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伊通满族自治县中医院体检收费标准农安县妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育多少钱长春人流好的医院 Any dog owner would testify that dogs are just as prone to jealousy as humans.任何主人都能作,简直和人一样容易嫉妒。But can one really compare Othello’s agony to Roscoe’s pique?但真的有人能把罗斯科(Roscoe)的愤懑与奥赛罗(Othello)的痛苦相提并论吗?The answer, according to Christine Harris, a psychologist at the University of California, San Diego, is that if you are petting another dog, Roscoe is going to show something that Dr. Harris thinks is a form of jealousy, even if not as complex and twisted as the adult human form.加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)的心理学家克里斯蒂娜·哈里斯(Christine Harris)表示,是,如果你抚摸另一只,罗斯科会有某种表现。哈里斯士认为,这种表现是嫉妒的一种形式,尽管这种形式不像成年人类的嫉妒形式那么复杂、扭曲。Other scientists agree there is something going on, but not all are convinced it is jealousy. And Roscoe and the rest of his tribe were, without exception, unavailable for comment.其他一些科学家也认同这种情形下会出现某种情况,但并不都相信那是嫉妒。而罗斯科和他的同类,无一例外均不便发表。Dr. Harris had been studying human jealousy for years when she took this question on, inspired partly by the antics of her parents’ Border collies. When she petted them, “one would take his head and knock the other’s head away,” she said. It certainly looked like jealousy.在遇到这个问题时,哈里斯士已经对人类的嫉妒情绪进行了多年研究。当时,她部分是受了父母的边境牧羊犬表现出的怪异行为的启发。她说,当她抚摸他们时,“其中一只会用头把另外一只的头挤开”。这种情形看上去当然像嫉妒了。But having studied humans, she was aware of different schools of thought about jealousy. Some scientists argue that jealousy requires complex thinking about self and others, which seems beyond dogs’ abilities. Others think that although our descriptions of jealousy are complex, the emotion itself may not be that complex.但因为已经对人类进行了研究,她了解有关嫉妒的不同思想流派。一些科学家认为,嫉妒要求有能力对自身和他人进行复杂思考,这似乎超出了的能力。其他一些人则认为,尽管我们对嫉妒的描述颇为复杂,但这种情感本身或许并不复杂。Dog emotions, as owners perceive them, have been studied before. In one case, Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who is an adjunct associate professor at Barnard College and the author of “Inside of a Dog,” found that the so-called guilty look that dogs exhibit seemed to be more related to fear of punishment.以前就有人研究过主人眼中的情感。在其中一项研究中,著有《一只的内心》(Inside of a Dog)的认知科学家、巴纳德学院(Barnard College)客座副教授亚历山德拉·霍罗威茨(Alexandra Horowitz)发现,表现出来的所谓的内疚表情似乎与害怕受到惩罚更相关。Dr. Harris ventured into the tricky turf of dog emotion by devising a test based on work done with infants.哈里斯士以针对孩子的研究工作为基础,设计了一个试验,大胆进入了的情感这个棘手领域。When dog owners petted and talked to a realistic stuffed dog that barked and whined, the people’s own dogs came over, pushed the person or the stuffed dog, and sometimes barked. After the experiment, many of the dogs sniffed the rear end of the stuffed dog, suggesting, Dr. Harris said, that the dogs thought it might be real.当主人抚摸一只逼真的、能吠叫并发出呜呜声的填充玩具,并与其说话时,他们自己的会走过来,推自己的主人或那只玩具,有时还会大叫。试验结束后,许多会嗅那只填充玩具的臀部。哈里斯士称,这表明,那些以为玩具可能是一只真。Dr. Harris also recorded what happened as the owners petted and talked to a jack-o’-lantern and a children’s book aloud, to see if any old distraction would provoke a reaction. The dogs paid little attention to the jack-o’-lantern and very little to the book.