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温江区妇幼保健医院预约时间表成都市第五人民医院收费标准告示成都市治疗男性不育多少钱 They say you should never judge a book by its cover.But when it comes to the opposite sex, it seems that's exactly what women do.  人们说以貌取人是不对的。但是女人在评判异性的时候似乎偏偏就是这么做的。  It takes a woman just three minutes to make up her mind about whether she likes a man or not, a study has revealed.The average female spends the time sizing uplooks, physique and dress-sense as well as taking inscent, accent and eloquence of a potential suitor.Women also quickly judge how he interacts with her friends and whether he is successful or ambitious.  一项调查显示,女人只需要三分钟就可断定是否喜欢一个男人。一般来说,女性会用这三分钟观察一个潜在追求者的长相、体格和穿衣品味,以及感知对方的体味、口音和口才。女人能很快判断他和她的朋友们是不是合得来,他是否成功,以及他是否有雄心壮志。  Kay said: 'I think a lot of people believe in trusting their instincts when dating. It makes it seem more magical, like it's coming from somewhere deeper.  凯说:“我想很多人在约会的时候都会相信他们的直觉。这使得心动的感觉更奇妙,好像这种感觉来自内心深处某个地方。 'But it's surprising how quickly women make a decision. That's barely enough time to finish a drink together. “但是令人惊讶的是,女人居然能在那么短的时间内做出决定,三分钟只勉强够两个人喝完一杯酒。” 'It's interesting that so many women trust their instincts and yet still give men the opportunity to change their minds. “有趣的是,尽管很多女人相信直觉,但她们还是会给男人们扭转乾坤的机会。 'Some men might think this is leading them onbut I would imagine most women just want to give every blokea fair shot.'  “一些男人可能会认为这是在给他们错误的暗示,但是我认为大多数女人只是想给每个男人一个公平的机会。”  Researchers found women will quickly dismiss a man who they feel is 'too cocky' or 'too needy'.He will also be rejected if he isn't nice to people, doesn't appear to earn enough and if he has nothing in common with the woman.  研究人员发现,女人们会很快拒绝她们觉得“太自大”或者“太穷”的男人。此外,对人不够友善、看起来赚得不多、没有共同语言也是男人被拒绝的原因。 /201012/121750Until fairly recently economists envisaged three stages of economic development. 直到不久前,经济学家还认为经济发展分成三个阶段。 First, there was the stage of capital accumulation started by the industrial revolution. The Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm called it the age of capital. Society saved a large part of its income to invest in capital equipment. The world gradually filled up with capital goods. 首先是工业革命开启的资本积累阶段。马克思主义历史学家艾瑞克#8226;霍布斯鲍姆(Eric Hobsbawm)将之称为资本时代。社会将很大一部分收入储蓄起来用于投资资本设备。世界上的资本品逐渐多了起来。 This stage, economists thought, would be followed by the age of consumption, in which people began realising the fruits of their previous frugality. They would save less and consume more, as the returns to new investment fell and the possibilities of consumption expanded. 经济学家认为,资本时代之后将是消费时代。在消费时代,人们开始收获他们此前勤俭节约的成果。随着新投资的回报率下降和消费的可能性加大,他们会减少储蓄并增加消费。 Then would come the third and final stage, the age of abundance. With a surfeit of consumption goods, people would start swapping greater consumption for greater leisure. The world of work would recede. This was supposed to be the end point of the economic phase of history. 随后就是第三个、也是最后一个阶段:富足时代。由于消费品变得极大丰富,人们开始更多地休闲,而不是更多地消费。大量工作将会消亡。这被认为是经济发展阶段的终点。 Much of the world has not yet reached the age of consumption. 世界上有很大一部分地区如今还未发展到消费时代。 The Chinese, for example, still save and invest on a colossal scale. Our problem is that western societies remain stuck in the age of consumption. We are much, much richer than we were 100 years ago, but hours of work have not fallen nearly as much as productivity has risen, and we go on consuming more than ever. We seem unable to say ;enough is enough;. Why not? 