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南康市镜坝卫生院妇科挂号石城县妇幼保健所生孩子好吗Small as the Nazi Party was at the time this footage was shot in the 1920s, most of the elements that would come together to make Hitler be seen as a leader of charisma were aly in place.这段影片拍摄于20年代 当时纳粹党规模不大,但使希特勒成为领导人所需条件均已成熟。His mission-to create a racist, Aryan, German state.他的使命是创造属于雅利安人的种族主义德国。The connection he made with his audience via his speeches.他通过演讲唤起听众共鸣。His claim that he possessed strength because he was a proven war hero.宣称自己是货真价实的战斗英雄拥有强大力量。His Darwinian vision, developed in Mein Kampf,which also contained the fantasy that the Jews and Communists were to blame for everything.他在《我的奋斗》中阐述达尔文主义观点并声称犹太人和社会主义者是万恶之源。But still, if you werent aly inclined to accept Hitlers views,then, you felt he possessed no charisma at all.但若不倾向接受希特勒的观点,你不会觉得他具备任何领袖魅力。I immediately disliked him because of his scratchy voice.他尖锐的声音立刻让我反感。He shouted out really, really simple political ideas.他高喊空洞的政治口号。I thought he wasnt quite normal.我觉得他不太正常。He put forward certain claims that were in no way valid and I said to my friend,My impression after that speech is that this man Hitler will hopefully never come to political power.他阐述的观点毫无根据,听完他演讲后,我跟朋友说我希望这个希特勒永远不要掌权。And in 1928, it looked like he never would.1928年的希特勒,看来的确不能掌权。 The vast majority of people in Germany were completely immune to Hitlers charisma.希特勒的领袖魅力对多数德国民众来说毫无作用。At the election in May 1928,the Nazis gained just 2.6% of the vote.1928年5月的选举中,纳粹只有2.6%的选票。Hitlers appeal only began to be felt beyond a small group of fanatics because of an economic catastrophe.然而,由于一次经济灾难希特勒的信徒不再是一小撮狂热分子。 译文属201511/412822赣州安远处女膜修复多少钱 Were back.Im sitting here with the beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman.我们回来啦 坐在我身边的是美丽有才的妮可·基德曼In the movie ;Paddington;,you are playing a villain.I am.在电影《帕丁顿熊》里 你饰演坏人 是的Which is,and I have to say,I mentioned this earlier in the show,one of my all time favorite movie is ;To die for;.我不得不说 之前在节目里我提到过 我最爱的电影之一是《不惜一切》You play kind of a sociopath I would say in that film.Its such a great depiction.你在电影里扮演的是反社会的人 真是绝妙的演绎Do you like to play an evil or twisted character?你喜欢饰演邪恶或者扭曲的角色吗I mean,when youre at drama school,they always tell you theyre the best roles.在戏剧学校时 他们总会告诉你那些角色最好了So you kind of,I would like to in ;Paddington; have played the bears mommy,because I have little kids and they were mortified that I was playing the villain.在《帕丁顿熊》里我很想要扮演熊的妈妈 因为我有小孩子 他们会因为我演坏人而感到丢脸That must be tough when you have little kids when you say Im in the padding on the bear movie and the say,mommy,what part are you?这一定很难吧 当你有小孩子时 你说我参演了《帕丁顿熊》这部熊熊电影 他们会说 好棒 妈咪 你演谁And you say the one who wants to kill padding on the.你要说 我演的是要杀死帕丁顿熊的那个人I use the words stuff the bear because I play a taxidermist.Any bears national enemy.我用的词是“塞满熊熊” 因为我演的是录制师 熊的天敌就是录制师You did your own stunts in this movie,is that right?这部电影里的特技都是你自己做的Yes,when I first got there,they had me go literally 60 feet up.是的 我一到那 他们就把我吊上了 真的60英尺高They said quick,I go up the plane.They say no,no,its all safe.So they put you in wires and throw you 60 feet into the air?他们说快点 我刚下飞机 他们说没事的 很安全 所以他们用线吊着你 把你扔到了60英尺高的地方Yes,they told me it was safe.I mean,Im still here.