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Stuck in the #39;friend zone#39; with that special someone who you wish could see you in a more romantic light? Here#39;s a simple insight into getting that someone of your interest, interested. 是不是跟那个自己希望能共度浪漫时光的人还处在“朋友阶段”?下面就教你如何让心仪的人对你来电。1. Be Patient.This individual who has been your friend, is not going to overnightfall magically in love with you with no matter what advances you make. Don#39;t assume because you#39;re good friends, she will believe you can be a good lover to her by just upfront telling her, you have to subtly reveal it to her. Remember you first have to stack the odds in your favour first before you can go for the kill.有耐心。甭管你多么优秀,这个人既然是你的朋友,就不太可能突然莫名其妙爱上你。别想当然以为,既然你俩是朋友,只要你直接向她坦白她就愿意接受;相反,你应该潜移默化地让她明白你的心。为避免碰壁,还是先从对自己有利的小事做起吧。2. Carry on being a good friend.Don#39;t just stop all friendly things with her and become this new flirty guy. You#39;ll creepher out and lose her friendship.继续保持亲密的朋友关系。千万别光顾了要成为恋人而忘了要朋友,这样你不仅可能吓到她,还会损失友情。3. Be Bold.This is probably the reason why you got stuck in the friend zone in the first place. Let her know how amazing you think she is (but don#39;t overkill it), live in the moment, when you#39;re out compliment her on her physical features, for example ;You always look great, but tonight you#39;re figure in that dress...... simply flawless.;勇敢点。也许正是因为缺乏勇气,你俩才会从一开始就只是朋友关系。请告诉她你是多么欣赏她(但别夸大其辞),赞美此时此刻的她。比如当你俩在一起时,夸夸她的外貌,说:“你总是这么漂亮,今晚穿这身裙子简直无可挑剔哇!”4. Flirt more.Start flirting a little more. Learn the art of kino, touch her more, especially when flirting. But don#39;t just flirt with her, flirt with other women especially in her presence (don#39;t overkill though), let her see other women desire you, in doing this you are leveling the playing field, allow her to think you#39;re interested in other women, it displays confidence, she#39;ll respect you.讲点俏皮情话。多跟她调调情吧。你可以学电影里的样子,跟她俏皮嬉笑、拉手搭肩。但也别只跟她一个人调笑,也逗逗其他女人,尤其是当着她的面(别太过分就是),让她知道还有别的女人仰慕你;如此你掌控了这场爱情游戏,使她以为你也喜欢其他女人,其实你也还挺有魅力嘛。然后,她就会用心对你喽。5. Go for the kill.By now you are y to ask her out on a date. The best way to do this, ask her out at an event where you#39;re likely to be a very important figure in the room, for example, your birthday party. Take her outside or somewhere quiet, where the two of you can be alone, pull her in close, look her dead in the eye and say, ;Would you like to go out some time?; She#39;ll know its not on a friendship term.拿出行动。关系发展到这个阶段,你就可以跟她约会了。最好带她一起参加能让你显得比较重要的活动,比如你的生日派对。带她到外面或安静点的地方,就你和她,然后拉过她、看着她的眼睛,说:“愿不愿意什么一起出去玩玩?”她定能意会到友谊之外的情意。6. Get physical early. You need to get out that friend zone and the best way is to get intimate. When you go out hold her hand, put your arms around her and her body language, if she#39;s not pulling away she#39;s comfortable with you.亲密接触。若想跨越朋友阶段,最好的办法就是亲密接触。俩人约会的时候,牵着她的手,搂着她的腰,留意她的反应;要是她没推开你,说明她也喜欢与你这样亲密接触哦。7. If you#39;re close with her, hint that you like them or straight out tell them. Most of the time they will feel the same way, even if they don#39;t want to admit it because some people are afraid of losing a great friendship. But most of the time a great friendship is a great relationship. It#39;s just the transition between the two and the fear of losing the friendship that usually gets in the way.如果你跟她很亲密,直接暗示你喜欢她,要么干脆表白吧。有时候她或许跟你想的一样,只是担心表白了就做不成朋友才嘴上不承认而已。有时候友谊也能成就一段爱情,横隔在中间的只是俩人的姿态和对失去友情的担忧罢了。 /201211/208631

