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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441505惠州医院人民医院地址Harold Hardrada sailed southwest from Norway on August the 12th.哈得尔达在8月12日由挪威向西南方向出发En route to England, he stopped here in the Viking earldom of the Orkneys to pick up yet more men and ships to add to his aly formidable fleet.途经维京人在奥克尼群岛的领地时 他下船挑选了更多士兵和船只 壮大了他本已可畏的船队Expectations must have been high,that the Norsemen could almost smell triumph in the summer winds.挪威人的期望一定非常高 以至于他们都能闻到夏日风中胜利的味道There would have been feasting, singing and the ing of poems,some of them doubtless written by Hardrada himself.为了庆祝 他们必然吃喝玩乐 诵读诗歌 哈得尔达本人无疑也雅兴了一把And it may be here that Tostig joined the Viking fleet.可能就在这里 托斯提戈加入了维京人的船队If he did and looked out and saw the 300 ships,若真如此 当他看见三百艘战船时his little heart must have skipped a beat to think of the catastrophe awaiting his brother.想到他的兄长即将面临的灾难 定不禁为他心惊胆寒Together, Tostig and Hardrada would be unstoppable, invincible.Or would they?托斯提戈和哈得尔达联手 将会天下无敌 真的会是这样吗Having landing on the Northumbrian coast,the Viking army headed for York,在登陆诺森伯兰郡的海岸之后 维京军队向约克郡进发where it fought off the northern earls to take control of the city.在那里他们击败了北方伯爵 占领了约克Complacent with victory, Hardrada and Tostig travelled with just one third of the army,打了胜仗 沾沾自喜的挪威国王和托斯提戈 仅带领三分之一的部队eight miles east of York, to Stamford Bridge,where theyd arranged to collect 500 hostages.来到约克以东八英里的斯坦福桥 打算在此收押五百名人质What they saw on the banks of the River Derwent was not a forlorn group of hostages但是他们在德文特河畔上看到的 不是一群毫无反抗能力的人质 but a massive army,their weapons glittering like sheets of ice,as the Viking bard put it.而是一庞大的军队 用维京诗人的话来说 他们手中的的兵器寒光闪闪Tostig knew it meant trouble.It was his big brother.托斯提戈深知情况不妙 那是他哥哥的军队 /201608/458929惠州人民医院咨询师TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463943As grim as the story of the Scots in Ireland was,尽管苏格兰人给爱尔兰人造成了巨大的伤害They did leave behind something other than widows and tragic ballads.除了遗孀满国 悲歌四起 他们确实也造成了其他的历史影响The Anglo-Norman colony stopped expanding from its base in Ulster and Leinster.盎格鲁-诺曼人停止了对外的殖民扩张 殖民势力仅限于阿尔斯特和伦斯特地区And the idea of the unstoppable english empire of the Plantagenets had the shine knocked right off its myth of invincibility.而金雀花王朝企图建立英格兰帝国的美梦 也遭受重创 不败传说终于灰飞烟灭And not least the Bruces had given Irish leaders their voice of resistance an expression of national identity.而布鲁斯兄弟为后世的爱尔兰领导者树立了榜样 喊出了抵抗侵略的声音 表达了民族独立的意愿To recover our native freedom, the Irish...For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,we will yield in no least way to English dominion.为了使我们重获自由 爱尔兰人 吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威The people preferred to die rather than to live under English rule.人们宁愿赴死 也不愿苟活在英格兰人的统治之下All these startlingly-modern sounding declarations of national community这些国民为呼唤自由 所发出的振聋发聩的声音come together as the epitaph of the idea of the Plantagenet empire of Britain.汇聚成了墓志铭 刻在金雀花王朝;不列颠帝国美梦;的坟墓上You hear this language Eloquent, fierce, righteously belligerent你所听到的这些呼喊 雄辩 狂热 万丈And you hear a voice which, for better or worse,would shout, roar and lament down through the ages.你听到的这声音 无论如何 都将在历史长河中永恒激荡Robert the Bruce outlived both Edwards,And while war would continue with England for generations,罗伯特·布鲁斯经历了两个爱德华王朝 尽管后世苏格兰与英格兰的战争一直在持续The scots had won english recognition of their truly independent kingdom.但苏格兰人赢得了英格兰人 对自己王国独立的承认This is certainly not what longshanks had imagined When he had been crowned before his namesake the confesses tomb.这显然是;长腿;国王生前未曾预料到的 当他在忏悔墓前接受加冕or when he had seated himself upon the stone of scone.或坐在司康石上意气风发 都不曾想到会有这么一天 /201611/476474惠州无疼包皮手术医院哪里好

