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讲解文本:feel the pinch 感到手头拮据pinch 匮乏,捏住He lost his job 2 weeks ago, so hes beginning to feel the pinch.两个星期前他失业了,现在已经开始手头拮据了。We will start to feel the pinch in the coming months.我们在接下来的几个月中将要掐着手指头过日子。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/46741321 Changing money(2)第21课 兑换钱(2)The foreign exchange clerk has just given the customer the exchange rate for changing Japanese yen into US dollars.兑换外币的职员刚把日元兑换成美元的汇率告诉顾客。C: Okay, I want to change¥22,000.顾客:好的,我要换22,000日元。C2: Could you please fill out this form?乙店员:请你填这张表格好吗?C: Okay, here you are. ( She hands the completed form and the money to the clerk. )顾客:好了,给你。(她拿了填好的表格和钱给职员。)C2 : Heres your 0.乙店员:200美元给你。C : Thank you very much.顾客:非常谢谢你。C2 : Thank you.乙店员:谢谢。 /201504/364735unit 367新年习俗dialogue 英语情景对话A:How do you like this dress?A:你看这衣怎么样?B:Its nice. But what kind of dress are you looking for?B:挺好。可是你想买什么样的裙子?A:Something attractive and dressy. Maybe a little sexy too. New Years Eve is a special occasion and it only happens once a year, right?A:一件显眼时髦,或许稍带点性感的裙子。除夕是个不寻常的日子,一年只有那么一次,是不是?B:Of course. Its common too that we wear something special for our Chinese New Year.B:当然啦。我们过新年时也都穿平日里不穿的好衣。A:People here always wear the best clothes they have. Many people go out and buy clothes especialy for New Years Eve.A:人们总是穿着最好的农。许多人专门为除夕夜而上街选购衣物。B:Any other common customs of your New Year?B:你们新年还有别的习俗吗?A:Before the New Year, we always send greeting cards to our relatives and friends to wish them a happy year. On the street and in stores people usually greet others with a ; Happy New Year;. Its also common for people to make a New Years resolution.A:年前我们给亲戚朋友寄送贺卡祝他们新年愉快。人们在街上或商店里相遇时互道“新年快乐”。人们还常定下新年的决心。B:Whats that?B:那又是什么意思呢?A:Its when people quit a bad habit or do something they find hard to do. Many people resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, or stop nagging their wife, etc. However, it usually lasts only for a few days!A:就是从新年开始戒掉恶习,或做件他们认为很难完成的事情。许多人决心戒烟、减肥或不再同妻子吵嘴等等,不过这些一般只能坚持几天。B:By the way, where are you going on New Years Eve?B:顺便问一下,你们除夕夜都到哪儿去?A:Were going to a night club for dinner and dancing,then well go down to the city square for the big celebration. Theres always a fireworks display put on by the local government. We all want you to come too.A:我们去夜总会吃饭、跳舞,然后到市中心广场参加大型庆祝会。地方政府每年都组织放焰火礼花。我们想让你也参加。B:Thanks a lot.B:谢谢。 /201603/433404栏目简介:跟生活紧密相关,知识中蕴含趣味性。只用几分钟就能看完,每期都有关键词,你掌握了吗?对学习很有用的哦,给你一个越来越喜欢英语的理由——超级英语脱口秀! /201607/451404

unit 163 措施建议dialogue 英语情景对话A:Ive got a complaint about the noise next door.A:我对邻居的噪声烦透了。B:Yes, its most irritating.B:是的,实在令人讨厌。A:Some people arent very considerate.A:有些人就是不太替别人着想。B:Were going to do something about it.B:我们得采取点措施。A:Yes, I think so.A:是啊,我也这样想。B:We cant put up with it any more.B:我们不能再忍受了。A:Well play the CD loud, is that all right?A:我们把CD放大声些好吗?B:I dont think so.B:我看这样不好。A:What should we do?A:我们该怎么办?B:Why dont we call them?B:为什么不打电话告诉他们呢?A:Good idea.A:好主意。 /201508/391798