是的 他们跟我说那很安全 我还活着No,you never listen.People are always telling me,go ahead and do that and then later when Im on fire,不 你决不能听 人们总跟我说 去吧 就这么做吧 很安全 晚些时候等我着火了I have a discussion with them.You werent scared or anything?我就得和他们谈谈 他们把你弄那么高你不害怕吗No,I was scared,I was really scared but everyone was so cool,about it I was like Ok.So I had to pretend to be cool about it.我很害怕 非常害怕 但大家好像都很镇定 我不得不假装我也很镇定201610/470248Melanie, Chia Pets are found grow at home.梅拉妮 植物娃娃可以养在家里What type of animal was the first Chia Pet?第一只植物娃娃是以哪种动物为原型的Wow, thats tough one.The first Chia Pet.The first Chia Pet? Um.这道题有点难了 第一只植物娃娃 第一只植物娃娃Like living? Like.... Chia Pets are plants.They...None of them are living. They are.是活的动物吗 植物娃娃是植物 它们 它们都不是活的动物 它们是Theyre all things that are... kind of like the clay thing它们是用...黏土之类的做的and you put the seeds in, it grows.Correct. Correct.把种子放进去 它就会生长 对 没错Yes, so none of them are alive.是的 所以它们都不是活的What... what kind of plant was the first Chia Pet?第一个植物娃娃是哪一种植物做的What kind of animal was the first Chia Pet?第一个植物娃娃造型是哪一种动物Okay, right, right, right! A jerboa?好吧 是跳鼠吗What? I win No, but youre staying up there. Okay.怎么 我答对了吗 不是的 你还得呆在那儿Its a ram or a sheep that was the first one.是公羊或绵羊I dont know they ever, even made a jerboa.我不知道他们有没有做过跳鼠Alrigt, Heather. What word is the past tense of grow,好吧 希瑟 哪个单词是grow这个词的过去式and the super villains name in Despicable Me?同时又是电影;卑鄙的我;中超级恶棍的名字Er... The past tense of grow is Grew.Thats right. Alrigt. Oh! Oh! Despicable Me!grow的过去式是grew 没错 哦 ;卑鄙的我;Despicable Me! Er... No. No! Thats.Thats...Thats just right.Is it? Is it ;Grew; ?You did it. Yes.卑鄙的我 不不 那 你已经答对了 是吗 是格鲁吗 你答对了 是的 /201601/420867南康市第一人民医院在线咨询

兴国县顺产多少钱赣州仁济男子医院人流价格表 Muslims and education穆斯林与教育Religious studies宗教学习Giving schools more autonomy and encouraging religious groups to run them will produce the occasional disaster给与学校过多自治权并鼓励宗教组织经营学校都有可能带来灾难In Birmingham, the watchers werent watching在伯明翰,观察者们并没有尽到责任。IT IS known as the Trojan Horse plot, but it may have been less subtle. Late in 2013 an anonymous letter was uncovered, outlining a hardline Muslim plan to “overthrow” teachers and governors in several Birmingham state schools and replace them with people who would run the schools on orthodox Islamic lines. The furore has grown, eventually involving Peter Clarke, once the head of counter-terrorism in Londons Metropolitan Police, who will lead a government investigation.穆斯林曾以特洛伊木马的剧情而闻名,但如今已经不再那么敏感了。2013年末一封匿名信被曝光,大致描述了一个强硬派穆斯林的计划,这项计划针对于一些伯明翰公立学校“推翻”教师和政府,并且让可以以正统伊斯兰教习俗来经营学校的人来取而代之。这已经激起民愤并难以平息,终牵涉到了皮特克拉克,他是将牵头一个政府调查的前伦敦都市警察反恐领头人。The letter may be a fake, but something has certainly gone wrong in Birminghams schools. Leaked reports about several academies (schools that are state-funded but independently run) by Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, suggest that in some classrooms boys and girls are seated apart, that sex education is ignored and the theory of evolution dismissed. Ofsted is investigating 25 schools in the city. This is more than a local problem, because it hints at flaws in Englands otherwise rather commendable education reforms. What has gone wrong in Birmingham is related to what has gone right elsewhere.