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The unsentimental, decisive way with things was the Norman way,这种理性而果断的处事方式 正是诺曼人的风格giving a hard-nosed edge to the fuzzy tangles of contracts and customs与这种重视实际的风格形成鲜明对比的是that had been used by the Anglo-Saxons.盎格鲁撒克逊拖泥带水的风俗和契And it was in this spirit that William,in 1085, held court in Gloucester也正是本着这种精神 1085年 威廉在格洛斯特举行受觐礼and launched arguably the most extraordinary campaign of his entire reign,a campaign for information.并发动了一场他在位期间 饱受争议却也最为非凡的一场运动 信息运动We tend to think of William as more or less permanently in the saddle.我们倾向于认为威廉 几乎从未放下过手中的权力He grew up in a world, after all,where authority was usually delivered on the blade of a sword.毕竟 他在一个 以武力争夺权力的世界里长大成人So it#39;s all the more impressive that he seems to have understood instinctively that information could also be power.因而更为人所钦佩的是 他似乎天生就知道 信息也是一种力量William the Conqueror was the first database king.征者威廉是第一位掌握海量信息的国王His immediate need was to raise a tax,他的直接目的是提高赋税but the compilation of the Domesday Book was more than just a glorified audit.但是《末日审判书》的编撰 并非美化了的统计报告那么简单It was a complete inventory of everything in the kingdom,shire by shire, pig by pig;它完整记录了国家的每一样东西 逐郡审查 连一头猪都不放过who had owned what before the coming of the Normans and who owned what now;每家每户在诺曼征前 财产多少 现在又拥有多少how much it had been worth then and how much now.那时价值几何 现在又几何The king sent his men all over England, into every shire,国王派人至英格兰全境 深入到每一个郡to find out how many hundred hides there were in each shire,让他们统计出 每郡面积几何what land and cattle the king himself had in the county.国王在每个郡拥有多少王田和家畜So very narrowly did he have it investigated there was no single hide nor shame to relate it,他的调查极为严格细致 既不敢藏匿也不会因丢脸而耻于记录but it seemed no shame to him was there one ox or one cow left out and not put down in record.或说对他来讲不会耻于记录 是不是有一头牛 没有被记录下来 /201608/461459If you plan to walk out a survival situation,若你准备走出生存困境count on one thing:nature will throw everything at you,and block your part at every term.铭记一件事情 大自然总会阻碍着你 尽其所能挡住你前行的路To move on,sometimes you#39;ll have to take risks.若要前行 有些时候不得不冒险When on the lining,really,I got a bit lucky then.吊在绳上的时候 说真的 我真是有点儿凭运气了But you#39;ll need more than a bit of luck.但是你需要的不仅仅只是丁点儿运气Do everything you can to improve your chances of finding your way out and back to civilization.尽己所能增加找到出路 回归文明的机会So hard to just keep following the trails there.只是循循踪迹就这么困难The world#39;s hottest desert -- the Sahara.And it#39;s immense-- nearly the size of the USA.世界最热的沙漠 撒哈拉沙漠 广阔无垠-- 面积相当于整个美国With no land marks to guide you.It#39;s easy to lose your way.没有地标可循 很容易迷路But apply of you basic navigation tricks and you should stay on cools.但是运用基本的导航技巧 就不会走错路One way can check my direction, you just use my knife and the sand.有一个办法 可以检验我的方向 只要利用我的小刀 和沙子And then the shadow that it casts.And if I just stick this into the ground,and put a pebble where the sun casts a shadow.和它投下的阴影 就可以了 我只要把这玩意儿土里 然后拿一块小石头 放在阴影投下的地方See that, just And if I then leave this for just 15 minutes and so.瞧那 就是它 然后我放之不管15分钟左右The shadow now has moved around to there.Just there, it gives me two points.现在影子已经 移动到了那里 就那儿 这样 我就得到了两个点And if I mark that like this that#39;s gonna be my east-west line, which means north-south is like that,which means northwest is like that.然后像这样 标记下 那么它就是我的东西方向线 也就是说 南北方向是那么着的 也就是说西北方在那边Travel northwest and risk your safety at the endless mountains.向西北方向行进 在无边无垠的群山冒险前行 Article/201605/445269

