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On paper, Silver Linings Playbook, a romantic comedy starring actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who became famous in blockbuster movies, should be nothing but another popcorn flick. It helps you relax and makes you laugh.理论上来说,由凭借大制作走红的布莱德利#86;库珀和詹妮弗#86;劳伦斯主演的浪漫喜剧《乌云背后的幸福线应该只是一部轻松搞笑的爆米花电影而已But when it comes to a movie with eight Oscar nominations, I expect a little more–whether that’s making you think or showing you life from a new perspective.但是对于这样一部斩获八项奥斯卡提名的影片而言,我更多了一份期待——它能否发人深思,让你从一个全新的角度来看待生活?Silver Linings Playbook does both, with some excellent acting and a quirky presentation of the lives of two wounded, slightly daffy characters.《乌云背后的幸福线在两点上都做得很出色:一是精的演技;二是两个受过伤害后有点儿神经质的人物的异乎常人的独特表现The acting is one big reason I loved this movie. Silver Linings Playbook is the first movie in 31 years, and the th movie ever, to receive Oscar nominations in all four acting categories. This almost says everything.精湛表演是我喜爱本片的一大原因《乌云背后的幸福线是31年来首部、也是奥斯卡史上第部包揽四项表演奖提名的电影,这便是最好的明Having aly demonstrated a maturity beyond her years, the movie allows Lawrence to let loose and have a little fun while still maintaining a dramatic integrity. As Cooper, there’s a manic side to his portrayal of a character who strives to convince himself of his capacity happiness but also has a dark side.片中,劳伦斯演绎出超越其真实年龄的那份成熟,影片给予她自由发挥的余地、却仍能保持剧情的完整而库珀则演绎出剧中男主人公努力说自己能获得幸福,却心存阴暗面的那份疯狂Mocking convention向传统“宣战”I once that “quirkiness in American culture is often a way of pretending to be original while remaining happily and utterly conventional”. Although Silver Linings Playbook is definitely quirky, the rest of that equation doesn’t apply.我曾经读到“在美国文化中,神经质往往是一种标榜自己独树一帜、却仍能保持乐观与传统的伪装之道”虽然《乌云背后的幸福线绝对称得上是神经质之片,但是该表达中其余的部分并不适用于此片The movie makes a mockery of convention from beginning to end, making it a subtle and sophisticated story about mental illness.该片从头至尾都在嘲弄传统,微妙而又深入地讲述一个有关心理疾病的故事If you have ever suffered from a mental illness, you will know that it’s not as glamorous as sometimes portrayed in serious works but actually terribly dull.如果你曾经遭遇过心理疾病,你就会发现,这些疾病并非像一些严肃的文学作品中刻画得那般奇妙刺激;心理疾病的真实一面非常枯燥无味The first half of Silver Linings Playbook focuses on portraying the difficult struggle of trying to get one’s mind back together: the slow progress, the harsh setbacks, the sudden collapses. This is a courageous movie, because it avoids the cliches of glamorous madness, which are so easy that they could have offered a more pleasant but less thought-provoking viewing experience.《乌云背后的幸福线的前半部分着重刻画了演员努力重整旗鼓的过程:漫长的过程、无情的打击、突然之间的崩溃这是一部励志电影,因为它规避了那些描述疯狂是如何奇妙的陈词滥调,导演本可以轻而易举地给观众们送去一次更加愉悦的观影经历,但这样做的代价则是牺牲了本片的思想性Thus, Silver Linings Playbook creates a genre with its own insane approach to insanity. In contrast to romantic comedies that rely on “zaniness” to make characters sympathetic, here, we are attracted to the characters because of their damaged natures and how their irrational antics are treated as “learning to be yourself”.,《乌云背后的幸福线开创了用独特的疯狂方式去描述疯狂的先河与其他浪漫喜剧用搞笑方式来让角色与观众达成共鸣不同,在这部影片中,我们被人物角色的残缺性格所吸引,去了解他们疯狂古怪的行径是如何被视作“学做自己”的In the end, the redemption the characters achieve–this is, after all, a David O. Russell movie–is much more reserved and quiet than in a typical romantic comedy. The aura of giveness that permeates the ending is played out in a minor key.影片的最后,角色们得到的救赎也远比传统浪漫喜剧来得含蓄和保守——毕竟这是一部大卫#86;O#86;拉塞尔式的电影——结尾处的宽恕意味也表现地很低调The movie stays true to itself and the happy ending really is only a silver lining.影片保持了真我,圆满结局真的是黑暗中的一线希望 6

A woman has reportedly asked to divorce her husband of six years because he doesn’t share her love of the movie Frozen.据报道,有一名女子向结婚6年的丈夫提出离婚,只因他不喜欢自己热爱的电影《冰雪奇缘An unnamed 31-year-old man wrote on the Japanese marriage advice um Kikonsha no Hakaba (”The Gravesite of Married People”) that his wife has recently become obsessed with the Disney hit and made him watch it, according to Rocket News .据Rocket News 网站报道,一位31岁男子在日本婚姻咨询论坛Kikonsha no Hakaba(中文意思是“已婚人士的墓地”)上匿名写道,他的妻子最近对迪士尼热映动画片《冰雪奇缘十分着迷,还强迫自己也看“It’s an okay movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care it personally,” the man told his wife.“我觉得这部电影可能还行吧,但就我个人而言真的没多大兴趣”这个男人对妻子说道“Do you really think it’s that good?”“你真的认为它只是‘还行’ 吗?”“If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!” she responded.“如果你不能理解这部电影的伟大所在,那么你作为一个人是有问题的” 妻子回应道The man claims there were no preexisting issues in the marriage, with the couple apparently living comtably, child free, and without financial worries.这名男子说,他们的婚姻之前并不存在问题,他们显然生活得很舒适,没有孩子的负担、也不必担心财政问题He said his wife has since moved in with her parents and refuses to speak to him.他说自从《冰雪奇缘事件后,他妻子就回娘家了,并拒绝与他说话 36

