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长春双腔减压无痛人流医院长春宫颈活检多少钱2 Word ConnectionsAs mentioned in the previous chapter, in American English, words are not pronounced one by one.Usually, the end of one word attaches to the beginning of the next word.This is also true for initials, numbers, and spelling.Part of the glue that connects sentences is an underlying hum or drone that only breaks when you come to a period, and sometimes not even then.You have this underlying hum in your own language and it helps a great deal toward making you sound like a native speaker.Once you have a strong intonation, you need to connect all those stairsteps together so that each sentence sounds like one long word.This chapter is going to introduce you to the idea of liaisons, the connections between words, which allow us to speak in sound groups rather than in individual words.Just as we went over where to put an intonation, here youre going to learn how to connect words.Once you understand and learn to use this technique, you can make the important leap from this practice book to other materials and your own conversation.To make it easier for you to , liaisons are written like this: They tell me the dai measier.(Youve aly encountered some liaisons in Exercises 1-38, 1-49, 1-53.)It could also be written theytellmethedaimeasier, but it would be too hard to . /201509/397203长春人流手术哪家医院较好 Todd: Now, Keiko, you said you lived in America.托德:惠子,你说过你曾在美国生活过。Keiko: Yeah.惠子:对。Todd: How long did you live in America for?托德:你在美国生活了多长时间?Keiko: I lived there for five years.惠子:我在美国生活了五年。Todd: Five. Thats a long time. What was it like when you came back to Japan?托德:五年。那是很长一段时间啊。你回到日本以后感觉怎么样?Keiko: It was quite difficult because I look Japanese and obviously I am Japanese but I act a little bit different from other people and the way I wanted to mingle with my friends was a bit different from how the Japanese people mingle with their friends, for example theres no hugs between friends. Those little things in daily life kind of shocked me a little bit. Or, even in university, Ive heard about this before, but in universities, you know people go to bathroom together, you know they always think about in a group, OK, what should we do, should we eat lunch, should we go to the bathroom, should we, you know, do this after school. Its kind of always in a group.惠子:感觉非常不同,因为我虽然是日本人,但是我和其他日本人的行为有些不同,我和朋友交流的方式也和日本人与朋友们交流的方式不同,举例来说,日本人朋友之间不会拥抱。这种日常生活中的小事会让我有点惊讶。我以前听说,在大学里面,人们会一起去浴室,下课后他们会经常几个人一起活动,一起做些事情、一起去吃饭、一起去浴室等等。总是几个人一起活动。Todd: Thats in Japan or in the U.S.?托德:这是日本的情况还是美国的情况?Keiko: In Japan. (In Japan) Yeah, is what I felt.惠子:日本。这就是我的感觉。Todd: Wow, so it was hard because everybody was always together all the time, like you couldnt be an individual, or?托德:哇,所有人一直都在一起,这很难,没有单独一个人的时间……Keiko: It was hard because I think in The States you are expected to have your own opinions where as in Japan its important to have harmony with other people and so you dont usually say, ;OK, this is what I want to do? Do you guys want to come with me or not?; It doesnt work like that. You say, ;OK, what do you want to do? You ask other people first and people ask each other, ;OK, what do you want?; You sort of, they come up with one thing that we want to do which takes about maybe fifteen minutes or twenty minutes just to do one thing and Im not criticizing, but it was just kind of a different culture coming back. And then, now Ive kind of got used to that culture now and I think its kind of one of the good things about Japanese cultures and Japanese people because they really do respect the other peoples opinions, even with friends, they dont take each other for granted so Im getting used to it, but when I just came back it was just little things.惠子:这很难,因为我认为在美国要有自己的想法,而在日本重要的是同其他人和睦相处,所以你不会说:这就是我想做的事情,你们想不想和我一起?一般不会说这种话。而是会说:好,你们想做什么?你会先问其他人的想法,人们会互相询问:你想做什么?然后他们会想出一件想做的事情,通常这件事需要大概15分钟或20分钟,只做这一件事,我并不是在批评这种做法,只是我回到日本以后感受到了另一种不同的文化。现在我已经习惯这种文化了,我认为这是日本文化和日本人的优点,因为他们非常尊重其他人的意见,即使是朋友之间,日本人也不会忽视彼此,现在我已经习惯这种文化了,不过刚回日本的时候这些小事让我很不适应。Todd: Right. Did you find that you had to change? Like, how did you have to change when you came back? Were you still yourself or did you have to adjust and how so?托德:好。你觉得你必须要改变吗?你回来以后要改变自己吗?你并没有改变,或者说你要适应这里的生活,你是怎么做的?Keiko: I tried not to say so much about, OK this is what I want to do? or I tried not to stand out so much in the way, but after awhile I just thought, OK, when you try to be somebody you cant because thats who you are and there are a lot of friends in university, they ask me, ;Do you think youre Japanese or do you think youre American?; because they felt that Im quite different.惠子:我尽量少说一些“这是我想做的事情”这种话,我尽量不让自己引人注目,不过一段时间以后,我认为这是在试图成为你不可能成为的人,因为大学里有很多朋友会问我:你认为你是日本人还是美国人?因为他们觉得我太与众不同了。Todd: Sure.托德:当然。Keiko: And I used to say, ;Well, Im Japanese but I grew up in the States and I used to explain that but then at the end, I thought, OK, well, I cant be Japanese and I cant be American. Im just myself, so that is a kind of attitude that I took I think from, yeah, in the later years in university and I just try not to really change or try to adapt.惠子:以前我会回答:我是日本人,不过我在美国长大,我会去解释,不过现在我想我既不算日本人,也不算美国人,我只是我自己,所以在大学的最后几年我一直持这种态度,尽量不去改变,而是去适应。 译文属 /201506/378996长春大学白求恩第一医院在线咨询