They seem a pretty happy lot,他们看起来很高兴 and given that the cats are both solitary and territorial,考虑到猫一般是独居并有领地意识的they do seem to get on pretty well together.但他们似乎相处得很好But no-one is sure what happens beyond the cat flap.但没人知道他们离家后会发生什么Yellow#39;s Daisy. What colour is Pumpkin?黄色的是黛西 南瓜是什么颜色的Pumpkin#39;s pink. Coco is red.南瓜是粉色的 蔻蔻是红色的So while Patch roams the local neighbourhood,当帕奇在邻里闲逛的时候Duffy, Daisy, Coco, Pumpkin and Ralph达菲, 黛西, 蔻蔻, 南瓜和拉尔夫are all out at the same time and sticking very close together.同时出门并且都离得很近Which is a genuine surprise.这绝对是个惊喜Your cats are actually really interesting.你的猫猫们很有趣Down in the village, we#39;ve got lots of reports of hostility,在这个小镇里 大家报告了许多猫猫间的战争including fights, and in a multi-cat household, which you have,他们会打斗 像你这样养了很多只猫的家庭you#39;re our largest number in our study, with six cats,你有六只猫 是研究对象中数量最大的we would expect there to be quite a bit of tension,我们原以为他们之间的关系会很紧张quite a bit of using different space outside.会在家外使用不同的领地What#39;s really, really unusual is we don#39;t see that但在他们身上并没有这种情况with your cats at all.非常难得重点解释:1.seem to 似乎 ...例句:All my troubles seem to come together.我的各种问题似乎同时出现了2.lots of 许多例句:He#39;s lots of run.他很风趣。3.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasn#39;t it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗? Article/201609/465618

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  原味人文风情:We#39;ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the ded ;V-word.; We have a vague sense of what it means, but we#39;re left with so many questions. Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell?我们都曾有过经验。我们邀请一位朋友来晚餐,结果却发现她是可怕的「素开头」那种人。我们大概知道那是什么意思,但心中又有很多疑问。那样比较健康吗?你会坐在我的皮制沙发上吗?我们还能去塔可钟快餐店吗?In a world of health magazines and Planet Fitness commercials, many people wanna learn more about nutrition and which diets are the healthiest. Wherever you go, no one can escape the growing vegan phenomenon, so we thought it would be fun to explore it further in this episode of The Infographic Show:Vegans vs. Meat Eaters.在一个健康杂志和健身广告充斥的世界,许多人都想知道更多营养信息,还有哪种饮食方式是最健康的。无论你去到哪里,没有人能够躲过日益增长的纯素风潮,因此我们觉得在这集《信息图表报你知》中更深入了解这主题会很有趣:纯素主义者和肉食主义者大对抗。A vegan is someone who follows a diet that contains no animal meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or any other food that comes from animals. They differ from vegetarians, who generally still eat dairy and eggs as part of their diets. Vegans also typically abstain from using any other products that come from animals, such as honey and leather jackets.纯素主义者遵循的饮食方式不含动物的肉、鱼、蛋、乳制品,或其它任何源自动物的食物。他们和素食主义者不同,素食主义者还是会吃乳制品和蛋作为部份食物。纯素主义者通常还会避免使用其它任何来自动物的产品,例如蜂蜜和皮夹克。Back in 2008, vegans only accounted for around 0.5 percent of the U.S. population, or about one million people. As of polls taken in 2014, vegans now make up roughly 2.5 percent of the population. At least in the ed States, women seem to be far bigger fans of veganism, making up around 79 percent of vegans.The number of meat eaters obviously far outweighs the number of vegans throughout the world, with the highest concentration of vegans being in Israel at only around five percent of their population.2008 年时,纯素主义者只占美国人口约百分之零点五的比例,也就是约一百万人。2014 年进行的民调显示,纯素主义者现在构成人口数的约百分之二点五。至少在美国的情况,女性似乎是纯素主义的较大拥护者,组成纯素人口比例的百分之七十九。肉食主义者的数量在全世界显然远超过纯素主义者,密度最高的以色列,纯素主义者只占他们人口数约百分之五而已。