Personality assessments are popular. If you are applying for a job, you might need to take a test. Many employers believe the tests can help them avoid picking the wrong people.性格测试很流行。如果你申请一份工作,你就可能要接受这样的测试。许多雇主相信测试能避免选错员工。Companies also want to make sure their employees can cope with stress. Disagreements can be costly and inefficient.同时企业也希望确保员工能够应对压力。工作分歧会导致高成本和低效率。According to the B, in the US alone, there are about 2,500 personality tests on the market.根据B的报道,仅在美国,市场上就有将近2500种性格测试。One of the most popular is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI. Used by 89 of the Fortune 100 companies, it has been translated into 24 languages and has been adopted by governments and military agencies around the world.其中最流行的一种叫做迈尔斯#8226;布里格斯类型指标,即MBTI测试。《财富》杂志100强企业里有89家采用这个测试,此测试被翻译成24种语言,被全世界各地的政府和军事机构广为采用。Perhaps its attraction lies in its simplicity – according to the MBTI, we all conform to one of 16 character types.也许这种测试的吸引力在于它的简单——根据MBTI测试,我们每人都符合16种性格的其中一种。But that simplicity is precisely what makes some people skeptical.但是这种简单也的确让一些人持怀疑态度。;There is something about the wish to put everything in neat little boxes so that we can manipulate them and make them serve our purposes,; says American author Annie Murphy Paul.;这就好比把所有的东西都塞进整齐划一的小盒子里,便于我们使用,适应我们的需求。;美国作家安妮#8226;墨菲#8226;保罗如是说。Her book, The Cult of Personality Testing, claims such tests are leading people to miseducate their children, mismanage their companies and misunderstand themselves.她的著作,《性格测试的狂热》,认为这样的测试会导致人们误导自己的孩子,或是对公司管理不善,还会误解自己的性格。To someone unfamiliar with it, MBTI may look like random combinations of letters, but the first category is relatively straightforward – are you E or I? Extrovert or Introvert?对于不了解MBTI测试的人来说,它可能看起来就是字母的随机组合,但是第一个类别相对直接——你是E还是I?即:外向还是内向?The second is a choice between S or N – Sensing or Intuitive – which means some people interpret the world by collecting data through their senses, others reply on their gut feelings.第二个是S或N的选择——即理性还是感性——这是指有些人靠理性搜集数据来认识世界,而有人则依靠本能的直觉认识世界。Are you a T or an F? A Thinker or somebody more governed by their Feelings? And, finally, are you J or P? Judging types prefer to regulate and manage their lives whereas Perceivers favor spontaneity.你是T还是F?即:理智思考的人还是感情冲动的人?还有,你是J还是P?即:判断型的人倾向于有条不紊地规划和管理自己的生活,而凭感觉走的人更喜欢随性自在。The B reported that the overwhelming majority of the 2.5 million Americans who take the MBTI assessment each year feel their results do fit their personalities.据B报道,每年参加MBTI测试的250万美国人里,绝大多数人觉得测试结果符合自己的性格。But according to Paul, as many as three-quarters of test takers achieve a different personality type when tested for a second time.根据作家保罗的观点,有四分之三的受测试者接受第二次测试后得到不同的结果。She argues that the 16 distinctive types described by the Myers-Briggs have no scientific basis whatsoever.她认为,迈尔斯#8226;布里格斯描述的16种不同性格没有任何科学依据。Employees often sense that management is looking for a particular type for a specific post. This assumption may lead to test-takers cheating on the test.雇员往往觉得管理者测试员工性格是为了给特定岗位寻找特定性格的人。这样的臆测可能导致受测试者作假。The investigative writer Barbara Ehrenreich, who has been a strong critic of personality testing for years, thinks employers have a greater tendency to worry about whether a candidate is introvert or extrovert.