信件或许可以造假,但是伯明翰的学校确实已经有些不对劲了。学校检查机关英国教育标准局关于几所学校(虽是公立学校但是独立经营)的报告被泄露,报告指出一些教室男孩女孩是分开坐的,性教育被忽视并且进化论也被驳回。教育标准局正在调查伯明翰25所学校。这已经不仅仅是地方问题了,因为这意味着英国原本被值得称道的教育改革出现了裂痕。在伯明翰出现的问题或许是别的地方还未被发现的问题。The last, Labour, government set some schools free from control by local authorities, which had often run them shoddily. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that has run Britain since 2010 has gone much further. About 60% of secondary schools are now independent academies. A further 173 are “free schools”, never under local-government control. Parents and local business folk have been encouraged to become more involved in running schools. So too have religious groups.最后,工党和政府建立了一些学校来摆脱地方当局的控制,因为地方当局对于经营学校一直都不上心。保守党和自由民主党联合政府自2010年掌控英国以来已经获得很大成就。大约60%的中学如今已成为独立学院。还有173所学校是“自由院校”,不在地方当局管控之下。联合政府鼓励家长和当地商业人士更加致力于参与经营学校。这也同样鼓励了宗教组织。Their influence is both formal and informal. Formally, Anglicans, Catholics and Jews, who have long run state schools, are being joined by others. Between 2011 and 2013 there were 831 applications to open free schools. The British Humanist Association, a secular outfit, has identified the religious affiliation—or lack thereof—of 659 of the applicants. They include 32 linked to the Church of England, almost half of which were approved. Fully 80 Muslim groups applied to run schools, although just five were granted approval (none of the schools under review in Birmingham is a religious school).他们以正规和非正规的方式影响着办校问题。正式来讲,一直以来经营公立学校的圣公会信徒、天主教徒和犹太教徒,正得到其他人的积极加入。在2011年至2013年期间关于开设自由院校有831份申请。英国人文主义协会(一个民间机构)已从中确定659份申请的宗教信仰与否。这其中包括32份与英国国教有关联,而这32份申请有一半已经被比准。尽管只有5份穆斯林组织申请获得批准(这5份伯明翰审查的申请无一是宗教学校),但还有整整80份穆斯林组织申请经营学校。Informally, Muslim parents are becoming more involved in schools of all sorts. In the London borough of Tower Hamlets, the Collective of Bangladeshi School Governors encourages it. Ibrahim Mogra, a Leicester imam who has served as a governor in several schools, says that religious schools are unnecessary: instead, Muslim parents should keep in touch with schools to ensure that the curriculum is taught in a way that does not cause anxiety.同时,穆斯林家长正以各种非正规方式渗透进学校。在伦敦陶尔哈姆莱茨区,孟加拉国学校理事团体鼓励这种渗透。曾在几个学校就职理事的莱斯特伊玛目易卜拉欣·莫格拉称宗教学校的设立没有必要;相反,穆斯林家长应该与学校保持联系以确保课程的进行不会造成恐慌。Much of this is to the good. Bangladeshis exam results have improved so dramatically in recent years that they now outscore whites in GCSE exams taken at 16—astonishing for a mostly working-class group. But there have been calamities, too. An explicitly Muslim free secondary school in Derby was closed earlier this year following criticism of poor education standards and discrimination towards female staff. Muslim schools are trickier to handle than Anglican or Catholic ones, because British Islam varies so much in interpretation. Without clear structures of central authority, schools vary, and zealots can spy an opportunity to take over.境况大大的好转。孟加拉国人的考试结果近年来提高得惊人,如今在16岁学生参加的普通中等教育书考试中得分已经超过白人学生,这让以工薪阶层为主的人们震惊了。但这也带来了灾难。德比一所正统穆斯林自由中学因外界对其关于糟糕的教育标准和歧视女性员工的批评于今年早些时候关闭。穆斯林学校的问题比英国国教和天主教学校更加棘手,因为英国的伊斯兰有太多不同的说法。中央集权若没有明确的教育结构,学校就会变化,狂热者们也会等待机会将这些学校取而代之。