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1、 传授秘诀,口语入门 come in, relax如何向别人提问(3)疑问句型 Do you have…Do you have the time? 你带表了吗?练习:你有没有工作?:Do you have a job?你有消息吗?:Do you have the information?你有没有做预定?:Do you have a reservation?你有票吗?:Do you have your ticket?你知道怎么走吗?:Do you the directions?你知道电话号码吗?:Do you have the phone number?Do you have a reservation?It#39;s for ten o#39;clock.Your reserved table for four people?Yes, there are four of us.Could you like this table?Thank you, this table is fine.2、 电话英语一点通 English for the telephone.上班族电话英语(1)我不接任何电话Mrs. Lin. Please hold all of my calls for the next hour.OK, but do you want to talk to your wife if she calls?Yes, I#39;ll talk to her.All right.Tom. Please do not disturb me for the next hour.Are you having a meeting?Yes, and I don#39;t want to be interrupted.I understand.3、 旅行英语一点通 Tourist English快餐厅英语(3)外卖窗口Give me a six piece chicken nuggets, a large fries, a large coke.You will need to wait a few minute for fries. They#39;re still in the fryer.That#39;s fine.Your total comes to 7 dollars.Here#39;s 20.Thank you.Your cash back is 13 dollars. Pull into a parking states, and we#39;ll bring you your fries in two minutes. /201312/267856

作为中华民族的优良传统之一的孝道,虽然随着近年来越来越多有关家庭纠纷的负面报道,给这一原本令人无限向往的美德带来了一定程度的负面效果,但是生为中国人,感受中华文化与时俱进的同时,不能将原来的优秀成分抛除殆尽。那么,什么是孝道呢?“孝顺”怎么用英语来表达呢?我们来看下面一侧来自chinadaily的新闻报道:China updates standards for filial pietyThe new standards suggest adult children spend holidays with parents, cook meals for and make weekly phone calls to them, teach them to surf the Internet and buy them proper insurance.中国提高孝道标准新标准建议成年子女与父母度假,给双亲做饭和每周通电话,教他们上网买到适当的保险。上文中的filial peity(直译为“子女的孝心”)就是孝顺的意思。我们来看看filial[#39;filj#601;l]adj.1.designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation2.relating to or characteristic of or befitting an offspring第一项解释倾向于解释父母和子女的亲疏关系,意指“子女”的,在父辈之后。第二项解释是指后辈相关的,或者后辈“孝顺”的,是对后辈的品格描述从第二种解释可以看出,filial可以单独表示孝顺的意思,但更多倾向于‘子女的’这一含义。所以需要与后面的 piety—虔诚;孝顺—放在一起使用。而与filial的形容词性不同,piety是名词形式,可以单独表示孝顺的品格和行为,是不可数名词。这下大家知道孝顺是如何表达的了吧 /201208/195067

  今天的每日一句是: Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful thingshumans can do for each other.感激是人们可以为他人做的最简单却也是最有力量的事。Notes:1.gratituden. 感激,感谢;感激的样子;谢意;恩义常见搭配: express one#39;s gratitude to sb. for sth.为某事对某人表示感谢devoid of all gratitude忘恩负义 in token of one#39;s gratitude藉表谢意 out of gratitude出于感激2.powerfuladj. 强大的;权力大的;(药)有效地adv. 很;非常原型:powern. [机]动力,功率;力量;政权,权力;强国,大国vt. 运转;用发动机发动;使…有力量vi. 靠动力行进;快速行进adj. 权力的;机械能的,电动的;用电力(或动力)发动的常见搭配: a power of[口]大量, 许多be beyond one#39;s powers不能胜任, 力所不及out of one#39;s powers不能胜任, 力所不及 By (all) the powers! (Merciful powers!)[口]我的天呀! 仁慈的上帝呀!come to power(开始)掌权, 上台 do all in one#39;s power尽力, 竭尽全力 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201305/237775


  每日一句口语:Be yourself, it#39;s the only way of being beautiful.做自己才是美丽的唯一途径。 /201506/379113

