!1. Hasty in doing something英文中hasty是haste的形容词形式,表示“匆忙,轻率”的意思。这个固定搭配的意思则是,“行事或决定太过匆忙,欠考虑”。例:Perhaps I was too hasty in rejecting his offer。也许是我太急于拒绝他的提议了。2. Gallop through Gallop原义是“疾驰、飞奔”,gallop through表示在做事特别快,但有可能也比较粗心。例:Don#39;t just gallop through your homework!别匆匆忙忙地糊弄作业!3. Jump the gun这个词组原指赛跑各就位准备时,选手还没听见声就先跑出去了,也就是我们常说的“抢跑”。在日常生活中,它引申为“操之过急,过早采取行动”。例: He was supposed to tell me tomorrow, but he jumped the gun。他本来应该明天才告诉我的,可却操之过急说漏了嘴。4. More haste, less speed。越是着急,速度反而越慢。这句英文习语正是我们中文常说的“欲速则不达”。毕竟,过于追求高效率,难免就会出错。例:In developing our new company, we should make steady steps, never forget ;more haste, less speed.;发展公司应该一步一个脚印,要牢记“欲速则不达”。5. Rush into (something)这个固定搭配同样表示,做事很快,可是心思却没怎么用在这件事上。例:She rushed into (making) a bad decision。她太着急了,结果做了个错误的决定。 /201503/363737

  The lifting of the California ban against selling foie gras (the hyperfattened liver of geese or ducks, brought about by overfeeding the live animals) is pretty much a nonissue, except to point out that as a nation we have little perspective on animal welfare. To single out the tiniest fraction of meat production and label it “cruel” is to miss the big picture, and the big picture is this: Almost all meat production in the ed States is cruel.加州取消鹅肝(通过对活鸭、活鹅进行过度喂食造成的脂肪肝)禁令是个无关紧要的小事,顶多只是表明,我们这个国家对动物福利是没什么想法的。将肉类生产中这个微不足道的部分单独拿出来,称其为“残酷”,是不能体现全局的,而全局是这样:美国几乎所有的肉类生产都是残酷的。The sale and production of foie gras was prohibited in California in 2012. Though the ban was widely ignored — foie gras was served for free in many restaurants and sold illegally in others — it’s now legal to serve it. (Production remains banned.)加州在2012年发布了鹅肝的销售和生产禁令。不过,没什么人把这项禁令当回事——很多餐厅免费供应鹅肝,还有些餐厅在非法销售它——现在又可以合法供应了。(生产依然是禁止的。)But so what? Foie gras is among the most overrated of luxury ingredients, ranking right up there with caviar and truffles. Done right, all three are delicious, but we can call them rich people’s food, and as such they’re not that important except to chefs who want to impress rich people or rich people who want to be impressed.但那又如何?鹅肝是世界上最过誉的奢侈食材之一,和鱼子酱和松露并驾齐驱。会做的话,三种食材都很美味,但我们可以称之为富人食物,因此它们也就不那么重要了,除非是厨师想要取悦有钱人,或有钱人想要被取悦。Of the three, from the point of view of pleasure, foie gras is the least important (many organ meats are more enjoyable), although it’s the easiest to produce and the least expensive. The best truffles are white, mostly Italian, difficult to find and stunningly pricey — upward of ,000 a pound. The best caviar (beluga) comes from Iran, Russia and a couple of other countries with shores on the Caspian Sea; not only are prices comparable to truffles, fishing these endangered sturgeon is strictly regulated.从愉悦的角度看,鹅肝是三种食材里最不重要的(很多器官要比它更美味),但却是最易于生产的,也是最不昂贵的。最好的松露是白色的,大多为意大利产,很难得,也贵得出奇——可以卖到1000美元一磅。最好的鱼子酱(白鲸鲟)产自伊朗、俄罗斯以及其他一些里海沿岸国家;它的价格堪比松露,而且捕捞作为濒危物种的鲟鱼是受到严格监管的。Foie gras is not only available at relatively moderate prices (you can buy it now for something like - a pound), but it’s also never out of season and produced domestically. And it’s a showpiece: Most chefs cook it not because they love it but to appeal to food snobs, who can report, “We went to XX last night and had the most amazing foie.” Right. (See this headline, which is vulgar but not wrong; don’t bother to the “story.”)鹅肝不但价格相对廉宜(现在每磅只要50到75美元就能买到),而且永远不会过季,又是本土生产。它是炫技用的:多数厨师会做,但不是因为他们喜欢,而是能吸引自命不凡的食评人,这些人接着会写:“昨晚我们去哪哪,吃到了美妙绝伦的鹅肝。”是啊。(看看这个标题,话糙理不糙;那‘报道’就不必看了。)