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房间脏乱差到不忍直视,英文如何形容? --30 :59: 来源:chinadaily 对于网络时代的宅男宅女们来说,这世界上最悲催的事情恐怕就是家里有个爱干净勤打扫的老妈,要不就是摊上一个“处女座”的室友当你沉浸在虚拟世界里无法自拔时, 他们的碎碎念总能把你拉回到邋遢的现实中这些年常被他们叨叨的那些凌乱,英文里你知道该怎么说吗? 1. Clothes are strewn all over the floor. 衣扔的满地都是 . Food is splattered all over the microwave. 吃的东西都洒到微波炉上了 3. The refrigerator is full of moldy food. 冰箱里的食物都发霉了 . There’s a film of grease around the stove. 炉灶周围积了厚厚一层油腻 5. Dirty dishes are just sitting in the sink. 那些脏盘子在洗漱池里睡大觉呢 6. A thick layer of dust has built up on all the shelves. 所有的架子上都积了一层厚厚的灰尘 7. There are cobwebs in the corners. 墙角到处都是蜘蛛网 8. The drains are clogged with hair. 下水道都被头发堵住了 9. The windows and mirrors have smudges all over them. 窗户和镜子上到处都是污渍 . Old newspapers are piled up in the corner. 角落里堆满了废旧报纸。

今年海外首只熊猫宝宝出生啦! -- :: 来源: 旅比大熊猫“好好”和其夫君“幸会”产下了一只熊猫幼崽,这是今年海外出生的首只熊猫宝宝据悉,目前熊猫母子平安 A giant panda cub has been born at a zoo in Belgium, an event so rare it is being described a "true miracle".日前,比利时动物园的一只大熊猫产下了幼崽由于大熊猫产仔的几率非常低,于是这件事被称为“真正的奇迹”The healthy male cub was born at a wildlife park outside Brussels to six-year-old Hao Hao and her mate Xing Hui, both on loan from China.在布鲁塞尔外的一个野生动物园里,经过六岁大的“好好”和她的夫君“幸会”的努力,终于生下了一只健康的雄性幼崽这两只熊猫都是中国租借给比利时的The cub, which is hairless, blind and weighs just 1g (6oz), is yet to be named.这只大熊猫宝宝还没有名字,刚出生时它没有毛发,眼睛也没有睁开,体重只有1克(约6盎司)There are only 1,86 giant pandas worldwide, and about 300 live in zoos to protect the species.全世界只有186只大熊猫,其中有300只生活在动物园里,以求保护这个濒危物种"It’s a boy!" the director of the Pairi Daiza wildlife park, Eric Domb, told a news conference at the zoo in southern Belgium.位于比利时南部的“天堂野生动物公园”召开了一场新闻发布会,会上动物园的主管埃里克·多布告诉记者们说:“是个男孩!”"Everything went exceptionally well," he added.他补充说道:“一切都好”’Little pink sausage’‘粉红色的小东西’The pregnancy was confirmed only a couple of weeks ago.仅仅数周前园方才确认好好怀了But pandas struggle to reproduce in captivity, and the team was cautious, even at that point, if and when Hao Hao would give birth.在笼子里熊猫会很难生产,而且在哪个时候,动物园方面也非常谨慎,他们计算好好生产的时间,考虑自己应该做些什么The cub, described as "a little pink sausage", gave a loud squeal as it was born, according to the park’s zoological director Tim Bouts.据园方动物学主任提姆·兹透露,这个“粉红色的小东西”(指这只熊猫幼崽)在出生时发出了一声非常嘹亮的叫声Mother and baby are doing well, but Mr Bouts said the newborn was still in a risky period any young panda.好好和这只熊猫宝宝的表现都非常好,但是兹表示这只幼崽尚处于危险期,这是所有新生大熊猫都要度过的阶段Hao Hao, whose name means "kindly", scooped up her baby and held it in her jaws to protect and clean it.好好(“亲切、友好”的意思)把熊猫宝宝护在嘴里,以此来保护它,并把它舔干净The zoo has hosted the panda parents since under an arrangement with the Chinese authorities.年,在中国政府的安排下,这家动物园接待了好好和幸会Chinese experts also helped with the insemination of Hao Hao three months ago.来自中国的专家还在三个月前帮助好好人工授精The zoo can keep the cub four years bee it is returned to China, if all goes well.如果一切顺利的话,这家动物园可以保留这只熊猫猫宝宝四年,在那之后它将回到中国The birth is only the third in Europe in the last years, the other two being in Austria and Spain.这只熊猫宝宝是年里在欧洲出生的第三只,前两只分别出生在奥地利和西班牙Two pandas were born in zoos in China this year.今年,中国动物园迎来了两只熊猫宝宝的降生。

