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第一句:Could you keep an eye on my luggage?你能帮我照看一下行李吗?A: Jenny, could you keep an eye on my luggage? Im going to the washroom.珍妮,你能帮我照看一下行李吗?我去下洗手间B: Go ahead. Ill look after it.去吧,我来照看第二句:I wouder if you could help me look after the suitcase a while.你能暂时帮我照管一下皮箱吗?A: Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me look after the suitcase a while. Im going to get some water.请问我能暂时帮我照管一下皮箱吗?我去打点水B: Go ahead.去吧!相关表达:请求别人照看东西,英文用keep an eye on,相当于中文的“稍微照看一下”,而take care of 则是“细心保管”的意思应注意的是,在公共场合行李不要交给不认识的人看管 93。

Runners in Alabama may have bitten off more competition than they anticipated in a race earlier this month.本月的一场半程马拉松比赛中,参赛者遭到了一位不速之客的竞争A dog finished in the top ten in the Elkmont Half Marathon -- The Trackless Train Trek on January and has become quite the Internet sensation.1月日,阿拉巴马州的埃尔克蒙特市举办了这场半程马拉松比赛一只猎犬因在比赛中名列前十,一跃成为当之无愧的“网络红人”Ludivine, a bloodhound, lives nearby and after her owners let her out to relieve herself, she decided to join the race and ended up running the entire .1 miles.这只名叫露德温的猎犬和她的主人就住在附近,主人放她出来方便时,她“心念一动”加入比赛,跑完了全程共.1英里She competed without human or leash. ;Her owner doesnt even run! That what makes the story even better,; race director Gretta Armstrong told CNN.没人牵着露德温向前跑此次比赛的策划人格里塔·阿姆斯特朗接受美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)采访时说道:“这只猎犬的主人连跑都没跑!这就使得这个故事更有意思了”April Hamlin, the pup owner, told CNN she lives on a nearby farm and didnt know Ludivine joined the race until a friend called to tell her about her unsuspecting celebrity pet.艾谱莉·哈姆林是这只汪星人的主人,她告诉CNN记者,自己住在附近的农场朋友打电话告诉她这个消息前,她都被蒙在鼓里,浑然不知自己的宠物成了“明星”;Apparently she went to the race start and took off win the runners at the starting shot. She stayed with a few of the front runners, ran off to sniff some animal carcasses, romp in the water, and then back to the race. I understand she stayed on the course .1 miles, finished seventh, and was the highest placed female,; Hamlin told CNN.哈姆林接受B采访时说:“显然,露德温溜达到了起点发令响起后,它和其他参赛者一起跑了起来刚开始它与几位领先的参赛者并列,但之后它就跑下赛道,一会儿嗅嗅动物残骸,一会儿去玩水,最后又回到了赛道上我听说它跑完了.1英里的赛程,拿下第七名,成为比赛中名次最高的雌性生物”Ludivine finished seventh out of 5 runners in just under an hour and a half. Although not counted as an official participant in the race, the athletic dog was presented with a well-earned medal.本次比赛共有5人参加,露德温以不到1小时30分钟的成绩排名第七尽管它不是正式报名的参赛者,但这只颇具运动员风范的猎犬还是被颁发了一枚奖章,也算是实至名归The course began in downtown Elkmont, Alabama, bee winding through the rolling rural roads around the Alabama town, according to the race website. Money raised from the race benefits the Elkmont High School cross country and trackfield programs.发布比赛消息的网站透露,本次比赛的起点在埃尔克蒙特市市区,赛道穿过埃尔克蒙特蜿蜒起伏的乡村公路比赛募集的资金将捐给埃尔克蒙特高中,用于持乡村田径运动项目 059。

