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script:Unions in China, they are way different than they are here in the US, many fact. In fact, things they are more about controlling Chinese workers rather than helping them. US labor leaders though, we learn, working with Beijing just the same. One big American Union has been working in china and has successfully organized Wal-Mart store workers over there. Sound a good idea? Should US labor groups help the Chinese government organize its workers? Sijing Chen is a China analyst with the Eurasia group and Peter Morici is a former economist with the US International Trade Commission, business professor of the University of Maryland as well. Folks, thanks to you. We learned in the Wall Street Journal front page today, Service Employees International Union headed up by Andy Stern, he has been over there, helping out "Unions". But Peter, are the Unions, they are not what we think of here, right? Is this a good idea for a US labor group to be helping out essentially the Chinese government?I think it’s a terrible idea. You know, we think of company unions in Japan that really work, control the workers for the companies. In China, we have company unions that control the workers for the government. The All China Labor Federation which will represent the workers of Wal-Mart is really an instrument of the government in Beijing; It will get 2% of the wages of the workers which will just create sinecures around the country. People sitting in Union hall that are there to exercise political control. Andy Stern is helping put further into the future any kind of real democratic reform or true labor rights in China. This is an absolutely terrible idea. I think he's doing it to be a contrariant and he's hurting the labor movement in the ed States by doing it. Sijin, what do you think?Well, I think it’s important to realize that the Chinese government is really the driving force behind the recent changes in china’s labor policy. Let’s look at some of the things that they have done. With or without the help from American Union leaders, they have been working on a new labor contract law that is going to make it more difficult to fire workers and is going to extend labor contract coverage to all workers if it's possible. And they have also begun unionizing multinational corporations, which they are trying to now do with domestic companies as well.But SiJin, I think, the question or the worry that Peter is raising and that a lot of folks have pointed out is, is that a mechanism for Beijing to control those workers?Well, if we look at the policies though; political control has traditionally been a concern for the Chinese government. But they (I don't have a bright... ) are also trying to increase the wages for, for the Chinese workers.I didn't hear you ,Sijin, they are trying to do what for the, in terms of wages?Um, they are also trying to increase wages for Chinese workers, they are beginning to try collective bargaining, and for some of the industries (what’s going on?), they have come up with regulations on (it was all silent)Peter, you are having trouble hearing?Ok, I am sorry.Peter, can you hear me?Yes, I can.Ok, great, let me move this conversation forward here a little bit. You know, there has been all these focus on the Chinese investment in Blackstone. And some of these senators are saying that this is er, some kind of national security threat, do you think they're gonna be as tough on the Union groups here about working in China?Well, I don’t know how they can't be because all they are really doing is becoming, is choosing to become involved in them politically. It’s their right to do that, just as Wal-Mart can invest in China.They can job on it , they can pass laws, they can do all kinds of things, can't they?Well, I think it’s going to be difficult to really do something, especially with a democratic majority and given how beholding it is to the labor movement to labor political majorities. I don’t really see the Congress coming down too hard on, on Andy Stern for this, so the AFL-CIO Sweeney is gonna go over there. I just think it’s a bad idea. I know that a