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2019年06月21日 06:16:26 | 作者:大河共享 | 来源:新华社
Pope Called To Mediate In Falklands Argentinas President has urged the Pope to intervene in the row over the Falkland Islands on the eve of the Pontiffs inauguration, reports Skys Robert Nisbet.出访罗马的阿根廷总统克里斯蒂娜请求教皇方济各干预阿根廷与英国之间的岛屿主权争议,防止因英国使南大西洋军事化的行动而发生意外事件。They had disagreed over their approach to sexuality and contraception, but President Kirchner and the new Pope have both supported Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands. So when the two met in Rome ahead of his installation mass, Cristina Kirchner sought common ground, she asked him to intercede in the dispute between London and Venezuela’s. Now we sit with a historical opportunity, a much more favorable outlook in front of us. Both UK and Argentina are governed democratically, there’s no danger of anything more aggressive than the UK’s military presence in the area. There are few countries more peaceful than Argentina. The only thing we want is that the UK complies with the UN Resolutions so we can sit down together and talk. I asked the Holy Father for his mediation in achieving a dialogue between the two parties. And that is just the first in a series of important meetings the new Pope will be holding this week. On Saturday he will fly here to the papal retreat of Castle Gandolfo have lunch with the pope emeritus. It is an event without historical precedent. And they’re once again expecting large crowds to throng this beautiful hilltop town 50 miles outside Rome. When Benedict took out temporary residence here ending his papacy, 12,000 witnessed his farewell words. The mayor of the town says the meeting will be hugely symbolic. It’s been the pope’s last goodbye, he looked out from there, and said a very warm and simple goodbye to us. Pope Francis shows the same simplicity and affection, so it seems that there’s a sort of continuity in the passage between these two popes. It’s just 18 days since the extraordinary papal saga unfolded when Benedict flew from Vatican City. 4 days later, the Church started preparations for the Conclave. 115 cardinal electors from around the world were then locked in the 16 chapel. It took 5 secret ballots for white smoke to emerge from the chimney. Later that evening, the new pope was unveiled. He’s now fashioning his image as a hands-on parish priest, leading a church for the poor. The inaugural mass is meant to be a uniting moment for a global church above politics and diplomatic squabbles. But Argentina’s president has ensured the rumbling row over the Falklands has secured headlines just hours before world leaders attend the historic ceremony. Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Rome. /201303/231633今天是父亲节。尽管事实上它是传统的西方庆典,但许多中国的年轻人们也在庆祝这一节日。Today is Fathers Day. But despite the fact that it is a traditionally western celebration, many young Chinese also celebrate. Our reporter Lin Nan finds out more.Sunday is Fathers Day. That brings something new for Lu Ming - whos not used to the holidays calls for blunt expressions of affection.Lu Ming, Father: ;Our generation is more subtle when expressing emotions. It is more about what you do for your parents than what you say to them.;Lu Xiao, Son: ;Even though Fathers Day is a celebration from abroad, I still find it quite meaningful. It gives me the chance to say how grateful I am for what my father has done for me.;And this is a spirit thats putting smiles on the faces of business owners as well.Qian Shuyan, Manager Huas restaurant: ;Fathers Day has become more popular in recent years, and we have been promoting the event. Today the restaurant is really busy. Many families come here to enjoy our special set.;Lin Nan, Beijing: Chinese fathers traditionally take the lions share of responsibility for the families. That means that many go to special lengths to show appreciation fort their fathers on this day no matter how far away.Ruan Haos family is thousands of miles away. The student is busy working on his graduate project in Beijing. But despite the days tight schedule and the tough work ahead of him, he doesnt forget to make a call to his dad.Ruan Hao, Student: ;I dont think I have to go somewhere or buy something for my dad to celebrate. If I were with him, he would feel really happy as long as we could spend some quality time together.;Whether through gifts, a meal or just a simple ;thanks,; fathers day is about one thing - showing love and appreciation for dad. Thats a message we can all get behind no matter where youre from.201206/187487今天在TEDx悉尼,瑞秋·波特斯曼谈到人“生来即知分享”——并展示了像Zipcar和Swaptree这样的网站正在改变人类的行为模式。201209/197708

How To Make A T-Shirt Folding Machine(如何自制T恤折叠器)Uploaded to VideoJug by colininedin, this short film shows VideoJug users how to make a t-shirt folding machine using some simple cardboard templates. Fold your t-shirts like an expert with VideoJug's help.Also known as:(How Do I Make A T-Shirt Folding Machine)(How To Make An Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine)(How To Make A T-Shirt Folder)(How To Make A Cardboard T-Shirt Folder)Thanks for watching How To Make A T-Shirt Folding Machine For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Clothing amp; Shoe Care.201106/139633

