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辽源妇女医院可以做引产吗长春那家妇科医院最好U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to resume peace talks. The announcement came on a day of intense diplomatic activity and an easing of tensions in the Gaza Strip.  美国国务卿赖斯表示,以色列和巴勒斯坦同意恢复和平谈判。经过一天密集的外交活动以及加沙地带的紧张局势缓解,赖斯做出上述宣布。Secretary Rice ended two days of intense diplomatic activity that saw her visit Egypt, the West Bank and Israel by getting a commitment from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resume peace talks with Israel.  赖斯国务卿结束了两天密集的外交活动,她访问了埃及、约旦河西岸地区和以色列。她从巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯那里得到了跟以色列恢复和平谈判的承诺。The talks were suspended Sunday by Mr. Abbas, after more than 120 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, during an operation against Palestinian militants firing rockets at southern Israel. 上星期天,以色列军队在加沙地带打死120多名巴勒斯坦人,随后阿巴斯中止了和谈。以色列军队当时的这项行动是针对巴勒斯坦激进分子向以色列南部进行火箭袭击做出的回应。Wednesday, Mr. Abbas initially said he would not resume the negotiations unless a cease-fire went into effect in Gaza. But at a news conference with Israel's foreign minister, Secretary Rice said she had convinced the Palestinian president to change his mind.  星期三,阿巴斯开始时说,除非停火在加沙生效,否则他不会恢复和谈。但是在同以色列外长的联合记者会上,赖斯表示,她已经说阿巴斯改变观点。"I have talked with Abu Mazen, with President Abbas, and he obviously would like to see a calm, he has spoken publicly about his desire for a cease fire, but this is not a condition for a resumption of the talks," she said. 赖斯说:“我同阿巴斯主席进行了交谈。很明显,他希望看到局势平静下来。他曾经公开表示希望停火,但是那并不是恢复和谈的条件。”A statement issued by President Abbas's office confirmed that Palestinians will be returning to the negotiations, calling the decision a strategic choice.  阿巴斯主席办公室发表的声明实巴勒斯坦人将重返和谈,声明说这个决定是一个战略选择。Rice says even though she is leaving the region for now, U.S. diplomatic activity to end the crisis will continue, saying U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, will hold talks with Egyptian officials about how to ease tensions in Gaza. She says the best way for that to happen is for Hamas and other Palestinian militants in Gaza to stop firing rockets at southern Israel.  赖斯表示,虽然她现在要离开这个地区,美国为结束这场危机的外交活动将继续下去。她说,美国助理国务卿韦尔奇将同埃及官员会谈,讨论缓解加沙紧张局势的途径。赖斯说,最佳途径是让哈马斯和在加沙的其他巴勒斯坦激进组织停止向以色列南部发射火箭。"The rocket attacks against Israel ought to stop," she added. "As I have said, as Israel defends itself, Israel also needs to be very careful about innocent people who get caught in the crossfire, and about the humanitarian conditions in Gaza. So there is a path forward."  她说:“对以色列的火箭攻击应该停止。我已经讲过,以色列在自卫的时候也需要非常小心不要让陷入战火的无辜百姓受到伤害,还要当心加沙的人道条件。这是一条向前走的道路。”Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israeli forces will abstain from attacking the Gaza Strip if militants stop firing rockets. Mr. Olmert made his comments at the conclusion of a meeting of his security cabinet, which approved continued targeted strikes against rocket launching activities in Gaza. 以色列总理奥尔默特说,如果激进分子停止发射火箭,以色列军队将不再攻击加沙地带。奥尔默特在结束同以色列安全内阁的会议后做出上述表示。安全内阁批准继续打击加沙的火箭发射活动。加沙地带的紧张局势已经缓解了很多。Tensions in Gaza have eased considerably. For the first time since the current crisis began, Israel allowed about 25 Palestinians to enter Israel from Gaza for medical treatment. Israel also allowed about 70 truckloads of food and medicine to enter Gaza, including some coming from Egypt. Meanwhile, Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel dramatically dropped on Wednesday as well. 