调查作家芭芭拉#8226;埃伦里希,多年来一直严厉批判性格测试,她认为雇主非常倾向于担心求职者是内向还是外向。These days more employees are expected to work in teams. Sometimes, they are even expected to communicate effectively with people on the other side of the world whom they have never met.现在,更多的雇员被要求进行团队协作。有时候,他们甚至需要与地球另一边素未谋面的人进行有效沟通。There is a perception that extroverts are better at this.有一种观点认为,性格外向的人更能胜任此类工作。;You will be told that no one type is better than another and you should be spontaneous in answering the questions,; she told the B.;他们会告诉你,并非哪一种性格优于别的性格,你应该发自内心地回答这些问题。;她接受B采访时说。;But, in reality, they are not looking for introverts. Even if what you are doing is looking at figures all day. They want everyone in the environment to be perky and positive and upbeat at all times.;;但是,事实上,他们不喜欢性格内向的人。即使你要做的工作是整天看图表,他们也希望工作环境里的每个人整天都是活泼、积极、乐观的。; /201208/193425

The cooler months have their charms, including hot chocolate, cozy fires and pretty scenery. They also bring about a few woes, though, such as dry skin, dry hair and dry lips. The key to keeping hydrated locks, kissable lips and supple skin is to moisturize often and well. Consider it the same as drinking water when you#39;re thirsty. When your body craves a little moisture ; and it will ; employ balms, salves, lotions and creams to keep scales and cracks away.寒冬腊月也有自己的魅力,热热的巧克力,惬意的火炉还有美丽的景色。尽管如此,寒冷也带来了一些灾难,比如干燥的皮肤,干枯的头发还有干裂的双唇。锁住双唇水分保持饱满状态,让肌肤柔软的关键是经常补水。就像你口渴的时候喝水一样。当你的身体需要一些水分补充时;就要用一些香脂,药膏,水和面霜来驱走干裂。 /201201/167004

500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,目前真迹被放在巴黎卢浮宫物馆,也成为了卢浮宫物馆的三大镇馆之宝之一,而蒙娜· 丽莎那神秘的微笑更是几百年来许多专家学者的研究对象。最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是一位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Five hundred years after Leonardo painted the most famous picture in Western art, new research suggests that his model may have been an expectant mother - and that he painted her for precisely that reason.500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Mona Lisa is a puzzle and quite unlike any other picture of the time. In the materialistic culture of early-16th-century Florence, portraits weren#39;t an expression of individuality and character, they were an advert for wealth and social status. But far from being the height of fashion, Mona Lisa#39;s dress is utterly plain and timeless and, despite the fact that she is a married woman, she wears no jewellery, not even a wedding ring.《蒙娜丽莎》这一幅作品和当时的其他作品不太一样。在16世纪早期的佛罗伦萨,一切都处在唯物主义的指导下,肖像画作不是用来展示个画中人物的性格而是一种财富和社会地位的象征。这幅画作里的蒙娜丽莎却没有显现出当时的潮流,她穿着的装朴实无华,完全看不出来她是个已婚的女性,既没有佩戴珠宝也没有戴戒指。The mystery deepens when we learn that Leonardo never delivered the portrait. Instead, he continued to work on it for many years and kept the Mona Lisa by his side until his death on May 2, 1519.当我们了解到达芬奇·里奥纳多不仅没有把这幅画卖出,还在之后的很多年里继续创作这幅画,并最终将这幅画珍藏到死。这一切更加加深了这幅画的神秘感。Rona Goffen, professor of art history at Ruttgers University, argues that although Mona Lisa began as a portrait, at some point its purpose changed: ;It was intensely personal to Leonardo, something that he would develop over the years entirely for himself.;罗格斯大学艺术史教授Rona Goffen认为《蒙娜丽莎》起初是一幅肖像画,但是在某种意义上却有了不同的目的:“里奥纳多倾注了强烈的个人情感,让他在之后几年里都在继续创作这幅画作。”