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我三门功课不及格- ::30 A:Would you like to come to our party?你想来参加我们的派对吗?B:I'd like to. But I'm not myself today.我很乐意但是我今天不舒A:What happened? You look so pale.发生什么事?你看起来脸色惨白B:It's the end of the world me.对我来说今天是世界末日A:What makes you say that?什么事让你这样说?B:Today, I'm told I failed three courses.今天,我听说我三门功课不及格A:Oh, that's too bad. Work harder next term.噢,太糟糕了 下个学期努力一点B:I'm such a fool that duplication of eft is only a waste time to me.我是如此愚蠢,一直的努力只是在浪费我的时间#0;A:Don't lose heart. Everything will be fine.别灰心一切都会好的B:I hope so.希望如此了Recently, an about the ;fake; stories in the primary-school textbook on Chinese language has gone viral. Internet users say that they only realized many stories have factual mistakes after they grow up.However, some experts argue that the purpose of the Chinese education is not to teach facts, but to appreciate the beauty of literature.So what are these fake stories? Should they be allowed in the textbook on Chinese language? 58

纯咖啡尝起来怪怪的 It tastes funny- :56:0 A:Look, there's no way we can convince people they need fresh motor oil every morning.听着,我们不可能说大家每天早上都需要新鲜机油的B:No, but you can let them know that yours is the cream of the crop-the purest motor oil in the world. Careful, hold it by the java jacket. This coffee drink has half and half-what do you think?是不行,但你可以让他们知道,你的机油是最好的——是世上最纯的机油当心,握住有咖啡隔热套的地方这杯咖啡里加的是一半牛奶、一半鲜奶油——你觉得呢?A:It tastes funny. Why can't people just stick to plain and simple coffee?尝起来怪怪的为什么人们不能老老实实地喝普通咖啡就好?B:That's just the point! Purity is the essence of good coffee, right?这就是重点!纯就是好咖啡的本质,对不对?

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to be happy.快乐秘诀Accept yourself and others接受自己和他人Comparing yourself to others will keep you in a place of not being good enough or them not being good enough; either way coming to a point of ;not enough.; 将自己和他人比较,你总会觉得自己或者他人不够好;无论哪种都会归结到“不够好”的一点If there is a feeling or thought of not enough,no matter what you or others accomplish and receive in life, it will not be enough. 如果有不够好的感觉或想法,无论你或其他人在生活中完成什么,收到什么,它总是不够好Accepting that everyone is unique and has their own life to live will make it easier to accept them and yourself.每个人都是独特的,有他们自己的生活,认识到这点会让你更容易接受他人和自己accomplish vt.完成;达到(目的);走完(路程、距离等);使完美 例句:He is a man who will spoil rather than accomplish things.他这个人成事不足,坏事有余.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 396


  张艺谋《归来将于5月公映 --18 :37:5 来源: 张艺谋《归来将于5月公映 Chinese director Zhang Yimou's new movie "Coming Home," starring Chen Daoming and Gong Li, will hit the big screen in May, . The movie is based on a novel by Yan Geling and tells a story about a husband returning home to his wife, both physically and emotionally, afterserving time in prison. Chinese director Zhang Yimou's new movie "Coming Home," starring Chen Daoming and Gong Li, will hit the big screen in May, . The movie is based on a novel by Yan Geling and tells a story about a husband returning home to his wife, both physically and emotionally, after serving time in prison. 张艺谋 归来。

  The three other suspects were caught, but Ji escaped.

