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Still gripping on,but that#39;s just nerve reflex there.See, even on my lip. Look.还是紧紧吸着 但这只是神经反射 还吸住我的嘴唇了 看Probably the sucker sticks to the throat.still got a lot of suction power.可能是触角上的吸盘吸住了咽喉 吸盘的吸力依然很强That#39;s gripping down my gullet.But this is a good find for me.Get the guts out of it as well.就是这样吸附着我的食道 但对我来说 这是个不错的收获 得把它的内脏清理掉Because, really, this bit of the hood is the bit that#39;s really nice to eat.因为章鱼的这一小块头部 味道非常鲜美Raw octopus is extremely nutritious,but it#39;s vital it#39;s eaten only when very fresh.生章鱼的营养极其丰富 但必须在刚杀掉的时候马上食用Save some for later and bacteria thriving on the dead flesh can make you so sick.要是放上一会 死章鱼肉上滋长出来的细菌 可能会让你一病不起Worth coming in this rust bucket to get that,but the tide is coming in fast.来这一趟吃到一只章鱼还是很值得的 但很快就要涨潮了It#39;s time to get out of here.That#39;s might work.我得离开这里 这个看上去不错It#39;s gonna be lighter bois in this.Going to be lying on it.这是比较轻质的木材 我会躺在上面I#39;ll use the power of the waves to take me through the current.我会用海浪的力量穿过这片水流I#39;m gonna throw that when current coming in.海浪来了的话我就扔下去Sometimes in survival,it#39;s all about thinking smart.有时候 野外生存 关键就在于善于思考Well, that worked.Some time when in grief,what really encourages me is water成功了 有时候身处危险 能够激发我生存本能的 是水As I continue my desert journey,I take what little it has to offer.继续我的沙漠之旅 我会好好利用那少得可怜的资源I have really learned to hate that taste.我真的非常讨厌这个口感 Article/201611/479794

I#39;m in British Columbia with two new freshman survivalists.我正与两名探险新手在不列颠哥伦比亚省I#39;m probably the first Puerto Rican to ever rappel off a mountain in Canada.我可能会成为在加拿大雪山索降的 波多黎各第一人We#39;re on a 48-hour survival mission,and my recruits are aly finding it tough going.我们正在完成一个四十八小时的生存任务 而我的新队员已经开始感到任务的艰巨了You know, I played a lot of sports playoffs, all kinds of different things, championships.我参加很多体育运动 季后赛 各种不同的赛事 锦标赛 But being out here in this environment with Bear,但是与贝尔在这里learning from him and experiencing this,it#39;s life-changing.从他那里取经 经历这些 这能改变我的一生With our camp sorted,it#39;s time to start preparing dinner.收拾好营地之后 该准备晚餐了And that.That#39;s nice.is gonna be supper.这个 真不错 就是晚餐The first nation people hunted mountain hares for food and used their pelts for clothing.原住居民捕猎山里的野兔来吃 用它们的毛皮做衣I#39;m allergic to bunnies.You#39;re allergic to bunnies. Great.Well, that#39;s one each for us, Sean.我对兔子肉过敏 你对兔子肉过敏 很好那就我们两人享用吧 肖恩To cook these critters, we need a fire,and I#39;m gonna get the boys to spark it up.我们需要生火烤肉 我要让他们来取火Yeah, look, come and check this out, Joe.What#39;s he got planned, man?乔 来看看这个 他打算干什么 伙计Okay, look. We#39;re gonna make the fire in here.好了 看着 我们要在这里生火We got loads of kindling here.I#39;ll go and get some more bigger stuff.这里有很多引火柴 我去找点大树枝来That really nice crackles,it#39;s gonna burn.听见这清脆的响声了吧 这是助燃极品The guy can do it all.I mean, he knows how to navigate by moonlight.那家伙会做所有事 我是说 他知道如何利用月光导航He can rub his feet together and make a fire.他擦自己的双脚便可以生出火来When you#39;re around greatness like that,it#39;s bound to rub off.当你处在那种环境下时 确实身不由己We do it?Over to you. You#39;re good to go.All right.我们来吗 交给你了 你能行 好吧You got a match?I got a lighter over,is he gone?你有火柴吗 我更希望有个打火机 他走了吗So we#39;ve got the materials, but can Sean release the magic?材料准备好了 但肖恩能成功吗I#39;m having difficulties here.I#39;m not Bear Grylls.我感觉很棘手 我不是贝尔·格里尔斯 Article/201705/511995

初级公司英语会话Lession5:团队合作Listen to the dialogue between Head of Marketing (HM) and Marketing Manager (MM).HM: how do you think that the new team members are setting in?MM: very well on the whole, I think the team is starting to get quite nicely.HM: so how have you been organizing things?MM: well I’ve been stressing that everybody – even the new assistants- can have a real influence on our marketing strategy.HM: And what does that mean practically speaking?MM: we’re having a weekly team meeting at which everyone ha the chance to have their say.HM: that’s good, if everyone gets a proper chance to voice their opinions.MM: absolutely. And the junior guys know that it’s OK for them to say what they really think.HM: you’re happy then, that the team is working well together.MM: yes. The new marketing assistants are all getting along and helping each other out with problems.HM: And are the Project Managers linking up OK?MM: they seem to be, yes. There’s been a good atmosphere at the first management meetings away.HM: Good, we don’t want them getting over-competitive.MM: There’s healthy competition between them obviously, but nothing that seems over the top. HM: So they’re all sharing information contacts and so on?MM: Yes, there’s really nothing to worry about.HM:OK, I wanted to talk to you about possible team-building exercises as well.MM: so you’re still keen on doing some proper training for that?HM: Definitely, I think it could be very important for teamwork.MM: well, if we’ve got the budget to do that, then sure. It sounds like a great idea. /200708/16961


