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Two Chinese officials have been suspended after being accused of handcuffing and parading a 13-year-old girl down a street for spilling a drink on a government car, state media say.据中国媒体报道,日前一名13岁女孩因不慎将饮料倒在乡政府的车上,而被戴上手铐游街,两名涉案官员已被停职接受调查。The officials - a Communist Party chief and a police officer - reportedly forced the teenager to walk up and down for 20 minutes.两名涉案人员一位是该乡党委书记,另一位是派出所民警。报道中称这名女孩被强迫游街长达20分钟。The incident has caused uproar on Chinese social networking sites. Local officials have been accused of acting in a high-handed manner.此事件在中国社交网站上引起轩然,当地官员被指责行事霸道。A post on a micro-blogging site on Monday claimed the girl got into an argument with local officials in the county of Hezhang, Guizhou province, in April after accidentally splashing water onto a government car, according to China#39;s state-run news agency Xinhua.根据中国官方媒体新华社报道,本周一微上有人爆料称四月份在贵州省赫章县,一名女孩不慎把水泼到乡政府的车上,随后该女孩与当地官员发生争执。She was then reportedly handcuffed and paraded up and down a street. Photographs appearing to show the handcuffed teenager have appeared on Chinese news sites.报道称女孩被戴上手铐游街。女孩戴着手铐的照片也出现在中国新闻网站上。Communist Party secretary Yuan Zehong and police officer Chen Song have been suspended from work for their involvement in the incident, Xinhua said. It added that a team was now investigating the incident.据新华社报道,该乡党委书记袁泽泓和派出所民警陈松已被停职接受调查。调查组正对事件进行进一步调查。It comes as part of a growing phenomenon of Chinese internet users exposing information about officials perceived to have done wrong. Social media sites such as Weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter, have seen tremendous growth in the country in recent years and have become a powerful medium of discourse.中国网友爆出政府官员的不合理行径已经逐渐成为越来越普遍的现象,中国的社交媒体网站如微(中国版的Twitter),近几年已逐渐成为一种强有力的媒体监督载体。According to some Chinese news reports, Mr Yuan admitted that the girl had been handcuffed, but said she had not been paraded through the streets. He said she had only been restrained with cuffs because police officers thought she was older than she was.根据一些中国新闻报道,袁泽泓承认确实给女孩戴了手铐,但是没有强迫女孩当中游街。他称只是想用手铐把她的手控制住而已,因为她个头较大,民警并不知道她未成年。 /201305/242058

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de Espantilde;a), is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the northwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal. Spanish territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, and two autonomous cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, that border Morocco. With an area of 504,030 kmsup2;, Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union after France.西班牙,正式名称是西班牙王国(西班牙语:Reino de Espantilde;a),是位于欧洲西南部伊比利亚半岛上的一个国家。它的南部和东部是地中海和直布罗陀海峡;北面是法国,安道尔和比斯开湾,西部和西北部是大西洋和葡萄牙。西班牙领土还包括地中海巴利阿里群岛,大西洋的加那利群岛,还有两个在北非与洛哥接壤的自治城市,休达和梅利利亚。西班牙的国土面积是504,030 kmsup2;,是西欧和欧洲联盟的第二大国,仅次于法国。 /200910/86409




  Beijing faced criticism after the devastation of deadly floods over the weekend as well as some doubts around the official death toll. 在北京郊外的房山区,一艘救援船在一条被淹没的路段上。在北京周末致命洪灾造成破坏之后,政府饱受批评,一些人对官方死亡统计数字也表示质疑。 Saturday#39;s floods, the result of the heaviest rain the city has seen in six decades, led to more than 10 billion yuan (.6 billion) in damages, state media reported. As of Monday night, the official toll of flood-related deaths remained at 37, unchanged from Sunday.周六北京市遭遇60年来最大暴雨,据官方媒体报道,暴雨带来的洪灾造成了超过100亿元(合16亿美元)的损失。截至周一夜间,官方的洪灾因灾死亡人数仍为37人,与周日一样。 