《纸牌屋 House of Cards 导演: 大卫·芬奇 詹姆斯·弗雷 卡尔·弗兰克林 乔·舒马赫 编剧: Beau Willimon Michael Dobbs 主演: 凯文·史派西 凯特·玛拉 罗宾·怀特 迈克尔·凯利 克里斯汀·康奈利 Sakina Jaffrey 拉里·派恩 Reuel Pendleton 寇瑞·斯托尔 类型: 剧情 首播日期: --01(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 棋牌馆 众议院要人 剧情简介:Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina 5th congressional district and the House Majority Whip, who after getting passed over appointment to Secretary of State, decides to exact his revenge on those who betrayed him. The series also stars Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and Corey Stoll in lead roles. (Source: Wikipedia)以今天的华盛顿哥伦比亚特区为背景,《纸牌屋讲述了一个来自南卡罗来纳州第五选区的民主党人,同时也是众议院多数党党鞭的弗兰西斯·安德伍德(凯文·史派西饰)在其晋升国务卿的希望破灭后,决定对那些背叛他的人报复的故事该剧的主演还有罗宾·怀特,凯特·玛拉和寇瑞·斯托尔 小编点评:《纸牌屋绝对是年初最受关注的美剧,由Netflix推出与以往美剧不同,一次性推出一季的更新方式实在是让剧迷们大呼过瘾迷政治局的你,今年一定不可错过的就是这一部!   《圣经故事 The Bible 导演: 托尼·米歇尔 Tony Mitchell Crispin Reece 主演: 迪奥戈·莫加多 Laurie Calvert Paul Marc Davis Amber Rose Revah 兰利·柯克伍德 Soraya Radd Fraser Ayres Eddie Elks 类型: 历史 首播日期: --(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 圣经 剧情简介:The series covers ;Genesis to Revelation; in ;one grand narrative,; within five two-hour parts, each containing two or three biblical stories told through live action and computer-generated imagery. According to Burnett, it included ;obvious; stories such as Noah Ark, the Exodus, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Five hours are taken from the Old Testament, five from the New. The series is based on the New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. (Source: Wikipedia)这部剧覆盖了圣经从创世纪到启示录的故事,每集时长两小时共五集,每集内容包含两到三个圣经故事,通过现场表演和电脑制作的形式表现根据制作人Burnett描述,这部剧包含了众所周知的故事,如诺亚方舟,出埃及记,以及耶稣的生、死和复活五小时内容取自旧约,另五小时取自新约这部剧根据新国际版和新改版标准《圣经改编而成 小编点评:这部剧由美国历史频道推出,把《圣经拍成了电视剧对《圣经感兴趣,又没有时间和精力去研究经文的同学们,可以关注下这部剧啦!   《杀手信徒 The Following 导演: 马科斯·西恩加 编剧: 凯文·威廉姆森 主演: 凯文·贝肯 杰姆斯·鲍弗 Maggie Grace Natalie Zea 类型: 惊悚 首播日期: -01-1 季数: 1 集数: 单集片长: 5分钟 又名: 杀手之王 跟踪 剧情简介:In Entertainment Weekly, features TV writer Melissa Maerz wrote in a preview , ;Purefoy plays Joe Carroll, a mer college professor who taught the works of Poe and killed young women in the gothic hero honor—until he got caught. Since then he been spending hours on a computer in the prison library, building a social network of copycat killers who hang on his every command. When the series begins, he just escaped from death row with help from those followers, and the FBI calls in mer agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon)—who brought down Joe the first time—to consult on the case;. (Source: Wikipedia)在《周刊中,本片编剧Melissa Maerz在一篇预告文中写道:“Purefoy扮演一位前大学教授Joe Carroll,他在课堂上讲爱伦·坡的作品却同时为了哥特式的英雄荣誉杀害年轻女性——直到他被捕从那时起,他花费大量的时间在监狱图书馆的电脑上,建立起一个盲目听从他的每一个命令的杀手社交网络这部剧开始时,他刚在那些信徒的帮助下逃离出死囚牢房,FBI向曾经抓获此人的前探员Ryan Hardy (Bacon饰)咨询该案 小编点评:这样充满犯罪和悬疑的剧情听起来就让人想看呢,热爱刑侦局的你不妨去鉴定一下这部剧是不是值得大家追吧!   《贝兹旅馆 Bates Motel 导演: Tucker Gates 编剧: Robert Bloch Anthony Cipriano Carlton Cuse Kerry Ehrin Jeff Wadlow 主演: 维拉·法米加 弗莱迪·海默 妮可拉·佩尔茨 Jenna Romanin Carolyn Adair Brittney Wilson 杰尔·伯恩斯 马克斯·希尔莱耶 理查德·哈蒙 Diana Bang Mercedes de la Zerda Matt Ellis 康奇塔·坎贝尔 Olivia Cooke 内斯特·卡内尔 基冈·康纳·特雷西 迈克·沃格尔 Emmalyn Estrada Hiro Kanagawa 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: --18 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 贝兹汽车旅馆 惊魂序曲 贝茨旅馆 剧情简介:The series, inspired by the novel Psycho by Robert Bloch and Alfred Hitchcock 1960 film of the same name, depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock film, albeit in a different fictional town (;White Pine Bay, Oregon,; as opposed to the film ;Fairvale, Calinia;) and in a modern, 1st-century setting. The series begins after the death of Norma husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life. (Source: Wikipedia)被Robert Bloch的小说和1960年希区柯克执导的电影《惊魂记启发,这部剧描述了Norman Bates和他的母亲Norma在希区柯克电影里的事件发生之前的生活,尽管故事发生在一个不同的虚构小镇(俄勒冈的白松湾,而不是电影中的加州费韦尔镇)和一个现代的1世纪的布景这部剧开始于Norma在丈夫死后买下了坐落于俄勒冈海滨小镇的一间汽车旅馆,在那里他们开始了新的生活 小编点评:作为希区柯克的超级粉丝,小编不得不说,《贝兹旅馆对悬疑迷来说实在是太有吸引力了!