  The Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Sichuan Province sets a -bullet point standard Sichuan cuisine. The standards not only cover well-known dishes such as fish-flavored shredded pork but also ingredients such as sausages. Is it reasonable to set standards Sichuan Cuisine? 893《唐顿庄园第六季剧情:麦琪·史密斯在首谈最终季 -- :5: 来源: In a rare appearance, the Dowager Countess herself graced journalists with her presence at the screening of the first episode of Downton Abbey’s final season this afternoon in London. Maggie Smith delighted the assembled press corps, sounding every bit as quippy as her Downton character — even if she swears all of the lines on the show are provided to her by creator Julian Fellowes. Smith said she was looking ward to a rest now that the show has wrapped. Asked what she would do next, the Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy winner said: “I’m going to be lying down. I believe quite some time.” She also said she hasn’t watched much of Downton as the years have worn on — “certainly” not her own contributions — but would delight in a box set now that she has the time.  这位多维格伯爵夫人终于露面了这个下午,在伦敦,伯爵夫人出席了《唐顿庄园最终季第一集的首映礼,并“亲切接见”了记者朋友们麦琪的出现引来记者们的拥戴——她简直跟《唐顿里的角色一样妙语连珠,没人相信她只是照着制作人朱利安·法勒斯写的剧本读台词罢了被问及接下来的计划,这位奥斯卡、英国电影和电视艺术学院奖以及艾美奖得主这样说:“我真的要歇歇了,可能要很长一段时间”她还说在《唐顿播出的这些年里,她其实并没有怎么看过——当然不能说是她一个人的功劳——但是如果她现在终于有时间看了,我们就更开心了  Smith was joined onstage by Joanne Froggatt (Anna) and Hugh Bonneville (Robert) following the screening of the episode which I won’t spoil. Except to say, it’s pretty much everything a Downton fan would hope . There is drama and emotion packed into the season launch and enough intrigue to indicate how it may move ward as it draws to a conclusion after six years. The U.S. debut on PBS has been set January 3, but locally, ITV has not yet committed to a date; although we can expect it in September.  史密斯跟乔·安佛罗加特和休·波奈维勒在第一集放映后一同上台第一集讲了什么我是不会说的~~除了~~绝对不会让你失望的除了有丰富的剧情与情感融合其中,还有很多巧妙的构思来暗示着你,即使历经六年即将终结,接下来要发生的故事还是很值得期待美国的首播时间定在明年1月3日,PBS电台而在英国本土,ITV还没有给出确定的时间,不过应该在九月就能看到了  In the audience, Rob James Collier (Thomas) and Jim Carter (Carson) wielded microphones and fielded questions including how Smith would feel about doing a movie that’s been mooted several months now, even if no plans are in place yet. Saying she was “just surprised that I got to the end,” she added a movie “would be fun.” Queried as to how much she resembles Violet Crawley, she laughed, “I’m like that all the time. I never let up.” The popularity of perhaps Violet’s most famous line ever — “What is a weekend?” — was a shock, she said. “I was unaware” of the impact it would have when she first uttered it.  在观众席上,鲍勃·詹姆斯·科利尔(托马斯)和吉姆·卡特(卡森)拿着麦克风跟史密斯一同回答问题,其中包括,虽然没有任何具体计划,最近几个月疯传着关于本剧要拍成电影消息,她对此是如何看待的她说她“能撑到最后简直不可思议”她补充说拍成电影“应该会很有意思”被问到她和剧中的怀里特·克劳利到底有多像时,她笑着说“我们简直一模一样,我也从来不怕把事情闹大”怀里特最出名的那句居然是“什么‘周末’?”——简直令人震惊,她说,在她第一次说出这段台词的时候,“我真是完全没有想到”会有如此大的反响  Smith also praised the crew, “It was extraordinary and incredibly reassuring to see these people day after day and know that they were the first people there and they were the last people to go… And there they are, all of them, and always in a very good mood, which I can’t say myself.”  史密斯对剧组成员赞许有加“看着同一群人,日复一日,从一开始就陪着你,你也深信他们会陪你走到最后,这是一种很奇特的经历,一种难以想象的相互信任他们总是在你身边,而且永远保持着好心情这一点我可是做不到的”  Ahead of the actors’ panel, Downton creator Julian Fellowes was onstage with producer Liz Trubridge and exec producer Gareth Neame. Fellowes said he was happy with how he’s concluded things and has “shown a chunk of what everyone’s life would be.” But, he did quip, “Life is a slightly open-ended story. You can’t just kill the entire cast.”  在演员出场前,《唐顿的主创朱利安·法勒斯和制片人利兹·图布里基和执行制片加里斯·尼姆首先出场法勒斯说他对自己给故事安排的结局很欣慰,包括“每个人今后的会过着什么样的生活”但是他又打趣说,“生活里总是要有留一点点想象空间的故事情节,你总不能把里面的所有演员都干掉吧”  Neame and Trubridge again noted how they knew this was the right time to go. In fact, they all knew 18 months ago, Bonneville (who’s soon to reprise a Pirate King cameo on A’s Galavant) later said. Trubridge also spoke with pride about the BAFTA award the show was given this past week — the period drama has never won a major above the line prize from the UK org. The U.S. and global recognition has been “wonderful, but we were feeling ‘gosh it would be wonderful to have that from the UK’,” Trubridge said. The show is up eight Emmys next month after several previous wins along with Ss and Golden Globes.  尼姆和图布里基再次重申他们很清楚终结此剧的时机是对的实际上,波奈维勒(很快就要在A新剧,《游侠笑传中客串海盗王)后来提到,他们18个月之前就已经认识到了图布里基还提到了上周夺得的英国电影和电视艺术学院奖——这部连续剧从来没有在英国官方得到过如此高水平的大奖在美国,以及全球各地得到认可是“极好的,但是神哪,我们是多想再英国本土也得到同样的荣耀啊” 图布里基如是说本剧共获得本届艾美奖的八项提名,并且已经获得美国演员工会奖以及金球奖的多个奖项  Speaking of possible future incarnations of Downton, Trubidge said (half-jokingly?) that she’d like to see the characters in the 1970s. Neame suggested a story about Master George (the son of Lady Mary and the late Matthew) running the estate in the 1950s.  谈到《唐顿会不会有续集,图布里基(半开玩笑地?)说她很想看到各个角色在七十年代的样子尼姆建议可以写个关于唐顿庄园唯一的继承人乔治(玛丽和已故的马修)在五十年代发生的故事  He added, “Last night at 7 PM we wrapped all of the servants. They shot their last scene. It’s an incredibly emotional, moving scene in the very last episode. It was very cleverly scheduled that they had that scene to do and then we clapped them all off the stage. I can tell you that quite a few tears were shed by grown men in the m of butlers and footmen that I never expected to see.”  他又说,“昨天晚上7点我们召集所有的仆人,拍摄最后一场戏大家在拍摄时,情绪都异常激动把这场戏安排在最后真的很明智,拍摄结束的那一刻掌声立即响起我会告诉你穿着制的管家和随从哭成一团吗?那场面我可从来没见过” 麦琪 史密斯 庄园

