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Mirror, Mirror---What do I See?A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.Mirrors have a very particular function. They reflect the image in front of them. Just as a physical mirror serves as the vehicle to reflection, so do all of the people in our lives. When we see something beautiful such as a flower garden, that garden serves as a reflection. In order to see the beauty in front of us, we must be able to see the beauty inside of ourselves. When we love someone, it’s a reflection of loving ourselves. When we love someone, it’s a reflection of loving ourselves. We have often heard things like “I love how I am when I’m with that person.” That simply translates into “I’m able to love me when I love that other person.” Oftentimes, when we meet someone new, we feel as though we “click”. Sometimes it’s as if we’ve known each other a long time. That feeling can come from sharing similarities. Just as the “mirror” or other person can be a positive reflection, it is more likely that we’ll notice it when it has a negative connotation. example, it’s easy to remember times when we have met someone we’re not particularly crazy about. We may have some criticism in our mind about the person. This is especially true when we get to know someone with whom we would rather spend less time.Frequently, when we dislike qualities in other people, ironically, it’s usually the mirror that’s speaking to us.I began questioning myself further each time I encountered someone that I didn’t particularly like. Each time, I asked myself, “What is it about that person that I don’t like?” and then “Is there something similar in me?” in every instance, I could see a piece of that quality in me, and sometimes I had to really get very introspective. So what did that mean?It means that just as I can get annoyed or disturbed when I notice that aspect in someone else, I better reexamine my qualities and consider making some changes. Even if I’m not willing to make a drastic change, at least I consider how I might modify some of the things that I’m doing.At times we meet someone new and feel distant, disconnected, or disgusted. Although we don’t want to believe it, and it’s not easy or desirable to look further, it can be a great learning lesson to figure out what part of the person is being reflected in you. It’s simply just another way to create more self-awareness.镜子,镜子,告诉我充满爱意人的生活在充满爱意的世界里,充满敌意的人则生活在充满敌意的世界里你所遇到的每一个人都是你的镜子镜子里有一个非常独特的功能,那就是映射出在其前面的影像就像真正的镜子具有反射功能一样,我们生活中的所有人也都能映射出他人的影子当我们看到美丽的事物时,例如一座花园,那这花园就起到了反射作用为了发现我们面前美好的事物,我们必须能发现在自己内在的美我们爱某个人,也正是我们爱自己的表现我们经常听到这样的话:“当我和那个人在一起的时候,我爱那时的自己”这句话也可以简单地说成:“在我爱那个人的同时,我也能爱我自己”有时,我们遇见一个陌生人,感觉仿佛是一见如故,就好像我们已经相识甚久这种熟悉感可能来自于彼此身上的共同点就像“镜子”或他人能映射出我们积极的一面一样,我们更有可能注意到映射出自己消极方面的“镜子”例如,我们很容易就能记住我们碰到自己不太喜欢的人的时刻我们可能在心里对那个人有些反感当我们认识自己不喜欢与之相处的人时,这种情况就更为明显具有讽刺意味着的是,通常当我们讨厌别人身上的某些特质时,那就说明你其实讨厌自己身上相类似的特质每次,当我遇到不太喜欢的人时,我就开始进一步质问自己我会扪心自问:“我不喜欢那个人的哪些方面?”然后还会问:“我是不是有和他相似的地方?”每次,我都能在自己身上看到一些令我厌恶的特质我有时不得不深刻地反省自己那这意味着什么呢?这意味着,就像我会对其他人身上令我厌恶的特质感到恼怒或不安一样,我应该更好地重新审视自己的特质,并考虑做一些改变即使我不想做大的改变,至少我会考虑该如何修正自己正在做的一些事情我们时常会遇到陌生人,并感到疏远或厌恶尽管我们不想去相信,不容易也不想去深究,但是弄清楚别人的哪些特质在自己身上有所体现是非常有意义的一课,这也正是增强自我意识的另一个途径 383。

  • Our mind has the ability to heal, to realize truth, to manifest desires, to transcend time, to solve difficult life problems, and much, much more…我们的心智有愈合的能力,有认识真理的能力,有超越时代的能力,有解决人生难题的能力...... 5537。