在开始这部剧之前,没有看过《惊魂记的同学不妨找来看看吧,希胖绝对不会让你失望   《汉尼拔 Hannibal 编剧: 布莱恩·福勒 弗兰克·哈里斯 主演: 休·丹西 麦德斯·米科尔森 卡洛琳·达芙娜 Lara Jean Chorostecki 阿隆·艾布拉姆斯 劳伦斯·菲什伯恩 斯考蒂·汤姆森 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 犯罪 首播日期: -- 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 剧情简介:The series is based on characters and elements appearing in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a ensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham most cunning enemy. (Source: Wikipedia)这部剧根据Thomas Harris的小说《沉默的赤龙中的角色和元素改编而成它着重描写FBI特别探员Will Graham和善辩的精神病学家Hannibal Lecter士之间初萌的复杂关系,士注定会成为探员最狡猾的敌人 小编点评:开播于月号,与以往的美剧不同,这部剧第一季同N电视台签了集,而之后的每一季也都将只出集看来今年的悬疑惊悚剧还真不少,有点眼花缭乱,不知哪部剧将会脱颖而出呢?   《达芬奇的恶魔 Da Vinci Demons 编剧: 大卫·S·高耶 主演: 汤姆·莱利 拉娜·普尔弗 类型: 剧情 传记 历史 首播日期: -- 季数: 1 集数: 8 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 达芬奇侠传 剧情简介:The series is being written by David S. Goyer and marks the first collaborative eft between Starz and B Worldwide under a new co-production agreement med after the production of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Described as an historical fantasy, the series will explore the untold story of da Vinci ;inventing; the future at the age of 5. The series mythology is also rumored to involve the mystery cult known as the Sons of Mithras. (Source: Wikipedia)这部由David S. Goyer创作的剧标志着Starz和B电视台在推出《火炬木:奇迹的一天之后的第一次合作被形容为历史奇幻剧,这部戏将探索达芬奇在5岁创造未来时不为人知的故事另一个关于此神话剧的流言则是它将设计到被称作”密特拉之子“的神秘宗教 小编点评:达芬奇这一神话般的人物一直是剧作家们热衷的话题,这次要说的是年轻时的达芬奇不仅有达芬奇关于宗教的挣扎,同时也描述了大家都很好奇的,跟达芬奇有关的女人听起来十分值得期待,该剧本月日首播   《凯莉日记 The Carrie Diaries 导演: Miguel Arteta 编剧: Amy Harris 主演: 安娜索菲亚·罗伯 斯蒂芬妮娅·欧文 奥斯汀·巴特勒 凯蒂·芬德莱 艾伦·王 弗莉玛·阿吉曼 布兰登·杜林 类型: 喜剧 爱情 首播日期: -01-(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 凯丽日记 凯瑞日记 剧情简介:The Carrie Diaries is an American teen drama television series on The CW. It is a prequel to the HBO television series Sex and the City and based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. The first season of the show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school in 198, and she explores life in New York while interning at a law office(Source: Wikipedia)《凯莉日记是一部美国电视剧,是《欲望都市的前传,由坎迪斯·布什奈尔的同名小说改编而成《凯莉日记描述了凯莉·布雷萧世纪80年代早期高中最后一年的生活及部分凯莉在纽约的作家经历 小编点评:介绍了这么多年的新美剧,终于有一部轻松的了!在如此众多悬疑剧的压抑氛围下,怎么能错过这部青春时尚剧!更令人期待的是,它是《欲望都市的前传《欲望都市的众粉丝们,你们准备好迎接高中时代的凯莉了吗?   《扭曲青春 Twisted 导演: Jon Amiel 编剧: Adam Milch 主演: Finise Avery 凯莉·班伯里 Kylie Bunbury Grey Damon Maddie Hasson 阿万·乔贾 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: -3- 集数: 单集片长: 0 剧情简介:The series focuses on -year-old Danny Desai, who returns to his hometown after killing his aunt 5 years prior. While trying to rekindle old friendships and fit in with his judgmental peers, Danny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a fellow classmate. (Source: Wikipedia) 这部剧讲述了岁的 Danny Desai 在五年前杀害了他的阿姨被释放回家乡的故事当他正试着重新与老朋友联络并适应同伴们审判的眼光时,却再一次因为一名同学的被杀成为了头号嫌疑犯 小编点评:因为去年年底康州发生的 Sandy Hook 惨案,很多观众担心这部剧将不被A播出最终这部剧还是如期在三月份播出,对青少年题材感兴趣的同学不妨看一看   《铁杉树丛 Hemlock Grove 导演: 伊莱·罗斯 编剧: 伊莱·罗斯 主演: 比尔·斯卡斯加德 法米克·詹森 Emilia McCarthy Aaron Douglas 伊莲娜·琼斯 类型: 科幻 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: --19 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 剧情简介:A young girl is brutally murdered and found near the mer Godfrey steel mill. As rumors mount, two of the suspects in her killing—Peter Rumancek, a -year-old Gypsy trailer trash kid rumored to be a werewolf, and Roman, the heir to the Godfrey estate—decide to find the killer themselves. (Source: Wikipedia)一个女孩被残酷谋杀并被抛弃在戈德弗雷家族的钢厂附近谣言四起,被认为是狼人的岁吉普赛问题少年彼得·鲁曼切克(Peter Rumancek)和戈德弗雷家族的继承人罗曼·戈弗雷(Roman Godfrey)成为了嫌疑人为了明自己的清白,他们决定自己找出凶手 小编点评:狼人控的同学们千万不能错过这部片,豆瓣上的简介只有一句话:“一位狼人挣扎于野性与人性之间……”所以,我们一起拭目以待这是个怎样的狼人故事吧   《美国谍梦 The Americans 导演: 加文·欧康诺 亚当·阿金 Alex Chapple Holly Dale 让·德·塞贡扎克 Daniel Sackheim 托马斯·施拉梅 编剧: Joseph Weisberg Joel Fields 主演: Keri Russell 类型: 剧情 首播日期: -01-30 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 美国人 赤色公民 剧情简介:Set during the Cold War period in the 1980s (starting in 1981), The Americans is the story of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), two Soviet KGB officers posing as American citizens and a married couple, with the intent of ensuring government communications as well as the prevention of anti-Soviet activities. (Source: Wikipedia)故事背景设定在二十世纪80年代冷战时期,《美国谍梦讲述了 Elizabeth 和 Philip Jennings 两个前苏联克格勃间谍乔装成夫妻在华盛顿郊区收集情报的故事他们在保政府情报的同事还要阻止反苏联的活动 3597TIME is summing up Angelina Jolie’s big week with three words on the cover of its latest issue: “The Angelina Effect.”