为了看看随便什么通常分散注意力的事情会不会让它们有所反应,哈里斯还记录了主人在抚摸南瓜灯笼并和它说话,以及大声朗读儿童读物时发生的情况。那些少有注意灯笼的,对那本书,的关注度则更小。Dr. Harris concluded, in a paper in PLoS One written with Caroline Prouvost, also at the University of California, San Diego, that the dogs showed a “primordial” form of jealousy, not as complex as the human emotion, but similar in that there is a social triangle and the dog is trying to make sure it, not the rival, receives the attention.在与同在加州大学圣迭戈分校任职的卡罗琳·普鲁沃(Caroline Prouvost)共同撰写,并发表在《公共科学图书馆·综合》(PLOS One)的一篇文章中,哈里斯得出结论称,那些表现出了一种“原始”形式的嫉妒,不像人类的嫉妒那么复杂。但它也是发生在一种社会三角关系之中,会尝试确定获得关注的是自己,而不是对手,因此这种情感与人类的嫉妒类似。Other scientists had mixed reactions to the work. Dr. Horowitz said she admired the goal but thought the researchers had not shown that the behaviors observed actually indicated jealousy.其他科研人员对这项研究的反响各异。霍罗威茨士说,她很欣赏该研究的目标,但她认为,研究者没能明,被观察到的行为真的代表嫉妒。“What can be shown is that dogs seem to want an owner’s attention when there is attention being given out,” she said. “This study confirms that.”“可以被明的是,当主人向外界给予关注的时候,似乎想要得到这种关注,”她说,“这项研究实了这一点。”Sybil Hart, at Texas Tech, who has studied jealousy in infants, said she thought the research was “very well done and makes a very compelling argument.”德克萨斯理工大学的西比尔·哈特(Sybil Hart)曾经研究过婴儿的嫉妒心理。哈特说,她认为这项研究“做得很出色,观点令人信”。If one sees jealousy in babies and dogs, she said, “to some degree, it’s innate,” which would be important to know for attempts to manage human jealousy.哈特说,如果人们发现了婴儿和的嫉妒之心,“在一定程度上,这是天生的”。了解这一点对于管理成人的嫉妒情绪十分重要。“Over all, trying to make it go away has not been very successful,” Dr. Hart said. “We are trying to eliminate jealousy, and scientists are saying maybe we should try to understand it better.”“总的来说,消除嫉妒心理的努力并不是非常成功,”哈特士说。“我们正努力消除嫉妒情绪,而科学家告诉我们,或许我们应该试着更好地理解它。”Jealousy, Dr. Harris wrote in the study, is “the third leading cause of nonaccidental homicide across cultures.”哈里斯在研究中写道,嫉妒“在许多文化中都是故意杀人案的第三大诱因”。Whatever the dogs’ behavior is called, said Brian Hare, a director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center at Duke University, there are practical implications for their owners.杜克大学杜克犬科动物认知研究中心(Duke Canine Cognition Center at Duke University)的主任布赖恩·黑尔(Brian Hare)说,无论犬类的这种行为被称作什么,对他们的主人而言,都会存在一些实实在在的影响。“Attention seeking can lead to jealousylike behavior in dogs that includes aggression in some cases,” he said. “So for dogs with suspected aggression problems, it may be important to avoid situations where they feel ignored.”“寻求关注可以引发类似于嫉妒的表现,比如有时候出现攻击性,”他说。“因此,对于可能有攻击性问题的来说,避免让他们感到被忽略也许十分重要。” /201410/335023Have you got a date for Valentine’s Day? If the answer is no, you may want to consider turning to dating apps for help. It’s super easy: All you need to do is upload an attractive photo of yourself and add a short but interesting self-introduction.情人节你有约了吗?如果没有,那么你可以考虑向交友软件求助。而整个流程简单极了:你所需要做的只是上传一张个人靓照,加上一段有趣的个人简介。