Driving test can often turn to be one of life most scary experiences. But probably not in Mexico, because drivers dont have to take one.驾驶执照考试往往会成为人生中最恐怖经历的其中一个但在墨西哥也许并不是这样,因为司机们并不需要参加驾考This is a bizarre fact revealed by a new infographic, which charts how wildly tests differ around the world.一张新的信息图显示了这一令人匪夷所思的事情,它绘制出了世界各地驾考的巨大差异性At the other end of the scale Japan and Finland are some of the most difficult countries in which to undertake a driving test.而另一方面,日本和芬兰是驾考难度最大的国家According to the infographic, created by aymotorgroup.co.uk, in Japan people must take a practical and theory test along with an aptitude test, which tests vision colour blindness, hearing and physical fitness.根据aymotorgroup.co.uk绘制的信息图显示,在日本,人们必须参加实践测试、理论测试以及资质测试--测试视力色盲、听力和身体健康One of the quirkier moves an examiner could demand is a student to reverse around an S-curve.更为奇怪的测试之一是,主考人可要求学员呈S形曲线倒车Denmark has similarly tricky tests, with some students asked to perm figure of eights. Learner drivers must also complete seven hours of first aid theory.丹麦也有着同样奇怪的测试,一些学员被要求呈8字驾驶学员们还必须完成七个小时的急救理论学习In Finland, students must have had 18 hours of practical lessons and could be asked to demonstrate their skid control in icy weather and their ability to drive at night.在芬兰,学员们必须参加18个小时的实践课,还有可能会被要求展示自己在冰雪天气的刹车控制以及开夜车的能力Along with Mexico, India and Pakistan are also apparently one of the easier places to pass a driving test.和墨西哥一样,印度和巴基斯坦明显也是更容易通过驾考的国家In Pakistan the simple test just asks drivers to take a car through a series of cones, according to the infographic. As a result, there is an 80 per cent pass rate in the country.根据信息图显示,巴基斯坦最简单的测试只是要求司机们乘车穿过几个锥形体结果,该国有80%的通过率While in India, the test merely asks students to drive straight, turn left and then stop. And if youve got enough pennies, you can pay between 500-1,000 rupees to get a license without even taking a test.而在印度,测试仅要求学员们直行、左拐而后停车如果你有钱,花上500到00卢比,那么你就可以免试拿 01。

A rare goose-beaked whale that repeatedly beached on a Norwegian shore was so ill that it had to be euthanized — and experts soon found out why. The -ton animal had about 30 plastic bags and other garbage packed in its stomach.在挪威的海滩旁,一头罕见的鹅喙鲸被人们反复拖到岸上,它十分虚弱,不得不对它进行了安乐死随后专家们就找出了原因所在在这个重达吨的动物肚子中塞满了大约30个塑料袋以及其他垃圾There was ;no food, only some remnants of a squid head in addition to a thin fat layer,; said University of Bergen zoologist Terje Lislevand, according to The Associated Press.根据美联社报道,卑尔根大学的动物学家泰耶·里斯列凡德表示:“(鲸鱼的肚子里)没有食物,除了一层薄薄的脂肪,只有一些鱿鱼头部的残留物”The -foot adult male whale had appeared several times in shallow waters off the island of Sotra, and personnel from both the fire department and the Department of Wildlife Conservation repeatedly attempted to herd or tow the animal back into the deep.这只英尺长的成年雄性鲸鱼在特拉岛的浅水区出现过很多次消防队和野生动物保护协会的员工曾多次尝试将它赶回或者拖回深水区The plastic — as well as candy wrappers, smaller b bags and other garbage— was discovered during the necropsy, Norwegian public media NRK reported.据挪威公共媒体NRK报道,在对鲸鱼的验尸过程中,不仅发现了塑料袋,还发现了一些糖果更小的面包袋以及其他垃圾Researchers believe the animal may have thought the bags were squid it could eat, according to Sky News.据《天空新闻报道,研究者认为鲸鱼可能把这些袋子当作某些能吃的固体了;It wasnt like it was in just part of the stomach,; Lislevand told Sky News. ;It filled up the whole space. It the explanation of why the animal acted so strange and stranded.;里斯列凡德在接受《天空新闻采访时表示:“这些垃圾不是一部分存在鲸鱼的胃里,而是占满了胃里所有的空间这就可以解释为什么鲸鱼表现的如此奇怪,如此挣扎”The goose-beaked whale, also known as a Cuvier beaked whale, is the first to ever be found off the coast of Norway. The animal was just the latest of a mounting tally of victims claimed by plastic pollution of the ocean.鹅喙鲸,也称作柯氏喙鲸,是在挪威海滩首次发现的鲸鱼海洋塑料污染的受害者在不断上升,它只是最新的一位而已Lislevand noted to the AP that ed Nations estimates indicate that about 8 million tons of plastic trash are dumped into the ocean every year. A World Economic um study also found that there are currently at least 0 million tons of trash in the ocean, NRK reported.里斯列凡德指出,每年大约有800万吨塑料垃圾被投入大海据NRK报道,一个世界经济论坛发现,目前大海中至少有一亿五千万吨垃圾 958。