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浏览器新功能屏蔽明星八卦 -- :19: 来源: 浏览器新功能屏蔽明星八卦KardBlock browser extension lets you block all mentions of Kardashians onlineThere are some people in this world who just can't get enough of Kimye's outfits and Kylie's lips. 这世上总有些人看不够金·卡戴珊的着装和凯莉的嘴唇But if you're tired of keeping up with the Kardashians, an ad blocker has been created that could rid them of your life entirely. 不过,如果你不想看到关于卡戴珊家族的八卦,新出的一个广告屏蔽功能可以完全把他们从你的生活中清除掉Named KardBlock, the browser extension promises to remove Kardashian-related updates from newsfeeds and websites, adding ominously: 'We simply make it disappear.' 一个叫KardBlock浏览器拓展功能可以在你上网的时候把与卡戴珊家族有关的消息从新闻和网站中剔除,可能不爱好听“我们就是让他们都消失了”The program is currently in beta testing and was created by Calinia-based social media firm Chameleon.la and James Shamsi. 这个项目由位于加利福尼亚州的社交媒体公司Chameleon.la和詹姆斯·沙木思开发,目前正处于开放测试阶段He says the time Kardashian-rule is over and that Kardblock will make the internet 'a better place everyone.' 詹姆斯表示,“卡戴珊主导”的时代已经过去,Kardblock将会把网络变成“一个对所有人来说更好的地方”'We don't care about how Kanye and Kim didn't care when Amy Schumer "fell over,"' s the mission statement on his website. 该网站在一份声明中表示:“我们并不关心艾米舒默走红毯摔倒时,卡戴珊夫妇如何表现得无所谓”'We don't care about who the Kardashians are or aren't sleeping with. We don't care that Kim dyed her hair blonde. We don't care about the Kardashians.' “我们不关心卡戴珊们跟谁或不跟谁睡觉,不关心卡戴珊把头发染成金色我们不关心卡戴珊们”The site, however, admits that there is important news that relates to the family, particularly Bruce Jenner's interview about his gender identity. 然而,这个站点承认这个家族仍然有一些比较重要的新闻,特别是关于布鲁斯·詹纳对于他自己性别的认定'We do...care about raising awareness of transsexuality, the one benefit of the Kardashians,' KardBlock says. “我们确实关心变性意识的兴起,这是卡戴珊家族的一个优势”KardBlock团队说This isn't the first time someone has tried to stop Kim Kardashian from breaking the internet. 这已经不是第一次有人因为厌烦金·卡戴珊而想要把她的新闻从网上清除掉A few years ago, a plug-in Chrome browsers dubbed Silence of the Celebs promised to white-out celebrities you would rather not see online. 几年前,Chrome浏览器一个名为“名人默声”(Silence of the Celebs)的插件承诺会把你不想看到的名人新闻从网上抹掉The KardBlock team says its next project is to filter out Justin Bieber. KardBlock团队说,他们下一个项目将会把贾斯汀·比伯“拉黑”Vocabularyad blocker: 广告拦截程序 ominously: 不祥地 beta testing: 开放测试(译者:陈思闽BISTU 编辑:马文英)。

第67届艾美奖完整获奖名单(双语) -- 3::35 来源: 第67届艾美奖颁奖典将于北京时间9月1日早上点(美国时间9月日晚点)在洛杉矶落幕以项提名领跑的《权力的游戏最终夺得剧情类最佳剧集奖,本次共拿下四个奖项《副总统成喜剧类最以下是双语获奖名单:剧情类奖项▌剧情类最佳剧集Outstanding Drama Series《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) - HBO▌剧情类最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series乔·哈姆(Jon Hamm) 《广告狂人(Mad Men)▌剧情类最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series维奥拉·戴维斯(Viola Davis) 《逍遥法外(How to Get Away with