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The strongest evidence of physical activity令人信的据明reducing cancer risk was found for运动能够降低绝经女性post-menopausal breast cancer. The evidence患乳腺癌的风险was less conclusive and... The evidence was未绝经女性在这方面的据less conclusive and consistent in pre-menopausal women.并没有前者确切和一致As described previously for colorectal cancer像之前提到的结肠直肠癌研究the activity categories were defined by occupational,运动种类确定为职业的housework or recreational. Occupation activity家务的和休闲的included non-worker, sedentary, standing and manual.职业活动包括非工人,久坐,站立,体力活Housework included cleaning, washing, cooking,家务活动包括清洁,洗衣,做饭childcare, gardening and similar household activities.照顾孩子,园艺和其他相似的家务活动Recreation activity included things such as sports,休闲活动包括运动,骑自行车cycling and walking. MET values were assigned和行走,所有活动都计算了MET值to all activities and weekly totals were kept每周总共的MET值也on record. Overall and increase in total physical也被记录下来activity was associated with a reduction绝经女性运动总量in breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women.的增加能够减少乳腺癌发病率It was noted that household activities...引人注意的是It was noted that household activity was家务活动与上述发现相关联a significant category of activity associated with是一种降低乳腺癌发病率重要的运动类别that finding. Occupational activities and职业性活动和recreational activity didn#39;t correlate性活动并没有significantly enough with risk to provide能够有效降低乳腺癌发病率的a convincing evidence for a protective effect.具有说力的据The role of physical activity in breast cancer risk运动降低乳腺癌风险的作用was determined in a multi-national study of已经在一个涉及四个大洲的women across 4 continents. The global epidemiology多国合作研究中被实study recruited... The global epidemiology study这个全球流行病学研究recruited women through physicians to participate通过内科医生招募女性研究对象in the study. There were almost 1,500 women其中1500名女性患有乳腺癌with breast cancer and about 4800 controls.4800名正在预防The women were asked to report on the amount研究要求这些女性报告of time they spend exercising and the type她们运动花费的时间of activities they engaged in. Additionally和运动的种类,另外the authors assessed the role of family history研究人员评估了家族乳腺癌病史of breast cancer and the effects of physical activity.与运动对乳腺癌作用的影响The results of this study strongly supported这个研究有力地明了that increased physical activity correlated增加运动量with reduced risk of breast cancer. In women能够减低乳腺癌发病率without a family history higher physical activity没有乳腺癌家族病史的女性reduced their risk by 35% while in women通过运动能够使乳腺癌发病率降低35%who had a family history of breast cancer有家族病史的女性their risk was reduced by 40%. This strongly通过运动能够降低40%suggests that lifestyle can influence even genetic这意味着生活方式factors of breast cancer risk.能够影响乳腺癌的基因因素 Article/201509/397512栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201511/408917

The cost of our actions is high.我们的行为代价昂贵。Others pay the price without having been actively involved.其他没有积极参与的也会付出代价。I have seen refugee camps as big as cities,sprawling in the desert.我见过在沙漠上绵延的难民营,大得像个城市。How many men, women and children will be left by the wayside tomorrow?明天会有多少男女老幼又将流离失所?Must we always build walls.我们一定要筑墙。to break the chain of human solidarity,separate peoples and protect the happiness of some from the misery of others?来破坏人类团结,分隔人种维护某些人的幸福而不管其他人死活?It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。I know that a single human can knock down every wall.我知道一个人就可以推倒所有的墙。It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Worldwide, four children out of five attend school.全世界 每五个小孩有四个在上学。Never has learning been given to so many human beings.从来没有这么多人受到教育。Everyone, from richest to poorest, can make a contribution.每个人无论贫富都能作出贡献。Lesotho, one of the world#39;s poorest countries,is proportionally the one that invests most in its people#39;s education.莱索托是世界上最穷的国家之一,他们投放在国民教育经费上比例最高。Qatar, one of the world#39;s richest states,has opened its doors to the best universities.卡塔尔是全球最富的国家之一,他们引进最优秀的大学。Culture, education, research and innovation are inexhaustible resources.文化,教育,研究,革新是无穷无尽的资源。In the face of misery and suffering.面对悲惨和痛苦。millions of N.G.O.#39;s prove that solidarity between peoples is stronger than the selfishness of nations.数百万非政府组织明人与人之间的团结比各国的自私自利更强大。In Bangladesh, a man thought the unthinkable and founded a bank that lends only to the poor.在孟加拉国 有人异想天开,想开只给穷人贷款。In barely 30 years, it has changed the lives of 150 million people around the world.三十年间,全球有一亿五千万人的生活得到改善。Antarctica is a continent with immense natural resources...南极洲有丰富自然资源。that no country can claim for itself,a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.它们不属于任何国家,其自然储备只作为和平和科学用途。A treaty signed by 49 states has made it a treasure shared by all humanity.一份49国签署的协定使其成为人类共享的宝库。It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Governments have acted to protect nearly two percent of the world#39;s territorial waters.多国政府为保护地球上2%的水源已行动起来。It#39;s not much, but it#39;s two times more than 10 years ago.虽然不多 但已是十年前的两倍。The first natural parks were created just over a century ago.首批自然公园成立于一个世纪前。They cover over13% of the continents.占大陆面积的13%。They create spaces where human activity is in step with the preservation of species, soils and landscapes.它们创造了人类可以。保护物种、土壤和景观的空间。This harmony between humans and nature can become the rule,no longer the exception.人类和大自然的和谐成为定律,而不再是例外。In the ed States, New York has realized that nature does for us.在美国,纽约市已明白大自然的用心良苦。These forests and lakes supply all the drinking water the city needs.这些森林和湖泊为城市提供饮用水。In South Korea, the forests have been devastated by war.在南朝鲜,森林遭到战争破坏。 Article/201411/342773