Dating apps are changing the courtship landscape, even if you have only a small circle of friends. Have a crush on someone? Just give them a “thumb-up” on their profile. If it’s not reciprocated, no big deal. You don’t really know each other, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea.即便你的朋友圈很小也没关系,交友软件也可以扩大你的交友范围。如果对某人一见钟情?就给他/她点个赞吧!如果对方没有回应,也没什么大不了的。事实上你们素不相识,所以也不用觉得尴尬。更何况,天涯何处无芳草。You probably won’t meet “the one” through dating apps, but at least getting yourself out this way will open opportunities to meet new people.尽管在交友软件上,你可能无法找到真爱,但至少这种方式可以让你结交到新朋友。Some critics, however, say dating apps kill romance. Because they can match people based on their location, many people use dating apps as hook-up tools. They’re not interested in a serious relationship, but rather are looking for a short fling or even just a one-night-stand.然而,有人指责交友软件扼杀了浪漫。由于这些软件可以根据地理位置定位自动匹配用户,所以在很多人手中,它们变成了“钓人”工具。他们无意寻找一段认真的感情,而是希望及时行乐,甚至只是为了“一夜情”。Dan Slater, writing for The Atlantic, says dating apps are superficial and lazy. Dating apps make people believe there is always someone better out there and therefore they find it hard to commit to a relationship. What’s more, browsing through user profiles is not unlike browsing through commodities at a store. If you find a certain commodity unsatisfactory, you can simply replace it with another.丹?斯莱特在《大西洋月刊》上写道:交友软件是种肤浅的偷懒行为。它令人们相信总有更好的人选等着自己,以致于难以投入一段恋情。而且,查看用户资料与在商场中浏览商品并无不同。如果你对某件商品不够满意,你只需要“换货”就好了。In contrast, Jeffrey Kluger, writing for Time magazine’s website, says that although looking for romance on dating apps may seem like consuming products, our fundamental attitude toward love hasn’t changed that much.而杰弗里?克鲁杰在《时代》杂志网站上表示,尽管在交友软件上寻找恋情看上去很像选购商品,但我们对于爱情的基本态度并未有太多改变。The way people pursue romance is always changing, Kluger says, from generation to generation and even year to year. Western countries have seen many transformations in the last century alone. “There was feminism (women’s liberation) in the 1970s. There was the pill (contraception) in the 1960s and the back seat of the Chevy (casual sex) in the 1950s,” Kluger says.克鲁杰表示,世世代代,年复一年,人们求爱的方式一直在改变。仅仅上个世纪,西方社会的求爱法则就发生了许多转变。“从上世纪70年代的女权解放运动,到上世纪60年代的口避药,再到上世纪50年代的‘随意性行为’”。Technology changes rapidly, but human beings do not. Admittedly, Kluger writes, some dating apps turn the whole dating experience into a kind of game. But gamification has always been a big part of the mating mix. Kluger writes: “Arm wrestling in a bar gamifies which man’s fitness display will best catch the eye of a woman.”尽管科技与日俱新,但人类自身却少有改变。克鲁杰写道,不可否认,一些交友软件将约会变成恋爱游戏。但一直以来游戏都是求偶的重头戏。克鲁杰表示:“酒吧中男士通过扳手腕展现体魄,以吸引女性的目光。”Shana Lebowitz, as a dating app user, has a more intuitive view on dating apps. Writing for US-based media website Greatist.com, Lebowitz points out that the impact of dating apps depends on the specific person using it. But for many people, they provide “a sense of hope and confidence that doesn’t come from going through old photos of you and your ex”.作为一名交友软件的使用者,莎娜?莱波维兹对这类软件有着更为直观的看法。在为美国Greatist.com网站撰写的文章中,莱波维兹指出,交友软件所带来的影响因人而异。但对很多人来说,它们令你心中“充满希望和自信,而这是翻阅你和前任的旧照所办不到的。” /201402/275972长春女性医院医生门诊