By not consuming any animal products, vegans follow a dietary path similar to an herbivore. Herbivores are animals that feed exclusively on plants, such as cows, giraffes, and adorable deer. Meat eaters are typically omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and animals. The term comes from the Latin words ;omni,; meaning ;all or everything,; and the word ;vorare,; which means ;to devour.; So, basically, omnivores are down to eat whatever. Most meat eaters don#39;t solely eat just meat, like a carnivore would do—that is, unless you#39;re Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec; then it#39;s beautiful bacon and seasoning steaks all day.藉由不吃任何动物产品,纯素主义者采用一种近似草食动物的饮食方式。草食动物是单靠植物为食的动物,例如牛、长颈鹿还有可爱的鹿们。肉食主义者通常是杂食动物,表示他们吃植物也吃动物。这个名称源于拉丁字 omni,代表「所有或一切事物」,以及 vorare 这个字,代表「吃」。所以,基本上杂食性动物是什么都愿意吃的。大部分的肉食主义者不会只吃肉,像肉食性动物会做的那样--也就是说,除非你是《公园与游憩》影集里的 Ron Swanson;那样的话就能整天吃超棒的培根和调味牛排了。So humans are widely thought of as natural omnivores,but some believe that humans are at their optimal health when following the dietary habits of an herbivore. People often cite potential health benefits and ethical dilemmas as the main reasons to go on a vegan diet. We won#39;t get into the ethics today, but we are curious about the health differences between vegans and their meat-eating friends.所以人类普遍被视为天生的杂食动物,但有些人相信当人类遵照草食动物的饮食习惯,我们会处在最理想的健康状态。人们常常举出可能的健康益处和道德困境来当吃纯素的主要理由。我们今天不会探讨道德层面,不过我们对纯素主义者和他们的吃肉好朋友间的健康差异很感兴趣。People on a vegan diet tend to be leaner. In a cross-sectional study of nearly 40,000 adults, meat eaters had the highest mean body mass index, or BMI.Vegetarians were in the middle, and vegans had the lowest. Based on several studies from Finland, some scientists have suggested that vegan diets may be helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Vegans also appear to have lower rates of hypertension than both meat eaters and vegetarians. Vegans also typically have lower cardiometabolic risks for conditions like heart disease or strokes. The problem, however, doesn#39;t seem to be with meat itself, but rather with the quality of meat.吃纯素的人通常会比较精瘦。在一项对近四万名成人进行的横断面研究中,肉食主义者的平均身体质量指数最高,身体质量指数又称 BMI。素食者居中,纯素者最低。根据芬兰的几项研究,一些科学家提出纯素饮食可能对类风湿性关节炎的治疗有帮助。纯素者得到高血压的比例似乎也比肉食主义者和素食者低。纯素者一般得到像心脏病或中风那些疾病的心血管代谢风险也比较低。然而,问题似乎和肉类本身无关,而是牵涉到肉类的质量。Recent findings have found that coronary heart disease problems do not seem to be linked with red meat and saturated fats like previously thought, but rather with processed meats. Based on a study of nearly 1.25 million people, consumption of processed meats, not simply red meat, was associated with higher rates of coronary heart disease.近期的研究结果发现冠状动脉心脏病的问题似乎不像从前认为那样和红肉及饱和脂肪有关,而是和加工肉品有关才对。根据一项对将近一百二十五万人进行的研究,加工肉品的食用,不单是红肉,和较高的冠状动脉心脏病比例有关。From an evolutionary standpoint, meat-eating omnivores also seem to be the reason behind the growth of our larger, more intelligent brains. This is the result of the higher protein content associated with meat consumption. The American Dietetic Association, or ADA, states that the protein from plants can easily meet and exceed protein requirements, and that being an omnivore merely increases the amount of protein sources a person can have by including animal meat.Obviously, protein is important to both bone health and muscle mass. One study even found that women who ate meat had higher amounts of muscle mass than their vegetarian counterparts, even if their protein intake was the same.从演化的角度来看,吃肉的杂食动物似乎也是我们发展出更大、更聪明的脑袋背后的原因。这是食用肉类得到较高蛋白质含量的结果。美国饮食协会,又称 ADA,声明来自植物的蛋白质可以轻易满足和超出蛋白质需求,变杂食动物纯粹只是增加人的蛋白质来源量,藉由将肉类纳入饮食中。