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How To Spy On Your Partner如何监视你的另一半 Spy catcher Online help us to find out what products are available to help you keep an eye on your partner. If you have to undergo this technique, follow the simple steps below in order to spy on your partner.Step 1: What's he up to when I'm not home?我不在家时他在干啥?All of these harmless looking everyday objects have a hidden camera and microphone in them. The camera has a lens only 2 mm wide, but it is still capable of full colour pictures. So why not get a working CD alarm clock for your bedroom, a girly book that he'll never touch for the bookshelf in your lounge, or a new wall clock for the kitchen? All of these cameras can send the to your computer for recording, but hey? who wants to be tied to a computer all day, when you can receive the direct to your mobile phone?Step 2: What's he doing at work?他工作时做什么?Okay, so the home is safe now. But we all know that the work place is not the environment to leave a partner unsupervised. To create an adequately safe space at work, you're going to need to enlist someone at his workplace. Meet Pele. Pele has agreed to help Sarah, because James keeps stealing his stationery.Pele's going to replace James' mouse with this Ultra High Frequency transmitter. It works the same as any other mouse, while transmitting all sound within 10 metres to a UHF receiver which has a digital recorder attached. Unfortunately those pesky people at the EU have made it illegal to use UHF technology within their jurisdiction. But never fear, you can always just place this 4-way socket extension plug under his desk instead. It includes a GSM bug that you can call from your phone to hear all that's going on instead! Of course it's not just what he's saying that needs monitoring. Sarah will also need to keep a track of what James is typing as well. No problem, simply get your mole to plug this keywatcher into the back of his computer. This nifty piece of kit stores 65 thousand characters of text, all you need to do is type a password into a Word document, and everything he's typed that day will appear on the page!Step 3: Who's he phoning?他给谁打电话?Unfortunately, unless you are a government, Spycatcher won't help you access mobile phone conversations, but if you'd like to eavesdrop on his land line conversations they'll be happy to help you. Just take the model of phone he uses to the people at Spycatcher, and they will fit it with this lovely transmitter, which can send all conversations to a UHF receiver. Then all you need to do is get your office mole to swap the phones!Step 4: Where is he?他在哪儿?Of course your partner isn't always at home or at work. And if he isn't being monitored he is a liability. So we suggest you fit this device to the bottom of his car. It is a vehicle tracker, and once fitted, it will constantly send details of its position to a satellite. Those good people at Spycatcher will then send you text alerts telling you the trackers longitude, latitude, post code and the street that it's on at regular intervals. They can even send you a web address that will show you all the places your partner's car visited over any defined period. If any of them strike you as suspicious just select it and you will get details of the location including the time it was visited!Step 5: Is he lying?他撒谎吗?So you've bugged his workplace, set-up cameras in the home, monitored phone calls and tracked his movements, but how can you really tell that you have a faithful partner? Well, why not phone him with a disguised voice? All you need is a Voice modulator. This device allows you to speak in the voice of another man or woman. Why not tell him you met him on a night out when he was particularly drunk, and he gave you his number. If he tries to arrange a date you've got him! If he says "I'm sorry but I have a girlfriend, whom I love very much, and so could not possibly meet, despite any comments I made when inebriated" - well, then you really should be ashamed of yourself! Article/201109/153469

【视频欣赏】How To Escape a Bad Party Conversation on Howcast 【听力文本】Beat a retreat from a boring party guest – without offending them – with one of these escape plans.You Will NeedCredible excuses Flattery A "sacrificial lamb" Honesty An enemy (optional) A friend (optional) Step 1: Feign a need(以加事物或加酒为由,离开)Assuming you don’t aly have a full cocktail or plate of food in your hand, excuse yourself to get a drink or visit the buffet. Or, you can always say you need to use the bathroom.Step 2: Flatter them(奉承对方)Tell them you’ve really enjoyed chatting with them, but you don’t want to monopolize them.Step 3: Throw someone under the bus(找个替罪羊,拉一个其他人加入你们的谈话)Grab the next person who happens by, drag them into the conversation, and make your getaway.Make this enjoyable for yourself by choosing someone you dislike intensely.Step 4: Spot someone you must speak with(找一个你必须要打招呼的人,借机离开)Use the old, “Oh, there’s so-and-so, and I haven’t seen them in ages!”Step 5: Set up a code(找自己的伙伴帮忙)If you’re at the party with a friend or your partner, use a pre-established “rescue me” signal.Step 6: Be honest(委婉地说出自己的真实想法)Just be honest. Kind of. Tell the person it’s been great talking to them – now here comes the honest part – but you really want to mingle. No one can fault you for that.Thirty-four percent of Americans are uncomfortable when introducing themselves to strangers at a party, according to one survey. Article/201007/108806

Any questions?有问题吗 But crime isn#39;t the only problem plaguing urban streets.但困扰城市居民的不仅是居高不下的犯罪率 In many cities, slums are reaching epidemic proportions.许多城市中,贫民窟数量迅速增加 Multiple families crammed into one small room.多个家庭挤在一个小房间里 Human waste pours into the streets, alleys and open courtyards.大街小巷露天庭院,遍地都是粪便 People were crowded in, there were windowless tenements.人们挤在连窗户都没有的屋子里生活 sometimes you had no internal plumbing, just privies in the basement, in the backyard,and the Lower East Side during these years, was the single most crowded place in the entire world.有的房子连下水道也没有,只能使用地下室或后院的厕所,这几年中纽约的下东区是当时世界上最为拥挤的地区 Jacob Riis, Danish immigrant, crime reporter, photographer.雅各布·里斯,来自丹麦的移民,罪案报道记者,摄影家 He gets leads for stories from Chief Inspector Byrnes.从刑侦局长伯恩斯处获得头条消息 Now he#39;s about to expose the hell of tenements.此刻他要报道贫民窟恶劣的居住环境 Jacob Riis knows what it#39;s like to be poor.雅各布·里斯深知贫穷的滋味 15 years ago, he lost his job in a stock-market crash.15年前,他曾在一场股市风暴中失业 It#39;s midnight, but Riis has a new technology that will change the public perception of poverty forever.此时正是午夜,不过里斯掌握了一项新技术足以彻底改变公众对于贫穷的态度An explosive powder that produces enough light to photograph in the dark.引爆少量火药来产生强光以进行夜间拍摄This is one of the first-ever photographs of slum life.这是贫民窟最早的照片之一 Go. It shocks millions.好了,这掀起了轩然Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jacob A.Riis and this is how the other half live and die in New York City.各位好,我是雅各布·A·里斯,这里展示的是纽约的另一类人生老病死的画面 Magazines refuse to print his work,so Riis puts on his own;Magic lantern; Shows.杂志社不肯刊登他的作品,里斯不得不为人们展示幻灯片 His mission: to show the nation#39;s wealthy something they#39;ve never seen before, filth and desperation on their doorstep.他的目的就是向富人们展示,他们闻所未闻但却发生在他们身边的悲惨故事 In this block, nine dead were carried out this year alone.Five in baby coffins.在这一街区,仅今年一年就有9人死亡,其中5名尚在襁褓之中 What he demonstrated was that there is another reality, that all that prosperity didn#39;t trickle down all the way to the bottom,他所展示的是现实的另一面,社会一片繁荣但这种繁荣并没有惠及社会底层民众,and there was some deplorable living conditions and this country was not just forced to confront those conditions but then was moved to begin to deal with them.有些人生活环境十分恶劣,我们国家不仅得面临这些问题而且不得不着手解决这些问题 /201212/213569

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