I’m not aware of a movement against killing sturgeon or other fish whose eggs can be used to make imitation caviar. This may be because fish are generally under-considered in the world of animal welfare, or because the most desired caviar comes from so far away or because it’s more precious than foie gras. But it also may be because caviar doesn’t invoke horrible images of gavage, as the process of overfeeding poultry is called — images that feature, not to put too fine a point on it, funnels.据我所知没有人在发起反对捕杀鲟鱼或其他鱼籽可以用来模仿鱼子酱的鱼类。这可能是因为鱼类在动物福祉的世界里通常是比较受忽视的,或者因为最让人向往的鱼子酱来自太遥远的地方,又或者因为它比鹅肝还金贵。但也可能是因为鱼子酱不会让你联想起强行喂食的恐怖画面,也就是对禽类进行过度喂食的工艺——不想说太多细节,但画面中包含漏斗这样的东西。It’s not a pretty thought, and it’s a less pretty sight. Of course, foie gras can also be produced without actually force-feeding because, like many animals — including humans and dogs — ducks and geese will happily eat anything that meets their standards. You don’t have to force them: They will stuff themselves anyway. So although the process may be “unnatural,” it’s not necessarily “torture.”这个想法不怎么美好,而画面就更是丑陋了。当然,鹅肝也可以在不进行强迫喂食的情况下生产,和许多动物一样——包括人类和——鸭和鹅会欣然吃下一切符合它们要求的东西。你不用强迫它们:它们反正都会把自己往死里撑的。所以虽然这个过程会有些“不自然”,却不一定是“折磨”。As to whether this is “good” for the animals, that’s another question. But let’s get our priorities straight. Statistically, foie gras is insignificant; according to a spokesman at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, one of the country’s main producers, the market in the ed States involves just under 600,000 animals per year.至于这对动物是不是有“好处”,就是另一个问题了。不过我们首先把优先级摆出来。统计数据上看,鹅肝是微不足道的;据美国主要鹅肝生产商哈德逊鹅肝公司(Hudson Valley Foie Gras)一位发言人称,美国鹅肝市场每年涉及的动物不到60万只。My elementary math estimates that the ed States chicken broiler industry kills more birds than that every single hour of every single day. (We produced an estimated 38.5 billion pounds of chicken in 2014, at an average of 6 pounds per bird.) Almost all of those birds are raised in conditions that range from unnatural to torturous.以我小学水平的数学估算,美国肉鸡产业在每一天的每一个小时里宰杀的鸡都比这个多。(我们在2014年生产了约385亿磅鸡肉,每只鸡平均产出6磅肉。)而几乎所有肉鸡都是在不自然或带来折磨的环境中饲养的。If you allow that the same is true of most animals raised in the ed States, from dairy cows (which last year produced roughly 206 billion pounds of milk) to egg-laying hens (over 98 billion eggs) to cattle raised for beef (24 billion pounds), you are looking at an industry that produces cruelty on a scale that’s so big and overwhelming few of us can consider it rationally or regularly. And if you consider that cattle, for example, evolved to graze on grasses and are often fattened on grains — to which their digestive systems must then adapt — you might say that part of that industry’s routine is force-feeding.如果你认为美国饲养的多数动物都是这样的情况,从奶牛(去年生产了约2060亿磅牛奶)到蛋鸡(超过980亿只鸡蛋),再到肉用牛(240亿磅),你看到的这个产业催生的暴行之庞大和普遍,已经令我们大多数人无法理性地、经常性地去思考它。比如我们考虑一下肉用牛,它们通过进化成为食草动物,但往往用谷物来育肥——这样一来它们的消化系统就必须去适应——你可以说产业惯例就是强迫喂食。This is not to say a few thousand ducks and geese don’t matter; it is to say that it’s important to keep perspective. Although the plaintiffs used a federal statute (see the Poultry Products Inspection Act) to overturn the ban, and although that makes some animal welfare advocates uneasy, federal law is often used to trump state regulations, both good and bad. The legal experts I spoke to were wary, but did not see that this ruling, for example, set a precedent that might threaten California’s new egg-raising requirements, about which I wrote on New Year’s Day.这并不是说几千只鸭或鹅不重要;而是说看到全局是很重要的。原告利用了一项联邦成文法(参阅《家禽产品检验法》[Poultry Products Inspection Act])来推翻禁令,这让一些动物权益倡导人士感到不安,但联邦法律经常成为对付州监管的杀手锏,有时是好事有时是坏事。