例如,中国人仍在大规模地储蓄和投资。我们的问题在于,西方社会依然囿于消费时代。与100年前相比,我们现在要富有得多得多,但工作时间的降幅却比生产率的增幅小不少,我们的消费规模比以往任何时候都大。我们似乎不会说;适可而止;这个词。这是为什么呢? One starting point to answering this question might be Keynes#39; futuristic essayEconomic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, published in 1930. In this essay he predicted that by now we would only need to work 15 hours a week ;to satisfy the old Adam in us;. The rest would be leisure time. What did he get wrong? 要回答这一问题,可能需要从凯恩斯发表于1930年的未来派著作《我们子孙后代的经济可能性》(Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren)说起。凯恩斯在这一著作中预言,到现在这个时候我们每周只需工作15小时;来满足我们的本能需求;,剩下的则是休闲时间。他的预言到底错在哪里? We can concede straight away that the earlier economists, taking their cue from the privations around them, suffered from a certain poverty of imagination. They thought in terms of quantities: you can eat only so much food, have so many pairs of shoes, live in so many houses, drive so many cars. They failed to allow for continued improvement in the quality of goods, which stimulates the appetite for serial consumption, and so keeps up the hours of work. 我们当然可以承认,早期经济学家的思路受当时物质产品匮乏的限制,在某种程度上缺乏想象力。他们是从数量上考虑问题:你只能吃这么多食物,穿这么多鞋,住这么多房子,开这么多汽车。他们未能考虑到商品质量的持续改善,而这种改善会刺激持续消费的欲望,使得人们无法减少工作时间。 But we must not concede too much under this head. Many improvements are negligible and, even when positive, consumers are constantly seduced by advertisers into over-estimating their benefits – as with the wonderful effects of all those innovative financial products. 但我们决不能认为全部就在于此。许多改善其实无足轻重,即便有些改善有积极作用,消费者也往往会被广告商忽悠得高估了它们的益处——比如那种种金融创新产品的神奇效果。 A more#8202;serious charge is that many of the older generation of economists underestimated insatiability. Having more seems to make us want more, or different. This is partly because we are by nature restless and easily bored. But it is mainly because wants are relative, not absolute: the grass is always greener on the other side. The richer we become, the more we feel our relative poverty. 更为严肃的解释是,许多老一辈的经济学家低估了人类贪得无厌的本性。我们拥有得越多,似乎就越想要更多的东西,越想要我们手中没有的东西。这在一定程度上归因于我们躁动和容易喜新厌旧的天性。但主要原因是,需要是相对的,而非绝对的:总是这山望着那山高。我们越有钱,就越觉得比别人穷。 There is a third factor, however, for which the earlier economists can#39;t really be blamed. They were not egalitarians, but they did think that growing prosperity would lift up all boats. They did not foresee that the rich would race ahead of everyone else, capturing most of the fruits of increased productivity. (Karl Marx is the main exception here.) 然而,这里面还有第三个原因,而这个原因不能完全归咎于早期的经济学家。他们并非平等主义者,但他们的确认为,只有不断发展经济,才能让所有人过上好日子。他们没有预判到,富人会跑赢其他所有人,将生产率提高的绝大部分果实收入囊中。(在对这个问题的预判上,卡尔#8226;马克思(Karl Marx)是个明显的例外。) The result has been to leave big holes in our consumption society. A lot of people still do not have enough for a good life. In Britain, 13m households, 21 per cent of the total, live below the official poverty line. There is a lot of underconsumption going on relative to what society is producing. Earlier socialists called it ;poverty in the midst of plenty;. 结果就是,我们的消费社会出现了巨大的漏洞。许多人仍没有足够的财富过上好日子。在英国,1300万百姓生活在官方制定的贫困线之下,占到总人口的21%。与社会产出相比,社会消费明显不足。早期的社会主义者将此称为;丰裕中的贫困;。 /201207/189763资阳做无痛人流哪家医院最好的