安吉丽娜·朱莉效应:《时代周刊最新一期的封面用这三个英文单词总结了对于安吉丽娜·朱莉来说“意义非凡的一周”The powerful cover image was revealed on Wednesday, one day after the Oscar winning actress revealed that she had a preventative double mastectomy earlier this year. According to TIME spokesperson Kerri Chyka, the photo was taken bee Jolie’s surgery in February.而就在这张非常具有张力的封面照发布的前一天,这位奥斯卡最佳女主角刚刚透露了自己在今年早些时候接受了预防性的双乳腺切除手术根据《时代周刊记者Kerri Chyka的说法,这张照片摄于二月份朱莉接受手术前The magazine’s cover story focuses on how far the star’s influence has gone in past cases: her adoption of a baby (her daughter Zahara) in Ethiopia and her name choices daughter Vivienne and son Maddox. Now, with Jolie actions, doctors are expecting a ;stampede of women; who will request to be tested the breast cancer-related BRCA1 gene.杂志的封面故事集中报道在过去的各种情况下这位女星的影响力:收养一个埃塞俄比亚女婴(即为她现在的女儿Zahara),以及给女儿取名Vivienne和给儿子取名Maddox 现在在朱莉的影响下,医生们预计会迎来一股女性蜂拥的热潮,即女士们会主动要求进行乳腺癌患病基因BRCA1检测.However, her medical challenge is not over yet. PEOPLE reported that the mother of six would have another surgery to remove her ovaries. Because of a genetic mutation, the Oscar-winning actress had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance of ovarian cancer.不过朱莉的医疗挑战并没结束根据美国《人物杂志的报道,这位六个孩子的母亲还将接受另外一个手术切除卵巢因为基因突变,朱莉患上患上乳腺癌的几率高达87%,患上卵巢癌的几率高达50%“I wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. But it is one I am very happy that I made. My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87 percent to under 5 percent. I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer,” Jolie wrote in her New York Times op-ed published on May .朱莉在《纽约时报文章中写道:;我把自己的经历写出来,是想告诉其他女性,作出乳房切除的决定其实并不容易很高兴我还是下了决心现在,我患乳腺癌的几率已从87%降到了5%现在,我可以告诉孩子们,妈妈不会因为患乳腺癌而去世了;some broadcasters, it was the day the music died. 对中国一些广播电视公司来说,音乐选秀节目的末日来了 China major media regulator and censor last week put a stop to the slew of new singing competitions soon to hit China airwaves. In a statement, the clumsily named State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television postponed y-to-run shows and adjusted broadcast time of the current shows so that they no longer took up big blocks of primetime viewing. 中国主要的媒体监管和审查机构国家广播电影电视总局上周叫停即将开播的一系列新的歌唱类选拔节目广电总局在一则声明中说,尚未开播的节目将推迟播出,已开播的节目将调整播出时间,错时安排播出,避免同类节目扎堆播出 They also asked a little less glitz. TV producers were asked to abstain from extravagance, putting on dazzling packaging and playing up sensational elements in TV program productions, according to the statement. The reason, it said, was to avoid having too many similar TV programs and to provide more viewing options audiences. 广电总局还要求降低节目的华丽程度据这份声明称,电视媒体要力戒铺张奢华,力戒炫目包装,力戒煽情作秀声明称,此次调控是为了避免电视节目形态单一雷同,为观众提供更多的收视选择 The statement didnt name The Voice of China, the reality show broadcast by Zhejiang province satellite broadcaster and based on the Dutch program The Voice of Holland. But then, it didnt have to. The immensely popular TV show has spawned a slew of imitators since it premiered last year. The show has broken records and, according to the government broadcasting agency research center, has been watched online over .6 billion times. 声明未提到浙江卫视播出的真人秀“中国好声音”(The Voice of China)但也没有点名的必要这档广受欢迎的电视节目自去年开播以来已经吸引了大批模仿者据广电总局研究中心的数据,该选秀节目已经打破纪录,网络总点击量超过6亿这档节目源于荷兰节目“荷兰之声”(The Voice of Holland) The moves angered viewers who have mocked previous efts to tamp down on time travel, dating shows and general whimsy. All TV channels nationwide put on the same news program at 7 p.m. every night, said one Sina Weibo user, in a reference to state broadcaster China Central Television sober evening news broadcast. o bored, you know? Please restrict it! 此举引发观众不满,此前广电总局打压穿越剧、相亲选秀节目以及搞怪节目的做法已经广受诟病一位新浪微(Sina Weibo)用户说,全国电视台还每天7点整播同一个节目(新闻联播)呢!早厌烦了好么,求限制! The crackdown on pizzazz -- framed by the regulator as part of China austerity push -- was also questioned. This is ridiculous, said Peng Kai, consulting director of Legend Media, a Beijing-based media company, adding how can you attract audiences without a dazzling stage set and quality shows? 对节目华丽程度的限制(广电总局称之为中国节俭行动的一部分)也受到质疑北京媒体公司乐正传媒(Legend Media)的咨询总监彭凯(音)说,这太荒谬了,没有炫丽的舞台和高品质的表演,你怎么吸引观众? Still, the latest measure found some industry support. While summertime often ushers in talent shows, the singing competition scene seems to be a bit crowded this year. Nine major provincial satellite channels have singing competitions on air, with three more lining up to run, according to local media reports. 