  我最喜欢看恐怖电影- :36: A:I've heard The Hitchhiker would be on next week. I want to see it.我听说搭车人将会在下周上映我想去看B:Is it horror movie?这是部恐怖电影吗?A:Yeah, I love horror movies the most. Would you like to go with me next weekend?是啊,我最喜欢恐怖电影你想周末和我一起去看吗?B:No way. I will be scared out of my wits.决不我会被吓得半死A:Well, What kind of movies do you like?那你喜欢什么电影?B:Er, let me see. Romance, comedy, documentary, action, science fiction, cartoon and so on.呃,让我想想爱情片,喜剧片,纪录片,动作片,科幻片,卡通片,等等A:In a word, you like all the movies except the horror movies.总而言之,除了恐怖片,其他你都喜欢B:Yeah, It seems like we don't talk the same language as far as movies are concerned.是的看起来在电影方面我们达不成共识A:Not quite. I also like romance and comedy movies very much.也不是我也很喜欢爱情片和喜剧片B:The Terminal is a movie of this type.幸福终点站就是这类爱情喜剧片A:So we can relax now.所以我们可以好好放松一下了B:Yeah, I could hardly wait to see it.是啊,我都等不及想看了亲爱的朋友们,欢迎走进“话说地道美语”课堂,我是Juliet随着生活方式的多元化趋势,“朝九晚五”的工作模式已不能完全概括现代人的工作状态夜班司机、小时便利店员工、自由职业者……越来越多的人群加入到“熬夜族”的行列那么这类人叫做“熬夜族人”,“熬夜族人”的工作和活动用地道美语怎么说呢? 下面我们来听Tom和Jerry的一段对话Tom在周末用了天的时间才完成老师布置的作业,而Jerry这两天都在网上冲浪,玩游戏,那么最后Jerry的作业究竟做完了吗?我们就来看一下Tom: How is it going with your assignment?Jerry: I pulled an all-nighter to write this assignment, and I aced it. 在对话中,Tom问Jerry:How is it going with your assignment? 你的作业做得怎么样了?这句话中的How is it going with...是一个碰到友人轻松愉快的友好的问候短句用于问候身体状况或是事情进展如何?短句介词with后面可以跟something(物),也可以跟somebody(人)例如:How is it going with your business?近来生意还好吗?How is it going with your family? 你家人近来好吗?那么,我们回答说“好”,就是“Fine, thank you.”我们回答说“不怎么好”,就是“Not so good..”我们回答说“和往常一样”,就是“Nothing much.”“The same as usual.”我们回答说“马马虎虎啦”就是“Just so so.” 紧接着,Jerry回答Tom: I pulled an all-nighter to write this assignment, and I aced it. 我是熬夜写成了这份作业,并且得了优异的成绩我们来看这个句子的一个词all-nighter它是由all-nighte演变而来All-night是一个形容词,是通宵达旦的意思我们都知道在形容词后面加上er就会变成跟这个形容词意思有关的名词all-nighter就是通宵达旦性质的工作;通宵达旦性质的活动我们来看个例句:I almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter熬夜后我在考试时几乎睡着了这句话中的all-nighter是指通宵性质的活动——整夜在学习She likes to stay in the coffee house which is an all-nighter. 她喜欢待在通宵经营的咖啡店里这句话中的all-nighter是指通宵性质的工作 Jerry的回答中有个短语pull an all-nighter是“开夜车”“熬夜”“挑灯夜战”“熬更打夜”的意思、我们来看个例句:I pulled an all-nighter to study my math exam.为了应付数学考试,我学了一个通宵I pulled an all-nighter to finish my proposal. 我一整晚没睡,来完成我的提案Jerry的回答中pull an all-nighter后面紧跟了一个动词不定式短语to write this assignment,它在句中做目的状语“and I aced it”后半句中的ace是个slang(俚语),它是get high scores,取得考分,成绩优异的意思例如:I aced the test. 我这次考试得了满分Ace a text是to do extremely well on a test,考试得满分,考试取得异成绩的意思And这个连词在此句话中表“递进” 亲爱的朋友们,当今社会的“熬夜族人”的行为叫做all-nigher,开夜车叫做pull an all-nighter那么今天的学习就暂告一段落,有关“熬夜族”的话题我们下回继续,敬请关注下期课堂Thank you! Listeners, see you! 若您对本期课程有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为:6353,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com我会在第一时间给你解答疑惑 07