很显然,蛋白质对骨骼健康和肌肉质量来说都很重要。一项研究甚至发现,吃肉的女性的肌肉质量比吃素的女性来得高,即使她们摄取的蛋白质量是相同的。While there certainly may be some health advantages in going vegan, there seems to be some common deficiencies in the diet. One of these deficiencies is with the vitamin B-12. The ADA states that there are no natural plant foods that contain any significant amount of the vitamin. Vegans can still get it, but they need to take a vitamin or consume fortified foods like soy milk and certain breakfast cereals. Omega-3 fatty acids are also very difficult to come by on a vegan diet, but this can be overcome through the consumption of algae supplements. With vegans requiring supplementation to meet their nutritional needs, it supports the claim that veganism is unnatural, but that doesn#39;t necessarily mean it#39;s unhealthy.尽管吃纯素一定可能有一些健康优势,纯素饮食似乎有一些常见的营养缺乏。其中一项不足的营养是维他命 B-12。美国饮食协会表示没有任何天然植物食物含有大量的维他命 B-12。纯素者还是能获得这种营养,但他们需要吃维他命或强化食品,像豆浆和特定的早餐谷片。纯素饮食也很难获得 Omega-3 脂肪酸,但这可以透过吃藻类补给品来克。由于纯素者需要补给才能满足营养需求,这持了声称纯素主义不自然的主张,但那不一定代表吃纯素不健康。At this point, some of you may be wondering which diet leads to longer life spans. For that information, we turn to Okinawa. The traditional Okinawan diet is typically regarded as the best for health and longevity, with the Okinawan islands having the greatest concentration of centenarians in the world. An archipelago hundreds of miles off the coast of Japan, Okinawa has about 740 centenarians out of its population of 1.3 million people.While their diets have been changing recently due to globalization and factors like fast food chains, the traditional Okinawan diet is made up of large amounts of plant-based carbohydrates. Although they are primarily vegans, traditional Okinawans still eat meat on special occasions, usually pork, as well as small amounts of fish on a weekly basis.现在,你们有些人可能会好奇到底哪种饮食能让人活比较久。要了解那信息,我们来看看冲绳。传统冲绳饮食通常被视为对健康和长寿最棒的一种,因为冲绳岛屿的人瑞全世界最密集。距离日本海岸数百英里远的群岛,冲绳岛一百三十万的人口就有约七百四十名人瑞。尽管他们的饮食近来因全球化和像快餐连锁店之类的因素而有改变,传统的冲绳饮食却是由大量以植物为主的碳水化合物所组成。虽然他们主要是纯素者,传统的冲绳人在特殊场合还是会吃肉,通常是吃猪肉,还有每周吃少量的鱼。This doesn#39;t prove that small amounts of animal products are vital to good health, but it does hint that the optimal human diet can be achieved without going completely vegan. That said, many health organizations, including the ADA, state that well-planned vegan diets are healthy and nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. It seems like no matter what your dietary preferences are, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved on or off a vegan diet.这并不能实食用少量动物产品是健康的关键,但这确实暗示人类最理想的饮食可以不用透过吃纯素来达成。话又说回来,许多健康机构,包含美国饮食协会,表示规划完善的纯素饮食既健康又能满足营养,且或许能提供预防和治疗特定疾病的健康益处。看来似乎不管你的饮食偏好是哪种,健康的生活方式都能透过吃纯素或不吃纯素来达到。Are you or would you ever consider becoming a vegan? Why or why not? Let us know down in the comments below.你吃纯素,或者你会考虑变成一个纯素主义者吗?会或不会的原因是什么?在下方留言区让我们知道。 Article/201704/503402


  Looking for a new job? Then a typo in your resume could mean the difference between landing the interview or not.在找新工作吗?那么你履历中的一个错字可能就代表能否获得面试机会的差异。Your resume is so polished! When can you start?你的履历写得真好!你什么时候可以开始上班?Grammarly is my secret weapon. It#39;s more than just a simple spelling- or grammar-checker. Grammarly catches 10 times as many errors as Microsoft Word. Whether you#39;re writing an email to your boss or a new business plan, with Grammarly, you can be sure that you#39;re always bringing your A game. And the best part is, it#39;s free. Get Grammarly today.Grammarly 是我的秘密武器。它不单只是个普通的拼字或文法检查程序。Grammarly 能抓出的错误是 Microsoft Word 的十倍。无论你是在写给老板的邮件或新的商业计划书,有了Grammarly,你就可以保自己总是呈现完美一面。最棒的是,这是免费的。今天就下载 Grammarly。Better writing, better results.更精确的写作,更出色的成果。 Article/201611/480818