不过,监管部门出台的最新措施获得了一些业内人士的持尽管电视台常常在夏季推出选秀节目,但今年的歌唱选秀市场似乎有点拥挤据中国当地媒体报道,九大省级卫视都在播出歌唱选秀节目,另有三家卫视正准备加入这个行列 The curb can boost the variety of TV programs. Otherwise, the huge TV program market will be wasted, said Lu Wei, deputy general manager of Shanghai Canxing Culture amp; Broadcast Co., producer of The Voice of China. Its second season is running as usual. “中国好声音”(The Voice of China)的制作公司上海灿星文化传播有限公司(Shanghai Canxing Culture amp; Broadcast Co.)的副总经理陆伟说,这样的限制措施可以扩大电视节目的种类否则,庞大的电视市场将白白浪费掉“中国好声音”第二季正在正常播出中 Fierce competition makes producers more risk averse, which makes echoing the successful The Voice of China a safe bet. Hit TV shows in China are usually those concerning people daily life while not requiring much to join or watch, said Liu Yuzhe, director of brand promotion department of the satellite TV channel of Jiangsu province. Dating shows and singing competitions normally do well on China TV screens. 激烈的竞争使制作公司的避险情绪增强,这使跟风效仿大获成功的“中国好声音”成为一种安全的做法江苏卫视品牌推广部门负责人刘宇哲说,中国的热播电视节目通常与人们的日常生活有关,而不要求太多的参与或收看相亲节目和歌唱选秀节目在中国电视屏幕上通常反响不错 Celebrity Battle, a singing competition show that Jiangsu had hoped to run next month, is among those halted. It really affects the competitiveness of my channel, since we took so much eft to create and prepare this show, said Mr. Liu. But all of a sudden, the efts are wasted. 江苏卫视曾希望下个月能够播出的歌唱选秀节目“全能星战”(Celebrity Battle)是被叫停的节目之一刘宇哲说,这确实影响了江苏卫视的竞争力,因为我们为创作和筹备这个节目付出了很多努力但突然一切努力都白费了 The latest regulation is in accordance with the regulator efts last year to control the total number of entertainment shows, including dating shows, talent shows and reality shows, in favor of news programs and documentaries. 最新的规定与监管部门去年出台的控制节目总量的努力相符当时限制了包括相亲、选秀和真人秀等在内的节目,鼓励更多地播出新闻节目和纪录片 The limitation does not affect TV program production that much, but it challenges the viewing habit and [viewing] time of the audiences, said Mr. Liu. The rule limits the daily broadcasting of entertainment shows to 90 minutes per satellite channel during primetime. 刘宇哲说,限制措施不会给电视节目的制作造成太大影响,但会挑战观众的收视习惯和收视时间新的措施规定各卫视每日节目的黄金档播出时间不得超过90分钟 Other countries regulate broadcasting to varying degrees. But Mr. Peng, of Legend Media, said too much could hurt the industry. Interference with TV program production will limit the creative space of producers and hinder the industry development, he said. 其他国家对电视节目播出的监管程度不一但乐正传媒的彭凯说,过多的监管可能损害电视行业他说,干涉电视节目的制作会限制制作人的创作空间,阻碍行业的发展 5

Bee partisan panels, split-screen shoutfests and brash personalities became ubiquitous on cable news, there were two men who despised each other sitting side by side on a drab soundstage, debating politics in prime time during the presidential nominating conventions of 1968. There were Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr.在有线电视新闻还没有被党派分明的嘉宾、分屏隔岸的对骂和粗蛮的人身攻击淹没的年代,两个誓不两立的男人,肩并肩坐在布置单调的演播室里,以1968年总统候选人提名大会为背景,在黄金时段展开了一场政治辩论他们就是戈尔·维达尔(Gore Vidal)和小威廉·F·巴克利(William F. Buckley Jr.)Literary aristocrats and ideological foes, Vidal and Buckley attracted millions of viewers to what, at the time, was a highly irregular experiment: the spectacle of two brilliant minds slugging it out — once, almost literally — on live television. It was witty, erudite and ultimately vicious, an early intrusion of full-contact punditry into the staid pastures of the evening news.两位文学高士,意识形态的死对头,吸引了数百万观众前来围观这场在当时极不寻常的实验:两个卓逸不群的头脑在直播电视节目上决一死战——一度几乎发展成肉体相搏他们的言语诙谐、学,但终究是恶毒的,这是张牙舞爪的意见领袖入侵古板晚间新闻的早期案例What transpired would alter both men’s lives — and, as a new documentary argues, help change the course of how the American political media reports the news. “Best of Enemies,” which opens July 31, makes the case that their on-screen feuding opened the floodgates today’s opinionated, conflict-driven coverage.辩论改变了他们的一生——而如一部新近出品的纪录片所说,它还将改变美国政治媒体的新闻报道方式7月31日上映的《最佳死敌(Best of Enemies)提出,维达尔和巴克利的荧屏夙怨,为今天热衷于撩拨争议和成见的报道开了先河The film might have been a sober lesson in the erosion of our civic discourse, timed to the start of yet another 7 presidential campaign. But its directors, Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon, present their ideas with a wide scope, exploring the rivalry between their subjects and evoking an era when public intellectuals like Vidal appeared on “Playboy After Dark” and magazine editors like Buckley, the founder of National Review, ran mayor of New York. (He lost.)