阿坝州第一人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱So Hospitable the boy is!The hostess apologized to her unexpected guest for serving an apple-pie without any cheese. The little boy of the family left the room quietly for a moment and returned with a piece of cheese which he laid on the guest#39;s plate.The visitor smiled, put the cheese into his mouth and then said: ;You must have better eyes than your mother, sonny. Where did you find the cheese?;;In the rat-trap, sir,; replied the boy.好客由于客人在吃苹果馅饼时,家里没有奶酪了,于是女主人向大家表示歉意。这家的小男孩悄悄地离开了屋子。过了一会儿,他拿着一片奶酪回到房间,把奶酪放在客人的盘子里。客人微笑着把奶酪放进嘴里说:;孩子,你的眼睛就是比你妈妈的好。你在哪里找到的奶酪?;;在捕鼠夹上,先生。;那小男孩说。 /201203/173406广安治疗膀胱炎多少钱 We might like to think we#39;re not influenced by other people, but a new study into the group;buying mechanisms ; like those used on coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial ; reveals that telling buyers who come later to the offer how many have aly signed up increases the number of purchasers.我们也许认为我们不会受到他人的影响,但一项针对团购机制(正如Groupon和LivingSocial等团购网站的机制一样)的研究表明,告诉后来的买家已经有多少人报名参加能够增加购买者的人数。Researchers at the University of Toronto#39;s Rotman School of Management wanted to understand why group buying sites that have entered the market recently have enjoyed greater success than those operating a decade ago, such as Mercata and MobShop.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的研究人员想要知道为什么近期进入市场的团购网站比十年前的Mercata和MobShop等团购网站经营更成功。Earlier attempts typically left potential buyers waiting for days before confirming whether or not they had got the offer they had signed up for.团购网站过去总是让潜在的买家在报名后等上好多天,才能确认是否能享受到折扣品。;We think one of the reasons group;buying has been successful recently is because of the short time horizon,; says Rotman Professor Ming Hu, who co;wrote the study with Professor Mengze Shi and PhD student Jiahua Wu. ;It allows for a herding effect.;罗特曼商学院的教授胡明(音)说:;我们认为近期团购网站成功的原因之一是较短的时限。这就出现了羊群效应。;他和石梦泽(音)教授以及士生吴嘉华(音)共同撰写了该研究报告。Another reason is the use of an information structure that discloses to later arrivals how many have aly signed onto the deal.另一个原因是使用了一种信息结构,让后来者看到已经有多少人下单购买。Researchers looked at two ways of designing the purchasing mechanism for a group buy: a simultaneous mechanism, where no one knows how many buyers have come before them, and a sequential mechanism, where a second group of buyers has the advantage of knowing the size of the first group.研究人员研究了设计团购机制的两种方式,一种是同步机制,没人知道之前有多少人来过;另一种是顺序机制,第二拨买主能够知晓第一拨买主的规模。The researchers#39; analytical model shows the most successful mechanism is the sequential one because it eliminates uncertainty for those coming later to the deal, and improves the confidence of those who sign on early, as they#39;re able to track the numbers of those who come after them.研究人员的分析模型显示,第二种机制最成功,因为这为后来的买家消除了不确定性,并增进了先前买家的信心,因为他们也可以看到随后买家的数量。;That boosts confidence,; says Professor Hu, who teaches operations management. Deals for ;luxury; services, versus everyday items, work better in a group buy scenario because they offer consumers a greater benefit.胡教授说:;这增进了自信。;他教授运营管理课程。与日常商品相比,;奢华;务类商品团购效果更好,因为消费者能得到更大实惠。 /201202/172436四川妇幼医院治疗阳痿多少钱

