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Losing weight is something which is desired by almost majority of human beings. Here is a by Karin who gives us some really amazing and easy tips to lose weight by following a healthy vegetarian diet. She also says, along with diet, exercise is also necessary in order for you to lose weight.减肥是大部分人想要进行的工作。在这段视频中,Karin给我们提了一些令人惊叹的简单的建议,通过健康的素食来减肥。她还说,除了饮食之外,锻炼也是减肥所必需的。Hello, I am going to be telling you about how to lose weight veggie style. Now, first of all, simply what you need to do no matter what your diet is you need to consume less calories than what you burn off. So, first of all, lets talk about exercise.大家好,让我来告诉大家怎样以素食的方式来减肥。首先,无论你的饮食是什么样的,你摄入的热量必须少于身体燃料的热量。那么,先让我们来说一下体育运动。Simple exercise tips just to fit around your daily routine are easy, you can wake up early pop on a dance DVD or exercise DVD, simply go for a nice walk first thing in the morning. Also make use of your lunch break and if you go and join a gym,make sure you do actually use it. One tip I really want to share with you is when I pop down to the gym, I listen to my Ipod and I am listening to my personal development and my motivational talks while I exercise.配合日常生活规律的简单锻炼非常容易,早上早点起床,跟着舞蹈DVD或锻炼DVD进行联系,或者出去散步也不错。还要充分利用午餐休息的时间。如果你参加了健身活动,确保真正地利用到。我要跟大家分享的一个建议是,在我去健身馆的时候,我通常在锻炼时听Ipod,听一下我的个人发展目标和自我激励的对话。So not only am I exercising my body, I am exercising my mind as well. Now, are you vegetarian and you are eating lots of ymade meals? Now, even a vegetarian dish can be laden with really fattening cheese and eggs. So, an easy way for it is to simply prepare your own.所以,我不仅仅在锻炼身体,还在锻炼我的思想。现在来看一下,你是不是素食主义者,是不是食用了很多即食快餐?现在,即使素菜中也含有大量容易让人变肥的奶酪和鸡蛋。所以,最好的办法就是自己准备。It doesnt have to be scary as you might think. Have a look at cutting out the dairy products or looking for dairy free versions which tend to be lower in fat as well. Now, say for instance, a vegetarian pizza now, okay, it might be less fattening than a meat feast, however, you can make it even less fattening for you specially if you want to lose weight.自己煮饭不像你想像的那么可怕。一定要排除奶制品,尝试不含奶制品,同时脂肪含量也比较低的食物。例如,蔬菜批萨可能比肉食大餐的脂肪含量更少,然而,如果你想要减肥的话,自己制作的食物比蔬菜批萨脂肪含量更低。A good thing is to ditch the cheese, and then you can enjoy the pizza for what it really is, tasty lovely vegetables on the base and a lovely tasty healthy tomato sauce. Ditch the dairy obviously ditch the meat and enjoy a lower fat vegetarian pizza. Another great tip for losing weight is to enjoy wholemeal version of products, wholemeal b, wholemeal pasta,wholemeal rice, and along with those dishes is bulk up with huge healthy tasty salads.最好挖掉奶酪,然后享用原汁原味的批萨,享用底部美味的蔬菜和美味健康的番茄酱。挖掉奶制品,挖掉肉类,享用脂肪含量低的素食批萨。减肥的另外一个建议是,你可以享用全麦食物,全麦面包,全麦意大利面,全麦大米,配合这些食品,再食用大量非常健康的沙拉。They dont need to be boring at all. Fresh spinach, grated sweet potato, grated carrot, fresh sweet corn, lots of lovely things olives, oh! Just making me hungry thinking about it. Bulk up on really tasty salads, top up with some soya sauce, or may be some liquid brag.不需要非常繁杂。新鲜的菠菜,搓碎的土豆泥,搓碎的胡萝卜,新鲜的甜玉米,橄榄。想到这些都让我肚子饿了。食用一些非常美味的沙拉,加一些酱油,或者一些新鲜的蔬菜汁。There are really a lot of fat options that are going to fill you up and make you feel great as well. Now, finally a great way to lose weight is to think about your brain because actually your brain doesnt know the difference if you are hungry or thirsty. So, the next time you think, “Oh my gosh, I am so hungry,” maybe have a nice pint of water, see how you feel about ten minutes after that.有许多既能让你吃饱又能让你感觉很好的食物选择。现在,减肥最好的方法是,要知道你的大脑并不能区分饥饿和饥渴之间的差别。所以,下次你想到“我好饿”的时候,或许可以多喝点水,十分钟之后看一下有什么感觉。I hope you enjoyed my healthy ways to lose weight on a veggie diet and in fact, no matter what you eat, I hope you found them useful. .希望大家喜欢我为大家介绍的素食减肥的方法。无论你吃什么,一定是要对身体有用的。Thanks for watching How To Lose Weight On A Vegetarian Diet感谢收看“怎样通过素食来减肥”视频节目。 /201210/202907。