Although that number initially struck many as high for a city that prides itself on world-class infrastructure, the scale of damage in areas outside the city center, combined with persistent doubts among some Internet users about the veracity of Chinese disaster statistics, led to some speculation that the actual death toll is higher.一位李(音)姓男子在检查一辆白色小轿车,他哥哥被淹死在车里。对于一座以世界级基础设施为荣的城市来说,这么高的数字让很多人感到不可思议。但考虑到市中心以外某些地区的损失程度,以及一些网民对中国灾害统计数据真实性的持续怀疑,一些人仍然猜想,实际死亡人数可能更高。In contrast to the city center, which appeared almost back to normal on Monday, parts of hard-hit Fangshan district on the southern outskirts were still struggling to dig themselves out on Monday.市中心在周一似乎已经基本恢复正常,但同一天在南郊受损严重的房山区,某些地方一时仍然难以恢复。In the mountains above the town of Zhoukoudian, roughly 60 kilometers southwest of downtown Beijing, floodwaters had washed away several bridges, taken out long stretches of road, and turned a previously dry riverbed into a frothy stream littered with chunks of concrete, dead pigs and the chewed-up husks of at least seven cars. Photos of similar or worse devastation in nearby towns circulated online.北京市中心西南方向约60公里处的周口店镇上方的山区,多座桥梁被洪水冲走,长长的路段被淹没,原先干涸的河床变成了一条充满浮沫的河流、混凝土块散落其中,死猪和至少七辆遭到毁坏的汽车外壳。网上流传的照片显示邻近村镇也遭到同样破坏,甚至还更严重。#39;The death toll is definitely higher [than 37],#39; said a man surnamed Li who was found standing by the side of the road in Shuangma Zhuang village next to a white sedan, its shape twisted by the waters. Mr. Li, who declined to provide his given name, said he was called to Shuangma Zhuang to identify the body of his older brother, who had been discovered inside the car when police pulled it out of the water on Monday afternoon.在拴马庄村,一位站在马路边的李(音)姓男子说,死亡人数肯定高于37人。他的旁边是一辆白色小轿车,已经被洪水冲得变了形。这位拒绝透露名字的男子说,他被叫到拴马庄去辨认哥哥的遗体。遗体是警方在周一下午将轿车从水中拖出的时候发现的。As Mr. Li pointed to where police had sawed through the metal to remove his brother#39;s body, a friend standing nearby also cast doubt on the official number. #39;The government says 37 died. It#39;s probably more like 370,#39; he said.相关报道:在李姓男子指向警察锯开金属结构取出其兄长遗体的地方时,一位站在旁边的友人也对官方数字提出质疑。他说,政府说有37人死亡,或许更像是370人死亡。 A short way up the road, Wang Jinlei was pleading for help in locating his 25-year-old nephew, whose minivan he#39;d found abandoned higher up in the mountains. #39;More than a dozen members of my family are out searching for him. We#39;ve looked everywhere,#39; Mr. Wang, from Laishui county in nearby Hebei province, said while trying to convince an excavation crew to help him in his search.沿着马路不远处,王金磊(音)正在请求人们帮他寻找25岁的侄子。他之前发现侄子的微型面包车被抛弃在山上更高处。来自河北省涞水县的王金磊在请求一挖掘队帮他寻找侄子的时候说,我们家十几口人都出来找他,四处都找遍了。 Skepticism surrounding the death toll comes as the Beijing city government is aly fielding criticism from residents and Internet users who are asking how a city that spent billions building facilities for the 2008 Olympics could struggle so in dealing with a thunderstorm. Urban areas of Beijing were hit with roughly nine inches of rain over 16 hours, causing lakes to form at intersections-some several meters deep-as the sewers were overwhelmed.在死亡人数受到质疑的时候,北京市政府已经饱受市民和网民的批评。他们在问,一座为2008年奥运会斥巨资建设各类设施的城市,在应对一场暴风雨的时候怎么如此狼狈。在16个小时的时间里,北京城区降雨量达到225毫米左右。由于下水道不堪重负,很多路口积水,有些地方深达数米。 Reached by phone Monday, the city#39;s spokeswoman, Wang Hui, said she agreed with Internet users#39; comments that Beijing#39;s sewer system wasn#39;t equipped for the storm and said the city will work to improve it. #39;We need to strengthen this area going forward,#39; she said.记者周一致电北京市政府新闻发言人王惠,她说自己同意网民的观点,即北京的下水道系统无力应对这场暴雨,并说市政府将努力改进。王惠说,将来我们要加强这方面的工作。 Beijing municipal propaganda authorities didn#39;t immediately respond to a separate request for comment about the accuracy of the death toll.记者另外请求北京市宣传部门死亡人数的准确性问题,暂未获得回复。 