  • 在一个阳光明媚的早晨,临桌而坐,整整四个小时不受打扰,有足够数量的雪白稿纸,还有一“挤压式”妙笔——那才叫真正的幸福The Joys of WritingThe tunate people in the world—the only reallytunate people in the world, in my mind, are those whose work is also their pleasure. The class is not a large one, not nearly so large as it is often represented to be; and authors are perhaps one of the most important elements in its composition.They enjoy in this respect at least a real harmony of life. To my mind, to be able to make your work your pleasure is the one class distinction in the world worth striving ; and I do not wonder that others are inclined to envy those happy human beings who find their livelihood in the gay effusions of their fancy, to whom every hour of labour is an hour of enjoyment, to whom repose—however necessary—is a tiresome interlude. And even a holiday is almost deprivation. Whether a man writes well or ill, has much to say or little, if he cares aboutwriting at all, he will appreciate the pleasures of composition. To sit at one's table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a Squeezer pen—that is true happiness. The complete absorption of the mind upon an agreeable occupation—what more is there than that to desire? What does it matter what happens outside?The House of Commons may do what it likes, and so may the House of Lords. The heathen may rage furiously in every part of the globe. The bottom may be knocked clean out of the American market. Consols may fall and suffragettes may rise. Nevermind, four hours, at any rate, we will withdraw ourselves from a common, ill-governed, and disorderly world, and with the key of fancy unlock that cupboard where all the good things of the infinite are put away.by Winston Churchill 7。
  • Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.有时我们的命运就像冬天里的一棵果树:当时,谁会去想这棵果树的枝叶会再次变绿,开花,但我们一直怀有希望,并坚定着信念Welcome to the most easily misunderstood season of all, winter, a beautiful season of intimacy and reflection. I’m Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax.Winter gives us the opporty to stay inside and look outside, as we're not called outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Snuggle up in the sofa, put a blanket over you, have a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the observations on this precious season…Winter is the time comt, good food and warmth, the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire It is the time home.During the winter I am content,or try to think I am. There is a wonderful joy in leaving behind the noisy city streets and starting out along the white road that leads across the hills. With each breath of the sharp, reviving air one seems to inhale new life. A peace as evident as the sunshine on the fields takes possession of one's inner being. The trivial cares are driven away by the first sweep of wind that comes straight from the mountains. The intense silence that broods over the snow-bound land is a conscious blessing from the nature. 57。
  • 相识的人一起去喝酒的日常英语 -- :7:35 来源: 去喝一杯怎么样? How about a drink? How about a drink? (去喝一杯怎么样?) That a great idea. (好主意) 我想去喝一杯 I need a drink. 下班以后去喝一杯怎么样? Would you like to have a drink after work? Would you like to have a drink after work? (下班以后去喝一杯怎么样?) Im afraid Im busy tonight. (很遗憾,恐怕我今天晚上很忙) 有啤酒吗? Do you have any beer? Do you have any beer? (有啤酒吗?) Sure. What kind do you want? (当然,要哪种的?) 请来两瓶啤酒 Two bottles of beer, please. Two beers, please. 请来杯掺水的威士忌 One whiskey with water, please. 