  【中国第一部真正的英语900句】(624页+360分钟录音)中国第一部真正的英语900句高效结构·情景·交际学习法 Structural, Situational and Communicative Method   不用死背  不用苦读  不用强记 详细介绍: 采用流行欧美的高效结构·情景·交际学习法编写; 17个生活工作场景,培养现场口语表达能力; 汇集高频率句型900个,对话300篇,知识点约1000个 精准解释句型功能,剖析难词难句,助你灵活运用口语; 增设文化背景100个,情景配图96幅,加深了解英美文化。 区别其他的独特之处: 简 用最简单的字,教你说最流利的英语Walk 走路,人人都会;遛原来就是walk a dog 易 生活工作英语马上开口说Shampoo是洗发精;洗头就说have a shampoo 新 用法全新地道、摆脱洋经滨Text课文;别忘了给我发短信。Don't forget to text me. 快 流利说英语、畅行无阻超快意Thank 感谢;千恩万谢要说Thanks a million. 阅读对象: 想要快速开口说英语者; 想在工作中使用英语者; 想轻松通过口语考试者; 想在求职面试中脱颖而出者; 想出国旅游、留学、定居者++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++序 言+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++你有没有发觉,在国内学了一、二十年的英语,碰到老外,还是像哑巴吃黄莲一样,不敢开口说英语呢?你有没有觉得: 说英语,就要说很完整的句子才能让对方理解;就要说一句难句巨多的句子才能撼动对方;就要说一句引经据典的句子才能折对方?如果有这种想法的话,碰到老外时,当然会结结巴巴,半天吐不出一句英文出来。怎么办?用《英语口语900句》学英语口语,遇到老外不再哑巴吃黄莲!因为本套教程从读者的实际问题出发,顺藤摸瓜,跑根问题,找出问题的根源及铲除的方法。我们采用的三大强效方法是: ◎结构·情景·交际学习法《英语口语900句》特别汇集了我们日常生活工作中,和老外碰面时最常说到的900句话,只要学会这900句(以及延伸的300篇对话),最基本的英语会话就没有问题。每句话都很短、每句话都很简单,关键每句话都很管用,一看就懂,一看就会说,是想要学会英语的最佳口语书。轻轻松松学会900句,基本英语会话没问题!不用死背,当作音乐听;不用苦读,当作相声听;不用强记,当作歌剧听。结构·情景·交际学习法让你听出好英文,说出真英文,掌握重点突破瓶颈,从此用英语和老外聊天! ◎内容丰富详实,贴近现实具体地说,本套教程涵盖了与人们生活和工作密切相关的17部分,100章,900句,300对话,即衣、食、住、行、家、话、购、用、健、学、乐、友、情、爱、愿、聊、市。其中每一方面都分成了若乾个单元,系统地介绍了当今社会最现代、最最时尚的生活内容。值得一提的是,在每一个单元,我们都精心编排了“基本句式”、“相似句”、“同义句”、“MINI对话”“实用对话(初级,中级,高级)”、“难词难句注解”“文化背景”等细节内容,读者通过学习不仅可以掌握词组、句型,更为重要的是可以“说”出来,随时有“用武之地”。除了这些英语会话内容之外,本书还收集了英语实力养成的方法,如英语口语突破的10大秘诀、48句话学会48个音标等各种可以帮助您提升英语能力的方法,让您可以在很短的时间内,就可以把英文说得嗄嗄叫。 ◎高效地随时学,用耳朵也能学会英文为了充分利用读者零碎的时间(当然,一门语言也只能零碎地学会),特地在内容编辑,图书版式,声音录制上为读者考虑,以便于可以在零碎时间学习:走路、跑步、搭车、乘船,或站、或坐、或躺、或卧,随时听、随地听,反复听,轻松无压力,听出好英文,说出真英文!聪明学习、效果超强,听力、发音学习、复习一举数得。 昂秀特别强调:(1)全书色印刷,跳脱语言书严肃的模式,读英文书也能赏心悦目。色印刷能让中英文内容重点突出,学习起来有的放矢,更易掌握学习重点,同时提高学习效率,不容易产生心理疲劳感。(2)随书配备中英文对照朗读光盘(MP3光盘、磁带、CD光盘)特别邀请英美国资深外教和标准普通话老师为每个句子进行中英对照朗读配音。只要戴上耳机,用耳朵也能学好英语。昂秀坚决抵制没有声音的英语学习书,因为“哑巴书”是中国人目前英语不太好(或根本就不好)的主要原因之一。请一定深刻模仿英美老师的语音语调。一回生,二回熟,来来回回几遍,这些声音就会立刻在你的脑海里时时响起,遇到口语表达情境时,定会令你滔滔不绝,此外发音地道标准。 /200708/16671A Colorado mom rescued her son from the jaws of a mountain lion near Aspen on Friday.周五,在科罗拉多州艾斯平附近,一名母亲从美洲狮口中救出儿子。According to The Aspen Times, one sheriff#39;s deputy called the mom a ;hero; for rescuing the 5-year-old boy from the attack, which happened while he was playing outside with his older brother.据艾斯平时报,5岁儿童遭袭时正与兄长在外面玩耍,一名副警长称这位母亲是英雄。The mother told the Pitkin County Sheriff#39;s Office she ran outside when she heard screaming and was able to get her son away from the mountain lion. A deputy later said the cat had the boy#39;s head in its mouth.这位母亲告诉皮特金县警长办公室,当她听到叫声时赶紧跑出屋外,从美洲狮那里夺回儿子。一位代表随后说,美洲狮口里咬着孩子的头部。The mother had minor injuries from the attack but was released from the hospital in good condition. The 5-year-old is currently receiving treatment for injuries to the head and neck and is reportedly in fair condition.母亲受了轻伤,已经出院情况良好。5岁儿童因头部和颈部受伤正在接受治疗,据称情况尚好。The U.S. Forest Service killed the mountain lion believed to be the one that attacked the boy.美国森林务局猎杀了袭击男孩的美洲狮。译文属。 Article/201606/449918