lot of Chinese scholars are very comfortable with the continuation of Communist Party controlling China and they would like to point to whatever progress to the workers, you know, make there. However, it remains that as long as they can exercise this kind of control, through the Union’s free labor movement just is not possible in China and real workers’ rights and real collective bargaining won’t be around in China any time soon. SiJin, you get the last word here, we just have a few seconds left. Well, I think the Chinese government, for its own purposes, is trying to introduce new policy that’s going to raise the wages for Chinese workers. Um, well, that is enough though, is up to each Union leader to decide.All right, SiJin Cheng, and Peter Morici, thanks so much. Thank you.Notes:AFL: American Federation of LaborCIO: Congress of Industrial Organizations200807/44408euphoria ———— 欢快(名词)英文释义 (noun) An exaggerated condition of temporary joy and dreamy delight.例句 Yesterday my shy younger brother met a beautiful girl who seems to like him a lot, so hes been in a state of euphoria all day today.昨天,我的腼腆的弟弟遇到了一位似乎非常喜欢他的漂亮姑娘,所以今天他的情绪一直很欢快。 /201606/448961

Oh not again!不,不是又来了吧!You two just cant leave each other alone…你们俩真是难舍难分……Bbbut it was just…但只是……Say no more Anna.不用多说了,安娜。Now, I was looking for my special red pen, have you seen it anywhere?我在找我的专用红笔,你们看见了吗?No. Funny that, my pens have gone missing too.不,奇怪的是我的笔也丢了。Ill go and get some more.我去再拿点。Now Anna, I dont want to interfere but have you called that company in France to see how they are?安娜,我不想干涉你,但你有没有给法国的公司打电话问问怎么样?Well, theyre fine arent they?他们应该没问题吧?Its good customer service to call them and see how they are.给他们打电话询问体现了良好的客户务。But what do I say?但我要说什么?Tell you what.我来告诉你。Ill go over there and you can call me and practise.我去那边,然后你给我打电话练习一下。Right.好的。OK Tom, Im calling your number now.好的,汤姆,我给你打电话了。Hello – Fruit Traders International.你好,这里是Fruit Traders International。Yes, hello…你好。…introduce yourself and ask me how I am.介绍你自己然后问问我怎么样。Oh right.没错。Hello Im Anna from Tip Top Trading.你好,我是Tip Top Trading的安娜。How are you today?今天过得怎么样?Im very well.我很好。Now ask me about the order.问问我订单的事。 /201705/508477

国家地理:Octopus Mating 章鱼交配OK, we are back in the world of the Cyanea octopus. It's mating time. Here's your potential conquest. She doesn't know you're alive. She's too busy cleaning trash from her house. Now you are the perceptive type. You use your sensitive disks for any sign of interest—pheromones, whatever. Hey, wait a minute. She's standing tall, that means she sees you and she may be interested. Yeah, baby, full speed ahead.Then, wouldn't you know it, a vicious tide swirls in and suddenly everything is topsy-turvy. Among other flotsam, the tide brings in a rival. Now, great, just what you needed. Three's company, pal. Your job: get in the other guy's face. Just like what you do if you were an adult human male, you try to intimidate the other guy by striking poses and copping attitudes. Now, that doesn't work. So you show off your biggest sucker disks. You show him yours, he shows you his. It doesn't get any more testosterone serious than this. Yours is bigger, hum, naturally. And the intruder takes off like a whipped dog. Its tentacles would be between its legs, if its tentacles weren't aly its legs.OK, now, where were we? Ah, right. As both you and the female are promiscuous—each of you mates with several other octopods from this part of the sea all the time—so, what's with all this coyness? Here's where it gets really really good. I mean, X-rated hot octopus-on-octopus good. Your goal is to get this appendage, called a hectocotylus arm, into the female's mantle cavity. Ah, there we go. The arm has a groove that delivers sperm packets to the female. The longer your arm stays in her cavity, near her oviduct, the more sperm packets you can deliver. If you are good, I mean, you have to be good, you might stay in this position for hours. At this time, ahem, forget about it. Not only does the coupling last just a minute or two, but when the female takes off, she drags you along, like the speaker at a drive-in movie, she forgot to put back on the rack. Luckily, an octopus is such a solitary creature. I mean, can you imagine hanging out with other guy octopi? You'd never hear the end of it.pheromone: 信息素,外激素topsy-turvy: In a state of utter disorder or confusion 混乱flotsam: Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk. 