长春阳光医院靠谱吗本期内容:A bad workman always blames his tools.不会撑船怪河弯首先,我们来学习一个单词 blameB-L-A-M-E 责怪 把…归咎于我们可以学习两个句型了解它的用法sb/sth is to blamefor sth 某人或某事对某事负有责任he is the one toblame for the mistake 他对这个错误负责blame sb/sth forsth 因某事指责某人或某事I don’t blame himfor making the mistake 我不因为他的错误而责怪他a bad workman always blames his tools. 一个糟糕的手艺人往往抱怨他的工具,不会撑船怪河弯关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/492355长春3个月无痛人流多少钱 Can I have a to-go-box,please? 请给我一个打包盒。例句:We ordered too much.Can you give me a to-go-box?我们点多了,可以给我一个打包盒吗?Can I have a to-go-box,please?I dont want to waste food.请给我一个打包盒,我不想浪费食物。A:Can I have a to-go-box please?请给我一个打包盒。B:Sure,wait a mintue.好的,稍等。背景音乐:Medeleine Peyroux-JAi deux Amours关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201610/471108长春市绿园区妇幼保健院妇科专家大夫

蛟河中心医院挂号预约 1. A News Report on Crime 1.关于犯罪活动的新闻报道A: Police are still searching for a robbery suspect in San Bernardino.A:警察仍然在寻找圣贝纳迪诺的抢劫嫌疑犯。B: Where did you hear about this?B:你从哪里听到的这个?A: I saw it on the news last night.A:我昨天晚上在新闻上看到的。B: Did he rob a store or a home?B:他抢了商店还是民居?A: He robbed a check cashing place.A:他抢了兑现票的地方B: Did he have a weapon?B:他有武器吗?A: He had a gun but he tricked a woman working there to let him in the back.A:他有,但他欺骗一个在那里工作的女人,让他在从后门进去。B: How did he do that?B:他是怎么做到的?A: He pretended to be blind and the woman felt bad for him.A:他假装是盲人,女人为他感到难过。B: Why would she feel bad for him?B:为什么她会为他难过?A: He said he was thirsty so she opened the back to give him a glass of water.A:他说他渴了所以她打开门给他一杯水。B: Thats why I dont use check cashing places. B:这就是为什么我不使用票兑现的地方。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/422896长春妇保医院治妇科靠谱吗?长春白求恩医科大学第一医院做药物流产多少钱



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