自目前的危机开始以来,以色列第一次允许大约25名巴勒斯坦人从加沙进入以色列接受医疗。以色列还允许大约70辆装有食品和药品的卡车进入加沙,其中有些卡车来自埃及。同时,星期三,巴勒斯坦对以色列的火箭攻击也大幅度减少。200803/28747桦甸做产前检查哪家医院最好的 Well, its true, I do have lots of experience.没错,我是有很多经验。Thanks for recognising that.多谢你的认可。So maybe… we could work on this job… together?所以也许我们可以一起做这份工作?Oh ya, sure. Great. Of course.当然,很好。I can get hold of these oranges… err… lemons, pronto.我可以立马搞定这些橙子……柠檬。I know a man who can get some second-hand ones, itll save us loads of money.我知道一个人能拿到二手货,这能节省我们很多钱。But what about the quality?但是质量怎么样?Quality? ! Its the cost weve got to worry about.质量?我们应该担心的是成本。Keep up Hannah.别那么落后,汉娜。Anna.是安娜。Come on Anna. Dont let her boss you around.拜托,安娜。别让她指手画脚的。Its time to stand your ground.是时候坚持立场了。If she causes trouble say ;lets discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action; or ;please respect my decision and lets move on.;如果她引起了麻烦就说:“让我们讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划”或“请尊重我的决定,让我们继续。”Hmm, OK, Ill give it a try.好的,我会试试。Rachel, I like your enthusiasm but… can we discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action?瑞秋,我喜欢你的热情,但我们能讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划吗?Of course. Why didnt you say?当然,你怎么不早说?Come on discuss… discuss… talk!来吧,讨论讨论,谈谈!Well, we pride ourselves on quality products and our Imperial Lemon is particularly good… and I think our client is expecting that.我们以产品质量为傲,皇家柠檬又是特别出众的,我想客户更看重这点。So I would like to send them what I had promised in the contract.所以我想按合同承诺的发给他们。 /201705/507592Senator Barack Obama added another victory to his campaign for the Democratic nomination Tuesday, winning the southern state of Mississippi's primary. The 33 delegates at stake will be divided with opponent Senator Hillary Clinton because Democrats divide delegates proportionally according to the vote totals for each candidate. Obama owed his victory to a huge advantage among African Americans. 奥巴马参议员星期二在争取民主党提名的选战中又赢得了一次胜利,在南方密西西比州的初选中获胜。根据民主党的选举规则,他将和克林顿参议员按照得票比例来分摊密西西比州的33名代表名额。奥巴马这次胜利主要归功于当地非洲裔美国人的人口优势。More than half the Democratic voters in Mississippi are black and around 90 percent of them voted for Barack Obama, the son of a father from Kenya and a white mother. White voters in the state tended to support Hillary Clinton. Many Democrats are troubled by this pattern. 密西西比州一半以上的民主党选民是非洲裔,他们当中有90%以上的人把选票投给了奥巴马。奥巴马的父亲是肯尼亚人,母亲是美国白人。这个州的白人选民大多拥护克林顿。许多民主党人对这一模式感到困扰。Obama has based his campaign on appealing across racial lines. He won the first contest of this election year on January 3 in Iowa, a state that is around 90 percent white. But since then blacks in every primary or caucus have tended to vote for Obama in large numbers. Less than six months ago, polls showed strong support in the black community for Hillary Clinton, based partially on the accomplishments of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.  奥巴马的竞选一直以跨越种族界线的为基础。他在这个大选年的第一次胜利1月3号在爱奥华州赢得,那里的白人人口占了大约90%。但是从那时起,在每一场初选或者党团基层会议中,大批黑人都倾向于选奥巴马。而不到6个月前的民调结果还显示,黑人选民大力持克林顿,这部分归功于她的丈夫前总统克林顿的政绩。Obama has been able to rally support from young voters from all ethnic and racial groups, but older white voters have voted in larger numbers for Clinton. She also has a distinct advantage with women voters. 奥巴马一贯能赢得不同族裔、不同人种的年轻选民的持,但是很多较年长的白种选民选择了克林顿。克林顿在妇女选民中也占显著优势。