  日前上海发布的一份调查报告显示,随着中国年轻父母安全意识的增强,他们对安全育儿产品的需求也在持续增长。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Total retail sales of accessories for feeding such as nursing bottles and spoons made of safe materials in China may expand to more than 5 billion yuan (0 million) this year, while vehicle-use child safety seats and baby monitors may see renewed demand, said the report published by GfK, a global market monitoring and research services provider.全球市场监测与调查务提供商GfK的报告显示,用安全材料制造的奶瓶和汤勺等婴儿喂养用品今年在国内的销售总额预计将增长到50多亿元(8亿美元),而汽车儿童安全座椅和婴儿监护器的需求也大大增加。【讲解】现在的年轻父母的安全意识都普遍增强了,在喂养用品上倾向于选择更安全无毒的glass nursing bottle(玻璃奶瓶),越来越多的家庭也开始添置vehicle-use child safety seats(儿童安全座椅)和wireless baby monitors(无线婴儿监护器)。在选择safe child-care products(安全育儿产品)时,中国的年轻父母更愿意选择欧洲的品牌,很多人在给孩子选购产品时都是去specialty stores(专卖店),选择high-end brands(高端品牌)。尽管国外大牌的价格是国内同类产品的几倍甚至十几倍,但经常是一到货就很快被抢购一空。 /201407/315089作为法国巴黎最负盛名的旅游景点,卢浮宫每年吸引着全世界近千万的游客。但是,近日却在参观卢浮宫的中国游客中发现了假门票。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道French police are investigating a possible scam involving thousands of fake tickets for Paris#39;s Louvre museum.The museum was alerted after it found fake tickets were used on several occasions by Chinese tourists and guides during August, a source told Agence France Presse.The same source said Belgian Customs had, around the same time, found 3,600 fake tickets for the Louvre hidden in a package sent from China.The Louvre is a top tourist attraction.法国警方正对巴黎卢浮宫物馆的数千张假门票疑似事件展开调查。某知情人士对法新社透露,8月份,物馆曾几次发现中国游客和导游使用假门票,此后便进入了警戒状态。该知情人还透露,与此同时,比利时海关还查扣了一个含有3600张假门票的中国包裹。卢浮宫是极负盛名的旅游景点。【讲解】文中的fake tickets就是“假门票”的意思。“假门票”还可以说成counterfeit tickets。fake和counterfeit是同义词,但是指“假钱”时只能是counterfeit money。Louvre即法国著名的卢浮宫。Agence France Presse是法语词,即“法国新闻社”,成立于1944年,是与路透社(Reuters)、美联社(Associated Press)和合众社(ed Press International)齐名的西方四大世界性通讯社之一。此外,source在新闻英语中多指“知情人士”,也可以说成insider。 /201309/256652

  Come again 再说一遍,再来一遍例句:Come again? I didn#39;t quite understand what you said.再说一遍,我不太懂你刚才的话。除了once again之外,我们又学了一句。Come againput a feeler to 试探……的反应【讲解】feeler做名词,在此有“试探的手段”之意,因此,put a feeler to意思为“用试探的手段做某事;,即“试探……的反应”。【对话】A:He said he know nothing about it.A:他说他对此一无所知。B:It was really silly of you to believe what he said.B:你相信他说的话,真是太傻了。A:Why do you say so?A:为什么这么说?B:Didn#39;t you know that he was trying to put a feeler to you?B:难道你不知道他还在试探你的反应吗? /201506/382207

  Background: Tutankhamun (图坦卡蒙) 是三千年前的一位埃及法老,其墓穴中的宝藏世界闻名,不过,令专家们百思不得其解的是,为什么图坦卡蒙过世这么早,现在一项新调查对这一疑问提供了可能的。 【文本】Ever since Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, scholars have speculated over why the 19-year-old boy king died so young. Some believe he was killed by a fall from his chariot, conspiracy theorists say he was murdered, but scientists who painstakingly studied the pharaoh's remains think Tutankhamun died from a bout of malaria that attacked his aly weakened body. They say he had a cleft palate and club foot, likely forcing him to walk with a cane.In the journal of the American Medical Association, lead scientist Dr ZahiHawass says how he found traces of the malaria parasite in Tutankhamun's blood along with signs of bone disease. The scientists' DNA studies also suggest the true identity of the king's parents and grandparents, something that has divided archaeologists for decades. /201007/109418

  make one#39;s point 言之成理【讲解】point本义为“事项的点、条、项”,又可以专指 “要点”,由此又引申为“观点,想法,论据,道理”。例如:You,ve got apoint there.(你言之有理。)There’s no point in wasting time.(没道理浪费时间。)本习语中的point就是“道理”之意。【对话】A:Why did you play truant today? I#39;ve told you several times that studying is the most important thing in your life now.A:今天你为什么逃学?我已经跟你说过多少次了,现在在你的生活中学习是最重要的事。B:You made your point in this matter, but I have my reason, too.B:在这件事上你说得固然有理,但是我也有我的理由。A:Tell me, please.A:那说说看。B:I think helping others is also a virtue. I took Tom to the hospital when he was hurt in an accident this morning.B:我想帮助别人也是一种美德,今天早上汤姆在车祸中受伤,我送他去了医院。A:You don#39;t say. Well, this time I made a mistake.A:真的呀!真对不起,这次是我搞错了。 /201505/374560。

  early in the day 太早【讲解】该习语的意思是“尚早,太早”。例如:It’s too early in the day to know whether the new book is a success or not.(现在确定这本新书 是否成功为时尚早。)有时该习语还可写作 it#39;s early days。它的反义词组为 late in the day。【对话】A:How long will it take you to write your paper?A:你写论文要多长时间?B:It#39;ll take about a fortnight.B:大约两周。A:I know you will write out a good article.A:我知道你会写出好文章的。B:I#39;ll try my best. But it#39;s too early in the day to know whether my paper is a success or not.B:我会尽力的。但现在评价我的论文是否成功为时尚早。 /201501/352289



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