和我聊过的法律专家对这项裁决有所警觉,但不觉得它创下了什么先例,比如能威胁到加州蛋鸡养殖新规的那种,这方面我在新年那天写过。So, since this is not the last word on foie gras in California (or elsewhere), let’s stay tuned. If it’s ultimately and legally determined that foie gras production is cruel, inhumane or both, labeling it so would strengthen the argument that so are the current means of production for most industrially raised animals (and their products). This is best seen as a test case, not as a significant defeat or victory. Foie gras itself just isn’t that important.所以,这并不意味着加州(或其他任何一个地方)鹅肝之争盖棺定论,我们要继续关注。如果最终在法律上裁定鹅肝生产是虐待,或不人道行为,或两者兼有,那么正式判定这一点会强化一种看法,即当前大多数工业养殖动物(以及相关产品)的生产所使用的手段,也都是这样。最好别把它看成是一次重大的失败或胜利,而是看成一个试验案例。鹅肝本身真的不那么重要。 /201501/355038。


  A new gender neutral title #39;Mx#39; is to join the honorifics #39;Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms#39; on driving licences and other official documents, the first change to officially recognised titles in decades.新的中性性别称谓“Mx”将加入“Mr”;Mrs;;Miss;和“Ms”的队伍,成为驾照以及其他正式文件上的性别称谓。这是数十年来官方承认称谓的首次变更。Royal Mail, high street banks, government departments and some universities all now accept Mx which is used by transgender people or other individuals who do not identify with a particular gender.皇家邮政,商业,政府部门和一些大学已经承认;Mx;这个称谓。变性人和其他不确定性别的人均可使用这个称谓。The title has been added, without fanfare, to official forms and databases and is under consideration by the Oxford English Dictionary for inclusion in its next edition.Mx被悄悄地就加入了正式表格和数据库中,而且牛津英语词典已在考虑把它添加进下一版词典中。Assistant editor of the dictionary, Johnathan Dent, was ed by the Sunday Times as saying the move towards Mx was a sign of the English language#39;s ability to adapt to an ever-changing society.《周日泰晤士报》引用剑桥英语词典助理编辑乔纳森·丹特的话称,Mx成为正式称谓是英语适应瞬息万变的社会的标志。He explained it was the first time in recent history that commonly used and accepted titles had changed.他表示,这是人们普遍使用和接受的称谓近年来的首次改动。Mr Dent was ed as saying it showed the way English could adapt to people#39;s needs, rather than letting language dictate identity.丹特先生称,此举体现英语能够适应人们的需求,而不是任由语言决定人们的性别。He said titles, whether on online drop-down boxes or elsewhere, tended to be formal and enforce traditional relationships such as those between husband and wife, as in Mr and Mrs, or even profession such as Dr or Lord.他称,无论是网站的下拉选框还是其他地方,称谓都有变得正式的趋势,用Mr和Mrs标识丈夫和妻子这样的传统关系,或者用Dr和Lord标识职业身份。#39;This is something new,#39; the assistant editor said.丹特先生说:“这是全新的改变。”The Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and the NHS are among those public bodies now accepting the Mx title.英国工作与养老金部,英国税务海关总署,驾驶员和车辆协会和国民医疗务体系都是是公务体系中已经承认Mx称谓的机构。The Royal Mail has said it introduced Mx as an option for those registering online following requests from customers two years ago. It has been rolling out the title across all of its online applications since then.皇家邮政称两年前就已经按客户要求把Mx引入网站注册称谓选项。自那时起,其网上所有注册都能下拉选择这个性别称谓。Barclays was one of the first high street banks to offer the Mx title and its customers can now use the title on their credit and debit cards, correspondence, cheques and with online banking.英国巴克莱是首家提供Mx称谓给顾客选择的商业,顾客现在可以在信用卡,借记卡,来往信件,票和网银上使用这个称谓。Royal Bank of Scotland has started using the title and HS has introduced Mx for some customers and is in the process of including it for all its customers.苏格兰皇家也已经开始使用这个称谓,汇丰也提供该称谓给部分顾客使用,并正努力推广给全部顾客。Oxford University introduced the title last year and has explained that it is #39;the most commonly used and recognised gender neutral title#39;.