A: A friend is picking up a parcel. Can I leave the parcel with you?B: By all means, sir. Just give me your name, his name, and when he will be coming by.A: I can put all of that right on the package and then bring it down to you, if that's okay.B: Well, thank you doing that, sir. I wish all guests were like you. 3。

Lucca, a retired US Marine Corps dog, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal at a ceremony at Wellington Barracks in London on last Tuesday. The award is considered the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross and his given out by the veterinary charity, People Dispensary Sick Animals (PDSA).上周二,美国一条退休军犬卢卡在伦敦的威灵顿军营被授予PDSA(英国人民兽医所)迪金勋章这一奖项等同于动物界的“英国维多利亚十字勋章”,并由英国的动物慈善组织PDSA颁发The -year-old German Shepard completed over 00 separate missions during six years of service. In , Lucca discovered a 30lb improvised explosive device while on patrol, when she started searching other devices a second exploded. She lost her left leg and suffered severe chest burns but thanks to life saving first aid from her handler, Cpl Juan Rodriguez, she survived and recovered.这条岁的德国牧羊犬在六年期间完成了00多次不同的任务在年的一次巡逻中,卢卡发现了一颗重30磅的简易爆炸装置,当她开始寻找第二枚时,装置爆炸了她失去了左前腿,胸部受到严重烧伤,幸运的是,由于训练员下士朱安·罗德里格斯抢救及时,她活了下来,并很快恢复健康None of the soldiers were hurt in the explosion that took Lucca leg. Cpl Rodriguez said: ;Through all of her treatment and despite the pain she was in, her temperament never changed. Her fighting spirit was plain to see and I was so proud of how quickly she recovered.;在那次夺走卢卡的左腿的爆炸中并没有士兵受伤罗德里格斯下士说:“经历了治疗且当时十分痛苦,卢卡的脾性没有任何改变,她还是那么具备拼搏精神,对于她能这么快恢复健康,我感到十分自豪”Lucca is the 67th animal to be awarded a PDSA Dickin Award and the first US Marine Corps dog. The award, started in 193 by PDSA founder, Maria Dickin, has been previously awarded to 30 dogs, 3 WWII carrier pigeons, three horses and one cat, named Simon, who was the rat fighting ship cat on HMS Amethyst.卢卡是第67个被授予PDSA迪金勋章的动物,此外她还是美国第一海军陆战队获此殊荣的首只军犬该奖项始于193年,创始人是玛丽亚·迪金,目前,已经有33只军犬、3只二战信鸽,3匹马以及1只叫西门的猫(这只猫是紫石英号事件中的战鼠英雄)先后被授予该荣誉The medal was awarded to Lucca by PDSA Director General, Jan McLoughlin, who said: ;Lucca conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty makes her a hugely deserving recipient of the PDSA Dickin Medal. Her ability and determination to seek out arms and explosives preserved human life amid some of the world fiercest military conflicts.;该勋章由PDSA总干事扬·麦克洛克林颁发给卢卡,他表示:“卢卡的英勇无畏和忠心赤胆,让她完全有资格成为PDSA迪金勋章的获得者在世界某些最激烈的军事冲突中,她搜寻武器、炸弹的能力和决心拯救了许多人类的生命”Lucca attended the ceremony with her current owner, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham. Willingham said: ;Lucca is very intelligent, loyal and had an amazing drive work as a search dog. In addition to her incredible detection capabilities, Lucca was instrumental in increasing morale the troops we supported.;卢卡同她现在的看护者、炮军士克里斯托弗·威林厄姆一起出席了本次颁奖仪式威林厄姆说:“卢卡非常聪明,作为搜救犬,她十分忠诚,并且有着惊人的力量除了不可思议的侦测能力,卢卡还能提升我们目前所在军队的士气” 36957。