Murder)▌剧情类最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series彼特·丁拉基(Peter Dinklage) 《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)▌剧情类最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series奥卓·阿杜巴(Uzo Aduba) 《女子监狱(Orange Is the New Black)▌剧情类最佳客串男演员Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series雷格·E·凯蒂(Reg E. Cathey)《纸牌屋(House of Cards)▌剧情类最佳客串女演员Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series玛格·马丁戴尔(Margo Martindale)《美国谍梦(The Americans)▌剧情类最佳编剧Outstanding Writing a Drama SeriesDavid Benioff, D.B. Weiss 《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)▌剧情类最佳导演Outstanding Directing a Drama Series戴维·纳特(David Nutter) 《权力的游戏喜剧类奖项▌喜剧类最佳剧集Outstanding Comedy Series《副总统(Veep) - HBO▌喜剧类最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series杰弗里·塔伯(Jeffrey Tambor) 《透明家庭(Transparent)▌喜剧类最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series朱莉娅·路易斯·德利法斯(Julia Louis Dreyfuss) 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series托尼·海尔(Tony Hale) 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series马伊姆·拜力克(Mayim Bialik) 《生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory)▌喜剧类最佳客串男演员Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series布莱德利·惠特福德(Bradley Whitd)《透明家庭(Transparent)▌喜剧类最佳客串女演员Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series琼·库萨克(Joan Cusack)《无耻之徒(Shameless)▌喜剧类最佳编剧Outstanding Writing a Comdedy SeriesSimon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳导演Outstanding Directing a Comedy SeriesJill Soloway 《透明家庭(Transparent)限定剧、电视电影类奖项▌最佳限定剧Outstanding Miniseries《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge) - HBO▌最佳电视电影Outstanding Television Movie《蓝调女王(Bessie) - HBO▌限定剧电视电影最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie理查德·詹金斯(Richard Jenkins) 《奥利芙·基特里奇▌限定剧电视电影最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie弗朗西丝·麦克道曼(Frances McDormand) 《奥利芙·基特里奇▌限定剧电视电影最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie比尔·默里(Bill Murray) 《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge)▌限定剧电视电影最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie雷吉娜·金(Regina King) 《美国重案(American Crime)▌限定剧电视电影最佳最佳编剧Outstanding Writing A Limited Series, Movie Or A Dramatic SpecialJohn Ridley 《美国重案(American Crime)▌限定剧电视电影最佳最佳导演Outstanding Directing A Limited Series, Movie Or A Dramatic SpecialLisa Cholodenko 《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge)综艺类奖项▌最佳综艺脱口秀节目Outstanding Variety Talk Series《司徒囧每日秀(The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)- Comedy Central▌最佳小品综艺节目Outstanding Variety Sketch Series《艾米-舒默的内心世界(Inside Amy Schumer)-Comedy Central▌最佳竞技类真人秀Outstanding Reality-Competition Program《美国好声音(The Voice) - N▌最佳虚拟现实类真人秀Outstanding Structured Reality Program《创智赢家(Shark Tank) - A▌最佳非虚拟现实类真人秀Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program《致命捕捞(Deadliest Catch) - Discovery▌最佳真人秀主持人Outstanding Host A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program简-林奇(Jane Lynch) 《好莱坞游戏之夜(Hollywood Game Night)。