牛津大学去年就引进该称谓,并称之为“最广泛使用和获得认同的中性性别称谓”。Birmingham, Cambridge and Portsmouth University also use the title as well as UCAS the university admissions service which introduced it for students last July.伯明翰大学,剑桥大学和朴茨茅斯大学也使用了这个称谓,英国高校联合招生委员会在去年7月也引入了该称谓。SJ Jacobs from the UK#39;s Nonbinary Inclusion Project has been ed by the Sunday Times as saying that the increased acceptance of Mx as a title was a #39;big step forward#39;.《星期日泰晤士报》引用英国性别多元组织的SJ·雅各布斯的言论,称Mx称谓日益被接受是“前进的一大步”。Jacobs said the inclusion of the title was an important sign of validation for many but that more still needed to be done to make sure other organisations such as IT and fraud prevention services accept the title.雅各布斯说,对于很多人而言Mx被用作称谓是承认其有效性的重大标志,但为了确保其他领域,如IT,欺诈防止团体等使用这个称谓,仍有很多工作要做。One company was ed as saying it had not used the term over embarrassment. They were unsure how to pronounce the title.有公司称因为不知如何读这个称谓而感到尴尬,所以仍未使用这个称谓。#39;Most people pronounce it as ;Mux,;#39; Jacobs said, explaining that it is said with a sort of schwa sound in the middle but a lot of people just spell it out.“很多人把它读成‘Mux#39;,”雅各布斯说。他解释读音里有一个非重读元音,但很多人直接读它的拼写。 /201505/375235In a 2009 , a prominent Egyptian denounced the venality of rulers in the Islamic world. “Popular awareness,” he said, “is more convinced, now, that these corrupt and rotten regimes are the reason behind economic injustice and corruption, the political oppression and social detachment.”在2009年的一段视频里,一位名头很响的埃及人痛斥伊斯兰世界的统治者贪污成性。他说:“人民大众现在更加确信,这些腐朽、糜烂的政权就是经济不公与腐败、政治压迫和社会分裂背后的原因。”This was not one of the secular idealists who would ignite revolt across the Middle East. It was Ayman al-Zawahiri, then al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, now its leader. His words go to the heart of Sarah Chayes’ argument in Thieves of State : that graft begets insecurity. A former adviser to the US military in Afghanistan and Washington, Chayes skewers US iness to support kleptocrats in exchange for “counterterrorism co-operation”. Rarely has my enemy’s enemy been cut so much slack for so dubious a return.如果说话人是个世俗理想主义者,他会希望在整个中东掀起一场起义,然而他不是。视频中的人是艾曼#8226;扎瓦希里(Ayman al-Zawahiri),基地组织当时的二号首领,现在的头号人物。他的话呼应了萨拉#8226;蔡斯(Sarah Chayes)所著《窃国者》(Thieves of State)一书的中心思想:腐败造成安全威胁。蔡斯担任过美军在阿富汗和华盛顿的顾问。她一针见血地指出,美国准备持窃国者,以换取“反恐合作”。敌人的敌人如此可疑地回归,却被如此纵容,这是鲜少见到的。Anyone who has suffered the indignities it yields — the roadblocks impassable without a bribe, the sight of the fine villas beside slums — knows the sheer hair-pulling rage corruption can produce. I have heard a Jamaican spit that his country’s politicians were “so corrupt they corrode”, and Nigerian militiamen threaten to resume armed campaigns because payments promised under an amnesty were being creamed off.你可曾遇到过不贿赂就不许通过的路障,可曾见过贫民窟旁优美的别墅?但凡受过这种侮辱的人都了解,腐败会让人愤怒到何等程度。我曾听一个牙买加人忿忿地说,牙买加政客已经“腐败到整个人都腐烂了”,还有尼日利亚民兵威胁要恢复武装运动,因为特赦时允诺的款项正被人中饱私囊。We hear few such voices from Chayes. To support the link between state corruption and the Afghan insurgency, she chiefly offers an anecdote about a former policeman so incensed by being fobbed off when he reported graft that he vowed not to warn his former colleagues should he spot a Taliban roadside bomb, as well as a summary of what Taliban detainees are said to have told their American interrogators.我们在蔡斯的书中很少看到这种言论。为了明国家腐败与阿富汗叛乱之间的联系,蔡斯首先讲了一个前警察的个人遭遇,这位警察因举报腐败而遭到免职,他愤怒已极,发誓就算发现塔利班埋在路边的炸弹也绝不会提醒他以前的同事们。除了这段真人轶事以外,蔡斯还刊出了一份对话摘录,据说是落网的塔利班分子吐露给美国审讯者的口供。