Clinton is looking for big wins in other states holding contests in the weeks ahead, including such large states as Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina. Her strength with working class voters and women is expected to help her in those states. Since the percentage of black voters in these states is much lower than it is in a state like Mississippi, Obama will need to reinforce his efforts to draw white voters to support him. 克林顿目前着眼于在未来几星期在其它几个州的角逐中取得重大胜利,如在宾夕法尼亚、印第安纳和北卡罗来纳等大州。预计她在工人阶层和妇女选民中的影响力将有助于她在那些州获胜。这些州的黑人选民比例要比密西西比这样的州低很多,所以奥巴马必须加倍努力争取白人选民的持。One clear advantage Obama enjoys is a more than 100-delegate lead over Clinton, giving him the momentum of a frontrunner. Clinton, on the other hand, hopes her attacks on what she describes as Obama's inexperience will blunt his drive and give her a chance to regain momentum. 奥巴马目前的明显优势是他拥有的代表人数比克林顿多100多名,使他具有领先者的势头。而另一方面,克林顿希望自己针对奥巴马的攻势,批评奥巴马缺乏经验,能挫败奥巴马的锐气,让自己重新领先。Democratic Party leaders view all of this with growing concern, however, since a prolonged contest between these two candidates delays efforts to prepare for the general election and provides Republicans with ammunition to use against the eventual nominee. 民主党领袖正忧心忡忡地关注这一局面,因为两名候选人之间旷日持久的选战会延误为大选作准备,还为共和党人提供机会来攻击最终赢得总统候选人提名的那位民主党人。Senator John McCain clinched the Republican nomination after winning here in Texas and in three other states on March 4 and has been able to devote time since then to fundraising and preparations for the November election. 麦凯恩参议员3月4号在德克萨斯州和另外3个州获胜后,基本确认将赢得共和党提名,从此他便能把全部时间投入募款以及为11月的大选作准备等方面。Complicating the Democratic race further is the possibility that contests in Florida and Michigan may be repeated. Party officials had taken delegates away from those states after they violated party rules by moving their primaries up on the calendar.  使得民主党选情进一步复杂化的是佛罗里达和密西根这两个州的初选可能重新进行。民主党曾经剥夺了这两个州的代表资格,因为他们违反党内规则提前举行初选。The governors of those states are now demanding that their citizens be represented, so both states are planning to re-do their contests in June. But even after those contests, it is likely that neither candidate will have the 2,025 delegates needed to win the nomination, so the race could continue right up to the national Democratic convention in Denver in late August.  这两个州的州长正要求本州重获代表资格,所以两州可能计划在6月重新举行初选。但是即使在那两场选战后,两名候选人很可能仍然不能得到赢得提名所需的2千零25名代表的票数,所以这场选战会可能会一直继续到8月下旬在丹佛举行的全国民主党大会才见分晓。200803/30330长春市第三人民医院白带异常多少钱

长春妇保医院属于几级吉林长春妇女医院门诊电话热线 Bush Welcomes Pope's Message of Hope布什:美国人需要教皇的仁爱教导  President Bush has welcomed Pope Benedict on his first papal visit to the ed States during a joyous ceremony on the White House lawn. Mr. Bush told the pope that in a time of terrorism and hate, Americans need his message that God is love.  美国总统布什在白宫南草坪欢庆仪式上欢迎教皇本笃第一次以罗马教皇身份访问美国。布什对教皇说,在恐怖主义和仇恨蔓延的时期,美国人需要教皇关于上帝即仁爱的教导。 Under a picture-perfect blue sky, thousands of people, including U.S. dignitaries, nuns and priests greeted Pope Benedict as he began the first full day of his trip to the ed States. 在万里无云的蓝天下,包括美国名流、修女和神父在内的数千人迎接教皇本笃。这是教皇开始美国之行的第一天。President Bush told the pope that in America he will find a people of prayer and compassion and a nation that believes in religious liberty. 布什总统对教皇说,在美国,教皇将发现美国人民经常祈祷,富有同情心,这个民族信仰宗教自由。Mr. Bush said the pope's message of hope and love is especially important in a world facing violence and terrorism. 布什说,教皇有关希望和仁爱的教导在一个面临暴力和恐怖主义的世界里特别重要。"