欧洲杯:德国队0-不敌法国,无缘冠军 -- :: 来源: 在对阵德国队的比赛中,东道主法国队以-0的成绩胜出,挺进欧洲杯决赛,将和葡萄牙队一决雌雄 Antoine Griezmann, the tournament’s top scorer, made the decisive contributions in each half to set up a final against Portugal at the Stade de France on Sunday.在这场比赛中,本届欧洲杯顶级射手安托瓦内·格里兹曼在上下场的比赛中各打进一球,从而使得法国队赢得比赛,将于本周日在法兰西体育场迎战葡萄牙队Griezmann scored from the penalty spot right on half-time when Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger was penalised handball by Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli in an aerial challenge with Patrice Evra.德国球员施魏因施泰格在和法国球员帕特莱斯·埃夫拉空中相遇时手球犯规,意大利裁判尼古拉·尼佐里判法国队点球机会,格里兹曼在中场时从罚球点往右打门,进球得分France held out against German pressure bee Griezmann settled the destination of a pulsating semi-final with 18 minutes left when he turned in from close range after keeper Manuel Neuer could only half-clear Paul Pogba’s cross.在格里兹曼结束这场紧张刺激的半决赛比赛之前,法国队顶住了来自德国队的压力当时距离比赛结束还有18分钟,格里兹曼近距离射门得分,而德国队门将诺伊尔仅仅只能够半防住保罗·格巴的传球Joshua Kimmich then hit the woodwork Germany and also saw a header brilliantly saved by France keeper Hugo Lloris - but there was no way back the World Cup holders.德国队方面,约书亚·金米奇一脚射门击中了门柱,后来又曾头球打门,但是却被法国门将洛里斯成功扑救,世界冠军德国队无力回天France made a slow start to Euro but there was a real sense inside Marseille’s vast Stade Velodrome that Didier Deschamps’ team are now being carried towards the finishing line in Paris on Sunday by a national tide of emotion.在欧洲杯的比赛中,法国队到后来才渐入佳境但是马赛维洛德罗姆球场的这场比赛真正意义非凡,法国队进入了最终决赛,将于本周日在巴黎迎战葡萄牙,这一壮举激起了法国国内汹涌澎湃的民主自豪感It was, of course, during a friendly between France and Germany at the Stade de France, which will stage Sunday’s Euro final, that the first explosions were heard on the night of the Paris attacks in November in which 0 people died and hundreds of others were wounded. Fourteen players who started that night were in the line-ups that took to the field here in Marseille.去年月,法国队和德国队球员在法兰西体育场(周日的决赛将在这里举行)开展了一场友谊赛,而那天晚上发生的巴黎袭击事件最先受到冲击的就是这里,第一次爆炸就发生在不远处,该次袭击事件最终共造成0人死亡,另有数百人受伤而那天晚上在现场的名球员今天就在马赛的这场比赛中The atmosphere inside the Stade Velodrome was electric after a day of searing temperatures and the togetherness now felt between France’s players and their supporters was summed up in one moment in the second half.在经过了一天的高温天气后,维洛德罗姆球场内空气弥漫着令人激动的味道,法国球员们合作亲密区间,法国球迷们在下半场某一时刻沸腾到了极点Germany were applying pressure in an attempt to claw back a 1-0 deficit when the whole ground erupted into a rousing chorus of national anthem La Marseillaise to urge their team on.当时德国队顶住压力,试图扳平1-0落后的局面,而全场的法国球迷们热烈地高唱国歌马赛曲来给法国球员加油鼓劲One more task remains against Portugal on Sunday - the whole of France expects.本周日葡萄牙还将有一场硬仗--他们的对手是整个法国。

