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Danish shortage drives up Christmas tree pricesA shortage of Christmas trees in Denmark, Europe's largest exporter, is driving up prices in a trend likely to last until 2012, producers said on Monday."Our producers got between 10 and 20 percent more for Nordmann trees this year," said Kaj Ostergaard, the head of the Danish Christmas Tree Growers Association.The Nordmann, one of the most popular species because of the long life of its silvery needles, is selling in Copenhagen this year for 300 Danish crowns () for a two-meter (six-foot six inches) specimen, 20 percent more than last year.Denmark produced about 10 million Christmas trees this year, about 8.5 million of them earmarked for export. About half go to Germany, with Britain and France the next biggest buyers."The total production of Nordmann firs in Europe is about 30 million trees per year while the demand is 33 million to 35 million," Ostergaard said. "According to my calculations, demand will increase and supply will decrease until 2012."The seeds of the shortage were sown between 1998 and 2004, when tree prices collapsed because of oversupply and some Danish growers switched to other crops.Producers are now planting more trees, but a Nordmann needs 10 years to grow, so prices are likely to keep rising for the next three or four years before leveling out. /200812/59535

Women who ate soy regularly as children have a lower risk of breast cancer, American researchers report. And men who eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of colon cancer, a second team of researchers have told the American Association for Cancer Research.The studies add to a growing body of evidence about the role of diet in cancer. Cancer experts now believe that up to two-thirds of all cancers come from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and lack of exercise.The US National Cancer Institute and researchers at the University of Hawaii found that women who ate the most soy-based foods, such as tofu and miso, when aged 5 to 11, reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 58 per cent. It was not clear how soy might prevent cancer, though compounds in soy called isoflavones have estrogen-like effects.A second study showed that men who ate fish at least five times a week had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer compared with men who ate fish less than once a week.Many kinds of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which interfere with the cyclooxygenase-2 or COX-2 enzyme. COX-2 affects inflammation, which may play a role in tumour growth. /200904/66497

Find the shape of your body to change or try to belly fat, without losing a gym, with high prices? If so, try this workout, high energy cardiovascular, which was developed by Kelli Roberts.  想不用去昂贵的健身房就能减去腹部脂肪,成功塑身吗?那么试试Kelli Roberts发明的心血管高强度运动法吧。  Burn with 10 minutes of exercise routine can have up to 150 calories per day.  每天用此法锻炼10分钟能消耗150卡路里热量。  The first two minutes of the routine is the burning of fat: Jump Rope--Begin by selecting two jumps for each turn of the rope. Safety: Use the correct size jump rope and always land softly on the toes (the beginning of the foot). Continue to think I'm losing weight.  前2分钟是燃烧脂肪:跳绳——双脚跳。安全注意事项:使用长度合适的跳绳,用前脚趾着地(不要太用力)。心里一直想:我在减肥。  Two to three minutes: the squat thrust in a push-up the proper technique for this exercise is to the feet shoulder width apart and your arms are crossed the Straits on the sides. Slowly squat with your head forward and put his hand on the edge of the soles. The hands should be pointing forward. Then in one motion, press back and legs behind them board position. Ask a bare plate and then jump back into a crouch and standing up. Keep thinking, the fat disappears.  第2-3分钟:下蹲后促腿俯卧撑动作。这个动作的正确技巧是:双脚打开与肩同宽,两手放在身体两侧。慢慢蹲下,两眼直视前方,把手朝前放在两脚内侧,双腿同时向后蹬,直到腿伸直,做一个俯卧撑,然后膝盖立即收回至胸前,站立。心里一直想:脂肪消失了。 /200910/86959

1. Despite the recent fuss over the recently “discovered” Cobbe portrait, no one is too sure what Shakespeare actually looked like: no life portrait survives, and the two most plausible likenesses, his funeral bust in Stratford and the engraving on the title page of the First Folio, were most likely done long after his death.1.虽然最近在爱尔兰科比家族发现的莎士比亚的生前画像折腾的很热闹,但目前没有人确切的知道莎士比亚的长相:没有生前的画像,最著名的似是而非的画像,是特拉福德的他墓地前的胸像和印在第一对开本封面的画像,很可能是他死后很久后才出现的。 /201003/98668

开幕前被列为“终极悬念”之一的北京奥运会主题歌,果然以出人预料并且超乎想像的主题和旋律,给全世界带来惊喜,带来感动。没有气壮山河,没有纵横捭阖,《我和你》(You And Me),闪耀着人性与情义的光华,以舒缓而温情的方式,让亿万观众如沐月光清风,在天籁之音中感受“地球村”的和谐之美。《我和你》,北京奥运会这首总共12句歌词的主题歌,传递着和谐世界的人本理念,体现了别具匠心的创作风格,加上世界巨星的完美演绎和简单易唱的词曲节奏,能否成为奥运主题歌中又一首风格迥异却仍传唱不衰的经典?Cheers from the 90,000-strong crowd reverberated through the National Stadium, when Chinese vocalist Liu Huan and British songstress Sarah Brightman presented the theme song for the night, You and Me, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last night.Flashlights and countless camera flashes offered the backdrop to a towering globe on which Liu and Brightman sang their duet, written and composed by France-based Chinese songwriter Chen Qigang. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan sing the theme song during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on August 8, 2008 at the National Stadium in Beijing. [Agencies] "Being up there was one of the biggest thrills in my life," Brightman said.She also performed the theme Amigos para Siempre at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with Spanish tenor Jose Carreras.The 48-year-old soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer wowed Chinese audiences in a concert in Beijing on May 30, 2004, at the Capital Gymnasium.Brightman has also toured other cities in China, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.She gained fame through performances in hit musicals such as Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.Her style of blending classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangement has earned her 150 gold and platinum awards in 34 countries.Similarly, Liu Huan is one of the most popular singers in China.As composer of the One World, One Dream Olympic song, and one of the country's best known musicians, the stocky 45-year-old Tianjin native majored in French and is a self-taught singer-songwriter.Liu first became known for composing music for Chinese TV dramas, including the TV series Beijingers in New York, a huge hit in the early 1990s. /200808/45691

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