What becomes clear from Chayes’ recollections is that former Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s government abandoned national stewardship for self-enrichment. His regime is “best understood not as a government at all but as a vertically integrated criminal organisation”. US officials hung the Afghan proponents of a nascent anti-corruption drive out to dry rather than irk Mr Karzai. Chayes depicts a secret CIA agenda “enabling the very summit of Afghanistan’s kleptocracy”.蔡斯这本回忆录清楚地表明,前阿富汗总统哈米德#8226;卡尔扎伊(Hamid Karzai)政府为了敛财而荒废了国家治理。他的政权“是垂直一体化犯罪组织的最佳范例,毫无政府的样子”。美国官员宁可置阿富汗持新反腐败运动的倡导者于不顾,也不愿惹恼卡尔扎伊。蔡斯描述了中情局(CIA)的一个秘密议程,这个议程“帮助阿富汗盗贼统治到达巅峰”。Chayes takes her thesis on the road, journeying through the Maghreb amid the Arab uprisings and charting systems of rule-by-theft. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak’s kleptocracy was rooted in the army; the civil service was at the heart of Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali’s Tunisian version. Nigeria, maybe the most corrupt of all, has produced Boko Haram, an Islamist insurgency with few peers in barbarity.蔡斯在书中娓娓道来,她叙述了阿拉伯起义期间马格利布的情形,她描绘了盗贼统治的种种体制。在埃及,胡斯尼#8226;穆巴拉克(Hosni Mubarak)的盗贼统治根植于军队;在突尼斯,行政机关是扎因#8226;阿比丁#8226;本#8226;阿里(Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali)盗贼统治的核心。最腐败的也许要算尼日利亚,伊斯兰反叛组织科哈拉姆(Boko Haram)便出自该国,该组织的残暴罕有人匹敌。Kleptocracy blossomed in the late 1990s, Chayes reckons, “as governing cliques turned economic liberalisation policies — along with a newly indulgent public morality — to their personal advantage”. As the title indicates, her focus is states. But kleptocracy — like finance or jihadism — increasingly knows no borders. Its most obvious manifestations may be the national ruling classes of places such as Angola or Russia or, as Chayes argues, in western states such as Ireland in the run-up to the financial crisis. Yet venal regimes are also cogs in a worldwide system.蔡斯认为,二十世纪九十年代末,“随着统治集团利用经济自由化政策为个人谋取利益,加之公共道德滑坡”,盗贼统治兴起。如其书名所示,蔡斯的重点是国家。但盗贼统治——就像金融或伊斯兰圣战——越来越没有国界之分。最明显的例子可能是安哥拉、俄罗斯等国的国家统治阶级,或者如蔡斯所认为的,还包括像爱尔兰这种西方国家在金融危机爆发前的情形。不过腐败政权在全球盗贼统治体系内也是少不了的一个存在。Chayes nods to this when she points out the role of Dubai in Afghanistan’s kleptocracy, of Switzerland in Egypt’s, or of London in Nigeria’s. She could go further. Those who oversee the offshore banking system have shown themselves equally y to serve secular dictators such as Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and exporters of fundamentalism such as Iran or the House of Saud, not to mention itinerant terrorists and arms-dealers. Chayes warns “direct enablers” including banks, accountants, PRs and lobbyists that take the kleptocrat’s shilling that they “bear some of the moral — if not currently much material — responsibility, not just for the criminal behaviour, but for the often dramatic and destabilising and expensive reaction it sparks”. Ultimately the foreign collaborators of kleptocrats, be they bankers, business partners, political allies or occupiers, are what insulates them from being called to account by those in whose name they rule. “People think you want corruption,” a Kandahar friend of Chayes told her, summarising Afghan sentiment towards Americans. It is an understandable conclusion.蔡斯也认可这一点,她在书中指出了迪拜之于阿富汗窃国者的作用,瑞士之于埃及窃国者的作用,以及伦敦之于尼日利亚窃国者的作用。其实她还可以更进一步。离岸系统的监管者已经表明,他们同样也准备好了务那些世俗独裁者,比如智利的奥古斯托#8226;皮诺切特(Augusto Pinochet),又比如伊朗或沙特王室这样的原教旨主义输出者,至于流窜的恐怖分子以及军火商更是不在话下。蔡斯警告说“直接推动者”包括、会计师、公关,以及为窃国者有偿代言的游说者,她说“这群人即使现在还没有承担较大实质责任,也需承担一定的道德责任,不仅是对犯罪行为,还对犯罪行为往往引起的剧烈、破坏稳定、代价高昂的反抗”。最后,窃国者在外国同伙——包括家、商业伙伴、政治盟友或占领者——的协助下,得以免于遭到人民的问责——他们正是以人民的名义治理国家的。蔡斯在坎大哈的一位朋友对她说:“人们认为你们就是想要这种腐败的景象”,一言概括了阿富汗人对美国的感想。这一结论可以理解。 /201503/365366