冲绳爆发年来最大抗议,美或归还部分土地灭火 -- 19:5: 来源: 日本冲绳成千上万的抗议者聚集在这里,以抗议美军在该地令人窒息的军事存在 The protestors are angry after a mer US Marine employed as a civilian worker was arrested over the rape and murder of a local -year-old woman.之前冲绳一名岁女性被一个民工奸杀,犯人曾被美国海军陆战队雇佣,对此当地抗议者群情激奋The case has intensified longstanding opposition to the military bases, spurring calls US military personnel to be moved off the island.这起案件加剧了当地长期以来对美军基地的反对,进一步扩大了要求美国军事人员从该岛撤离的呼声There are 6,000 US troops on Okinawa.目前有6000名美国士兵驻扎在冲绳They work and live on bases that cover a fifth of the island and are a key part of the US-Japan security alliance.他们工作、生活在美军基地里,该基地占据了冲绳岛五分之一的面积,是美日安全联盟的关键组成部分The demonstration on Sunday began with a moment of silence Rina Shimabukuro, the murder victim, and a message from her father.上周日的抗议活动以一阵默哀开始,人们为那起谋杀的受害者岛袋里奈进行了默哀,还宣读了她父亲的讯息"Why my daughter, why was she killed?" said the message, on his behalf. "My thoughts are the same as those of all the bereaved families that have met with suffering up to now."代表宣读了这份信件:“为什么是我的女儿?为什么她要被杀?我的想法和那些失去亲人的家庭一样,我们的苦难一直持续到今天”Protestors waved placards ing "Our anger is past its limit" and "Pull out the Marines".抗议人群挥舞着标语,上面写着“我们的愤怒快要超过了忍耐极限”和“撤离海军陆战队”Chihiro Uchimura, 71, told the AFP news agency: "I’m filled with sadness and I really don’t want any more victims."71岁的千寻内村告诉法新社说:“我的心中充满了悲伤,我真的不想再出现更多的受害者”"As long as there are US military bases this kind of incident will continue to happen," she said.她说道:“只要美军基地继续留在冲绳,这种事件就会继续发生”A simultaneous demonstration was held outside the Japanese parliament in Tokyo.在东京日本议会外,同时举行了另一场抗议活动A 3-year-old US civilian working at the base was arrested last month in connection with the murder of Ms Shimabukuro.一名3岁的美军基地平民工作人员在上个月被捕,其涉嫌杀害了岛袋里奈The demonstrators called the scrapping of plans by Washington and Tokyo to move a major US Marine facility in the centre of the island to a more remote area.抗议者们呼吁取消美日协议,将位于冲绳中心的一个美国海军基地搬迁到一个更偏远的地方去Okinawa’s Governor Takeshi Onaga, who attended the rally, is opposed to the plan and wants the base removed entirely.冲绳县知事翁长雄志出席了此次集会,反对美日协议,希望该美军基地能够完全撤走The decision to move the facility was sparked by the rape of a -year-old Japanese girl by three US servicemen in 1995.1995年,冲绳一名岁日本女孩被三名美国军人强奸,从而引发了对于撤离美军基地的决定But the plan has been delayed by local opposition and legal manoeuvring.但是由于当地人的反对和对法律的操纵,这一搬迁计划被推迟了Okinawa was under US occupation 7 years, following World War Two.自从二战以来,美军已经占领冲绳长达7年了。

湖南万佛山悬崖玻璃桥步步惊心 -- :19:5 来源:sohu 位于中国湖南省的玻璃桥在七月八日正式开放给公众游览新景点随即吸引了很多游客前来万佛山挑战胆量, 一试高空刺激的体验 The skywalk glass bridge in central China's Hunan Province, opened to the public on Friday ,July 8, . The skywalk glass bridge attracts many tourists to the Wanfo mountain cliff in the province.。