漂浮物testosterone: 睾丸激素coyness: 怕羞, 羞怯hectocotylus: A modified arm of the male of certain cephalopods, such as the octopus, functioning as a reproductive organ in the transference of sperm to the mantle cavity of the female. 化茎腕,交接腕某些雄性头足纲动物,如章鱼身上的一条变种腕,可起生殖器官的作用,把传送到雌性的套膜腔中mantle cavity: 外套腔oviduct: A tube through which the ova pass from the ovary to the uterus or to the outside. 输卵管200709/17492China Turns Focus to Rebuilding Infrastructure Destroyed by Quake中国政府努力展开震灾区重建计划   More than two weeks after the earthquake in China that killed more than 68,000 people and left nearly five million others homeless, Chinese officials are working on plans for reconstruction. 中国在两个多星期前发生的大地震,造成六万八千多人死亡,将近五百万人无家可归,目前,中国政府正努力展开重建计划。In China's Sichuan Province, efforts have moved from rescue to securing infrastructure and resources for rebuilding.  在四川地震灾区的救灾工作,已经从援救受害者转移到修复基础设施以及重建工程。Mu Hong, the head of China's Development and Reform Commission, says grain reserves have been sent to the area and that coal reserves and other energy resources are stable. He said Wednesday the government is still planning the rebuilding process. 中国国家发展和改革委员会副主任穆虹说,目前储备粮食已经送往灾区,而储备煤炭和其余能源供应也很稳定。穆虹星期三表示,中国政府还在规划重建工程。Mu says the State Council has made clear some of the principles that will be followed in the process. He says they are putting people first, coming up with comprehensive overall plans, basing the work on scientific research and debate and doing it step by step. 他说:“按照国务院已经确定的,始终坚持,以人为本,统筹规划,科学评估,分布实施的原则,灾后重建的前期工作。”The work ahead is vast. In some communities, nearly every building was destroyed or badly damaged. Roads leading to many smaller towns are blocked or bridges are unsafe.  眼下的重建工作非常庞大。在部分城镇,几乎所有的建筑物都倒塌或严重受损。一些通往小乡镇的通道,不是道路断绝就是桥梁太过危险。While officials are working on that plan, soldiers in Sichuan trying to relieve pressure on lakes created when land slides dammed rivers. The government says it has evacuated nearly 160,000 people from around one of those lakes, which threatens to break over its banks and flood the area. The work could be hampered by aftershocks and storms that are forecast for the area.  就在官方制定重建计划的同时,驻守在四川的军方人员试图解决因地震形成的堰塞湖可能爆发的洪水危险。由于河水可能溃堤,中国当局已经撤离了一个堰塞湖周边将近十六万居民。撤离工作可能会受到不断的余震以及可能的暴风雨的影响。The government plans to spend about million to deal with these more than 30 lakes that formed after the earthquake. In addition, it has dozens of man-made dams in the region to inspect and repair, to prevent new disasters from floods. 中国政府计划拨款两千七百万美元,处理因为这场地震形成的三十多个堰塞湖。此外,当局还要检测当地数十个水坝,进行修复,以避免可能的洪水危害。Officials say that progress has been made to repair roads and other infrastructure, but much of it is only temporary and needs to be reinforced.  官员表示,在修复道路和其余基础设施上已经取得进展,但多数工程只是暂时性的,还需要加强。Mu says they are racing against time to rebuild and recover damaged infrastructure. But he says, the picture does not allow for much optimism because the restored power supply, communications or roads are temporary, and the rainy season is going to start, the earth has aly been shaken loose during the earthquake, so there are high risks of landslides and mudslides. 穆虹说:“当前的抢通工作还在继续,还在毫不放松地,争分夺秒地进行,因为目前的抢通工作保障程度还不高,许多抢通设施是采取临时手段,来保电,保通信,保道路通畅,特别是目前四川即将进入主汛期,前一段地震造成地表已经松动,很容易发生滑坡,泥石流这样的地质灾害。” 200805/40425On certain nights, the secret is revealed. Warm, damp air moving in from the mid-Atlantic is transformed to fog as it crosses the cold coastal current. A vast blanket of moisture steadily rolls across the desert. This veil of mist is the saving grace of the Namib. Just a few precious drops but enough to allow life to flourish. A tiny bit of moisture, a tiny bit of food and tens of millions of years of evolution are the secrets to success in this harshest of African deserts. Where else but the Namib would an ingenious little beetle stagger up the highest dunes on cold mornings, put its back to breeze, and then stand on its head to collect a life-giving drink?Impressive sand