Two officers injured in Southern Paris法国巴黎南部发生击案 两名警员受伤There was another shooting in Paris on Thursday morning, a day after a deadly attack at the headquarters of satirical magazine,Charlie Hebdo, left 12 people dead.法国讽刺漫画杂志《查利周刊》总部遇袭击一天造成12人死亡后,周四上午巴黎再次发生另一起击案。Two police officers were hurt in the gun attack near Porte de Chatillon, in the south of the French capital.两名警员在法国首都南部Porte de Chatillon附近的击事件中受伤。One is reported to be in a serious condition.相关媒体报导称其中一人境况危急。The suspected gunman has reportedly been detained.而嫌犯已被拘留。It#39;s unclear whether there#39;s any link with the suspected Islamist attack on Wednesday.目前尚不清楚此次击与周三的疑似伊斯兰恐怖袭击是否存在联系。 Article/201501/353042It travels west,Through India, the Middle East and into Europe.丝绸的出口路线一直向西延伸 穿过印度 中东 最后进入欧洲A 5,000-mile trade route:The silk road.形成一条长达五千英里的商路 这就是丝绸之路The Romans wanted it, the Chinese have it,罗马人想要丝绸 而中国人有and, as a result, silk connected the east and west因此 东西方世界有史以来for the very first time in human history.第一次因丝绸而联系在一起The Silk Road becomes a kind of channel丝绸之路成为某种渠道along which goods, people, ideas,随之而来的是不同的商品 人民 思想armies, religions are moving back and forth.军队和宗教间的相互往来Trade booms.But also, the flow of ideas.贸易兴盛繁荣 而随之也带来了思想的涌动Ideas that#39;ll transform the future of mankind.那些即将改变人类未来的思想方兴未艾Damascus, Syria.Four years after the crucifixion.在叙利亚首都大马士革 耶稣被钉死在十字架上的四年之后A man is on the run.Paul.有一个人正在逃亡路上 他就是保罗Preacher, troublemaker,And the most important convert in the story of christianity.一名传道者 一个闹事者 也是基督教历史中最重要的皈依者Before his conversion on the road to Damascus,在他还未信奉基督教 逃亡大马士革的路上He persecuted christians.他曾迫害过基督徒But now he will turn an insignificant sect Into a world religion.但现在 他将让一个无关紧要的教派 变成一种世界性的宗教 Article/201510/404953Mary#39;s first aim was achieved with amazingly little resistance after it was made clear all those rolling acres由于承诺所有分配给贵族的田地 不会被收归教会and all real estate sold off during the dissolution of the monasteries would not be restored to the Church.玛丽的第一个目标 几乎毫无阻力地实现了In 1554, both Houses of Parliament,contrite as naughty children,1554年 国会的全体议员 像个知错的顽童knelt and asked forgiveness from the Pope#39;s legate,Cardinal Poole, for all the anti-Papal Legislation passed since the 1530s.因16世纪30年代通过《反教皇法令》 下跪请求教皇特使 红衣主教普尔的宽恕Orders went out for the repainting of churches,the carving of roods, the restoration of the Latin Mass.重绘教堂 重新雕刻基督受难像 恢复拉丁弥撒仪式的政令迅速出台Heretical England had been received back into the fold,had been forgiven by Mother Rome.异端的英国被罗马教廷所宽恕 重新接受为信徒But all this would be literally fruitless if Mary was unable to produce a good Roman Catholic heir.但如果玛丽不能生育出 信奉罗马天主教的继承人 她所做的一切都会无果而终Her choice of husband was Philip II of Spain.她选择嫁给西班牙国王菲利普二世To Mary, of course,this union had special personal meaning,必然 这场婚姻包含私人意图the vindication of a long dead Spanish mother,Catherine of Aragon.为其出身西班牙已逝多年的母后 阿拉贡的凯瑟琳明If a Spanish Catholic marriage had been right for England then,then it should be right for England now.如果曾经与西班牙天主教徒联姻 使英国受益 那么这次联姻也会如此But that was 50 years ago.Much had been done that could not now be undone.但那此次是五十年前了 今时不同往日 一切都已时过境迁 /201701/488850

