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Despite economy, Nike soars Nike has seen its third-quarter income leap by 32% compared to a year agoIt looks like the weakening US economy is not weighing on Nike whatsoever. The athletic apparel giant out with its earnings late last night after the closing bell and they did shock---profit up 32% from the same period a year ago. That is for its fiscal third quarter.Now the stock got such a pop-off that it did have to suspend trading for just a bit. So what is helping Nike, is it the US? No, not really. The stock is up almost 7% right now. But again, those gains not in the US. It did see a respectable 5% increase in sales here in the US, but those gains were overseas--- in Europe, sales up 23%; in Asia, sales up 27% . Now, of course, the Olympics in Beijing are coming up. Nike is doing a lot to prepare for that. Nike doesn’t always sponsor the Olympics but it of course does work with a number of those top Olympic athletes. So some great news out for Nike, the stock is benefiting from it. Here back up again, close to that 52-week high that we saw back in November, looks like it could top that now after this news.Notes:Weigh on: to exert influence01/60356。

  • Toyota's jobless The global economic slowdown hits Toyota City's people hard. CNN's Kyung Lah reports。They keep coming, one after the other, all in the same situation, fired because of Toyota's cutbacks. Toyota City Japan is seeing historic heights in unemployment. The city's job center stretches to its limits. “All we can do is just focus on doing our best for them one by one.” says the head of the job center, cause think about all of them is overwhelming.Live it like Cecelia Kobashigawa and it's even worse. “Scary”, she says, “and difficult, very difficult”. Kobashigawa's two children are in high school and she needs to support them. But in this one company town that's firing, not hiring, she doesn't feel much hope, neither do her four friends, all fired last December from the same Toyota subsidiary. This married couple, immigrants from Brazil, never thought they would both get fired on the same day. "It's tough”, he says, “We may have to move back to Brazil.”This area is home to Japan's highest unemployment rate. According to this job center, last December, the number of unemployed people looking for a job jumped by 120%. At the same time period, the number of jobs available fell by 50%. More unemployed people, fewer jobs available for them." Huge percent down --90% down..down" That's how much Toyota City is losing in corporate taxes all due to Toyota's losses. Toyota City's Finance Division calls this ‘the Toyota's Shock’-- a seismic event breaking the city's financial books. “We've never experienced the loss like this,” he says. It's straining public services and worrying the jobless. Kobashigawa says her day at the job center came up empty. “All you can do is hope the economy gets better”, she says, for her sake, for her family, and everyone she knows.Kyung Lah, CNN, Toyota City, Japan.词汇注释:1. cutback 缩减 减产 2. Toyota City Toyota City is a city located in the Mikawa region of Aichi, Japan3. company town 企业生活区 4. corporate tax n.公司税 5. seismic 震撼世界的 地震的 6. financial books 财务帐簿 7. public services n.公共事业 公用设施, 公共务 08/81430。
  • Netanyahu Says His Government Wants Partnership with Palestinians以总理:将是巴勒斯坦人和平伙伴  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his new government will be a partner for peace with the Palestinians. The statement appears to mark a departure for Mr. Netanyahu, whose campaign promises called for Israel to make few concessions in the peace process. 以色列总理内塔尼亚胡说,他的政府将是巴勒斯坦人的和平伙伴。这个声明似乎和竞选期间的内塔尼亚胡有所区别,因为他的竞选承诺是要让以色列在和平进程中尽可能少作让步。Mr. Netanyahu spoke a day after he succeeded in winning the participation of the left-of-center Labor party in his new coalition government.  内塔尼亚胡在成功的赢得中间偏左的劳工党加入他的新联合政府第二天发表讲话。His remarks, made at an economic forum in Jerusalem, marked a change of tone for a man who campaigned as one who would give few concessions to the Palestinians and whose first priority would not be negotiations.  他在耶路撒冷一个经济论坛发表的讲话已经和竞选期间的调子不一样了。在竞选期间,他主张对巴勒斯坦人少让步,而且首要目标不是和巴勒斯坦人谈判。"The Palestinians should understand that they have in our government a partner for peace, for security, and for rapid economic development of the Palestinian economy," he said.  他说:“巴勒斯坦人应该了解,我们的政府将是他们的和平与安全伙伴,也是巴勒斯坦经济快速发展的伙伴。”Mr. Netanyahu has worked to temper his image as he struggles to build a coalition that would cater to the wants of an electorate that called for a tough stance on the Palestinians, and at the same time maintain Israel's good relations with Washington and others in the international community. 