  新英语900句视频版 第29课:阅读与复习 文本如下:Gary, my brother. Gary Whitney Crawford, Jr.我哥哥维特尼·郭佛,He looks just like me, you know, Joana. At least he used to.你知道的, 琼娜他和我长得一模一样, 至少以前很像.He#39;s eighteen months older than I am, but as kids we used to wear the same clothes and pretend we were twins!他比我大十八个月, 但是我们小的时候都穿同样的衣, 假装我们是双胞胎.Gary was the greatest brother in the world, and in many ways, he was may father, too.葛瑞是个全世界最好的哥哥, 在很多方面, 他也可作我爸爸.Dad didn#39;t have time for me.我爸爸没有时间陪我,He was too busy.他太忙碌了.Gary and I went to the same college, but that#39;s when things started to change.我和葛瑞上同一间大学, 可是到那个时候, 情况就开始转变了,He studied business.他学商了.Why did he study business?他为甚么学商业?Because my father wanted him to.因为我爸爸要他这样做,He used to study night and day.他日以继夜的念书,I studied art and worked hard at it.我学艺术, 而且很用功.But I had time for my friends, too.不过, 我还有时间和朋友在一起.Gary and I saw each other less and less.我和葛瑞彼此见面的机会愈来愈少.When Gary graduated, he went to work for my father.葛瑞毕业以后就到我爸爸的公司去作事.He stayed at the office until late at night.他很晚才离开办公室,He kept to himself a lot.不常和别人交谈.Like my father, Gary was always busy.葛瑞像我爸爸一样, 一天到晚忙着.Then one night, Gary and my father had a terrible fight.后来有一天晚上, 葛瑞和爸爸吵架, 吵得惊天动地.The next morning Gary moved out.第二天早上葛瑞就搬走了,We never saw him again.我们以后再也没有看到他.About a year ago, a college friend of mine saw Gary in London.大概一年以前, 我大学时代的一个同学在伦敦看到葛瑞,He was with a woman and a baby.他和一个女的还有一个小孩在一起.My friend was sure it was Gary. 我那个同学确定那是葛瑞,He never forgets a face.他永远不会忘记那张脸.I would like to write about two people, a man and a woman.我要写的是关于两个人, 一个男人和一个女人的故事.They live quiet lives.他们过着很平静的生活,When they go out into the street, no one asks for their autographs, but everyone in their profession knows and respects them.当他们出门在街上走的时候, 没有人要求他们的亲笔签名, 但是他们的同行都知道他们, 也都尊敬他们,They work as a team.他们一起工作如同一个小组.The woman is a journalist.女的是位新闻记者,The man is a photographer.男的是位摄影师.They met on their first job.他们是在担任第一份工作的时候认识的,They both worked for a famous picture magazine.两个人同在一个有名的书刊杂志社作事.She wrote the articles, and he took the photographs.她负责写文章, 而他负责照相片.The magazine sent them all over the world to cover important events.杂志社派他们到世界各地去采访重要的新闻,They won many awards and medals.他们赢得了很多奖赏和徽章.One day the magazine went bankrupt.有一天杂志社破产了,Many other magazines and newspapers offered them positions,很多其他杂志社和报社都提供他们工作的职位,but at this point the man and the woman decided to work independently.但在这个时候, 他们决定从事独立作业方式.She decided she wanted to write a book about her experiences at the magazine.她决定写一本描述她在书刊杂志社工作时的经过,He wanted to work on a photographic essay on bonsai.他则想作一本盆栽的照片专集.For once, they did not worry about deadlines and editors.他们首次可以不用为截稿日期和编辑而烦恼.They enjoyed their work and grew professionally.他们工作感到很愉快, 而逐渐崭露头角.Their books were successful.他们的书都很畅销,When they finished their separate projects,当完成了个别的计划之后,they decided to work as a team again.他们决定再度合作.Now they are y to go, day or night, on a moment#39;s notice.现在他们随时准备出动,When there are earthquakes in Honduras, they are there.当宏都拉斯发生大地震时,他们在那里采访;When there are battles in the Middle East, they are there.当中东有战役时,他们在那里访问;When there are local tragedies, they are there, too.当地方发生悲惨事件时,他们也在那儿采访.My parents are a great team.我的父母就是这个伟大小组的成员.James Yamamoto山本杰美斯Look at all those people.看看那许多人,They all have good jobs and houses in the country.他们都有很好的工作,并且在乡下都拥有房子,OK., maybe all of them don#39;t have houses in the country, but they probably have more than you.好吧!他们不一定每一个人都在乡下有房子,但是或许他们拥有的比你还多.Laura, stop it.得了,罗拉,Don#39;t feel so sorry for yourself.不要为自己感到难过,Nobody likes to get out and look for a job.没有一个人喜欢出来找工作,I#39;m getting depressed again.