In a world where some invoke the name of God to justify acts of terror and murder and hate, we need your message that God is love," Mr. Bush said. "And embracing this love is the surest way to save men from falling prey to the teaching of fanaticism and terrorism." 他说:“世界上有些人以上帝的名义为恐怖、谋杀和仇恨行为作辩解,我们需要你关于上帝即仁爱的教导。而且拥抱这份爱是最可靠的拯救人类的方式,不让他们堕落成狂热的盲从和恐怖主义教条的受害人。”President Bush and Pope Benedict differ on issues such as the Iraq war and capital punishment and neither leader spoke about them in their public remarks. 布什总统和教皇本笃在伊拉克战争和死刑问题上观点不一。两位领导人在公开讲话时都没有提到这些问题。Mr. Bush did, however, allude to his and the Catholic Church's opposition to abortion.  但是,布什还是间接提到他和罗马天主教反对堕胎。"In a world where some treat life as something to be debased and discarded, we need your message that all human life is sacred and that each of us is willed, each of us is loved," the president said.  他说:“在这个世界上,有些人任意贬低和抛弃生命,我们需要你教导人们,所有人的生命都是神圣的,每个人是有意志的,每个人都得到慈爱。”Pope Benedict said he has come to the ed States as a friend and preacher of the Gospel who has great respect for what he called this "vast, pluralistic society." 教皇本笃说,他作为美国的朋友和传播福音的人来到美国。他说,他很尊重这个“辽阔多元的社会”。The pontiff noted that America has been generous in helping to meet the world's humanitarian needs, and said diplomacy is the solution to solving disagreements. 教皇指出,美国很慷慨地帮助实现世界人道主义需求。教皇还说,外交是解决分歧的办法。"I am confident that this concern for the greater human family will continue to find expression in support for the patient efforts of international diplomacy to resolve conflicts and promote progress," he said. 他说:“我有信心,对人类大家庭的关爱将找到更多的表达方式来持耐心的国际外交努力,来解决冲突,推动进步。”The pope was full of praise for American society and made references in his speech to the founding fathers, citing the 1776 Declaration of Independence and the first president, George Washington. 教皇对美国社会充满赞颂之词。他在讲话中提到美国的缔造者。他引述1776年的《独立宣言》和美国第一位总统乔治.华盛顿。Benedict said from the beginning America's noble principles governing political and social life have been linked to God. 教皇本笃说,从一开始,美国管理政治和社会生活的崇高原则是与上帝分不开的。"As the nation faces increasingly complex political and ethical issues of our time, I am confident that the American people will find in their religious beliefs a precious source of insight and an inspiration to pursue reasoned, responsible and respectful dialog in the effort to build a more humane and free society," he said.  他说:“我有信心,面临我们时代日益复杂的政治和种族问题,美国人民会从他们的宗教信仰中发现一个远见卓识的宝贵来源,它将激励人们追求更加理性、责任和体面的对话,以期建设更加人道和自由的社会。”The crowd on the South Lawn of the White House sang Happy Birthday to Pope Benedict, in celebration of his 81st birthday. 白宫南草坪的人群唱起祝教皇本笃生日快乐的歌曲,庆祝教皇81岁生日。Nine-thousand guests jammed the outdoor ceremony, making it one of the largest ever held at the White House. 这次露天仪式有9千人参加,盛况空前,使得这成为白宫举行过的最大规模的一次仪式。During his six-day visit, the pontiff will celebrate large open-air masses and address the ed Nations. 教皇本笃在他6天的访问中将举行大型露天弥撒,还将在联合国演讲。 200804/35290长春哪里的女子医院好