The Birmingham affair has also highlighted gaps in the inspection regime. The Department for Education is responsible for free schools and academies, but as their numbers soar it is increasingly hard to keep track of what is going on in them. Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsteds head, has argued that as schools become more autonomous some kind of stronger local oversight is needed, so that problems can be caught and dealt with more quickly.伯明翰事务也凸显出了检视机制之间的鸿沟。教育部门对自由院校和学校负有责任,但当这些院校的数量飞涨的时候,追踪它们的状况就会变得愈发困难。教育标准局带头人麦克·威尔萧强调学校越来越自治便需要更强的当地监管,因此便能更加快速找出并解决问题。Even if that happens, the difficulty of running any kind of religiously inspired school in an increasingly secular country grows. Politicians have smiled on faith schools. Many do not. A poll last year by YouGov put popular support for state funding of religious schools at just 32%.即使灾难发生,在这个越发世俗的国家经营任何受宗教影响的学校都不是易事并且难度越来越大。政治家们对教会学校持乐观态度。但很多人却并非如此。YouGov(英国的民调机构)去年就持国家资助宗教学校的持率举行了一项民意调查,仅有32%的人持这项资助。译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201508/395963上犹医院医生的QQ号码

赣州上犹医院价位表 Health care in Vietnam越南卫生保健Limping along一路跛行Ordinary folk are sick and tired of their public hospitals老百姓厌烦了公立医院Full to overflowing完全超载WAS the tumour malignant? Nguyen Thi Hoats doctors could not tell because their public hospital lacks brain-scanners. Ms Hoats only option was to travel 130km (80 miles), on the back of her sisters motorbike, from her village to a crowded public hospital in the capital. Yet her state insurance policy covers just 30% of any medical expenses incurred outside her home province. The 0 that Ms Hoat, a rice farmer, put towards blood tests and a brain scan is equal, for her, to a months earnings.该肿瘤是恶性的吗?阮霍特的医生们无法确认,他们所属的公立医院缺乏相应的脑部扫描仪。霍特毫无选择,只能坐在的托后座上从她所在的村庄驱车130km前往首都人满为患的公立医院治疗。然而如果不在她的家乡治疗,国家保险政策就只能报销所有医疗消费的30%。霍特是一个米农,用在验血和脑部检查上的150美元等同于她一个月的收入。It is the job of the authorities to look after health care. The Communist Party of Vietnam first pledged health-sector reform as early as the 1920s, well before it declared the country independent in 1945. It developed a publicly financed healthcare system even as it was fighting wars against France and then America. The provision of health care is supposed to be one of the pillars on which the partys legitimacy is based.提供医疗保险是政府的分内事。早在1945年宣布国家独立之前,在二十世纪二十年代,越南共产党就承诺了卫生部门改革。甚至在先后与法国和美国交战时,越南开发出了公共财政持的医保体系。关于医保的规定应为共产党正统性的基石之一。Yet the health-care system, like the state-dominated economy, is limping. The 3% of GDP the state spends on the system (nearly half of total health spending) is not enough to improve health infrastructure. Hospitals have outdated facilities and maddeningly opaque bureaucracies. A law on health insurance passed in 2008, created to assist the poor and ethnic minorities, is far from comprehensive. But the government knows that providing proper health care is key to preventing the kind of social unrest that undermines its authority.但是医保体系如同越南的国家主导经济一样举步维艰。国家将GDP的3% 用在医保体系上,但不足以改善健康困境。医院的设备过时,其官僚作风也令人发指。2008年旨在扶持穷人和少数民族所通过的医保法案就太过复杂。然而政府明白,保障社保是预防威胁其统治的社会不安定因素的关键。Some reform is under way. The government has given some hospitals more autonomy. And in June the national assembly passed a new version of the insurance law designed to make participation compulsory. The idea is to lure into the fold poorer and black-market workers who have long avoided paying insurance.