网红必杀技,5个小心机在镜头前展现最美的自己 -- 18::30 来源:chinadaily A couple of weeks ago, Mashable published this photo recap of Social Media Week. Smack dab in the middle was this close-up shot of myself. 在几个星期之前,Mashable网站发布了Facebook“社交媒体周”里这张经过处理的图片恰巧的是,这张近距离的照片的主角正是本人 I didn't post it to Facebook. 但是我并没有把它发布在Facebook上 My name is Amanda, and I suffer from a syndrome I call the ;Facebook Effect.; The more intertwined Ibecome with social media or any other image-heavy platm, the more obsessed I become with my appearance. 我的名字叫Amanda,我已经患上了一种我称之为“Facebook效应”的综合征也就是当我越沉迷于社交媒体或其他注重颜值的平台,我就会越在乎自己的外表 And apparently, I'm not alone. Doctors say Facebook and -chatting tools like Skype and FaceTime have partly fueled this decade’s boom in plastic surgery. 并且很显然,有这种现象的人不止我一个许多医生都表示,Facebook和一些视频聊天工具,如Skype和FaceTime在某种程度上促进了这个年代的外科整形行业的发展 “People will come in and say, ‘I saw myself in the mirror, but I didn’t really notice it until I saw myself on Facebook or on my iPhone or iPad,’” says New York plastic surgeon Adam Schaffner. “人们走进来就会说,‘虽然我常常照镜子,但若不是在Facebook或iPhone,iPad上,我还真的不会去在意自己的外表’”纽约的整形外科医师Adam Schaffner表示 I've never considered going under the knife myself. But I do understand how so many of us get to this point. Digital technology exacerbates image issues that a lot of us aly have. And if you're plugged into the digital space like myself, you're probably around a smartphone or webcam every day. 我也从没考虑过要去动刀子但我能理解为什么这么多人会选择走这一步电子技术加剧了许多早已存在的自我形象问题而且如果你跟我一样,如此沉迷于数码世界里,那么你每天总离不开智能手机或网络摄像头 Plastic surgery is obviously the most extreme response to fixing the ;flaws.; And I'm just not there. So, I set out see if could I cure my Facebook Effect by simply learning my angles. 很显然,外科整形手术就是修补这些“缺陷”的最极端回应方法不过我还没有达到这个程度所以,我开始努力,看看能否通过一些简单的调整角度的方法治愈我的“Facebook效应”综合征 Demetra Kavadeles, Global Public Relations manager, consumer at Skype, says there are ways to trick the camera. She points out small adjustments that can make anyone look years younger on camera. So, I tried them out myself. Demetra Kavadeles是环球公共关系公司的管理者,也是Skype的用户,她表示有办法能够通过“欺骗”摄像头以呈现出好的效果她提出了几个细微的调整就能让每个人在摄像头里看起来年轻好几岁所以,我自己也试了试 5 Tips Looking Your Best on Screen 5种小心机在视频里呈现最美的自己 In the photos at the top of this story, the one on the left was taken without taking into any of the tips below. The photo on the right is the improved version. Along with these five tips, Kavadeles also recommends doing a test call with a close friend or family member to check both sound and quality. 在本文的开头,左边的照片没有经过以下任何方法的处理而右边就是修过的版本除了下面的这5个步骤,Kavadeles同时也建议找一位亲密的朋友或家人进行一次视频通话测试,以确保视频的声音和影像质量 1. Let in the Light 1. 让光线照进来 Ensure you have several light sources and that they are all indirect to avoid dark shadows or a shiny-face effect. Personally, I have found that putting the light source behind the computer works best. 确保你有多个光源,并且它们能间接避开黑影或脸部发亮的效果就我个人而言,我已经发现了把光源置于电脑后方能达到最佳的效果 . Make Eye Contact . 眼神交流 Look into the webcam and not at the screen. It’s easy to be distracted by the personal preview (the little box that shows how the other person sees you), but this can lead to unflattering postures on camera and a lack of eye contact with the other caller. 眼睛要看着网络摄像头而不是电脑屏幕虽然很容易被视频预览窗口转移注意力(也就是对方的视角),但是在摄像头里所显示的姿势便不那么好看了,还会缺少与对方的眼神交流 3. Beware of Patterns 3. 