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Xi meets Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin习近平主席会见俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普京For the very latest, we#39;re now joined live by our reporter Tang Bo who is in Dushanbe.我们现在连线驻杜尚别的本台记者唐。Tang Bo, Tell us more about what#39;s on President Xi Jinping#39;s agenda today and tomorrow.唐,请告诉我们习近平主席更多关于今天和明天的安排。This year#39;s summit is the group#39;s 14th.今年是上海合作组织杜尚别峰会的第十四次会议。Tell us what the SCO has achieved so far.告诉我们上海合作组织迄今为止的成就。 Article/201409/327763If someone says, ;I can#39;t watch a Bruce Lee film;,如果某人不喜欢李小龙的电影then I can#39;t talk to#39;em.那我和他就完全没有共同语言Bruce Lee is a worldwide fighting icon.李小龙是功夫的代名词He was a 130-something-pound lethal weapon.他简直就是一个重约六十公斤的致命凶器Bruce and his fighting style changed the game.布鲁斯和他的技击风格影响了整个世界In the beginning I had no intention that what I was practicing,一开始我没有明确意识到我在钻研什么and what I am still practicing now, would lead to this.更别说我研习的武术所带来的成就了Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan, Ali,李小龙 鲍勃·迪伦阿里Jay-Z, Tiger, Kobe, Jordan.Jay-z 老虎 科比 乔丹They all have the same spirit.他们都有着永不输的特质No stunt coordinator coordinated his shit.他的武打不需要特技指导He did it himself.全由他本人编排The guy you see in Bruce#39;s films is the way Bruce was in person.李小龙在电影中所展现的就是他本人的个性He could lose his temper.他可是个暴脾气Bruce Lee is my idol. Wha-aa!李小龙是我的偶像He was directing, writing, acting.他集导演 编剧 表演于一身I don#39;t even look at him as being Asian.在我看来 他不只是亚洲人He#39;s like Bruce Lee. He is my idol.因为他是李小龙 我的偶像When you think of Bruce Lee,李小龙留给后人的印象you don#39;t think about the Asian karate guy.不仅仅是一个亚洲的武道家You think about a legacy.更是一座武术界的里程碑 Article/201310/262915Manchester City To Celebrate Win With ParadeManchester City fans will get another chance to celebrate their Premier League title later today, with a parade through the city.Manchester City fans could get used to this, second premier league title in 3 seasons, we’re clubbed was once a byword for failure.For a C fan of a certain age, we went through too much to really get used to this. These are great, great, great, great days, I think the England’s, there’re reports say now the England’s, they’ll get used to it. We’ll never get used to it.For manager Manuel Pellegrini’s first season in charge, City closed down this title like champions. The blue moon is rising again. But despite his players’ best efforts, the Chilean was not getting carried away.My first year at EA England is not easy to be accustomed to, used to win an English football. But I think that they manage great football players, and great institution and great fans.Those in work may get a chance to celebrate the team this evening.There’ll be 10,000 fans here in Albert Square to greet Manuel Pellegrini and his team, at the start of a victory parade for City’s champions. A year ago, Manchester ed were painting the town all , well, it’s blue now. There’s no question, the balance of power in Manchester ending this football, have shifted.City may be champions of England, but this victory was also celebrated in Abu Dhabi, whose ruling family have paid for all this success. They’ve spent amp;pound;1,000,000,000 transforming City, their extravagance may come at a price. Today UAF is expected to fine the club amp;pound;50,000,000 for breaking rules that limit spending. For City’s critics, there’ll be further evidence that they bought the title. For fans, we’ll think it was worth every penny.Full Calsa, Sky News. /201405/298898

;Get Rich Quick!; trumpets the promo on a buzzy financial website.“像克罗伊斯一样富有”是一句流传千年的俗语。Start with fifty bucks, it says, and very soon, you#39;ll become ;rich like Croesus;.直到今天那些宣称50美元就能让你快速发家的投资广告上还会不时出现。It#39;s a promise that#39;s been made countless times through the centuries, despite financial booms and busts, but what intrigues me most about finding it on this hyper-modern website is that the name of Croesus still stands for the ultimate in wealth.这样的承诺已经在几个世纪间流传,虽然金融繁荣和萧条并存,但最令我好奇的是什么这位大富豪的名字仍然代表着最终极的财富。After so many centuries, Croesus is still the world-wide symbol of the man who#39;s made it.数个世纪过后,克罗伊斯王仍然是世界级的代言人。The real King Croesus was indeed fabulously rich and, until a horrible twist at the end of his life, he did have a wonderful time with his money.他确实非常富有,而且据我们所知,在晚年生活出现转折之前,财富一直让他十分快乐。We don#39;t know who first coined the phrase ;as rich as Croesus;, but it#39;s now embedded not just in our language but in many others, and we#39;re going to be looking at some of the world#39;s first proper coins in this programme.我们不知道是谁是第一个在金币上印有“像克罗伊斯一样富有”一词的人,但现在这种习惯不仅深入到我们的语言当中,而且在诸多方面也是如此。本期节目我们就会一睹世界首枚金币的真容。;I imagined it was flatter and more circular, but this is convex, with a design only on one side.;“我想象的它更平面,更圆,但现在凸,设计只出现在一边。”;The stamps on them are the guarantee of the weight and the purity.;“上面的印章是重量和纯洁的保。” Article/201408/324755

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