一些改革正在进行中。政府给了一些医院更多的自主权。并且在6月是,国家共同通过了保险法的新版本,强制民众参加医保法案。旨在诱导长期不付保金的贫困户和黑市工人参保。Yet distrust of the system runs deep. Some public hospitals have built flashy new wings which cater to well-heeled patients but do little to meet general demand. Bed-sharing is common, especially in urban wards flooded by patients from the countryside.然而人们对该体系积怨已深。一些公立医院为迎合富有的病人设立了崭新的设备,这些设备却很少能去满足多数人的需求。尤其是在涌满乡村而来的病人的城市病房内,共用一张病床十分普遍。Though this is an authoritarian state, ordinary Vietnamese are remarkably outspoken about social issues. In health, they complain of the prevalence of “out of pocket” payments, which happen in around half of health-care transactions. Many of the payments are really bribes paid on top of formal hospital fees. They mean that affordability is often a larger factor than need, for all but the richest patients. In a typical case, a university lecturer in Hanoi says she slipped doctors and nurses about 0 to ensure attentive treatment when she gave birth at a public maternity hospital. The rate, she says, was per injection, for a bath and to sidestep a queue.尽管越南是专制国家,越南人仍对社会话题直言不讳。在健康方面,他们抱怨在当今风气下,医疗交易上半数的费用都用于“塞红包”。许多费用事实上用在了正规医药费之外。对他们而言,除了那些最有钱的病人,普通病人的付能力比病人的需求更为重要,。举一典例,河内大学的讲师表示,当她在公立妇女医院生产时曾为能得到悉心照料,塞给了医生护士们约250美元。她说,按比例细算,注射1美元,洗澡2美元,免排队5美元。The health minister, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, has faced blistering criticism this year after a parade of health scandals, including a measles outbreak that killed more than 100 children. Online, thousands have called for her resignation. A popular television satire advises sick patients to avoid corrupt doctors by curing themselves. The fault is not all the ministers—or the doctors; they have long earned as little as 0 a month, for instance.今年,卫生部长阮氏金因一系列健康方面的丑闻而受到强烈谴责,其中包括一场致死100个孩子的麻疹爆发。数千人在网上要求其辞职。一档知名的电视节目讽刺地建议人们可以通过自救以远离受贿的医生们。责任也并非全在官员们和医生们身上;通常来说,他们每月也只能拿到仅仅100美元。In order to get by, doctors moonlight at private hospitals and clinics that are popping up in cities, led by Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to serve foreigners and affluent Vietnamese, people who would otherwise opt for treatment in Singapore or Hong Kong. One such institution is Vinmec International Hospital, a 600-bed facility financed by Vingroup, a property developer. Its director, Nguyen Thanh Liem, says private hospitals help to minimise overcrowding elsewhere. And they showcase an international standard of care that may one day sp to the public sector.为了谋生,潜伏在私立医院和诊所中的医生来到了各个城市中给外国人和富裕的本国人治病,首选是河内和胡志明市,病人们若不在此,则会选择在新加坡或在香港就诊。越南国际医院就是这样一个机构,房地产开发商潘日旺赞助了600个床位。医院主管表示私立医院缓解了其他医院的拥挤。他们展现了国际保健的水准,并可能在某一天推广到公共医疗部门。That is cold comfort for Nguyen Thi Hoat, the rice farmer with a brain tumour. She says if her tumour proves cancerous, she will need to borrow from her brother and sister for surgery in Hanoi. Her family is worried. Yet poorer neighbours, she says, have fewer options. She considers herself lucky.这并不能慰藉阮霍特,这个长了脑瘤的米农。她说如果他的肿瘤是癌的话,就得从住在河内的哥哥那儿借钱治病了。她的家庭陷入了焦虑。她还说,更贫穷的邻居们选择更少。她觉得自己算是幸运的。 /201409/332533南康区人民医院妇科赣州妇女儿童医院能做孕检吗



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