在又一场不眠不休的总统竞选大战开始之际,这部影片也许可以让我们对公民话语的颓败有一个清醒的认识然而,导演根·内维尔(Morgan Neville)和罗伯特·戈登(Robert Gordon)是透过一个宽阔的视角来呈现他们的理念的,在探究两位人物的角力的同时,影片也唤起了我们对一个时代的记忆——那时候,像维达尔这样的公共知识分子可以登上《深夜秀(Playboy After Dark)之类的节目,而身为杂志编辑、《国家(National Review)创始人的巴克利可以竞选纽约市长(没能获胜)“They don’t make people like Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley anymore,” Mr. Neville said in a recent interview. “Their lives are the kind of American lives that people don’t have anymore. To me, just on a theatrical level, it seemed operatic: this kind of grand battle.”“戈尔·维达尔和威廉·F·巴克利这样的人已经停产了,”内维尔在近日的一次访谈中说“他们过着一种现在的人不可能有的美国生活在我看来,仅从戏剧性的层面来讲,这就像一部歌剧:一场盛况空前的大战”The film’s trump card is the debates themselves — first during the Republicans’ convention in Miami, then three weeks later during the Democrats’ in Chicago — resurrected in rarely seen footage that, 7 years on, remains almost giddily entertaining: “Crossfire” with a script by No氀 Coward.影片的主要卖点就是辩论本身——先是在共和党的迈阿密大会期间,三周后在民主党的芝加哥大会期间又有一场,7年前的罕见文献获得重生,至今看来仍然让人大呼过瘾,就像是照着诺埃尔·科沃德(No氀 Coward)的稿子排演的一集《交叉火力(Crossfire)脱口秀Vidal tells Buckley that he was an inspiration Myra Breckinridge, Vidal’s transgender literary creation: “passionate and irrelevant.” Buckley mocks Vidal’s failed screenplays and produces a note from Robert F. Kennedy, killed weeks earlier, suggesting that Vidal be deported to Vietnam. (Vidal, examining the letter, notes that the handwriting is slanted upward: “sign of a manic-depressive,” he says coolly.)维达尔对巴克利说,自己笔下的跨性别人士迈拉·布雷肯里奇(Myra Breckinridge)这个形象,就是受他的启发创造的:“饱满,不知所云”巴克利则嘲笑了维达尔的烂电影剧本,并给将于两周后遇刺的罗伯特·F·肯尼迪(Robert F. Kennedy)写了张便条,建议把维达尔驱逐到越南(维达尔看了条子,发现巴克利的字向上倾斜:“躁狂抑郁的迹象,”他冷冷地说)Anchors like Howard K. Smith and Walter Cronkite had occasionally offered commentaries on the news, “but that was very civil,” Mr. Neville said. “What they brought,” he added, referring to Vidal and Buckley, “was a whole other level of incivility that television hadn’t really seen.”霍华德·K·史密斯(Howard K. Smith)和沃尔特·克朗凯特(Walter Cronkite)这样的主持人会发表对新闻的,“但那都是很文明的,”内维尔说维达尔和巴克利“带来了一种当时的电视上见识不到的粗鲁”Mr. Neville, who won the feature documentary Oscar “ Feet From Stardom,” and Mr. Gordon, a longtime collaborator, first watched the debates in , on a bootleg copy from a friend. “I immediately was taken by how contemporary it was,” Mr. Gordon said, noting that between zingers, Buckley and Vidal were debating eign wars, racial justice and states’ rights.曾凭借《离巨星二十英尺( Feet From Stardom)获得奥斯卡最佳纪录长片的内维尔,在年和长期合作伙伴戈登一起看到这场辩论,当时是通过一个朋友的私录影像“看上去太像当代的东西,我当场被镇住了,”戈登说,他注意到在刀光剑影之间,两人辩论的是外国战争、种族正义和联邦诸州的权力But the directors, both mer journalists, also discovered that the debates’ legacy became more about ire than ideas.然而两位作过记者的导演还发现,辩论留下的传奇更多侧重于愤怒而不是理念Buckley showcased provocative debate on “Firing Line,” his program which had its debut in 1966; Vidal was a mischievous guest on talk shows. But the film presents network news in 1968 as a gray affair. When A hired Buckley and Vidal to hold daily debates during its convention coverage — essentially a ratings stunt by a network ranked last in the ratings — it was breaking from the gavel-to-gavel norm.在他自己的一个首播于1966年的节目《火线(Firing Line)中,巴克利展现了极具挑衅性的辩术;脱口秀上的维达尔也是出了名的毒舌但在影片中,1968年的电视网新闻处在一种灰色状态A请来巴克利和维达尔,要他们在政党大会报道期间进行每日例行的辩论,目的是背离部就班的节目常态——根本上是一个收视率垫底的电视网在人眼球And then some. On a night of riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago, Buckley and Vidal had their own climactic on-air clash. Vidal called Buckley a “crypto-Nazi,” prompting a reaction that still stuns.结果何止是背离在举行芝加哥民主党大会的那个暴戾的夜晚,巴克利和维达尔的冲突在众目睽睽之下达至顶峰维达尔称巴克利是个“秘密纳粹”,后者的反应至今看来仍十分惊人“Now listen, you queer,” Buckley replied, “stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.” He was nearly out of his chair, inches from Vidal, his face, as Christopher Hitchens recalls in the film, “a rictus of loathing.”“你这个娘娘腔给我听好了,”巴克利说,“再说我是秘密纳粹,我就给你那张臭脸上来一下,让你就一直这么瘫着”他几乎已经从离开自己的椅子,离维达尔只有几厘米,克里斯托弗·希钦斯(Christopher Hitchens)在片中回忆,巴克利的脸上带着“一种憎恶的狞笑”Such slurs are rarely heard on television today; at the time, they were deeply profane, and the exchange was cut from the West Coast broadcast, according to Mr. Gordon. Vidal saw it as a triumph; Buckley almost never spoke of it again.