内塔尼亚胡在争取组建联合政府的艰难过程中努力调整形象,既要迎合要求对巴勒斯坦人采取强硬立场的国内选民,又要保持以色列和华盛顿及其他国际社会成员的良好关系。The ed States has urged Israel to work toward a two-state solution, and wants it to stop expanding Jewish settlements in the territories it occupies. 美国已经敦促以色列朝两个国家并存的解决方案努力,同时也希望以色列停止在被占领土上扩大犹太人定居点。Mr. Netanyahu has not declared his support for a two-state solution. He has also said he supports allowing Jewish settlements to expand.  内塔尼亚胡还没有表示他持两个国家并存的方案,他也表示持允许犹太人扩大定居点。Yisrael Beiteinu, one of the parties that earlier joined his coalition, calls for the exclusion of Arabs from Israel, while the other, the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, rejects any negotiation on the status of Jerusalem. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians claim the city as their capital. These issues could potentially derail any new attempts to put the peace process back on track.  这些问题有可能使破坏任何要让和平进程回到正轨的努力。Palestinian officials cautiously welcomed Mr. Netanyahu's remarks on Wednesday. A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel's new government must be committed to a two-state solution.  巴勒斯坦官员以谨慎的态度对内塔尼亚胡星期三的讲话表示欢迎。巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯的一位发言人说,以色列新政府必须致力于两个国家并存的解决方案。The support of the Labor party gives Mr. Netanyahu the parliament majority he needs to form a government before an April 3 deadline.03/65693。
  • Stock volatility continued on Wall Street Wednesday as markets turned their attention once more to the weak global economy. After an impressive rally Tuesday, fears about high levels of public debt in the U.S. and Europe have erased all the gains and then some. There is growing concern that the global economy may be heading toward another painful recession.Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve's assurances that it will keep interest rates near record lows for the next two years, all the gains made this week evaporated even before the opening bell.尽管美联储承诺要把超低利率再保持两年,但华尔街股市这个星期却犹如过山车大起大落。On closer examination, New York trader Keith Bliss says many now see the Fed announcement as an admission that the world's most powerful central bank is out of ammunition.纽约交所交易商布里斯说,美联储的声明实际上就是承认,世界上最强有力的中央现在已经无计可施。"The Fed is basically out of bullets. It's similar to those Hollywood movies where you see the guy fire all his bullets and now the only thing he has left to do is throw his gun," Bliss said.布里斯说:“美联储基本上已经弹尽粮绝。这就像那些好莱坞大片描绘的情景,一个家伙打完了子弹,剩下唯一能做的事情就是把丢掉。”But Bliss says the slowing U.S. economy is not the only issue roiling the markets. 不过,布里斯说,搅乱市场的问题并不只是美国经济走软。"And this is how skittish and temperamental the market is. It reacts not only to factual aspects and fundamental aspects, but also rumors. So there was a rumor that S amp; P (ratings agency Standard amp; Poors) was going to downgrade France's debt, there's rumors that there are French and German banks in trouble because they're holding a lot of sovereign debt over in Europe," Bliss said.布里斯说:“市场就是这样焦躁不安,变化无常。影响市场的不光是实实在在的数据和基本面的东西。传言也能够搅乱市场。传言说标准普尔评级公司准备下调法国的债务评级,说法国和德国的也陷入困境,它们持有大量的欧洲国家的主权债务。”Some see the combination of a weak U.S. outlook and the prospects of another debt crisis in Europe as a recipe for a double dip recession. Financial expert Jon Henes tells VOA even the remedy is fraught with peril.有些人认为,美国经济前景疲软和欧洲再次发生债务危机的可能性加在一起为世界经济再次陷入衰退开好了配方。金融专家赫内斯对美国之音说,即使是解救的办法也同样充满危险。201108/148632。
  • China’s train crash中国高铁追尾Curiouser追查真相的公众The angry response to the Wenzhou crash continues温州追尾事故继续引发公众的愤怒Aug 6th 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition THE official death toll from the high-speed rail collision near the east-central city of Wenzhou on July 23rd now stands at 40, with 191 injured. Among the tens of millions in China who now share their thoughts on the nation’s microblogging outlets are many who suspect the toll is even higher. Whatever the true numbers, other casualties may be counted in the disaster and the nature of its clumsy handling afterwards. One of these is the credibility of the government.七月二十三日,在中国东部城市温州附近发生的高铁追尾事故的官方死亡人数现在为40人,同时有191名伤者。 在中国数千万通过微来分享自己的观点的网友中,他们大部分都怀疑死亡人数甚至更多。不论真实人数是多少,其他的损失可能会算入这次事故中,以及事故发生后地处理不当。 其中一点就是政府的公信力。Days after the crash, many continue to gripe openly about the government’s response, and to doubt anything officials say. Complaints focus not only on whatever neglect caused the accident—officials say it was a signalling flaw—but also on the government’s callousness in trying to clean up the site. It buried one of the stricken rail carriages and restored rail services, all before rescue operations had ended.在事故发生后的几天中,很多人继续公开地的对政府的回应表示不满和质疑。这些不满不仅集中在所有可能导致事故的忽略因素—官方称其是信号系统的问题—也集中在政府在处理现场时的冷漠上。 政府在抢救工作停止前,他们埋了一节撞毁的乘客车厢并且重新运行了高铁。201108/148412。
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