  Hardy pensioner Dorothy Howe has reached her 100th birthday - despite smoking nearly half a million cigarettes during her life。老烟多萝西-豪依尽管一生中抽了近50万烟,还是迎来了她的百岁生日。 The retired secretary took her first drag aged 16 and has puffed her way through 15 Superking Black ciggies every day since then。这名退休秘书自从16岁起,每天都会抽上15Superking Black 香烟。She has smoked around 460,000 cigarettes over the last 84 years - costing 193,000 at today’s prices。在过去的84年里,她抽了约有46万烟,按现在的物价计算下来她在抽烟上花了19.3万英镑。But despite the obvious health risks, Dorothy believes smoking is the secret to her old age - and a regular drop of whisky。尽管知道吸烟明显有害健康,但多萝西仍然相信每天抽烟和喝一杯威士忌就是她长寿的秘诀。Relaxing with her favourite tipple of Bell’s, she said: #39;I put my health down to whisky and cigarettes. I only drink when I’m out but my doctor said I wouldn’t be alive without them。她最爱喝金铃威士忌,喝酒可以让她放松。她说:“我的健康秘诀就是威士忌和香烟。我只是在外面才喝酒,但我的医生说离了烟我就没法儿活。”#39;I’m still alive and I can lift my elbows - it’s great. I’ve had a great life and God has treated me very well. I’ve been very lucky.#39;“我现在仍然活力四射,而且还可以举起手肘,这真棒。上帝真的很眷顾我,让我能如此长寿,我真的很幸运。”#39;I keep telling myself that I#39;m going to quit smoking when they put the prices up, but that#39;s just not going to happen now. Whisky tastes just as good as it used to though. My pins aren#39;t as fast as they used to be, but my mind is still sharp,#39; she said。多萝西说:“我一直提醒自己,如果香烟价格再上涨的话,我就要戒烟。但现在看来戒烟是不可能的了。威士忌的味道倒是一直都很不错,我的手脚虽然没有以前那么灵活了,但是我的脑袋还灵光着呢。”On her milestone birthday, friends took Dot to her local pub where she had a couple of drinks before returning home to open her card from the Queen. Friend Lynn Sass said: #39;She has the respect and friendship of a lot of people around here. She#39;s wonderful and a great character。在里程碑的百岁生日当天,她的朋友们带她去当地酒吧小酌了几杯,后来她回到家后还收到了英国女王寄来的贺卡。她的朋友林恩-萨斯说:“在我们这里,她拥有很多人的尊重和友谊,她很棒性格很好。”#39;She#39;s thought very highly of and we hope she#39;s had a great time. It#39;s a real achievement for a great woman.#39;“大家对她的评价都很高,我们都期望她能继续快乐地活下去,这么长寿真不容易。” /201507/387376


  Here is a test. Find a pencil and a scrap of paper and draw the Apple logo. Easy, no? Now compare your sketch to the real thing.来做个测试。找一铅笔和一张纸,画一个苹果公司(Apple)的标识。容易不?现在把你画的图跟真正的标识对比一下。If you are like me, or like 98.8 per cent of a sample recently tested by psychologists at UCLA, you failed. Almost everyone either puts the bite on the wrong side, draws two leaves instead of one, or in some other way bungles the simple job of reproducing an image we have all seen thousands of times.如果你跟我差不多,或者像加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)心理学家近期一批实验对象中的98.8%人一样,那么你肯定要失败了。几乎所有人都会画错,不是把缺口画在错误的一侧,就是画了两片而不是一片叶子,还有一些是其他地方搞错了。说起来不过是再现一幅我们都看过成千上万次的图像,但是如此简单的任务绝大多数人都完不成。Not only are we unable to sketch one of the most famous logos on earth, most of us cannot even pick out the real thing when we see it in an identity parade of lookalikes.我们不但画不出这个地球上最著名的标识之一,而且当这个标识和一系列相似的图形混在一起时,大多数人甚至认不出正确的那个。Why is this? The researchers talk of “attentional saturation” and “inattentional amnesia”, but I think it is simpler than that. We cannot recall it because we do not have to.为什么会这样?研究人员谈到了“注意力饱和”和“不注意健忘”,但我认为道理更简单——我们记不住它,是因为我们不必记住它。For me, the Apple logo falls into a large collection of things that I do not need to remember.对我来说,苹果标识属于一大堆我不必记住的事情之一。