这样的诋毁,在今天的电视上已经很难见到了;据戈登说,当时两人都粗口连篇,这段对话在A的西海岸播出中被删掉维达尔认为这是一场胜利;巴克利此后几乎再也不提此事“Best of Enemies” documents the aftermath: News producers, intrigued by A’s ratings increase, began pitting liberals against conservatives. A montage features an old “PointCounterpoint” segment from “60 Minutes”; Jon Stewart berating the hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire”; and shouty clips from Fox News.《最佳死敌还记录了节目播出后的情形:在A收视率飙升的刺激下,新闻制片人们开始有意安排自由派和保守派人士的较量片中收录了一系列节目片段:《60分钟(60 Minutes)的一段“针锋相对”(PointCounterpoint)老画面;乔恩·斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)痛斥CNN《交叉火力的主持人;以及Fox新闻频道(Fox News)上的咆哮The film, which debuted this year at Sundance, has resonated: The screenwriter Aaron Sorkin recently signed on to write a feature-length dramatic adaptation. “I’d never heard about the VidalBuckley debates bee seeing the documentary,” Mr. Sorkin said by email, comparing the climactic debate to “a classic courtroom scene.”这部今年在圣丹斯电影节(Sundance)上首映的影片引发了共鸣:电影剧作家艾伦·索尔金(Aaron Sorkin)近日签下了一个故事长片剧本改编合同“在看到这个纪录片之前,我完全没听说过维达尔和巴克利的辩论,”索尔金在电子邮件中写道,他把辩论的高潮部分比作“一场经典法庭戏”Research the documentary took years, with the directors plumbing archives gems like Vidal’s handwritten debate notes. (Many of his supposed ad-libs were, in fact, rehearsed.) The directors interviewed Vidal in , two years bee his death, at his Hollywood home, where he initially accused them of being Buckley partisans. “It was like a scene from ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ ” Mr. Neville recalled.影片进行了数年的调研,两位导演挖到了许多珍贵的史料,比如维达尔手写的辩论笔记(他的许多看似即兴的讲话,实际上是经过排练的)导演在年前往维达尔在好莱坞的家中采访了他,那时距离他去世还有两年维达尔一开始指责两人是巴克利的党羽“简直就像《日落大道(Sunset Boulevard)里的场景,”内维尔说That interview does not appear in the film; Buckley died in , and the directors felt allowing only Vidal to speak would unbalance the film. Instead, they draw on journalists, media critics and relatives, including Buckley’s brother Reid. Buckley’s son, Christopher, declined to speak. “I think it was honoring his father’s intentions to not ever speak of the V-word again,” Mr. Neville said.影片中没有出现那段采访;巴克利是年去世的,他们不想只有维达尔在说话,导致影片失衡他们采访了记者、媒体人和亲属,包括巴克利的弟弟瑞德(Reid)巴克利的儿子克里斯托弗(Christopher)拒绝接受采访“我认为他是在遵照父亲的意愿,永远不再提那个V打头的词,”内维尔说Mr. Neville, who briefly worked as a fact-checker Vidal after college (“One of the most thankless jobs I’ve ever had”), said that audiences frequently tell him how relevant the film seems to today’s media culture. Mr. Gordon regards that as a hopeful sign. “People are hungry the public intellectual,” Mr. Gordon said. Buckley and Vidal “had minutes a night, uninterrupted. Imagine that today. Imagine having two witty, literate heavy thinkers having a go at each other minutes without someone in the headset saying, ‘Quick, talk about Monica Lewinsky’s underwear.’ ”内维尔大学毕业后曾为维达尔作过一阵子的事实核查工作(“这辈子最吃力不讨好的差事”),他说时常有观众告诉他,影片放在当下的媒体文化中是十分切题的戈登认为这是个喜人的迹象“人们迫切需要公共知识分子,”戈登说巴克利和维达尔“每晚有不间断的分钟再看看今天你能想象两个满腹经纶的思想家就这样你来我往分钟,中间不会听到耳机里传来一个声音,‘快,说说莫妮卡·莱温斯基的内衣’”Mr. Neville agreed. “Now, you watch cable news, and you know what everybody’s going to say bee they open their mouth,” he said. Buckley and Vidal “were independent thinkers, and independent thinkers aren’t given a lot of time on television today.”内维尔也这样看“你去看有线电视新闻,这些人一张嘴,你就知道他们要说什么,”他说巴克利和维达尔“是独立的思想者,独立的思想者在今天的电视上得不到多少机会”Few current news programs can match the lexical fireworks of the Buckley-Vidal debates, and it is true that the words “Latinate” and “hobgoblinization” are unlikely to be heard on CNN anytime soon.在如今的新闻节目里,巴克利-维达尔论战这样排山倒海的词汇量已经很难见到,在CNN听到“Latinate”(类拉丁文的)和“hobgoblinization”(精灵化)之类的词机会很渺茫But “Best of Enemies” also proves something else: that even during a more genteel era in television news, the most pedigreed and respected intellects could descend into name-calling and, a moment, the threat of physical violence.然而《最佳死敌还明了一件事:即使在电视新闻还正襟危坐的年代,最受敬仰、最纯粹的知识分子也会堕落到人身攻击的层次,甚至一度要诉诸肢体暴力Mr. Sorkin, who lamented the state of television news in his HBO series, “The Newsroom,” was asked what today’s news media might learn from these debates nearly half a century old.索尔金曾在他的HBO剧集《新闻编辑室(The Newsroom)中哀叹电视新闻的现状,那么他认为今天的新闻媒体能从将近半个世纪前的辩论中学到什么呢?“I think they’ve learned it,” Mr. Sorkin replied. “Incivility rates.”“我认为他们已经学到了,”索尔金答道“无礼言行有收视率” 9If you still havent watched Nirvana in Fire (Langya Bang) or dont know who Mei Changsu and Xiao Jingyan are, you might be falling behind the times in China. The period drama, about a man quest revenge and the struggle to clear his family name has become one of the hottest topics of discussion TV fans.