注意各种图案样式的搭配 While you want to express your personal style, keep in mind that bold patterns can look ;messy; on the viewer's screen. Additionally, some pieces of jewelry can reflect light in a way that distracts the viewer. Less is more with jewelry. And if you wear a pattern, be sure you don't sit in front of one. The best background is a dark, solid color that doesn't clash with you. I conveniently — and unintentionally — wore a pretty bold dress today, so this was interesting to see on camera. 当你希望向对方呈现个人风格的时候,请记住,大胆的图案在对方的视角里会是“混乱”的感觉再者,携带多种珠宝首饰还会反射光线转移观看者的注意力就首饰的问题上,少即是多并且如果你已经佩戴了一种图案的饰品,请确保你的后面没有别的图案最理想的背景颜色应该是深的、单一的,不会与你本人产生冲突的颜色而我刚好,不是故意的,穿了一件美美的单色裙子,所以这样在摄像机前看起来就很好看 . Sit up Straight . 坐直身体 Make sure your total upper body — not just your face — is visible in the camera area. To provide you with some comt, keep in mind the caller on the other side only sees you from the waist up. 要注意是整个上半身,不仅是脸,都会在摄像机前展示无遗不过为了让你不会感到拘谨,应当注意的是,坐在电脑前的对方只能看到你腰部以上的位置 5. Angle the Camera 5. 调整摄像头的角度 This is a personal tip of my own. I have often found that looking down at the camera often makes your face seem wider. Place the camera on a surface that's directly in line with your ehead. If you're on a laptop with a built-in camera (like I am in this picture), don't tilt the screen up — always place it on a higher surface and tip it down towards you. 这是我本人发现的小方法我常常发现当把摄像头置于视线下方就会让你的脸看起来更宽所以把摄像头放在额头水平的位置如果你使用的是内置摄像头的笔记本电脑(就像照片里的我使用的),那就不用把摄像头向上倾斜,而是把它置于更高的平面,然后朝着自己向下倾斜 When It's Not About the Camera 若不是摄像头的问题时 While I was overall more satisfied with my webcam appearance when using these tips, this may just be a temporary band-aid. Body dysmorphic disorder is a serious disease with roots too deep to be cured by superficial tips taking a better picture. 虽然在使用这些小技巧的时候,我一般都更满意在镜头里呈现的自己,但这只是一种临时的权宜之计身体畸形恐惧症是一种根深蒂固的严重疾病,并非通过照一张漂亮照片这种表面的方法就能治愈的 In an ideal world, we're all working towards a society that isn't obsessed with image. But truth is that all those Photoshop protests, feel-good commercials and, ironically, s just like the one you're currently ing only nourish our obsession. In the age of digital, beauty is in the eye of the Internet user. 在理想的世界里,我们都在努力地建设一个不如此迷恋外表的社会但现实的真相是,所有的这些图像编辑软件的抗衡现象,让人感觉良好的商业宣传效应,以及更讽刺的是,你正在阅读的这篇文章只会加深人们对外表的迷恋在电子的时代,美便存在于网民的眼里。

脸书网直播视频显示3人在车里听音乐时被击 -- 3::53 来源: 3人在直播中被击!脸书网称在该平台上保留视频是为了“谴责暴力” A Facebook Live on Tuesday showed three men in Norfolk, Virginia, get shot by unknown assailants as they sat in a car and listened to music.一段脸书网上的直播视频周二显示,在弗吉尼亚州的诺福克,3名男子坐在车里听音乐时遭到了不知名行凶者的击The men, two aged 7 and one 9, remained hospitalized Wednesday. One was in critical condition and two were “doing better,” according to a Norfolk Police statement. Police are investigating but have made no arrests so far.