要什么下酒菜呢? What kind of snacks should we have? What kind of snacks should we have? (要什么下酒菜呢?) Ill leave it up to you. (你看着办吧) 让我们忘了工作,痛快一会儿吧 Let get about work and have some fun. Let get our minds off of work and have a good time. Let take our minds off of work. (让我们忘掉工作吧) 干杯! Cheers! Bottoms up! 喝什么呢? What are you drinking? 我喜欢换酒馆喝 I like to go barhopping. *hop“一蹦一蹦(地)”,在这个句子里是从一个酒馆到另一个酒馆的意思 第一口最舒坦了 The first sip is the best! *喝第一口啤酒时常说的话 The first taste is the greatest! The first gulp is the best! *gulp是“吞饮,一口气喝下去”sip 是“啜饮,一口一口地抿着喝” 这个最好! Nothing beats this! *beat“战胜”的意思,直译是“什么都不能战胜这个”,即“这个最好” 再来一杯,怎么样? Would you like a refill? *refill“再加满” Would you like more? How about a refill? Would you like one more? Would you like another cup? 再来一瓶啤酒! Another beer, please. One more beer, please. 这种威士忌挺冲 This whiskey is strong. 日本酒怎么样? How do you like sake? 酒劲大 It strong. 我喝醉了 Im drunk. Im drunk. (我喝醉了) Let me drive you home. (我开车送你回家吧) 我觉得有点儿醉了 I feel a little tipsy. *tipsy“微醉的”、“踉踉跄跄的” Im slightly drunk. 酩酊大醉 Im loaded. *loaded“喝醉了”的状态 Im wasted. 喝酒要适可而止 Drink moderately. Dont overdo it. Please dont drink too much. 我的酒量小 I get drunk easily. *drunk“喝醉”,“酒后驾车”是drunk driving I get drunk quickly. Im a heavy drinker. (我的酒量大) 我喝得太多了 I drank too much. I had too much to drink. 我不该喝这么多的 I should have drunk less. I shouldnt have drunk this much. 头天的酒还没醒 I have a hangover. *hangover“宿醉” 日常英语 英语口语。
  • 关于恋爱的日常英语 -- :5: 来源: 汤姆是个美男子 Tom is a lady-killer. *lady-killer直译是“少女杀手”,其实不是杀手,而是指一下子就能迷住女人的男子 Tom dates around a lot. (汤姆和好多女人来往) Tom is a real playboy. (汤姆真是个) 汤姆真让我神魂颠倒 Tom really turns me on. *turn...on“有性方面的吸引力”、“使人着迷” Tom really turns me on. (汤姆真让我神魂颠倒) I didnt know you felt that way. (我一点儿都不知道你的感觉) Im crazy about Tom. I have strong feelings Tom. I love Tom. I have the hots Tom. *俚语 克里斯长得真帅 Chris is really a heartbreaker. *用heartbreaker表示“长得很帅,对异性有吸引力的人”进一步讲,“heartbreaker”是指给异性带来撕心裂肺的痛苦和失望的人,魅惑他人,让人沉醉的人Elvis Presley (爱尔维斯·普里斯利)有一首成名曲“Heartbreak Hotel”,指的就是“(因恋爱而)绝望的人住的饭店” Chris breaks a lot of hearts. (克里斯使很多女人尝到了失恋的痛苦) Chris dates a lot of women. (克里斯和许多女人有来往) 珍妮特真迷人 Janet is a knockout. *如同拳击中的“knock out”一样,表示极具魅力、使对方晕头转向的人,多指女性 Janet is a knockout. (珍妮特真迷人呀) You can say that again! (颇有同感) Janet is sexy. Janet is beautiful. 他好像看上你了 I think he has a crush on you. *have a crush on...“看上……” I think he has a crush on you. (他好像看上你了) Give me a break. (别随便瞎说) I think he is infatuated with you. * be infatuated with...“被……迷住,为……神魂颠倒” I think he likes you. 简好像喜欢上我了 Jane seems to like me. *seem“好像,看上去像……” Ive got the feeling that Jane likes me. I think Jane likes me. I have a hunch (that) Jane likes me. 戴安娜对杰克有意思 Diana been coming on to Jack. 我不敢打像她那样的姑娘的主意 I cant handle a girl like her. * handle 表示“对待,对待(人)” She too much me. 我非常想见到她 Im dying to see her. *dying to“忍耐不住地想做某事” 我想追求她 Im trying to make a pass at her. *make a pass at...“(特别是对女性)挑逗,求爱” Im trying to make a pass at her. (我想追求她) I dont blame you. ([她对你来说很有魅力,]我理解你的心情) Im trying to pick her up. (我打算把她弄到手) *pick up 是口语“把异性弄到手”、“勾搭女人”、“追女人”的意思 Im trying to get a date with her. (我打算和她约会) *get a date with...“和……约会”、“约会” 你也太狠心了 You broke my heart. *break...heart在恋爱中“使……十分痛苦”,用于甩掉自己的人 You broke my heart. (你也太狠心了) I didnt mean to... (我不是那个意思……) 点击此处,免费下载本文音频gt;gt; 实用英语口语【生活美语月班】 课程简介:本套课程每课主题贴近真实生活,涵盖了购物、外出就餐、就医、工作等方方面面,中教 外教联合授课,用幽默而充满生活气息的情景对话向你展示了真实的美国社会 适合对象:手头书一堆,张嘴却总是Chinglish的你;脑中词汇数千,待到用时却方恨少的你;邮件勉强凑合,开口畅聊却永远老大难的你;笔试成绩不赖,面试却如挤牙膏一样结结巴巴的你;美剧没少看,但总是搞不懂欧美主流价值观的你……希望让流利美语张口就来的你 课程价格:180 学币(学币是什么?) 日常英语 英语口语。
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