If Mona Lisa is not a portrait, then what is it? Perhaps more than any other painter, Leonardo#39;s art is imbued with his scientific observations. His ambition was to discover the very source of life itself.如果《蒙娜丽莎》不是一幅肖像画,那又会是什么呢?与其他画家不一样,里奥纳多的艺术中充满了他对科学的观察。他急切的想探索生命的奥秘。Professor Martin Kemp, widely regarded as the world#39;s leading authority on Leonardo, describes: ;If you think that Leonardo, in a sense, saw this inside her body, then you suddenly realise, wow, that is how Leonardo looked at it. He thinks he#39;s really getting to the mystery of life, the cyclical nature of birth, maturity and death.;被认为是里奥纳多研究领军人物的Martin Kemp教授说:“如果你认为里奥纳多在某种程度上看出了她已经怀了,你就会猛然发现里奥纳多的视角原来是这样的。他认为自己对神奇的生命了解越来越多,了解了人类从出生到成熟最终死亡的生命周期循环。”The life cycle and the female role in creation is still only half the story of the Mona Lisa. The other half, often overlooked, is the primeval landscape in front of which she is sitting. Most people assume that this was a product of Leonardo#39;s fertile imagination, but there#39;s increasing evidence it was inspired by the landscape of his childhood, the Arno Valley.生命的循环和女性角色还只是《蒙娜丽莎》这个故事的一半。常常被忽视的另外一半则是画中蒙娜丽莎背后的背景。大多数人觉得那是里奥纳多想象出来的,但是越来越多的据表示蒙娜丽莎背后的背景其实是达芬奇根据自己儿时的记忆创作出来的自己曾经生活过的地方——亚诺河河谷。The two great lakes continuous, hydrological cycle all match Leonardo#39;s observations about how the landscape we see today was shaped by the power of water. Many regard him as the father of geology as a modern science.两条大河持续不断的冲刷循环造就了我们今天所看到的风景。很多人将他视为现代科学中的地理学之父。It is a distillation of all that he had discovered through a lifetime#39;s observation into the secrets of nature.因此《蒙娜丽莎》也是达芬奇对生命和自然观察留下的精华所在。 /201208/194732Many of us spend the bulk of our day peering at computer screens. Reading this article means there#39;s a good chance you#39;re looking at one right now.许多人每天都要花费很多时间在电脑屏幕前。比如读这篇文章的时候你就正在看着屏幕。But does looking at a computer screen damage your eyes? Brisbane optometry professor Nathan Efron does not consider computer screens ;harmful; to our eyes.看电脑屏幕真的会伤害我们的视力吗?布里斯班眼科教授Nathan Efron并不这样认为。But he admits if you use one a lot, you increase your risk of becoming slightly more short-sighted –where your eyes focus well only on close objects while more distant objects appear blurred. This is especially the case for children and young adults, whose eyes are still developing.但他承认如果你经常使用电脑屏幕,会增加你患近视的风险。因为你的眼睛经常盯着近处的物体,远处的物体自然就看不清楚了。这对于儿童和年轻人尤为明显,因为他们的眼睛还没有发育成熟。In the shorter term, prolonged viewing of a computer screen can make any slight existing vision defects more noticeable. It can also give you what is sometimes known as ;computer vision syndrome; – eye strain, headaches, gritty eyes and blurry vision. But this is only temporary and can be minimised by:简而言之,一直盯着电脑屏幕可以在短期内使视力明显下降。有时候还会让你出现“电脑眼综合症”:眼睛酸痛、头疼、异物感、模糊。但这些都是暂时的,可以用以下方法缓解:Adjusting the screen display so the contrast is high and the brightness feels comfortable.调整你的显示器的亮度和对比度,让你的眼睛觉得舒为准。Having lighting that does not produce glare on the screen.不要让屏幕上出现附近灯光的反光。Giving your eyes regular rests from looking at the screen (The Optometrists Association of Australia recommends you do this for five to ten minutes every one to two hours of computer use. It#39;s a good time to make phone calls or do other tasks.)让你的眼睛定期休息。(澳大利亚眼科协会建议每一到两小时至少休息五到十分钟。你可以利用这个时间打个电话或做些别的事情。) /201206/187528

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