我又情绪低落了,It#39;s time for a change.该是换换环境了,Maybe I#39;ll meet someone in an elevator, and he#39;ll offer me a wonderful job.也许我会在电梯里认识一个人,然后他将提供给我一份理想的工作,My worries will be over.我就没有烦恼,Stop it, Laura. Be realistic.得了,罗拉,现实点.Yes, it#39;s time for a change.对,我应该换一个环境了,I hate offices.我讨厌办公室,I don#39;t hate work - that#39;s why I got the job with Crawford - but I don#39;t like offices.我不厌恶工作,所以才到郭佛那里去作事,但是我不喜欢办公室,I don#39;t feel human in an office.我觉得在公司里不像个人.I#39;d rather work with people than with files and typewriters.我喜欢和别人接触,不喜欢和档案、打字机作伴.But how?要怎么样才可以呢?I could be a real estate agent, a travel agent,我可以当房地产经纪人、旅行经纪人、a... anything, as long as it isn#39;t boring.或什么都行,只要不令人无聊就可以.Claire#39;s going to law school.克蕾尔正读法律学校.Crawford#39;s son, what#39;s his name? ...Michael, Yes.郭佛的儿子,他叫什么名字? ...麦可.对了,He wants to be an artist.他想作艺术家.Henry Leeds likes his job.亨利·里德斯喜欢他的工作,He doesn#39;t want to do anything else.他不想再做其他事情,It is possible to be happy at your job.一个人能从自己的工作得到快乐,到底不是不可能的.I could teach Spanish.我可以教西班牙文,No, I don#39;t have the patience.不,我没有这份耐心.I think I#39;d to be my own boss.我想我会喜欢自己当老板.I like to sew.我喜欢做针线.Maybe I could open a small dress shop.也许我可以开一家小装店.I wonder how much you need to start a shop.不知道开一个店需要多少钱.My head is spinning.我头昏脑胀,I must be getting hungry.大概是饿了吧,I#39;m tired, too.而且也疲倦.Maybe I#39;m getting a cold.也许我感冒了,No. You#39;re not getting a cold.不,你并不是感冒,You#39;re just depressed. And scared.你只是沮丧和害怕.A dress shop. I#39;ll have to think about that.开一家装店,这个应该多研究研究.Would you like to order now?想吃什么? /200809/47604Okay, get these bats on here.好了 拿起这里的蝙蝠I reckon with these, I#39;ll just gut it by pulling its head off, really.掂量了下 我要扯掉 它的脑袋取出内脏 真得这样And scared on this.On this bit of bamboo.This#39;s one.把它串起来 插在这根竹竿上 搞定一个Bats are carriers of rabies so they need to be well-cooked to kill the virus.蝙蝠是狂犬病的携带者 所以得烤到全熟以杀灭病毒Okay.Let that cook.This might not look like very much.好了 让它烤着吧 看上去可能不太够They definitely don#39;t look very tantalizing.它们看上去可不是很好吃But good jungle survival is just about having the mentality that you#39;ll eat anything但优秀的丛林生存者要有心理准备 吃下去任何and everything that#39;s gonna help you survive.和所有能帮你活下去的东西Tastes like something that#39;s been living in a dark, dank cave for a long time.吃上去很像长期活在 黑暗潮湿洞里的东西But it#39;s warming.Go...go check this guy out.不过是热乎乎的 看看这家伙Look at the size of that for a centipede.That is just a monster one.看这家伙 对于蜈蚣来说 简直成精了I was just about to get into my hammock, as well,我刚想爬到我的吊床上but that is why you want to be off the jungle floor.但这就是你为什么得离开丛林的地表Do not want to be sharing your bed with that.不想和这些同床共枕That#39;s the danger of having an open-door policy in the jungle.Put him in the fire.在丛林里露天而眠就有这样的危险 把它丢到火里This giant centipede packs a seriously venomous bite,and eating him is not a good idea.这个巨型蜈蚣咬人时会吐出剧毒毒液 吃它可不是什么好事Best left well alone.Put some straw in on the heat.Ah, mad day, mad day.最好丢得远远的 给营火添一点竹杆 折腾的一天 折腾的一天There#39;s an old chinese proverb that says,中国有句古语说tomorrow will always be a better day,so here#39;s hoping to that.明天会更好 真希望能如此 Article/201607/456574

  零起点英语口语 第57讲:我的人际关系这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/55993