在海地地震中遇难的8名中国维和人员的灵柩17日由中国南方航空公司一架包机运送回国。海地时间17日9时36分(北京时间22时36分),搭载遇难人员灵柩的南航包机从海地太子港机场起飞,预计北京时间19日上午抵达北京首都国际机场。 Bodies of 8 Chinese police return homeThe bodies of eight Chinese police officers are on their way back to China. They died when a UN building in Haiti collapsed during last week's earthquake. A chartered plane carrying the bodies is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on Tuesday.At the airport of Port-au-Prince, the rescue team and members of China's UN peacekeeping force in Haiti paid a final tribute to their compatriots who were killed in the deadly earthquake. The Chinese plane, carrying the bodies of the eight police officers, left Sunday night and is expected to arrive in Beijing Tuesday morning.The first body was found early Friday morning, after more than 80 hours of searching.The other seven were retrieved later in joint efforts between the Chinese and several foreign rescue teams.Rescuers at the site held a simple mourning ceremony for the eight victims.Chinese President Hu Jintao has expressed his deep grief and offered words of comfort to their families.The Ministry of Public Security's website has been displayed in black to mourn and pay respects.Wu Heping, spokesman of Ministry of Public Security, said, "A mourning hall has been set up in the Ministry of Public Security, to honor those who perished. We have also set up Internet sites where people can send their condolences. In losing them, we feel aggrieved."201001/94797。

Winter can be harsh on your skin, so take extra care to maintain your healthy glow all year round.冬季对你的皮肤来说是非常严酷的,所以,一定要采取额外的防护,保肌肤全年散发出健康的光。Step 1 Take care of hair1.打理头发Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use conditioner to moisturize. Limit your time with the hair dryer, instead opting to allow it to air dry.使用比较温和的洗发水来洗头发,使用护发素来保湿。限制使用电吹风的时间,让头发自然风干。Rub a few drops of olive oil on your hands and run through your hair -- this will pack your hair full of moisture.向手心中倒入几滴橄榄油,揉搓头发——这样可以很好地为头发保湿。Step 2 Treat your face2.面部护理Treat your face to a luxurious washing with a gentle cleanser, and always follow with a moisturizer. Dont forget to keep your lips protected your lips with beeswax or petroleum jelly.使用温和的洗面奶仔细洗脸,随后涂抹保湿霜。不要忘记唇部涂抹蜜蜡或凡士林。Step 3 Care for hands and feet3.双手和双脚Care for your hands by consistently using moisturizer after each washing. Rub petroleum jelly or a foot balm on your dry feet, cover with socks, let it sit overnight, and youll wake with super soft heels.每次洗手后涂抹护手霜。干燥的脚部要涂抹凡士林或足膏,然后整晚穿上袜子,这样,早上醒来的时候你的脚后跟就会非常柔软。Step 4 Keep showers short4.缩短淋浴时间Keep those morning hot showers short. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. Use lukewarm water if possible.早上的热水浴时间短一点。热水会导致皮肤中的自然油脂流失。如果可能的话使用温水淋浴。Dont forget to exfoliate. Exfoliating removes dead, dry skin from your body and reveals a glowing new layer of skin.不要忘记去角质。去角质可以去除坏死干燥的皮肤细胞,展露出焕发光的新一层肌肤。Step 5 Moisturize everywhere5.全面保湿Use a moisturizer on your body after every shower if you have especially dry skin. Make sure you dont forget to apply your sunscreen.如果你的皮肤非常干燥,每次淋浴后全身保湿。不要忘记涂抹防晒霜。Step 6 Keep hydrated6.补水Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier in your home and/or work environment.每天饮用足够的水,在家中和办公环境中使用加湿器。Step 7 Keep warm7.保暖Dress warm to keep harsh weather and wind from drying out your skin. Protect your hair and skin throughout the winter so you can enjoy it safely while looking forward to summer.衣着要保暖,这样才能防止严冬和寒风让你的皮肤干燥。整个冬季都要保护好你的头发和皮肤,这样就可以在期盼夏季来临的同时享受冬季的风采。The worlds coldest place is Ridge A, an area on the Antarctic plateau. It stands over 8 miles high and averages minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit.世界上最寒冷的地方是位于南极大陆高原地区的Ridge A,海拔超过8英里,平均气温为华氏零下94度。201301/221550。