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me.看看你能否鉴别出我。Im a planet in our Solar System.我是太阳系内的一颗行星。Im not one of the gas giants, but I am the largest of the terrestrial or rocky planets.我不是气体巨星,但我是类地行星或岩质行星中最大的。Im the only planet whose name doesnt come from Greek or Roman mythology.我是唯一一个名字不是来自希腊或罗马神话的星球。Im Earth, the fifth largest planet in the Solar System.我是地球,太阳系中第五大行星。AZUZ: Youve seen a lot of pictures of the Earth, most of the time they are taken during the day because we have a lot of satellites that can do that for us.你看见过很多地球的照片,绝大多是时间大多是照片是在白天照的因为很多的卫星都可以做到在白天拍照。There is a new sensor on a satellite that was launched last year, thats especially designed to observe the Earth at night.去年发射的一颗卫星上有新的传感器,那是为了能在夜间观察地球专门设计的。Scientists say these cloud free images are from more detailed view of our planet than ever before.科学家们说这些无云的图像是有史以来对我们的星球最详尽的观察。Whats really interesting are the lights, and how they sort of define our world.很有趣的是这些灯,以及它们如何定义了我们的世界。For example, this is Egypt, and that long line is the Nile River, the satellite can distinguish the brightly lit boats traveling along it.例如,这是埃及,这条长线是尼罗河,这个卫星可以分辨出沿河航行的被点亮的船。Some of the lights around the Arabian Peninsula are gas flares from oil exploration, and this border between light and dark is marked by the Himalayan Mountains, an example of how natural borders can effect human settlement.一些在阿拉伯半岛的亮光是因为油田爆炸产生的火炬气,这条明暗之间的界线是有喜马拉雅山脉界定的,一个自然边界影响人类定居的例子。You can see political borders, too. The lights here in South Korea, the darkness is North Korea.你也能看见政治边界。亮的这边是韩国,黑的这边是朝鲜。 /201212/214308

The sentencing in the case of rare artefacts stolen from the Forbidden City last year took place in Beijing Monday morning. The Second Intermediate Peoplersquo;s Court in Beijing sentenced Shi Baikui, a 27 year old farmer, to 13 years of imprisonment.He was also deprived of political rights for 3 years and fined 13,000 yuan. He had earlier pled guilty to his crimes on Feb 17. Shi has also admitted to stealing a notebook and mobile phone despite not being accused of this.The Court decided that the defendantrsquo;s behavior resulted in great social harm, but that because of his forthcoming confession decided against giving the maximal sentence.备受公众关注的;5bull;8;故宫失窃案一审宣判。依照中华人民共和国刑法,北京市第二中级人民法院宣判:判决石柏魁有期徒刑13年,剥夺政治权利3年,罚金1万3千元。201203/174803

Theyre not cheap, so you want to make them last as long as you can.太阳眼镜价格不菲,所以你肯定想要好好保养,尽量戴的久一点。You Will Need你需要Microfiber cleaning cloths微纤维清洁布And a hard eyeglass case质地较硬的眼镜盒Small precision screwdriver小螺丝刀Soap and water肥皂和水And pre-moistened cleaning cloths提前湿润的清洁布Steps步骤Step 1 Inspect glasses1.检查眼镜Inspect your glasses often, making sure the screws are tight and they align correctly on your face.经常检查眼镜,确保螺丝比较紧,戴上比较端正。Tighten loose screws with a small precision screwdriver. Or take them to your local eyeglass store: Theyre usually willing to do it free as a courtesy.用小螺丝刀把松掉的螺丝拧紧。或者带到当地眼镜店,他们通常乐意为你无偿务。Step 2 Clean glasses2.清洁眼镜Clean your glasses frequently with a microfiber cloth made especially for lenses.经常用镜片专用的微纤维清洁布清洁眼镜。If your glasses are very dirty, clean with regular dishwashing soap and water, then rinse thoroughly and air dry. Or use the pre-moistened cloths sold at drugstores.如果你的眼镜很脏,使用普通肥皂水清洁,然后彻底清洗,风干。或者使用药店出售的提前湿润的布。Step 3 Use two hands3.双手取下眼镜Always use both hands to remove your glasses. If you pull them off with just one hand, youll likely do so off to the side, gradually bending the frame over time.一定要用双手取下眼镜。如果只用一只手摘眼睛,可能只抓住眼镜的一边,久而久之导致镜框变形。Step 4 Buy an eyeglass chain4.购买眼镜链Buy an eyeglass chain and use it when youre doing something that may cause them to fly off.购买一条眼镜链,在做有可能导致眼镜脱落的事情时戴上链子。Step 5 Store safely5.安全存放When not wearing them, always store your eyeglasses in a hard case.不佩戴的时候,一定要把太阳眼镜存放在较硬的盒子里。Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784.1784年,本杰明·富兰克林发明了双焦镜片。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201305/237810

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