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to become an effective communicator.有效沟通法则Notice non-verbal cues注意身体语言 Watch body language. Lack of eye contact,distraction, or fidgeting are often signs of restlessness or impatience. 观察身体语言要是对方缺少眼神交流、或分神、坐立不安,这往往是烦躁不安或不耐烦的标志Yawning or sighing are usually signs of mental or physical fatigue. 打哈欠或叹气通常是精神或身体上疲倦的标志When you notice these types of non-verbal signals,it a sign that this conversation is not going to be a productive one. 当你注意到这些类型的非语言信号时,你要知道这表示这次对话不会有什么作用Quickly wrap up the conversation, postpone the conversation, or inquire about the discomt if your relationship allows.迅速完成谈话或推迟谈话如果你们的关系还不错的话,还可以问一下对方是不是不舒inquire vt.amp; vi.打听,询问; 查究例句:Elsie called to inquire after my health.埃尔茜打电话来问候我fidget vi.坐立不安,烦躁例句:What a fidget you are!你老是不安生!更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 35

  -- :9:8 来源:。

  酷热要把我逼疯了- :5:01 A:May, we are fools to hang out at noon. It's dying hot today. My skin is too weak to be exposed under the summer sun.阿美,我们选择中午出来逛街,真是不明智,今天太热了我的皮肤很敏感,不能暴露在夏天烈日下B:Do you have any sunscreen lotion?你有防晒霜吗?A:You know, honey, I used it all on the way over.亲爱的,你该知道,我一路上都在用啊B:I think I'm getting a heart stroke.我的心脏都快受不了了A:The heat is driving crazy and I hate my new hat.酷热要把我逼疯了,而且我讨厌我的新帽子B:Why? It's brand new, and it's perfect on you.为什么?它是全新的,而且你戴着很漂亮A:But I bought it to get rid of the heat. Now it does nothing but burning my head.但是我买它是为了防晒的,现在除了让我的头感觉像火烧之外,它什么也没做B:Beauty costs, honey.亲爱的,美丽是要付出代价的A:Laugh all you want, whatever. We need to get out of the heat.只管笑吧!不过我们真的要避避暑B:Walking under the sun is certainly not the way.在太阳下走肯定不是个办法A:Give me a break. It's not funny.饶了我吧一点都不好玩B:Right. Sorry. Anyway, the radio said that it'll rain later today.好的对不起啦不管怎么说,广播说今天晚一点会下雨的A:Hope so! Good thing is that autumn is just around the corner.希望如此!还好秋天就快要来了


  Squatting is a familiar posture a lot of Chinese people. It even has a proper name called the Asian squat. And it’s not everyone. An online survey says many western adults simply cannot perm the pose accordingly. Why is it? Can you do the Asian squat?

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