  The technology that Alan has developed for the big cats艾伦开发出来用在这些大型猫科动物身上的is an advanced GPS tracker.是一种先进的GPS追踪器It tracks the animal#39;s position, speed它追踪动物的位置 速度and how fast they#39;re accelerating, step by step.以及他们每一步的加速度The collar has got solar panels on the top,这个项圈顶部有太阳能电池板it#39;s got electronics in the top here这里面有电子元件and then the batteries on the bottom, and a radio antenna.底部有电池和一个无线电天线So this will give us the position of our animals它将以每秒三百次的速度to tens of centimetres, 300 times a second,和几十厘米的精度告诉我们猫猫的位置and how fast they#39;re going,以及他们行动的速度so we actually get exquisitely fine detail所以我们能够详细地了解about what they#39;re doing, where they#39;re moving,他们在做什么 他们在哪儿活动what terrain they#39;re moving in, how they#39;re hunting,他们要去什么地方 他们怎样捕猎when they#39;re successful and when they aren#39;t.他们什么时候成功什么时候失败It really is opening up whole new measurements这是用传统的追踪项圈that weren#39;t possible before with traditional tracking collars.根本无法得到的测量数据The information he#39;s gathered has transformed our understanding他收集的信息改变了我们对这些about how these fearsome predators live in the wild.可怕的捕食者如何在野外生存的看法We#39;re going to turn on the GPS loggers.我们要把这些GPS接收器打开重点解释:1.step by step 逐步地例句:He will be promoted step by step.他将被逐步提升。2.move in 搬进;迁入例句:We can#39;t move in until the electricity has been laid on.我们得等电源接通后才能搬进去。3.open up 打开例句:After a few drinks he began to open up a bit.他喝了几杯酒话就多起来了。 Article/201607/453506。

  At least 20 people are dead after two passenger trains collided head-on in southern Italy.意大利南部两列客运列车迎面相撞,造成至少20人遇难。It wasn#39;t clear what led to the crash as of Tuesday morning. The trains appeared to be on the same track at the time, and they were reportedly traveling at high speeds.目前还不清楚周二早上列车相撞的原因。两列火车似乎在同一轨道上,据称都是在高速行驶中。An official compared the damage to a plane crash. Images from the scene show the front cars are almost destroyed.一位官员将此与飞机失事作比较。从现场的图像显示,前车几乎被毁掉。Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is demanding answers for what led to the collision. He told reporters, ;There is an absolute need to understand who is responsible and to shed total light; on the crash.意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐要求找到导致碰撞的。他告诉记者,绝对需要调查谁对此事负责,并公开于众。Officials say dozens were injured and that the number of deaths could rise as they sift through the wreckage.官员称数十人受伤,随着对残骸的清查死亡人数可能继续上升。译文属。 Article/201607/454495

  英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第22课:请人办事Asking people to do things.[00:08.88]316. Would you please tell Mr. Cooper that I'm here?[00:12.26]请您告诉库柏先生我在这里,好吗?[00:15.65]317. Take these books home with you tonight.[00:18.53]今天晚上你把这些书带回家去。[00:21.42]318. Please bring me those magazines.[00:24.54]请把那些杂志带给我。[00:27.66]319. Would you help me lift this heavy box?[00:30.72]您能帮我把这只重箱子抬起来吗?[00:33.78]320. Please ask John to turn on the lights.[00:37.47]请约翰把灯打开。[00:41.17]321. Put your books down on the table.[00:45.00]把你的书放在桌上。[00:48.82]322. Get me a hammer from the kitchen, will you?[00:51.85]请你把厨房里的锤子拿给我,好吗?[00:54.88]323. Hang up my coat in the closet, will you please?[00:59.51]请你把我的上衣挂在衣柜里好吗?[01:04.13]324. Please don't bother me now. I'm very busy.[01:07.45]现在请别打扰我。我很忙。[01:10.77]325. Would you mind mailing this letter for me?[01:15.34]你能替我寄这封信吗?[01:19.91]326. If you have time, will you call me tomorrow?[01:23.10]如果你有时间,明天给我打个电话,对吗?[01:26.28]327. Please pick up those cups and saucers.[01:29.67]请把那些杯子和碟子收拾好。[01:33.05]328. Will you do me a favor?[01:35.02]帮我个忙好吗?[01:36.99]329. Please count the chairs in the room.[01:39.84]请把那个房间的椅子数一数。[01:42.69]330. Please pour this milk into that glass.[01:46.41]请把这些牛奶倒到那只玻璃杯里。 /200604/6115


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