30 Developing film(2)第30课 冲洗底片(2)S: Welcome to Flash Foto, sir. How can I help you?店员:先生,欢迎光临闪光摄影。有什么需要帮忙的吗?C: Id like extra prints made of these photos.顾客:我想要加洗这些相片。S: Do you have your negatives?店员:您把底片带来了吗?C: Yes. Here they are. Ive marked how many prints I want on each shot.顾客:是的,在这里,我已经在上面注明各要加洗几张。S: What size do you want the prints?店员:相片要洗多大尺寸呢?C: Four by six, except this one. I want a ten by thirteen print of this one.顾客:4x6,除了这张以外,这张要洗10x13。S: Okay, theyll be y for you in an hour.店员:好的,一个钟头后就可以来拿了。 /201504/367465

Mike: Hey, Mari.迈克:嗨,马里。Mari: Hey.马里:嗨。Mike: So, I told you about Florida. How about you tell me something about New York?迈克:我和你说了佛罗里达州的情况。你能和我说说纽约吗?Mari: New York, yeah. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a little bit over half of my life. Theres lots to do in New York.马里:纽约,好的。我出生在纽约,到目前为止,我人生中一半以上的时间都在纽约度过。纽约有很多可以做的事情。Mike: So, what part are you from?迈克:你来自纽约哪里?Mari: I was born in New York City and then I grew up in the suburbs about 40 minutes north of New York City.马里:我出生在纽约市,在纽约市以北40分钟车程的郊区长大。Mike: So, what did you do growing up?迈克:你怎么度过的成长阶段?Mari: When I was very young I used to go to museums with my parents or go to Broadway shows, and go shopping as well.马里:我小时候经常和父母一起参观物馆,看百老汇演出,还有购物。Mike: So, you like the city life?迈克:你喜欢城市生活吗?Mari: I do like the city life. Its very convenient. Its energetic. Theres lots to do, and New York City is really diverse so its fun to see the different communities and different people and tourists walking around.马里:我很喜欢城市生活,便利又充满活力。城市里有很多活动,纽约是个非常多样化的城市,有各种各样的社区,看着各种各样的人和游客在周围走动感觉很有趣。Mike: So if I was visiting New York, what should I do?迈克:如果我去纽约旅行,你会建议我做什么?Mari: It depends on which season went to visit, so I dont know if you went during the spring or summer time, I would suggest that you spend some time in Central Park. Go see sports. A lot of sporting events during the summer and there are a lot of events also in Central Park. Theres outdoor theater and music concerts and stuff but if you went maybe in the wintertime, you should go see all the windows on Fifth Avenue that are decorated with very holiday themed decorations and Rockefeller Center is know for their big Christmas tree, and you just get a really fun feeling in New York City. Everyones a little bit more nicer, and I dont know, I like all the seasons in New York City so it depends on which season you decide to visit.马里:这要取决于你在哪个季节去纽约旅行,如果是春季或夏季去纽约游玩,那我建议你去中央公园看体育比赛。夏季有许多体育赛事,纽约中央公园也会举行多种赛事。还可以去露天剧场或参加户外音乐节,不过如果你冬天去,那可以去第五大道上观赏用节日主题饰装饰的橱窗,还可以去看洛克菲勒中心那颗著名的圣诞树,在纽约市可以玩得很开心。纽约市民都很友善,我喜欢纽约市的所有季节,如何游玩要取决于旅行季节。Mike: Ah, sounds great, so theres a lot of things to do in New York.迈克:听起来太棒了,纽约有很多活动。Mari: Yeah.马里:对。 译文属 /201603/429267