dunes dominate the Namib, but to the south and east is a very different kind of desert , an expanse of rocky scrub known as the karoo. This desert is as old as the Namib, but here it is mainly rain, not fog that drives life. In the karoo, up to 30 centimeters of rain may fall during winter and this extra sprinkle of moisture makes the world of difference. words and expression:1.saving grace: a sancification from God 恩惠2.life-giving:giving or having the power to give life and spirit给予生命的,挽救生命的3.srcub: n. bush,shrub,shrubland dominated by shrubs灌木丛,丛林地4.where else but: here "but" means "except",it is a common grammatical use.200807/44688

Why do so many couples argue over money?It's what money represents.They miss the fact it's not about the money. They are so busy focus on the dollar amount, about how they feel about the money. They realize how they are fighting about money?They are fighting about what the money means to them.And what does the money mean? Power? For men, it often means power, it can for women, too, but power, for prestige, status what they've made of themselves? For women, though, it often represents security and it became, it can become a method of fighting, basically like sex. Partly it could be a weapon.And they hold from you a weapon.How many I'll spend at you if you are so busy controling the money. I'll show you what, I'll show you what I can do. I can assert myself and spend it. And really the discussion about money needs to begin before the marriage even.But people are very reluctant to talk about money because it just seems (a) tacky. It seems not sort of compatible with the notion of love.Again it's because it what it means it's (so romantic.) about controlling each other. It's not considered romantic. It's considered old so personal. Actually you are right, for some couples even more personal than sex, amazingly. So they don't talk about the money.I think the way, the approaches to say, what did it, how did your family of origin handle? What was money like when you were growing up? Was it something that was easy available if you feel good about it? Or you are hoarding when you are always saving for catastrophe. How does that work?Does that mean because you, your, your patterns are established (yes.) by your parents and your family early on? Yes.Often. And, and your character style. So it's important to ask what's your personality style. Are you a risk-taker? You know, if you marry in a bungee jumper because you love risk-taking. You'd better be prepared for some risk-taking (Do you have get? Do you take that?) in money management,too.Even though people don't have different attitudes about money. (Inaudible) For example, I am very frugal and Jay had less of a problem spending money than I did. (Oh-oh.) No, it was okay. Yes. Well, (yes.) most the time. Sometimes it annoyed me...You have to negotiate.Yeah. You know, it's doesn't mean that you are incompatible (No,not at all) if you have different attitudes about it. (I'll bet anything)It's just better to get it on the table.It means more communication is necessary.And it needs to be reviewed and updated regularly. (Exactly)It's not that because well, we've done that now, phew, we've got through that, ahah it's gonna resurface over and over through a marriage.So, so what other advice would you have for people who are really literally being torn apart by this subject?Pick one person to be in charge of bills and budgets. Both sit down and look at budgets so you are agreeing about something. See often what's been tossed about is in the air but no concrete examples of, but this is how much money we make. And so this is how much money we can spend, and how much money we wanna save. So have a monthly meeting even about..Sounds easy but that's hard. Any,and if you feel that one person is exerting more power in the relationship because of the financial inequity, talk about it.Absolutely.Yes.Right?It's a problem, right. It needs to be... We need to adjust what's going on. I think this is about power and control. Let's talk about that.All right. Well, good, good advice, Drew Pinsky and Gail Saltz. Thank you your guys. (My pleasure. Thanks.) Glad to see you again. 