这三名男子中有两人7岁,另一名9岁,周三时仍在医院里接受治疗诺福克警方的声明称,其中一人伤势严重,另外两人“有所好转”警方正在进行调查,但是目前为止没有逮捕任何人The shows the men smoking and reciting song lyrics more than 5 minutes. Suddenly, more than two dozen gunshots ring out; the camera then falls to the ground but continues recording more than an hour.画面显示,这几个人正在抽烟,背了超过五分钟的歌词突然,响起了多声声;摄像机随即掉到了地上,但是继续录了一个多小时Facebook said it left the graphic on its site because it meets company standards.脸书网方面称,他们会把视频留在页面上,因为这符合公司规定The Norfolk shooting is the latest example in which Facebook Live has documented a violent altercation in real time. Last week in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, the girlfriend of Philando Castile recorded the aftermath of his fatal shooting by police officers. In the Virginia case, however, it appears no one intentionally left the camera running to capture the incident.诺福克击案是脸书网直播实时记录下的最新一起暴力事件上周在明尼苏达州的法尔肯高地费尔兰多·卡斯蒂尔的女朋友记录下了他被警察杀的后续但是,在弗吉尼亚州的案件中,似乎并没有人故意让摄像机继续运行来捕捉事件现场After the burst of gunfire, the picks up the sounds of worried neighbors, including one man who offers encouraging words to the victims. “Stay calm,” he says repeatedly. “Stay relaxed.”开事件发生之后,视频记录下了担心此事的邻居们的声音,有一个男人一直在鼓励受害者“冷静点”他一遍又一遍地说,“放松点”About minutes later in the , paramedics arrive to administer treatment..视频里过去大约十分钟之后,医护人员赶到现场进行治疗“Sorry about this. Your buddy is more shot up than you are. He’s going second. You’re going to be third,” an emergency responder says to one of the men as they wait another ambulance to arrive.“对不起你兄弟的伤比你严重他上第二辆车你上第三辆”一名急救人员在等待下一辆救护车的时候对一名伤者说Police did not identify the Norfolk victims, but the live-streamed from the of T.J. Williams.警方没有确定诺福克案件中受害者的身份,但是视频直播是在T·J·威廉姆斯的账号名下的When asked about the Norfolk , a Facebook spokeswoman referred The Huffington Post to the company’s recent explanation of its live standards.被问及诺福克视频事件的时候,一名脸书网发言人给《赫芬顿邮报提供了该公司对视频直播标准的现行解释“One of the most sensitive situations involves people sharing violent or graphic images of events taking place in the real world. In those situations, context and degree are everything,” the company said in a statement on July 8. “ instance, if a person witnessed a shooting, and used Facebook Live to raise awareness or find the shooter, we would allow it. However, if someone shared the same to mock the victim or celebrate the shooting, we would remove the .”“最敏感的情况之一就是人们分享在真实世界发生的暴力事件的图像在这些情况下,要以情境和程度为先”该公司在7月8日的一份声明中说,“比如,如果某人目击了击案,并利用脸书网直播认出或者找到了凶手,我们是允许的但是,如果某人分享了嘲弄受害者或者庆祝击案的视频,我们就会予以移除”A company official told the Washington Post that the remained on the site to “condemn violence.”一名该公司官员在接受《华盛顿邮报采访时说,在页面上保留那段视频是为了“谴责暴力行为”Facebook has recently faced scrutiny over how it handles sensitive events recorded on its feature. A technical glitch caused the temporary removal of the Castile about an hour, according to Facebook.脸书网现在面临着审查其视频分区中有关敏感画面的问题脸书网称,技术障碍导致卡斯蒂尔事件的视频被删除了约一小时After Castile’s death, Facebook explained what standards it would apply when confronted with “the unique challenges of live .”卡斯蒂尔死后,脸书网解释了当遇上“不寻常的直播事件”时,他们所秉持的标准。