双流区妇幼保健院的QQ是多少Write down 10 of your wildest dreams and next to each, write down one step that you will take to achieve that goal. This action will allow you to start focusing on the important things. For example, I want to own an island one day. If I don’t set any action step(s) in place to start achieving that, then I will wander aimlessly continuing to just hope.写下你最狂野的10个梦想,然后在每一个后面,写下你下一步将怎样为目标努力。这一步可以让你专注于重要的事。比如说,将来我想要一块自己的土地。如果之后我不写下怎样实现的步骤,那么我就会继续漫无目的的遐想,也仅仅是字面上的希望。 /201004/101210 If you've always dreamed of having a dentist for a child, then make sure you give birth in December. But if you are hoping for a debt collector, then January is definitely your month. That is the conclusion of researchers who have analysed the birth months of people in 19 separate occupations using information from the last census. 还在为自己的孩子就业发愁么?科学家最近总结的一份“就业与出生月份”的报告可能会暂时排解诸多家长们的忧虑,专家称12月出生的孩子,长大后当上牙医的几率较大。倘若希望自己的孩子日后当上会计师的话,将孩子生在1月份将会是一个不错的选择。据悉,这是研究员针对19个职业的数据与从事该职业的人出生月份做对比而得到的。 The results appear to indicate that a person's month of birth could make them statistically more likely to end up as a footballer – or a bricklayer. In January, GPs and debt collectors were found to be the professions with the greatest percentage above the monthly average. At the opposite end of the scale, it is a bad month for sheet-metal workers. A February birth appears to increase the chances of being an artist, and March is good for pilots, according to the study by the Office for National Statistics. April and May are said to have a fairly even sp of professions.   这项研究似乎通过儿童出生月份就能“预测”未来职业动向,受到许多准妈妈的欢迎。在统计数据中,1月份出生的人当会计师几率较高,而2月份出生的人更适合当艺术家;有意思的是,倘若希望自己的小孩日后当上飞行员,那么3月份让孩子出生将会是一个不错的选择。至于4月份以及5月份更适合从事职业的数据还未被统计出来,因这两月职业领域分布太分散的原因。   Meanwhile, births in the summer months mean a much lower chance of becoming a high-earning football player, doctor or dentist. For those born in September the two occupations with the greatest percentage above average were sports players and physicists. The two jobs least likely to be taken up by September babies were found to be bricklayers and hairdressers, while December is said to be rich with dentists   此外,科学家还给出了更为宽广的职业选择,经分析,夏天出生的孩子日后当上“高薪足球队员”或者医生、牙医的几率比较低,而对于9月份出生的孩子来说,他们日后当上体育选手或者物理学家的几率会相当高哦!此外,9月份处女座的孩子们当上砖瓦工、以及理发师的几率较低,12月的孩子比较有希望当牙医。   Certain jobs, notably chief executives of large companies and estate agents, are sp relatively evenly throughout the year.Children born in September are shown to have a significant advantage over August births in the early years of education, almost certainly because they were born at the start of the school year and are the oldest in the class.   要是想算算看自己的孩子能不能当上大型公司的CEO总裁啊什么的,那可能您要失望,因为CEO几率平均分散在12个月份中,出生在9月份的孩子比8月份的孩子在学龄前教育接受能力方面要高许多。   Research suggests many of the differences are linked to a mother’s exposure to sunlight in pregnancy.Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D in the body and lack of this in the first months of life may have long-lasting effects. Speaking earlier this year Russell Foster, an Oxford University neuroscientist, said: ‘These are small effects but they are very, very clear. I am not giving voice to astrology – it’s nonsense – but we are not immune to seasonal interference.’   研究员分析,生日与职业之间的密切联系与母亲在怀期间接受阳光的照射程度关系密切,阳光可以促进人体内维他命D的产生,然而缺乏阳光的照射、特别在胚胎发育的早期,对母婴会有巨大影响。来自牛津大学的神经系统科学家Russell Foster说:“我们不是迷信,也不是持占星术什么的,但是不能否认的是季节性影响会会婴儿发育有巨大影响。” /201109/153961自贡第三人民医院是私立的么?解放军452医院无痛人流要多少钱



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