200809/47503International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission援缅被拒 美舰队撤离缅甸外海 ed States naval ships with relief supplies for cyclone victims in Burma are leaving the area, because the Burmese government refused their help. International agencies trying to help more than two million storm survivors regret the loss of the navy's resources. 满载救助缅甸强热带风暴灾民的救援物资的美国海军舰队离开这个地区,因为缅甸政府拒绝他们的帮助。试图帮助两百多万风灾幸存者的国际援助机构对失去美国海军提供的救灾物资表示遗憾。The USS Essex and several support vessels are leaving the seas near Burma after spending three weeks trying to deliver aid to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis. 美国海军舰艇“埃塞克斯”号以及其它几艘辅助舰艇驶离缅甸附近的公海,这几艘舰艇在这里已等候了三个星期,曾试图向缅甸纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的灾民运送救灾物品。The French navy also has given up efforts to send in aid and is heading away from the Bay of Bengal.  法国海军也放弃了向缅甸灾区运送救灾物资的努力,离开了孟加拉湾。Burma's government has rejected offers to use other country's military helicopters to carry relief supplies. 缅甸政府还拒绝接受其它国家提供军用直升机运送救援物资的提议。Instead, in the past week the World Food Program received two helicopters from Africa, but aid experts say that is not enough. 在过去的一个星期中,世界粮食计划署只收到了来自非洲的两架直升机,援助专家说,这是远远不够的。 WFP spokesman Paul Risley says it is unfortunate that U.S. Navy helicopters will not be available to bring aid across the Irrawaddy Delta. 世界粮食计划署发言人保罗.里斯利说,不幸的是,世界粮食计划署将无法使用美国海军的直升机把救援物资运到整个伊洛瓦底江三角洲。 他说:"And this is truly unfortunate because these helicopters represented immediate heavy lift capacity in the area and would have been a standard operating procedure for the U.N. for relief agencies in responding," he said. “这非常令人遗憾,因为这些直升机能够立即在灾区发挥重型起重能力,同时也能够作为联合国及救援机构在救灾反应方面的标准作业步骤。” Military helicopters from several nations played a vital role in relief efforts in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. They also helped in the aftermath of a cyclone that hit Bangladesh last year. 2004年印尼发生海啸之后,几个国家提供的军用直升机在救灾中发挥了至关重要的作用。去年孟加拉国发生强热带风暴之后,军用直升机也帮助了救灾工作。Burma's state media say the government rejected the U.S. military aircraft because it feared an invasion, despite U.S. assurances that wanted only to provide aid. 缅甸国家控制的媒体说,政府拒绝美国军用飞机的帮助,是因为政府担心美军入侵,尽管美国保只提供灾害援助。 The cyclone that hit a month ago left more than two million people in need of food, shelter and medical care. The storm killed 78,000 and left 56,000 missing. 一个月前的纳尔吉斯强热带风暴造成200多万人缺少粮食,住房和医疗务。风暴造成7万8千人死亡,5万6千人失踪。 International donors have condemned the Burmese government's roadblocks to relief efforts. U.S. officials say the delays may have cost "tens of thousands of lives." 国际捐助者谴责缅甸政府为救灾工作设置障碍。美国官员说,这种延误可能造成“数以万计的生命”丧失。The ed Nations and ASEAN recent reached an agreement with Burma to allow international aid workers more access to the areas worst hit by the storm.  联合国和东盟最近与缅甸达成了协议,允许更多的国际援助工作者进入受风灾影响最严重的地区。But U.N. officials said Wednesday relief efforts need to expand rapidly, since just one point three million people had gotten any sort of assistance. 但联合国官员星期三说,救灾工作需要迅速扩大,因为只有130万人得到了某种形式的援助。The Irrawaddy Delta is Burma's main rice-growing region, but U.N. officials said Wednesday that 60 percent of the paddy fields were damaged in the storm. About 16 percent are too badly damaged for the next planting season, in July.  伊洛瓦底江三角洲是缅甸的主要稻米种植区,但联合国官员星期三说,60%的水稻田在风暴中遭到破坏。大约16%的稻田遭到的破坏过于严重,以至在7月下一个播种季节开始时无法耕作。The WFP's Risley says international food aid to the hardest-hit areas could last a year. 世界粮食计划署的里斯利说,向受灾最严重的地区提供援助可能会持续1年。 他说:"In a situation such as this it would be very typical for the World Food Program to continue providing food rations through general deliveries for families and farmers in the delta area, certainly through the next six months, certainly through the next harvest. It is likely that harvest will not be able to take place for an entire year," he said. “在这种情况下,世界粮食计划署通常会继续通过普遍分发形式向伊洛瓦底江三角洲灾区的农民及其家庭提供定量口粮,在未来的6个月内必然会这样做,这一做法一直会持续到农作物下一次收获季节。而很有可能在整整一年里不会有任何收获。” U.N. officials say few farmers have returned to their land because they have no food, shelter or farm tools. In addition, roads throughout the region remain unusable. 联合国官员说,少数农民已返回他们的土地,因为他们没有食物、住所或农具。此外,整个区域内的道路仍然无法使用。200806/41190