在中国,如果你还没有看过《琅琊榜,或者不知道谁是梅长苏、萧景琰,那么你就落伍了这部讲述一个男人展开复仇行动,努力为家族洗刷冤屈的古装剧成为了电视剧迷们最热衷讨论的话题Searching on Sina Weibo you can find millions of posts discussing and sharing opinions about the drama or affectionately poking fun at the character. There are posts dedicated to analyzing nearly every aspect of this series in minute detail from clothing to etiquette and cinematography.在新浪微上,你可以搜到成千上万条关于这部电视剧的意见或者调侃角色的内容,有些微致力于从各个角度分析剧中的装,礼仪和摄影技术上的细节Dedication to a craft对创作敬业Story is king. While many period dramas play fast and loose with history, Nirvana in Fire has been praised its realistic setting and respect history and the source material. The show tells the story of main character Lin ShuMei Changsu and his long and difficult journey to clear his family name and get justice tens of thousands of soldiers who were unjustly killed. The series has distanced itself from the clichéd romantic plots seen in many period shows by emphasizing the ideals of brotherhood, patriotism and living up to one responsibility.故事情节是成功的关键当多数古装剧拿历史当儿戏时,《琅琊榜因其逼真的场景,对历史和事实的尊敬获得了高度赞扬这部电视剧讲述了男主角林殊(梅长苏)为他的家族和万千含冤而死的将士正名的漫长而艰难的征程不同于其他电视剧老套的罗曼史,这部剧因其强调兄弟之情,爱国情怀和责任感而别具一格Having seen so many good online novels ruined by TV adaptations, Im happy to say that through the sincere dedication of the cast and crew, the original novel by Hai Yan, who is also the scriptwriter the show, has been faithfully brought to the small screen.在看过太多优秀的网络小说被翻拍电视剧毁掉后,我很高兴地看到,经过认真演绎和制作后,这部原著和编剧都是海晏的电视剧,将小说原汁原味地搬到了屏幕上The leading actors, Hu Ge (Mei Changsu), Liu Tao (Mu Nihuang) and Wang Kai (Xiao Jingyan) have surprised audiences with their acting abilities. This is particularly true of Hu, who has surpassed his previous roles with his complicated portrayal of Mei Changsu and ability to touch audience hearts with even the smallest movements.主演胡歌(梅长苏),刘涛(穆霓凰),王凯(萧景琰)用他们的演技征了观众,尤其是胡歌,以其细腻的表演和对梅长苏深刻的刻画触动了观众内心,该角色超越了他以前演绎过的角色The permances of the supporting actors are no less excellent. The serious dedication of the cast can be clearly felt and many netizens have posted how they have been moved to tears by certain scenes. Those dramas that try to pull a fast one by counting on an actor popularity and looks to cause audiences to ignore a show lame permances and poor storylines could never have such an emotional impact.其他配角的演出也同样精,观众们被他们严谨的表演所折,许多网友也纷纷指出他们被某些场景打动甚至落泪那些拍摄时间短,完全依靠演员名气,忽视演员劣质的演技,故事线薄弱的电视剧永远不会有这样的情感影响It the little things细节决定成败The dedication of the crew behind the camera is also apparent in all the little details that can be seen in each scene. Be it costumes, props, cinematography, dialog or the show music, it clear those working on the show have put their heart into their work.幕后制作人的敬业也通过荧幕上的各种细节展示出来,无论是装,道具和摄影技术,还是对白和配乐,无一不显示出制作方的良苦用心There is actually a long list of things worth talking about. Though based on a novel without a specific historical background, the show goes out of its way to accurately portray the clothing and even etiquette followed in ancient China. The authenticity of the traditional culture on display demonstrates that the show has done its homework. It should come as no surprise that viewers are calling the show a textbook example of what a period series should be.事实上有许多细节都值得一谈,虽然原著是建立在架空历史的背景上,但是电视剧却真实地还原了中国古代的饰和礼仪对古代文化的真实表达反映出剧组对此用功颇深,无怪乎观众将这部剧称为其他古装剧教科书式范本This attention to detail is also reflected in the show stage setting. As Li Xue, one of the production directors told qq.com, major changes were made to the house where Mei Changsu lives to better fit the atmosphere of the show. The crew planted a bamboo garden and built a pebbled courtyard path themselves. According to Li, nothing appears in the drama that hasnt been changed in some way by the crew.对细节的重视也通过场景设置表达出来该剧导演李雪告诉腾讯网,他们对梅长苏所住的房子做了较大的改造以使其更能融入剧中的氛围,为此剧组种了一片竹林并修建了一个用鹅卵石铺建的院子李雪表示,剧中的每一处布景都被剧组进行了一定程度的改造In recent years many period series have tended towards simplistic plots, absurd storylines and a complete disregard history, while also relying on shocking twists and cheap special effects to catch audience attention. Standing out from its peers, Nirvana in Fire has not only attracted attention, but has also turned a new page future TV productions.近年来,古装剧变得情节简单,故事线混乱,违背历史逻辑,仅仅依靠匪夷所思的故事转折和劣质的特效来吸引观众的眼球不同于其他电视剧,《琅琊榜不仅引起了观众的热议,同时也开启了古装剧的新篇章 19

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