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1. The food on the board is free of charge. 飞机上的食品是免费供应的. Would you help me with this seatbelt, please? 请帮我调整下安全带好吗?3. You have to bring your seat ward the landing. 飞机要降落,您得把座位靠背调直.It was boring to sit on the plane with nothing to . 坐在飞上没有动西可读真是乏味5. I would like to upgrade my airplane seat to first class. 我想把我在飞机上的座位调到头等舱6. Oxygen masks are used in aircraft only in emergencies. 飞机上的氧气面具只用于紧急情况7. Push the call button and an air hostess will come at once. 一下呼叫钮,空就会立即过来8. Considerring your own safety, please don't smoke on the plane. 为了您自身的安全,请不要在飞机上吸烟9. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position. 您必须把小桌板放回原位并固定好. Passengers now have to go through double screening bee getting on their plane. 现在乘客要通过双重检查才能登记 6。

1. You’d better check your laundry. 您最好查看下洗好的衣物. We have express laundry service. 我们有快速洗衣务3. A valet will be up in a few minutes. 洗熨工马上就到. Have you any laundry to be done? 您有要洗的衣吗?5. I want to have my coat dry-cleaned. 我想把大衣干洗一下6. What are your rates of laundry service? 洗衣务怎么收费?7. Could you fill out the laundry m, please? 请您填上洗衣单,好吗?8. Do you have a mending service clothes? 你们有缝补衣的务吗?9. Your laundry will be y by 3 p.m. this afternoon. 您送洗的衣会在今天下午3点洗好. Would you please iron out the wrinkles in this skirt? 请把这条裙子熨一下好吗?重点讲解:valet: 务员,熨烫工wrinkles: 皱纹 5。

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能言善辩Let me introduce first. This is Mr. Smith, the CEO of our company. 让我介绍一下,这位是我们公司的首席执行官,史密斯先生Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到您I'm looking ward to meeting you. Very glad to see you. 我一直期望见到您见到您很高兴I have heard of you a lot, and would appreciate your guidance. 久仰大名请多指教It's certainly a pleasure to meet you. 认识您真是我的荣幸I'm very pleased to have the opporty to meet you. 很高兴有机会见到您Let me carry your cases you. 我来给您提行李吧Thank you! They are really a bit heavy. I can take one myself. 谢谢!它们确实有点重我自己能提一个Don't bother, please. I can manage. 不用麻烦了我能提得动Oh, that's all right. I'm sure I can manage myself. 不要紧我确定自己能提得动Thank you! But I've got two hands free. 谢谢!但是我也没什么行李Would you like to come to the party? The party will last till ten o’clock. We hope you can make it. 您参加今晚的晚会吗?晚会将会持续到点,希望您能来Yes, I'd like to very much. 好的,我很乐意去With pleasure. I will. 很乐意我会去的It's nice of you to invite me to take part in. I'll arrive at the party on time. 多谢你们邀请我去参加我会时达到晚会的Oh, that sounds like a good idea, I'm glad to come. Thanks your invitation. 这个主意听起来很好,我乐意去谢谢你们的邀请I'd love to, but I'm not sure whether I'm free then. 我很想去,但我不确定那时我是否有时间I wish I could, but I'm booked up that day. 我希望我能去,但是那天我抽不出时间Thank you inviting. But I have another appointment then. 谢谢你们的邀请但是那天我有另外一个约会了 77。

The humble watermelon. The epitome of summer. But how do you know if it perfectly ripe? Well, one theory is that if you knock hard on the outside, the sound you hear will help determine if it y to eat.普普通通的西瓜,是夏天的标志但是怎样才能知道西瓜是否熟透呢?有一个办法:敲一下西瓜,你能根据声音判断西瓜是否可以吃了That theory lead to a huge online debate in China about what kind of people engaged in the art of watermelon knocking?这种办法在中国网上引起了热烈的讨论,哪里的人才懂得“敲西瓜”的技巧?The discussion, which thousands of people contributed to on the Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo, was kicked off by an obscure event thousands of miles away in Italy.远隔万里的意大利发生了一件令人费解的事件,引起了成千上万中国人在新浪微上的讨论It all began when a Chinese social media user posted the picture below of a sign in an Italian supermarket asking customers not to knock on the watermelons. The sign was stuck in a crate full of watermelons which : ;please stop knocking on the watermelons, they will not respond to it!;事情的起因是一位中国网友在网上发了一张照片,一家意大利超市立起牌子,要求顾客不要再敲西瓜了牌子插在装满西瓜的板条箱里,上面写着:“请您不要再敲西瓜了,它们是真的不会回应的!”There is no indication that the supermarket was targeting this message at customers with Chinese heritage. The sign was in Italian not Mandarin. But somehow it was taken as an attack on a practice which some Chinese observers regarded as being unique to their national customs.目前没有据表明这家超市针对的是中国顾客,牌子上写的是意大利语,而不是中文但是,一些中国人莫名其妙地将其视为对中国独一无二的传统风俗的攻击According to What On Weibo, the photo was widely shared after Chinese media outlets reported that the notice was aimed directly at Chinese customers. But some social media users were quick to establish that the art of knocking watermelons is not exclusive to China and is in fact universal.据What On Weibo报道,一些中国媒体认为牌子上的警告是针对中国顾客,之后这张照片在网上被频频转发但是一些网友很快表示,并不只是中国人敲西瓜,很多其他国家也使用这个小技巧The viral photo was originally posted by a user on Weibo who calls himself Isolated Guardian. He is allegedly a Chinese man living in Milan. The photo has since been removed from his page.这张广为传播的照片最初是由一名微账号为“孤岛守护者“的网友发布的据称,他是一位生活在米兰的中国人,已经将照片从微上删除 56。

导购口语:It is indeed tow-pence colored.真是物美价廉It is really cheep (in price) and fine (in quality).真是物美价廉It offers the most at the best price.真是物美价廉语句:Pence是penny(便士)的复数形式,color的意思是染色,It is indeed two-pence colored意思为“真是物美价廉”这是一句很地道的表达值得一用情景再现:We have great brands at great prices.我们的东西物美价廉It is our belief to offer customers best quality products with competitive low price.物美价廉使我们的信条This computer seemed to offer the most at the best price.这台电脑看起来物美价廉 18777。