长春第一医院打掉孩子多少钱Chinese civilization stretches back at least to the 3rd millennium . It is the source of many of the world’s great inventions, including paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing, not to mention china (porcelain) itself. But maybe the greatest contribution that the country and its language have made to the Western world is tea. The drink is first mentioned in English in 1655. The Chinese connection first found in US English in the early 20th century.中华文明可以至少追溯到公元前300万年。它是世界上许多伟大发明的源头,例如造纸术,指南针,火药和印刷术。更不用说还有瓷器本身。但是对中西方语言文化交流作出最大贡献的是茶。茶最早在1655年引入英国,而英语和汉语的关联,最早也是在20世纪初的美式英语中被发现。People drinking something stronger than tea might say chin-chin, or ‘cheers!’ This is a mangled pronunciation of qing qing, a Chinese greeting. Another ‘doubled’ word is chop-chop, or ‘quickly’. Chop here is a pidgin Chinese rendition of Chinese kuaì ‘quick, nimble’, and is also found in chopstick.人们在喝比茶更浓的饮品时可能会说“chin chin”或者“干杯”!这是模仿中国“请请”的发音。另外一个双音节词则是”chop-chop”,意为“快快”。这里的chop基于“筷子”的“筷”的发音,是对中式发音“快”的模仿。Our range of savoury relishes was extended when traders introduced us to ketchup at the end of the 17th century. The name may come from Chinese ‘tomato juice’.在17世纪末番茄酱被引入之后,菜肴的风味有了延展。这个名字可能和汉语中的“番茄汁”相关。Contact with imperial China in the early 19th century introduced Westerners to the Chinese custom of kowtowing—kneeling down and touching the forehead on the ground in worship or submission. The word means literally ‘to knock the head’.19世纪初期,西方人开始了解了封建王朝叩头的礼节——双膝跪地,前额轻触地面以显示尊敬或降之意。这个词字面意思就是“头和地面相碰”。Ginseng is a plant whose root is credited with various health-giving and medicinal properties. Its Chinese name, rénshén, literally means ‘man root’, a reference to the root’s forked shape, which supposedly resembles a person.Ginseng是一种植物的根茎,被认为可以促进健康并有药用价值。它的中文名字“人参”的意思是“人的根”,因其形状酷似人形而得名。Gung-ho, meaning ‘unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager, especially about fighting’, dates from the Second World War. It is from Chinese gōnghé ‘to work together’, and was adopted as a slogan by the US Marines fighting in the Pacific under General Evans Carlson (1896–1947). He organized ‘Gung-ho’ meetings to discuss problems and explain orders to promote cooperation.Gung-ho,意味不加思考的热情和冲动,尤为好斗。它的起源可追溯至二战。原形为汉语中的“共和”,即一起工作,并在埃文斯卡尔森将军 (1896–1947)领导的太平洋海战中被引入作为口号。他组织召开“共和”会议来研讨问题,促进合作。Increasing interest in our living spaces in the 1990s led to the popularity of feng shui, the ancient Chinese system of designing buildings and arranging objects in rooms to achieve a positive flow of energy and so bring happiness or good luck. It goes back a long way in English, and even had an entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1797.对于生存环境的愈发好奇使得在20世纪90年代,“风水”一词被引入,它指的是中国古代建筑及安排房间内物品摆放以达到能量均衡,从而带来幸福安康的一种方式。该词早在1797年就被收入大不列颠百科全书。Not all our Chinese words are ancient, though. China’s first manned space flight in 2003 gave us taikonaut, a Chinese astronaut—taikong means ‘outer space’.然而也不是所有的中文都源自古代。2003年,中国对太空领域的第一次载人探索使得新词taikonaut诞生,意味中国宇航员。 /201410/333735长春都市丽人做无痛多少钱 吉林长春第二人民医院妇产科建卡要多少钱

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