Wendi: Alright, so I want to talk a little bit about what peoples impressions of you are when they see youre tattoos, either strangers or people that actually know you.温迪:我想请你谈谈人们看到你的纹身时有什么感觉,可以是陌生人也可以是你认识的人的感觉。Rina: Some people it can be negative. Some people are interested and I have no problems with that if people are interested, and the negative feedback I get from it, its OK. I know that these people were raised differently or they have different beliefs or ideas and I understand where theyre coming from but, no, its hard when people judge you just by face value but its not my issue its theirs so Im OK with that.丽娜:有些人持否定看法,另外一些人对此很有兴趣,对那些感兴趣的人,我当然没问题了,其实我觉得那些负面反馈也没什么。我知道这些人在不同的背景下长大,他们有不同的信仰和观点,我理解他们的背景,不过别人仅凭表面来判断你很不舒,但那是他们的问题,不是我的问题,所以我觉得这没什么。Wendi: Right. Can you talk a little bit about a negative or really positive experience has been since youve had tattoos from other people. Do you have any situations that you can think of?温迪:好。你能谈谈你有纹身以后经历过的负面反馈或积极反馈吗?你现在有能想到的吗?Rina: In general Ive people just give me dirty looks and not like talk to me, or I had one gentleman slap my wrist one time when I was trying to get change back. He was being quite angry with me.丽娜:一般来说,人们不会给我好脸色,而且不和我说话,有一次我在等待找零时,有位先生打了我的手腕。他对我很生气。Wendi: Really, because of your tattoo?温迪:真的吗?就因为你的纹身?Rina: Because of my tattoo on my wrist. I was holding out my hand and he slapped my wrist and its upsetting that somebody gets that angry over your own personal decisions but its their issue not mine.丽娜:因为我手腕上的纹身。我当时正好把手伸了出去,然后他就打了我的手腕,其他人对你的个人决定感到生气会令人感到不快,不过这是他们的问题,不是我的问题。Wendi: Yeah, what about in, kind of, in the tattoo parlor, like what kind of stuff do people talk about? Like, is it just like getting your hair cut, speaking to the barber, talking about whats going on in your life or?温迪:对,那人们在纹身店里会聊些什么呢?是不是就和在理发店剪头发时一样,和理发师聊些生活中的事情之类的?Rina: Pretty much, see, Im friends with my tattoo artist so we talk about, like, we know the same people and we sometimes hang out with some of the same people so we talk about that but a lot of the times we talk about people that come in wanting stupid things on their bodies.丽娜:差不多,我和我的纹身师是朋友,我们有共同的朋友,有时我们会和共同的朋友一起外出,所以我们会谈些生活中的事情,不过大部分时间我们都在聊那些来纹身店想在身体上纹愚蠢图案的人。Wendi: Can you tell me a little about what kind of stupid things people have wanted?温迪:你能说说人们想纹的是哪些愚蠢图案吗?Rina: Um, there has been people wanting a symbol of a car brand, like the make of a car tattooed on them, or just peoples names or just random. A lot of times its kanji.丽娜:嗯,经常有人想在身上纹汽车品牌的标志,或者是在身上纹一辆车,或者是名字,还有人对纹身的图案很随便。许多人想在身上纹汉字。Wendi: Really?温迪:真的吗?Rina: Yeah. A lot of...丽娜:对,许多人……Wendi: Chinese characters?温迪:中国汉字吗?Rina: Chinese characters, and some people find that when they do get those Chinese characters, after the fact, its not initially what they thought it meant.丽娜:对,中国汉字,一些人在纹身完成后会发现,那个汉字的含义并不是他们认为的那个意思。Wendi: Right, so its communication.温迪:对,这是交际问题。Rina: Its really ill-researched and no reason for it unless thats your native country.丽娜:他们没有理解,而且也没有理由这样,除非那是你的祖国。Wendi: Right, can you tell me a little about what — if youve ever seen a tattoo that you thought was just so well done.温迪:对,你能谈谈……你有看到过完成出色的纹身图案吗?Rina: Yeah.丽娜:有。Wendi: What was it and describe it?温迪:那是什么图案,能形容一下吗?Rina: It was actually a piece on a man and it started from his hip and it was his whole right side of his body, half of his right side and it was flowers and vines and it went around and up to his shoulder and turned into a half-sleeve and it was absolutely beautiful, colorful and just well done. The lines were clean. It was an amazing tattoo.丽娜:那是一个男人身上的纹身图案,纹身从臀部开始覆盖了他身体的右半身,准确地说是延伸至右边上半身,由花朵和藤蔓组成的纹身图案一直旋转至肩部,成为半臂纹身,那个图案太漂亮了,色也很丰富,完成的非常出色。纹身的线条也很清晰,是件非常精的纹身作品。 译文属 /201507/383998

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