State-run Xinhua news agency put the death toll from rain storms in the rest of China at 39, which appeared to mark Beijing as the region hardest hit by floods.新华社报道说,中国其他地区因暴雨死亡的人数为39人。如此看来,北京似乎是受暴雨侵袭最严重的地区。 Ms. Wang said microblogs played a #39;crucial#39; role in dealing with the floods over the weekend. But even as she praised social media, flood-related posts that were critical of the government were disappearing online, the apparent victims of online censors.Stringer/Reuters图片:北京暴雨致数十人身亡王惠说,微客在上周末应急处理暴雨的过程中发挥了关键作用。但就在王惠赞扬社交媒体的时候,与洪灾有关、批评政府的微不断消失,可能是被网络审查人员删除了。 Among their targets: a widely shared list of more than two dozen recent disasters, including fires and coal mine explosions, in which 37 people had died -put forward as evidence of a theory that Chinese officials deliberately report death tolls less than 40 to avoid reprimand from central authorities. Its not clear whether any such death-toll threshold actually exists.被删微之中,有一份大量转发的名单,列举了二十多起最近发生、死亡人数均为37人的灾难,其中有火灾,也有煤矿爆炸事故。这被用来明一种假说:地方政府官员为免受中央政府斥责,有意将死亡人数报为低于40人。尚不清楚这个40人的门槛是否真的存在。 Controversy over the flood arrives at a sensitive time for Chinese authorities, who are trying to maintain social stability in the face of a slowing economy and looming leadership handover.有关这场暴雨的争论发生在中国政府的一个敏感时期。在经济增速放缓、领导层即将换届之际,中国政府正努力维持社会稳定。 That such disruption is hitting Beijing is particularly problematic, as the capital is assumed by many to be country#39;s most advanced and best protected city.这种破坏发生在北京尤其有问题,因为在很多人看来,首都应该是全国最先进、防备最好的城市。 Beijing authorities attempted to head off criticism online, with Ms. Wang using her verified account on Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo microblogging service to post messages about people helping strangers cross flooded streets. She also responded to complaints that police were leaving tickets for abandoned vehicles.北京市政府试图先发制人地打消网上的批评。王惠通过新浪微实名认账户,发出有关人们帮助陌生人走过积水马路的信息,同时回应了网民关于警方对受困车辆贴罚单的抱怨。 #39;All such tickets will be made invalid,#39; she said.她表示这些罚单将会作废。 The more pressing issue for many, however, was the city#39;s sewer system, which consistently gets overwhelmed by heavy rainfall. #39;Beijing built its sewage system based on the model of Soviet Union,#39; said Ming Jiang, director of environmental and ecological planning in China for Aecom, a technical and management-support services company. #39;The main problem here is that the design standards were not up to scratch, which is made worse by lack of maintenance and upgrades.#39;但在很多人看来,更紧迫的问题是北京的下水道系统。每逢暴雨,北京的下水道总是不堪重负。技术和管理持务公司Aecom中国区环境与生态规划总监蒋明说,北京的下水道系统是依照前苏联模式建成的,主要问题是设计标准不行,然后又缺少维护和升级,让问题雪上加霜。 /201207/192017





  The new owner of what Christie’s auction house called the largest and most perfect briolette diamond ever sold at auction has identified herself and picked a name for the 75.36-carat gem.一颗重达75.36克拉的巨钻找到了新主人,并得到了新名字。据佳士得拍卖行所称,这颗钻石是有史以来上拍的最大、最完美的水滴形钻石。Tiffany Chen, vice chairman of China Star Entertainment Ltd., has revealed herself to be the owner of the briolette diamond. She named the diamond after her company, “The Star of China.”中国星有限公司(China Star Entertainment Ltd.)副主席陈明英(Tiffany Chen)已经透露她是这颗钻石的新主人。她以自己公司的名称为这枚钻石命名为“中国之星。”Chen purchased the diamond May 28 at Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale for more than .15 million, 8, 000 per carat, a world record for a briolette diamond sold at auction.5月28日,陈明英在佳士得香港举办的珠宝拍卖会上以1115万美的天价成交,平均每克拉14.8万美元,成为拍卖史上价格最昂贵的水滴形钻石。The briolette has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America to be of D color and type IIa, indicating its internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, highest level of chemical purity and exceptional optical transparency. Less than one carat in every 100, 000 carats of diamonds is found to be found in this perfect condition.这颗水滴形钻石已经被美国宝石学院鉴定为“D色”和“type IIa”级,这意味着它的内部毫无瑕疵、切工完美,化学纯度达到顶级,并有着极佳的光学透明度。每10万克拉的钻石中,符合这种完美条件的钻石不足1克拉。The diamond is part of a pendant necklace that includes a marquise-cut purplish pink diamond suspended above the briolette.这颗钻石被作为一条项链的吊坠,在巨钻上方还悬吊着一枚橄榄形粉钻。 /201307/246054