Syria Plans Emergency Drill amid Fears of War with Israel叙利亚以色列分别演习提高警戒  Syria is beefing up security on its home front in a sign of escalating tension with Israel. There are war jitters on both sides of the border.  由于和以色列的紧张关系升级,叙利亚增强了后方的安全部署。叙以两国都出现了备战的紧张气氛。 As Israel conducts a big civil-defense drill this week, Syria will hold an unprecedented exercise to test the iness of the home front for a possible Israeli attack. The drill was announced on state-run Radio Damascus. 就在以色列这个星期进行大规模民防演习的时候,叙利亚也将展开一场空前的演习,检验在以色列发动袭击的情况下叙利亚的后方是否作好了准备。叙利亚官方的大马士革电台宣布了这个消息。The announcement said the drill will take place in all of Syria's provinces and will test the country's iness and ability to handle natural disasters and other emergencies.  大马士革电台说,演习将在叙利亚的所有省份进行,将检验叙利亚是否作好了准备,以及它处理自然灾害和其它紧急情况的能力。At the same time, Israel is conducting a five-day home front exercise to test preparedness for missile attacks with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.  与此同时,以色列正在进行长达五天的后方演习,检验以色列是否对核武器、化学武器和生物武器的导弹袭击作好了准备。In a test on Tuesday, air-raid sirens wailed across Israel, sending school children running to bomb shelters.  在星期二的演习中,空袭警报响彻了整个以色列,使学校里的孩子纷纷向防空洞奔跑。The exercises in both countries point to escalating tensions. The armies of Israel and Syria have raised their alert levels, amid fears that Syrian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon might launch an attack that could plunge the region into war.  叙以两国进行演习表明紧张关系升级。由于人们担心叙利亚持的黎巴嫩真主党游击队可能发动袭击,使整个地区陷入战争,以色列和叙利亚军方都提高了警戒程度。Hezbollah has threatened "open war" against Israel for the assassination of one of its leaders, Imad Moughniyeh, in a car bombing in Damascus two months ago. Israel denied involvement.  真主党领导人穆尼亚两个月前在大马士革发生的一次汽车爆炸中遇刺身亡。为此,真主党威胁要和以色列“开战”。以色列则否认卷入这次暗杀活动。"What we have is a very tense situation because both Hezbollah and Syria want to hit Israel in revenge for the killing of Moughniyeh, and it can get out of hand; and the Syrians are wary that if Hezbollah starts something against Israel, Israel may respond not only vis-à-vis Hizbollah, but also vis-a vis Syria," said Israeli analyst Dan Schueftan.  以色列分析人士许夫坦说:“我们处于十分紧张的局势之中,因为真主党和叙利亚都想袭击以色列,为穆尼亚报仇,情况很可能会失控。而且,叙利亚担心,一旦真主党对以色列发动袭击,以色列可能会作出反应,不仅针对真主党,也针对叙利亚。”A Hezbollah cross-border raid in which three Israeli soldiers were killed and two kidnapped in 2006 sparked a monthl-long Israeli air and ground assault on Lebanon. Analysts say a miscalculation could spark another war that neither Israel nor Syria really wants. 真主党2006年曾跨过边界发动袭击,造成三名以色列士兵死亡,两名士兵被绑架。这一事件引发以色列对黎巴嫩进行长达一个月的空中和地面打击。分析人士说,如果错误地估计了形势,就可能引发另一场以色列和叙利亚其实都不希望看到的战争。 200804/34142Tom is looking for some his old work but…汤姆正在帮我找一些他曾经做过的项目,但是……Really? ! To be honest, this isn’t Tom’s speciality.是吗?!不过说实话,那可不是汤姆的专长啊。At a time like this I would ask Denise.这种问题我一般都会问丹尼斯。Denise! ? -Yes… she may only be the office assistant but she always has words of wisdom.丹尼斯?-是啊……虽然她只是办公室助理,但有时候她说的话还挺有道理。Right… custard creams or chocolate digestives? What?对了……来点蛋奶巧克力或全麦饼干?什么?Biscuits? Oh… custard creams please.点心?蛋奶饼干吧。Err, Denise, I know you’re busy but could you spare a few minutes of your time please?丹尼斯,我知道你很忙,不过能打扰你几分钟时间吗?Of course Anna, always happy to help you.好啊,安娜,需要帮忙随时找我好了,我很乐意。Well you know the stock management control system?你知道库存管理控制系统吗?The one you’ve now got to work out… well done for getting that!你正在负责的那个嘛……恭喜你得到这个机会!Thanks. It was OK writing it down for Paul but how do I put it in to practice?谢谢。让我给保罗写点建议是没问题,但是我该怎么把它们付诸实践呢?There’s just too much to do!有太多事情要做了!Calm down Anna. You’ll be fine.冷静,安娜。你没问题的。The first thing you need to do is to look at our current system.首先,你要做的第一件事情就是先去看看我们现有的管理系统。Look at our current system. How do I do that?看看我们现在的系统。我该怎么做?Easy! Just take the lift down to the warehouse and speak to Mr Ingle and then write down what you find很容易啊!坐电梯下去到仓库,和英格尔先生聊聊然后写下你了解到的东西,and draw up an action plan of tasks you need to do – like a shopping list – I’m very good at those.再写一份你需要执行的行动计划,就像写购物清单那样,这个我可是很在行。Go and see Mr Ingle? Oh do I have to.去找英格尔先生?天啊,我真的要去吗。He’s ok really Anna.他人不错,安娜。If you approach him in the right way he won’t bite your head off!只要你跟他谈话的方式没错,他是不会无故冲你发火的! /201702/483867

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