We had something that no other animal does有些事情其它动物做不了 and that#39;s what humans do is that they divide up the tasks.只有人类能做 那就是社会分工So, early in our evolution,所以 人类进化早期 somebody might have been gathering wood一个人可能负责收集木材while another one was gathering water.而另一个人负责收集水源Somebody might have been making the huts一些人可能负责搭建棚屋while someone else was making spears而另一些人负责建造长矛and, at the end of the day, all those tasks are shared最后 大家一起分享劳动成果and I think we can start to see我想 这时人类开始觉得that we need language to regulate that.自己需要语言去管理那些分工We need language for people人们需要语言 to be able to talk to each other about what they#39;re doing来交流沟通彼此正在干什么and to be able to represent what their contribution is来表达与其他人相比to the society as opposed to everyone else#39;s.自己对社会的贡献This motivation to clarify social tasks使社会分工变得清晰was the final push we needed to get us talking.是最终促使人类说话的动力How we adapted the first sounds we made into language人类是如何把最初的声音变成语言的is now being revealed for the first time.这个问题直到现在才被提出Because no-one designed English, say, no-one sat down and thought,没人去设计英语 没人会坐在那想 ;English would be useful if it had relative clauses如果有了关系从句或其他语法or some other piece of grammar,;英语就会比较有用it just happens,它是自然产生的it happens by this blind unconscious process of transmission来自于盲目而无意识的信息传播过程and, for the first time, we#39;re able to see that happen in the laboratory.我们首次在实验室中观测到了这一过程 Article/201501/352382To the dismay of the reformers,these core Catholic beliefs turned out to be Henry#39;s, too.改革者们沮丧地发现 亨利本人也是 这些天主教核心教义的笃信者So Henry#39;s final position on matters of religion was this:而亨利对于宗教事宜的最终决定是A national Church divorced from Rome,but remarried to the English crown,英国国教脱离罗马教廷 听命于英国国王stripped of cults and shows,but still in essence Catholic.去掉了一些祭仪 但本质上仍信奉天主教All things considered,Henry was pretty satisfied with the middle way he thought he#39;d found.纵观大局 亨利十分满意 自认为找到了两全的办法Which is what we see in this massive picture from the studio of Hans Holbein.正如这幅汉斯·荷尔拜因画室的 巨幅油画所描述的一样King Henry, all-powerful, all-knowing,the guardian and ruler of the temporal and the spiritual realm.全知全能的亨利 世俗与教会的 统御和维护者The munchkins grovelling at his feet are the Guild of Barber-Surgeons.在他脚下卑躬屈膝的小人物们隶属医生协会They hail the king as the healer and a great physician,他们高呼国王是伟大的治愈者which is just how Henry liked to see himself in his final years 亨利在晚年也是这样看待自己的the Tudor medicine man who had laid the body of England on the operating table都德王朝的治愈者 将整个英格兰置于手术台上and cut out the cancers of popery and superstition.祛除了天主教会和迷信这些痼疾The patient was now fully recovered,the nation duly grateful,The operation a complete success.英国现已痊愈 国家一切安好 手术完美成功Except, of course, it wasn#39;t,because after Henry would come Henry#39;s children,但事实并非如此 亨利会将王权传给他的子嗣each with their own idea of what was best for the country#39;s health 而他们各自 对国家未来的方向持不同见解Edward, the heir apparent,and his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth,both of whom were restored to the succession a few weeks before their father#39;s death.王储爱德华 和其同父异母的们 玛丽和伊丽莎白 都在亨利死前数周 获得王位继承权 /201701/488044栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391974

Iran’s parliament has approved the nuclear deal struck with world powers with 161 votes for and 59 against according to state media.根据国家媒体报道,伊朗会议以161票持59票反对通过了与世界大国的核协议。It#39;s a clear victory for the government over conservatives who argued that the deal was more favourable to Western powers than to Tehran.对于政府来说这是一个明显的胜利,保守派认为这一协议对西方国家的利处大于德黑兰。The agreement between Iran and the so-called P5+1—the ed States, Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany—was reached in Vienna on July 14 after almost two years of negotiations.这个协议是伊朗与所谓的六国,即美国、英国、法国、中国、俄罗斯以及德国,经过近两年的谈判于7月24日在维也纳达成的。Under the deal, Iran pledged to curb its sensitive nuclear activities in exchange for an end to the economic sanctions that crippled its economy.根据这项协议,伊朗承诺将遏制敏感的核活动,以换取结束令其经济陷入瘫痪的经济制裁。Tuesday’s vote removes a major obstacle to putting the agreement into practice.星期二的投票排除了一个主要障碍将协议付诸实践。But Iranian MPs insisted that international inspectors would have only limited access to domestic military sites, which means disagreements could still arise.但伊朗国会议员坚持认为,国际核查人员将只能进入国内军事基地,这意味着分歧可能仍然会出现。Iran has repeatedly said its nuclear programme is peaceful.伊朗曾多次表示,其核计划是和平的。译文属。 /201510/403505

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