  The tsunami that engulfed northeastern Japan two years ago has left some survivors believing they are seeing ghosts.在两年前发生那场席卷日本东北部的海啸后,现在一些幸存者认为自己能看到鬼魂。In a society wary of admitting to mental problems, many are turning to exorcists for help.在日本社会,人们一般都不愿承认自己有心理问题,因此许多人向驱鬼师寻求帮助。Tales of spectral figures lined up at shops where now there is only rubble are what psychiatrists say is a reaction to fear after the March 11, 2011, disaster in which nearly 19,000 people were killed.民间谣传,有幽灵在原来是商店、如今只剩下一堆瓦砾的地方排队。精神病医生认为这种鬼故事是人们的灾后恐惧反应。2011年3月11日发生的那场大灾难,让近1.9万人丧生。;The places where people say they see ghosts are largely those areas completely swept away by the tsunami,; said Keizo Hara, a psychiatrist in the city of Ishinomaki, one of the areas worst-hit by the waves touched off by an offshore earthquake.石卷市精神科医师原敬三说:“人们声称见到鬼魂的地方大多是完全被海啸冲毁的地方。”石卷市是日本那次近海地震所引发海啸的重灾区之一。;We think phenomena like ghost sightings are perhaps a mental projection of the terror and worries associated with those places.;“我们认为像见鬼等现象,也许是对人们关于受灾区的恐惧和忧虑的一种心理折射。”Hara said post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) might only now be emerging in many people, and the country could be facing a wave of stress-related problems.原敬三称,创伤后压力心理障碍症也许如今才在很多人身上出现,但日本可能将面临一波由压力导致的问题。Shinichi Yamada escaped the waves that destroyed his home and later salvaged two Buddhist statues from the wreckage. But when he brought them back to the temporary housing where he lived, he said strange things began to happen.山田真一从摧毁居所的海啸中逃出,后来在废墟中抢救出两尊佛像。但据山田说,当他把佛像带回自己的临时住房时,怪事开始接连发生了。His two children suddenly got sick and an inexplicable chill seemed to follow the family through the house, he said.他说他的两个孩子突然生病了,而且屋内似乎有一股莫名的寒气一直尾随着他的家人。;A couple of times when I was lying in bed, I felt something walking across me, stepping across my chest,; Yamada told Reuters.山田告诉路透社记者说:“好几次我躺在床上的时候,感到有东西穿过我的身体,踩透我的胸膛。”Many people in Japan hold on to ancient superstitions despite its ultra-modern image.尽管日本拥有超现代化的形象,但许多日本人依然迷信古老的东西。Yamada, like many other people in the area, turned to exorcist Kansho Aizawa for help.跟这一地区的许多其他人一样,山田也向驱魔师相泽观章寻求帮助。Aizawa, 56, dressed in a black sweater and trousers and with dangling pearl earrings, said in an interview in her home that she had seen numerous ghosts.56岁的相泽身穿黑色毛衣和长裤,戴着珍珠耳坠。在她家采访时,她说自己看到过很多鬼。;There are headless ghosts, and some missing hands or legs. Others are completely cut in half,; she said. ;People were killed in so many different ways during the disaster and they were left like that in limbo. So it takes a heavy toll on us, we see them as they were when they died.;“有无头鬼,有的没手或没脚。还有的身体被削掉了一半。”她说,“灾难中人们以许多不同的方式丧命,他们在地狱的边缘仍是这种形态。所以这对活人的心理造成了重创,我们看到的是他们死时的样子。”In some places destroyed by the tsunami, people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions queuing outside supermarkets which are now only rubble. Taxi drivers said they avoided the worst-hit districts for fear of picking up phantom passengers.在遭到海啸破坏的一些地区,有民众报告说看到鬼魂在已经变成废墟的超市外面排队。计程车司机说,他们避免把车开到重灾区,因为害怕载到幽灵乘客。 /201303/228886

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