惠州哪里割包皮手术惠城友好医院地址There was young Henry, officially the next king of England,首先是小亨利 英格兰的法定继承人but in reality still having to apply to his father for pocket money.事实上仍是寄人篱下 衣食住行还得靠其父He rebelled, only to end up dying of dysentery.他参与了叛变 最终却死于痢疾Then there was Geoffrey, as bright and devious as his namesake grandfather,其次是杰弗里 继承了祖父之名 同时也继承了其才智和诡计多端 given Brittany,but then trampled to death by a horse.封地为布列塔尼 却死于马蹄的践踏之下This left Richard Coeur De Lion, the Lionheart,physically brave, chivalrous and brutally ambitious.接着是狮心王理查 鲁莽勇敢 仗义行侠 野心勃勃And the youngest, John. Vindictive, self-serving,but undoubtedly clever.最后是幺子约翰 心胸狭窄 自私自利 却无疑地相当聪明Henry saw in him perhaps the only prince who could properly inherit the government.在亨利看来 也许只有他 才是继承王位的合适人选Between them Richard and John managed to undo, in their own spectacular ways,理查和约翰各自以令人惊叹的方式not only the prospects of the kingdom,but, in the space of 15 years,the entire empire their father had so skilfully constructed.不仅瓦解了王国的未来 还毁掉了其父花费十五年 而精心建造的帝国It was on Richard that Eleanor pinned her hopes.埃莉诺寄希望于理查She was even prepared to go as far as to encourage an alliance between Richard and her husbands bitterest enemy, the king of France.她甚至准备鼓动理查 与其丈夫的死敌法国结盟So, in 1189, Richard declared war on his father.1189年 理查向他的父亲宣战This time, Henry faced defeat,forced to watch as his barons defected to Richard.这一次 亨利遭到了失败 被迫看着自己的贵族倒戈向理查The beleaguered Henry had no choice but to negotiate and agree terms which humbled him before his own son.腹背受敌的亨利别无选择 只能屈膝向自己的亲生儿子妥协 /201609/468215A barramundi is a really positive sign.澳大利亚肺鱼的标记真是振奋人心It means there must be water nearby and a chance of catching some food.它意味着附近肯定有水源 有可能搞到些食物Its a whole river.Still want to be a bit careful with rivers,even this far inland.这是一整条河 就算身处大陆深处 碰到河流也要小心Still got saltwater crocodiles here.咸水鳄鱼仍然可能出没But look. Its only knee-deep,and its crystal clear.但是你瞧 水只有没膝深 而且清澈见底For the survivor, lost in this hot-and-dry environment,对于迷失在这种干热环境中的生存者而言it doesnt get any better than this,cools you down and makes life bearable again.这种情形再好不过 它能让你冷静下来 重新焕发生机Very, very, very nice.This is probably why that aboriginal camp was there.非常 非常 非常棒 也许这就是为什么土著会在那边扎营They were close to a water source.Okay, I need a refill.Oh, simple pleasures.距水源很近 好 把水壶灌满 快乐就这么简单Arnhem Lands freshwater streams are home to black bream and jungle perch.阿纳姆地的淡水溪流 是黑鳍鲷和水马骝的乐园But other creatures also patrol these shallows.Water snake!但是其他生物也会从这些浅水巡游而过 水蛇Yeah, you can just see his tail under here.没错 看 它的尾巴就在下面Good-sized one. Get him up on this bank.Its a file snake.个头不小 把它搞上岸 是条锉蛇Look. That really rough skin.Thats why theyre called that.看 表皮很是粗糙 所以才给它们起了这么个名字And these guys, what they do,use their tail,wrap around,look,这东西 会使什么招呢 利用自己的尾巴 绕过去 看好了 like hes trying to do to my fingers ,cling on to a branch,就这样缠住我的手指头 绕根树枝and as he gets his prey,will constricts it and then swallow it.一旦捕住猎物 就锁紧它 然后整个的吞下201612/486466惠州友好男科费用高吗惠阳割包皮手术

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