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长春最好的私立医院Organised crime prosecutors have raided the Panama City headquarters of Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the centre of the “Panama Papersleak. 打击有组织犯罪的检方人员突击搜查了莫萨#8226;丰塞卡律所(Mossack Fonseca)巴拿马城总部。这家律所是“巴拿马文件Panama Papers)泄露事件的焦点所在Carlos Soussa-Lennox, a spokesman for the firm, told the Financial Times that the inspection which local media reports suggested had started at 3pm local time was still under way eight hours later. 律所发言人卡洛斯#8226;索萨-伦诺克斯(Carlos Soussa-Lennox)告诉英国《金融时报》,搜查工作已持续了8个小时,目前仍在进行当中“We continue to co-operate with the authorities in the investigations under way in our headquarters,Mossack Fonseca tweeted. 莫萨#8226;丰塞卡律所在Twitter网站上发帖称:“我们继续配合当局对我们总部展开调查。In a statement, it added: “We have a long history of working proactively with relevant authorities in various jurisdictions when questions are raised and additional information is required, and in many cases we’re the ones who actually initiate that contact when suspicious activities are detected. 该律所在一份声明中表示:“长期以来,每当各司法管辖区的有关当局对我们产生疑问、要求提供更多信息时,我们都主动予以配合。而且,在许多情况下,一旦发现有可疑活动,我们实际上还会主动与当局联系“In this case, we’re the ones against whom a crime has been committed. Our systems having been unlawfully breached by parties external to the firm.“在本案中,我们是犯罪行为的受害者。我们的系统被律所外部人员非法攻破。Mr Soussa-Lennox gave no details of whether documents or computers had been removed from the offices during the search, which was led by a new prosecutor’s office into organised crime. Its creation was announced earlier on Tuesday, along with a specialist unit investigating money laundering and terrorist financing. 索萨-伦诺克斯未详细说明搜查过程中是否有文件或电脑被从办公室带走。这次搜查由一个打击有组织犯罪的新的检方部门牵头。该部门是周二早些时候宣布成立的,同时成立的还有一个负责调查洗钱和恐怖分子融资的专家部门The attorney-general’s office said the new units kept Panama “in the vanguard of the fight against organised crime ... and strengthen [Panama’s] operational capacity in the light of current events 巴拿马总检察长办公室表示,这些新部门使得巴拿马“处于打击有组织犯罪的先锋位置……并在当前多起事件后加强了(巴拿马的)行动能力。Police secured the Mossack Fonseca offices with vehicles parked outside. Officials said the search was for documents that could reveal whether the law firm had been used in illicit activities, and local media reported that a simultaneous inspection had been made at a facility providing back-up activities. 警方把车辆停在莫萨克#8226;丰塞卡律所办公楼外,以此控制了该律所。官员们表示,此次搜查是为了寻找可能揭示该律所是否曾被用于非法活动的文件。来 /201604/437701 Donald Trump ignited a surprising confrontation on Saturday between his incoming Republican administration and the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton, setting off furious debate over American principles like free speech, respect and the ability to challenge authority in the Trump era.周六,唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)在即将上台的共和党政府与百老汇大热剧目《汉密尔顿Hamilton)的演员之间挑起了一场令人意外的对峙,导致人们就言论自由、尊重以及挑战权威的能力等美国原则在特朗普时代将何去何从展开激烈讨论。President-elect Trump demanded an apology from the racially diverse cast for making an unusual, politically charged appeal from the stage on Friday night to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in the audience, urging him and Trump to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.周五晚上,该剧种族多元化的演员阵容在舞台上向观众席中的候任副总统迈克#8226;彭斯(Mike Pence)提出了一个不同寻常的、带有政治指控意味的请求,敦促他和特朗普坚守我们的美国价值观,并代表我们所有人的利益。候任总统特朗普要求演员为此道歉。Trump, who has stirred bipartisan concern over his habit of attacking those who challenge him, said that the actors had harassed Pence and issued a battle cry to his supporters by saying that the musical’s cast had criticized our wonderful future VP Mike Pence.因为习惯于攻击自己的质疑者而令两党感到担忧的特朗普,宣称这些演员骚扰了彭斯,还说他们是在批判我们这位了不起的未来副总统迈克#8226;彭斯——这等于是向持者发出战斗的号召。The clash between the Hamilton actors and Trump captured the sharply divergent feelings of many American voters 11 days after the election: a showdown between the values of multiculturalism on the left, including the world of entertainment, and the conservative principles of the incoming Trump administration, which was backed strongly by working-class white voters and traditional Republicans.大选结1天后,《汉密尔顿》的演员和特朗普之间的冲突折射出了存在于许多选民之间的针锋相对的情绪,体现了包括演艺界在内,左翼阵营的多元文化主义价值观与得到工薪阶层白人选民及传统共和党人强烈持的未来特朗普政府之间的对立。His maneuver, in two posts to Twitter on Saturday morning, stunned the cast members and, judging by social media, jolted many Americans who are worried about the president-elect’s tolerance for dissent after a campaign in which he was criticized for inflaming racial tensions. 特朗普于周六早上在Twitter上两度发文,令演员们颇为错愕,从社交媒体上的反应看,这也令许多担心候任总统难以包容异见的美国人感到震惊——早在竞选期间,特朗普就因为煽动种族矛盾而受到了批评。But it also touched off reaction among other Americans who treasure the traditions and respect of the office of the presidency, and viewed the statement and the booing of Pence by some theatergoers before the performance as out of line.但这件事也在其他那些珍视传统、认为总统的权威应当得到尊重的美国人中间引发了反响,他们觉得演员们的声明以及部分观众对彭斯起哄的举动有些出格。Trump seized the moment to generate sympathy for Pence by portraying him as under siege by New York City elites who would go so far as to break tradition and make a political statement from the stage. 特朗普借此机会为彭斯取同情,将其描绘成一个被纽约城内精英围困的人——那些精英们竟然可以打破传统,在舞台上发表政治声明。And some artists criticized the Hamilton statement: 一些艺人也批评了《汉密尔顿》演出现场的声明。Musician Steven Van Zandt, a bandmate of Bruce Springsteen’s, wrote on Twitter on Saturday: You don’t single out an audience member and embarrass him from the stage. 布鲁#8226;斯普林斯汀(Bruce Springsteen)的乐队成员、音乐人史蒂#8226;#8226;赞特(Steven Van Zandt)周六在Twitter上写道:你不能挑出一名观众,在舞台上给他难堪。A terrible precedent to set.这是一个很糟糕的先例。来 /201611/479522长春市心理医院收费怎样吉林省中心医院男科



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