Increasingly, practically everything belongs in this category. At home there are a few things I still need to remember, such as buying more shampoo when we have run out and filling out a form for my son’s school trip. But at work I can safely forget almost everything — apart from one big thing and one little thing. Otherwise the slate can be wiped clean. Workplace memory has been entirely outsourced to the computer.渐渐地,几乎所有事情都属于这一类别。在家里,仍有几件事是我需要记住的,比如洗发水用完时要买新的,我儿子要参加学校组织的旅行时给他填一份表格。但在工作中,我可以放心地忘记几乎所有事情——只有一件大事和一件小事除外。其他事情完全可以抛在脑后。工作上要记的事情全部交给了电脑。In theory, this means remembering my computer password, though in fact the help desk has often bailed me out when I’ve forgotten it. There is no need to remember any facts thanks to Google, all appointments are now online, and everything anyone ever said is easily found on an email somewhere.在理论上,这意味着需要记住电脑密码,不过事实上,帮助桌面经常在我忘记密码时为我解困。多亏了谷歌(Google),我们不必记住任何事情了,因为所有约会都记在网上,任何人说过的任何话很容易在某份电子邮件中找到。A possible exception is corporate memory, which tends to be stored in heads rather than on clouds, but few corporations show much demand for that any more. Today’s decision makers do not welcome protestations from old geezers who can remember that such and such was tried before and didn’t work. Yesterday is an irritant.公司历史可能是个例外,这些通常存储于人脑中而不是云中,但如今没多少公司对此有强烈的需要。今天的决策者不喜欢那些老家伙们的说法,后者记得某些做法以前尝试过了,而且不管用。昨天是令人恼火的。So what are the two things we do need to remember at work? The small thing is the location of one’s vending cards/security passes. I try to make this easier by wearing mine on a string around my neck, although even this is not a complete solution as I sometimes take the card off the string, forget to put it back and then have to hunt around for it.那么,我们在工作中需要记住的两件事是什么呢?小事就是可在自动售货机上使用的卡/通行放在了什么地方。我设法让这事儿变得更容易——把它和其他东西串在一起挂在脖子上,不过,这也不是万全之策,因为我有时会把卡取下来,然后忘了拴回去,结果还是不得不到处找它。The big thing is recognising other people. Clearly, it is an advantage if you can remember someone’s name but, as failing to do so is commonplace, the penalty is fairly small. The vital thing is remembering faces and incidental detail about them.大事是记住别人。如果你能记住某人的名字,你显然就获得了一种优势;但由于人们常常做不到这一点,所以后果也不算严重。关键是要记得面孔,以及面部特征。I recently went to see Still Alice , the film in which Julianne Moore plays an academic with early onset Alzheimer’s. When she forgets a word in a lecture it is briefly embarrassing, but she makes a joke and recovers quickly. Getting lost on a run is worse, but the real horror is when she can’t remember her son’s girlfriend, having just been introduced to her 15 minutes earlier.不久前我去看了电影《依然爱丽丝》(Still Alice),朱丽安#8226;尔(Julianne Moore)在片中扮演一名有早期阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s, 即老年性痴呆)症状的学者。她在演讲中忘记了一个词,有一瞬间感觉很尴尬,于是她开了一个玩笑,就不再觉得难为情了。更糟糕的是跑步时迷路,但最可怕的是,他儿子刚向她介绍了自己的女朋友,15分钟后她就忘记儿子的女朋友是谁了。You don’t need to have Alzheimer’s to forget a face, and when you do so at work it matters. Recently I met a man at a corporate event who had been at university with me and seemed to know a great deal about my life. Having no recollection of him at all put me at such a disadvantage that when he asked me to do him a favour I was wrongfooted into saying yes.你就算没患阿尔茨海默病,也很容易忘记一个人的面孔。当这种事发生在工作中时,问题就大了。最近,我在一次公司活动上遇到一个人,他是我的大学校友,而且似乎非常了解我的情况。我在记忆里找不到一丝一毫他的影子,这对我非常不利,以至于每当他请我帮忙时,我总会胡乱地一口应承下来。Equally, not long ago I ran into a senior executive with whom I had had an hour’s meeting five or six years ago. When I greeted him warmly he stared back blankly, evidently confident that we had never met. Possibly this meant nothing more than that his memory was poor, but I took it personally — as one inevitably does. Either I had aged so badly in five years that I was unrecognisable, I reasoned, or I had been too dull to remember. Neither one good.