春运高峰即将到来 回家成为关注问题 201301/221218。

Today in History: Tuesday, May28, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月28日,星期二May 28th 1934, a medical miracle that later turns tragic in Ontario, Canada where the Dionne quintuplets are born. Ontario’s provincial government deems the girl’s parents to beyond fit and puts the quints in a specially-built hospital. That’s where the identical sisters become a money-making tourist attraction during the Great Depression. Years later, the three surviving quints sue Ontario’s government and received a 2.8 million dollars settlement.1908, Ian Fleming, the novelist to created fictional British super spy James Bond is born in London.1972, the Duke of Windsor, the only British monarch to voluntarily relinquish the crown dies in Paris at age 77. The former King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee.1998, “When I was meditating.” “She was sleeping.” “Right, and she was just a lazy little girl for slept about 18 hours a day.”In California, actor and comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife Brynn who then kills herself.And 1957, Baseball’s National League approves moving the Brooklyn Dodges to Los Angeles and New York Giants to San Francisco.Today In History, May 28th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/241782。

今天是父亲节。尽管事实上它是传统的西方庆典,但许多中国的年轻人们也在庆祝这一节日。Today is Fathers Day. But despite the fact that it is a traditionally western celebration, many young Chinese also celebrate. Our reporter Lin Nan finds out more.Sunday is Fathers Day. That brings something new for Lu Ming - whos not used to the holidays calls for blunt expressions of affection.Lu Ming, Father: ;Our generation is more subtle when expressing emotions. It is more about what you do for your parents than what you say to them.;Lu Xiao, Son: ;Even though Fathers Day is a celebration from abroad, I still find it quite meaningful. It gives me the chance to say how grateful I am for what my father has done for me.;And this is a spirit thats putting smiles on the faces of business owners as well.Qian Shuyan, Manager Huas restaurant: ;Fathers Day has become more popular in recent years, and we have been promoting the event. Today the restaurant is really busy. Many families come here to enjoy our special set.;Lin Nan, Beijing: Chinese fathers traditionally take the lions share of responsibility for the families. That means that many go to special lengths to show appreciation fort their fathers on this day no matter how far away.Ruan Haos family is thousands of miles away. The student is busy working on his graduate project in Beijing. But despite the days tight schedule and the tough work ahead of him, he doesnt forget to make a call to his dad.Ruan Hao, Student: ;I dont think I have to go somewhere or buy something for my dad to celebrate. If I were with him, he would feel really happy as long as we could spend some quality time together.;Whether through gifts, a meal or just a simple ;thanks,; fathers day is about one thing - showing love and appreciation for dad. Thats a message we can all get behind no matter where youre from.201206/187487。

昨日是国百年馆庆之日。100年前的7月9日,中国国家物馆的前身“国立历史物馆筹备处”成立。国百年路,如今已走在“世界大馆”行列。Chinas National Museum, near Beijings Tiananmen Square, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The museum is the largest in the world. Here are 100 years of its history.This is Guo Zi Jian, the Imperial College of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Exactly 100 years ago today, an office for the National Museum of History was opened here, at the suggestion of scholar, Cai Yuanpei. Its believed to be the earliest predecessor of Chinas National Museum.In 1918, the National Museum of History was moved to the Forbidden City. In 1950, the National Revolutionary Museum was also set up within the walls of the Forbidden City.In 1958, construction of the new site of the two museums began. Theyre located at the east side of Tiananmen Square, and in 2003, the two were combined into one, to become the National Museum.Renovation work on the National Museum began in March, 2007. Four years later, on March 2011, the museum reopened. The newly renovated building occupies an area of 200,000 square meters, three times its original size. It houses 48 exhibition halls, and is the worlds largest museum in terms of area. Its collection has also been expanded. Before renovation work began, it housed 650,000 relics. Now it boasts 1.2 million artifacts, thanks to the governments donation of 400,000 pieces, previously owned by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.The museum hosts two permanent exhibitions, the ;Ancient China; exhibition and the ;Road to Revival; exhibition. Since reopening last March, its hosted some 50 temporary exhibitions.Lu Zhangshen, Director of National Museum of China, said, ;The success of Chinas economy has allowed us to invest more in cultural restoration projects. The National Museum is a symbol of this.;Chinas National Museum aims to offer its visiting public some of the rarest and most prestigious exhibitions in the world.201207/189736。