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宜昌割包皮哪家好宜昌好点的男科医院SEOUL, South Korea — Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be at your own funeral? Some South Koreans aren’t waiting to die to find out.韩国首尔——你有没有想过参加自己的葬礼会是什么感觉?一些韩国人不想等到死后才知道。It’s become a trend in recent years to act out a mock funeral service as a way of better appreciating life.为了更珍惜现在的生活,模拟殡仪务近年流行起来。The Hyowon Healing Center in Seoul runs one such program, with financial backing from a funeral service company. 首尔孝圆康复中心(Hyowon Healing Center)就开设了这样一个项目,并得到一家殡仪务公司的资金持。After an instructional lecture and , participants are led into a dimly lit hall decorated with chrysanthemums, where they sit, often tearfully, beside caskets and write their last testaments. 参与者在参加了教学讲座、观看了视频之后,被带到一个装点着菊花的昏暗大厅,他们坐在棺材旁边,常常眼泪汪汪地写下他们的最后遗嘱。Then they put on burial shrouds and lie down in the coffins.然后穿上寿衣,躺进棺材。A grim-looking man dressed in a black robe, the Envoy from the Other World, hammers the lids closed. 一个表情严峻的男人穿着黑色长袍,扮演来自另外一个世界的使者,他把棺材盖上。The participants are left encased in utter darkness for 10 minutes — which can feel like an eternity.参与者在完全的黑暗中度过10分钟——有时候感觉很久很久。There was not a single ray of light coming in, and how I cried in the dark, suffocating coffin! a recent participant wrote in a blog post.里面没有一丝光线,我在黑暗中哭泣,棺材令人窒息!一个参与者最近在一篇客帖子中写道。Jeong Yong-mun, the director of the Hyowon program, said 15,000 people had gone through mock funerals at the center since 2012. 孝圆项目主任郑永门(音)说,自2012年以来,有1.5万人参与了该中心的模拟葬礼。The program is free.该体验是免费的。Some participants had terminal illnesses and wanted help preparing for the end; others had suicidal impulses that they wanted to dispel. 一些人患有绝症,希望参加这个项目有助于为死亡做准备;还有些人有自杀冲动,想要打消这种念头。Businesses send employees as part of a motivational program.一些企业也把这个项目作为员工激励计划的一部分。At the end of the two-and-a-half-hour session, Mr Jeong tells the participants: Now, you have shed your old self. 在两个半小时的体验即将结束时,郑永门会告诉参与者:现在,你已经不再是以前的你了。You are reborn to have a fresh start! It takes a few minutes for them to just, but soon they are chatting, laughing and taking selfies with their coffins.你获得了重生,有了一个新的开始!参加者通常会花几分钟的时间调整情绪,但很快,他们就会开始交谈、欢笑,并与他们的棺材自拍。Mr Jeong said he keeps an eye out for the few morbid souls who seem to feel a little too comfortable in the coffin. 郑永门说,他会留意极少数的病态者,他们似乎觉得在棺材里很舒。But most participants say they feel strangely refreshed afterward, gaining a new perspective on the things that matter in life, like family.但是大多数参与者都表示在体验结束后,有一种奇怪的焕然一新的感觉,对生活中的重要组成部分有了新的视角,比如对家庭。I feel my heart pumping, one participant wrote in a blog post, where she confessed to having thought about suicide before the mock funeral service. 我感觉到自己的心在跳,一个参与者在一篇客帖子中写道,她承认在体验模拟殡仪务之前曾考虑自杀。I am alive!我还活着! /201610/474620宜昌男健泌尿医院治疗早泄多少钱 宜昌男健男科医院泌尿系统在线咨询

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长阳县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿多少钱The municipal government of Beijing will move to the suburban district of Tongzhou at the end of 2017, a high-ranking official said on Monday.周一,一位高级官员表示,北京市政府将会于2017年年底搬至近郊通州区。About 400,000 people will move to Tongzhou in the relocation, which President Xi Jinping ordered during an inspection of the capital two years ago, said Li Shixiang, a National People#39;s Congress deputy and executive vice-mayor of Beijing.全国人大代表、北京市常务副市长李士祥近日表示,习近平主席在两年前的一次首都视察工作时作出指示,要求约40万人从城区向通州疏解。This was the first time Beijing officials have released a timetable for the relocation that aims to make room for the central government in downtown areas.本次也是北京市官员首次透露搬迁时间表。这次搬迁的目的是给中央政府在市中心腾出空间。Along with the municipal government, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the People#39;s Congress of Beijing, and the Beijing Committee of Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference will also move to the new location, Li said. These are the four components of China#39;s political structure.李士祥表示,除了北京市市政府,中共中央北京市市委、北京市人民代表大会、中国人民政治协商会议北京委员会这几套机构也将会搬到新址。这些机构也是中国政治结构的四大组成部分。The municipal government, meanwhile, plans to focus on construction of three new towns in the districts of Daxing, Changping and Shunyi to accommodate those moved from downtown districts.与此同时,北京市市政府计划集中建设大兴、顺义、昌平三个新城,以承接从中心城区向外疏解的人口。Li said some low-impact industries aly have been moved or demolished. ;By the end of last year, the city shut down industrial enterprises and relocated 220 wholesale markets,; he said.李士祥表示,一些低端行业已经被搬离或拆除。他说:“截至去年年底,全市关闭了多家工业企业,并搬迁了220个批发市场。” /201603/430693 宜昌激光包皮手术费用宜昌伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿早泄



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