还有,不久前我遇到了一位高管,五六年前我跟他见过面,谈了一个小时。当我热情地跟他打招呼时,他目光茫然地看着我,显然以为我们从未谋面。可能他只是差吧,但我认为这是针对我个人的——人们难免会有这样的想法。我推断,要么是我在5年里老得不成样子、难以辨认了,要么就是我这人太无趣,别人记不住。无论是哪种情况都不是好事。The ability to remember people strikes me as a bigger asset than emotional intelligence at work. Most of us don’t especially want empathy in the office, but everyone wants to be remembered. The more someone is able to recall chapter and verse of all small talk exchanged at previous meetings, the more you are inclined to like and trust them. It is not just a skill for politicians: it’s for everyone.我认为,在职场上,记人的能力比情商更有用。我们大多数人在办公室里不是特别需要别人的体谅,但每个人都希望被别人记住。一个人越是能记住以往会面时所有闲聊的细节,你就越是喜欢和信任他。这并不仅仅是政客们需要的一项技能:人人都需要它。One day, probably very soon, wearable technology will do the job for us by recognising faces and connecting them to a database of trivia. But by then it will be worthless. The reason we want people to remember us is because it is so hard to do so.有一天,也许就在不久之后,可穿戴技术将帮我们承担这一任务——记住面孔,并把这些面孔跟一个琐事数据库建立连接。但到那时,这件事将变得没有任何意义。我们想让人们记住自己,是因为做到这一点太难了。If the computer does the remembering, the value of it becomes zero. No one wants to be remembered per se. We want to be remembered because it is a sign that another human being sees us as a valued individual, not just another interchangeable employee.如果由电脑来做记忆工作,那么记忆的价值就变为零。谁也不想仅仅被记住。我们想要被记住,是因为这表明别人认为我们是值得尊敬的人,而不是随便一个可以替代的员工。 /201504/370432

  The legend of the Dragon Boat Festival端午节的传说故事1.Qu Yuan jumped off river屈原投江In order to commemorate patriotic poet Qu Yuan who jumped into the Miluo river, and avoid his body to be eaten by fish and shrimp, so people cast many of bamboo rice (rice dumplings) in the river, and compete to row (acetate ship) hoping to find the body of Qu yuan.为了纪念爱国诗人屈原,居民为了不让跳下汨罗江的屈原尸体被鱼虾吃掉,所以在江里投下许多用竹叶包裹的米食(粽子),并且竞相划船(赛龙船)希望找到屈原的尸体。2.Cao E looked for her father’s corpse曹娥寻父尸Cao E, dutiful girl of the eastern Han dynasty, whose father drowned in the river when she was 14-year old. She cried along the river, still didn’t see his father’s corpse after 17 days, and she jumped into the river on May 1st as well, after five days the two corpses folded together and float. That was a moving story, so people in the township worship her.东汉孝女曹娥,因曹父溺江而亡,年仅十四岁的她沿江豪哭,经十七日仍不见曹父尸首,乃在五月一日投江,五日后两尸合抱而浮起的感人事迹, 乡人群而祭之。3.Madam White Snake白蛇传The legend of white snake Bai Suzhen, in order to repay Xu Xian , fell in love with him and finally got married. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival white snake drink realgar wine, almost reveal herself snakelike, and among the white snake, Fa Hai and water logging Jinshan temple , are popular folk opera repertoire.传说白蛇白素贞,为了报答许仙的恩惠,与许仙结为夫妻的凄美的爱情故事。端午节当天白蛇喝了雄黄酒,差点现出蛇形,加上法海白蛇及水淹金山寺的情节,都是脍炙人口的民间戏曲的曲目。4.Wu Zixu#39;s death anniversary伍子胥的忌日It’s a legend that after He Lu ,the king of Wu died , the prince Fuchai ascended the throne, send armed forces to suppress Yue and won. Goujian ,the king of Yue please reconciliation , Fuchai didn’t listen but agreed treacherous official and judged Wu Zixu commit suicide. And jumped his body into river on May 5, since then people commemorated him on Dragon Boat Festival.传说伍子胥助吴伐楚后,吴王阖闾逝世,皇子夫差继位,伐越大胜,越王勾践请和,伍子胥主张和,夫差不听,却听信奸臣言,赐伍子胥自杀,并于于五月五日将尸体投入江中,此后人们于端午节祭祀伍子胥。 /201506/381331


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