长春都市丽人医院治疗子宫内膜炎好吗Iraqi Government, Al-Sadr Movement Agree to Cease-Fire in Sadr City伊拉克政府与萨德尔民兵同意停火   Spokesmen for the Iraqi government and the movement of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr say the two sides agreed to a truce Saturday to end weeks of fighting in Baghdad's Sadr City. Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes between militants and government forces there since fighting intensified in late March.  伊拉克政府发言人和什叶派激进教士萨德尔领导的民兵组织的发言人都表示,双方星期六同意停战,结束几个星期以来在巴格达萨德尔城的战斗。自从3月底激进分子和政府军在萨德尔城的冲突升级以来,已经有几百人丧生。An aide to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, says the cease-fire in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City will go into effect on Sunday.  什叶派教士萨德尔的助手奥贝迪说,在巴格达东部的萨德尔城停火的协议将于星期天生效。According to the deal struck between the government's ed Iraqi Alliance and the Sadrist movement, militants belonging to the Mahdi Army will not engage in further fighting with Iraqi and coalition troops in Sadr City.  根据伊拉克政府的“伊拉克团结联盟”和萨德尔民兵组织之间达成的协议,马赫迪军的激进分子将不再与萨德尔城内的伊拉克军队以及联军部队作战。In an interview on Iraqi news, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said this cease-fire applies only to Sadr City. He says militants there must put away their weapons for their own safety and that of the area's citizens.  伊拉克政府的发言人达巴格在接受伊拉克新闻媒体采访时说,这次停火只适用于萨德尔城。他说,萨德尔城的激进分子必须放下武器,以确保自己和当地人民的安全。He says the first thing will be to stop any shooting and to remove bombs on the roads. He says if any person holds a weapon, he will be targeted by the security forces. 他说,首先要停止一切射击,拆除路上的炸弹。他说,任何持有武器的人都会成为安全部队打击的目标。Dabbagh said that private courts operating in Sadr City outside of the Ministry of Justice must immediately stop their operations. He emphasized that only the government has the authority to provide protection or to enforce laws. 达巴格说,在萨德尔城内的、不属于司法部的私设的法庭必须立即停止运作。他强调说,只有伊拉克政府有权提供保护或者执行法律。Dabbagh added that the military will go through official channels to detain people he deemed to be "outlaws." 他还补充说,伊拉克政府军将通过官方渠道拘捕那些被认为是“罪犯”的人。He said the government will control checkpoints around Sadr City, but the area will not be cordoned off entirely.  他说,伊拉克政府将控制萨德尔城周围的检查站,但是该地区不会完全被封锁。Sadr's movement had called on the government to stop random raids against al-Sadr's followers and to open roads that lead to the city. 萨德尔领导的民兵组织一直呼吁伊拉克政府停止任意搜捕萨德尔的追随者,并呼吁伊拉克政府开放通往萨德尔城的道路。Dabbagh is also calling on all groups to cooperate to improve security for the sake of Iraqi citizens.  达巴格还呼吁所有组织进行合作,为伊拉克人民的利益改善安全状况。He says providing people with security and a suitable calm is the Iraqi government's main aim, and he says he is certain that members of al-Sadr's group feel the responsibility for this belongs to them, as well. 他说,伊拉克政府的主要目标是为伊拉克人民提供安全和适宜的宁静。他说,他肯定萨德尔民兵组织的成员也同样感到他们有这样的责任。He added that militants loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr now acknowledge that they cannot be permitted to act outside of the government.  他还说,效忠于萨德尔教士的激进分子现在承认,他们不能在伊拉克政府以外擅自行动。Dabbagh says everyone agrees that the security responsibility belongs to the government and the government only, not to militia or armed groups. 达巴格说,所有人都同意,维持安全的责任是伊拉克政府的责任,而不属于激进分子或武装组织。Dabbagh says if the truce is successful in Sadr City, the government will attempt to extend it to other regions where fighting rages. 他说,如果萨德尔城的停火成功,伊拉克政府会争取把停战扩大到其它正在发生冲突的地区。Elsewhere, in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi military forces, backed by Coalition troops, are beginning a new phase of their campaign against al-Qaida in Iraq there. 另外,在北部城市苏尔,伊拉克军队在联军援下打击伊拉克基地组织的战役进入新阶段。The military has closed off main roads leading to Mosul to prevent militants from smuggling weapons and car bombs into the city. 伊拉克军队已经切断通往苏尔的主要道路,防止激进分子把武器和汽车炸弹运进苏尔。200805/38517 长春市二院是几级长春省人民医院属于几级



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