  I have my heart set on this car,I am willing to borrow money to buy it.我决心要买这辆车,我愿意借钱来买。have one's heart set on...表示一心一意要去做某事或得到某东西。I have my heart set on studying abroad.我一心一意要到国外读书。What do you have your heart set on?有什么事你们是一心一意想去做的,或有什么东西你们是决心要拥有的。蒋健棠----- /200803/29237。

  It#39;s fatter in the middle, where the reeds are thickest.芦苇的间部位是最肥最粗的And then it tapers off here as well.然后由中间向两头逐渐变细You know, and like everything in survival,if you can use natural forms of things,生存下去的诀窍就是 运用大自然的资源it#39;s gonna help you so much.这一定会给你帮大忙的A short section of my rope cut into strips will hold the raft together nicely.我切下来一截绳子 用来束紧筏子Then what you#39;ve got is this basic shape like this.现在有个雏形了I reckon two or three of these are gonna give me easy enough stability and buoyancy to float me down this river.要想顺流而下 我感觉两三个这样的东西 就足够牢固 保我不沉了Reed rafts are incredibly durable and practical.芦苇筏相当结实 易于制作And once you know how,you can build one in an hour or so.只要掌握了方法 一小时之内就能完工One, two.Then we just finish off this third one.一个 两个 现在来完成第三个I#39;m just trying to accentuate this taper at the end.我正努力让尾巴这端翘起来Pull it up.This is gonna be the bow.Pull those together.And then bind them up here.竖起来 让它做船头 把它们聚拢 然后捆紧This is gonna work great.All I need now is a paddle.这肯定管用 现在我需要一浆See there? We#39;re gonna use this.Okay,we#39;re set to go,come on.看 就用它了 好了 准备出发 走It#39;s incredibly heavy, but I#39;m confident it won#39;t sink.它很重 但我相信它不会沉Okay.We#39;re floating and on our way.好了 漂起来了 上路了Just shows how buoyant these reeds are.瞧这些芦苇 浮力真强It#39;s actually quite deep, this water.这里的水其实挺深的Tell you what,it#39;s a hell of a lot easier than doing battle with all of those reeds.告诉你吧 这真比在那丛芦苇中 劈荆斩棘要容易多了Okay. We#39;re on our way.好了 上路了The water channel should lead straight to the coast.水道一直通向了海岸But getting a 500-pound raft into open water is gonna be quite a challenge.但要把一个550磅重的筏子拖入水域 绝非易事Come along. We can do this.We#39;re so close now.加把劲 一定能行 没多远了 Article/201705/508206

  Okay. We#39;re down that bit. But look.好 我们只下来了一点 但你看Actually, down here, you see all of this avalanche debris下面这里 其实有很多雪崩堆积物where an avalanche has come down here,so it#39;s a bad place to hang around.Get moving.说明这里曾经发生过雪崩 所以此地不宜久留 快走吧The weather has finally caught up with me.乌云终于追上了我The cloud cover has blotted out the horizon,And it#39;s a total whiteout.连地平线都被云层遮蔽了 典型的乳白天空It#39;s very hard to gauge your direction, you know?现在真的很难辨别方向Can#39;t tell whether that#39;s mountain ahead or cloud.分不清前方是云还是雪That#39;s the danger of being caught in the mountains in a whiteout just losing all sense of your bearings.这就是置身乳白天空下的 危险之处 方向感荡然无存And I heard of one solider skiing up in the arctic,and he actually thought he was stationary.我听说有一名军人在北极滑雪前进着 而他还以为自己是完全静止的He wasn#39;t aware he was actually moving forward.丝毫没有察觉自己正向前移动And he dropped straight off the edge of a cornice.结果直接从冰檐边缘掉了下去Survived it, but he was lucky.But that#39;s how disorienting it can be in a whiteout.他侥幸捡了条命 但在此环境下 人真的会迷失到这种地步Really careful here.Cause I can#39;t actually see,see what this goes over.这里真的要小心 因为我能看到 能看到这里的情况In the mountains,you want to err on the side of cautiousness.在群山之中 再怎样谨慎都不为过What we can do is just make a snow bollard here,big shape.我们在这里用积雪做一个系绳桩 要大型的You want to keep a nice semicircle like that,about a foot deep.要做一个这样的漂亮的半圆形 深度约一英尺I#39;m gonna put my rope into this as a belay that I can then rappel off.然后把我的绳索埋进去 作为绳拴 这样我就可以顺绳而下 Article/201704/503985看Flash学口语 第9课:Making Appointments /200706/14504TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447642

  Journalist Laurens Pierce rushes film to New York.记者劳伦·皮尔斯带着拍到的影像赶回纽约15 minutes of raw footage interrupts A#39;s Sunday Night Movie.十五分钟的原始素材 在美国广播公司周日晚间电影时段插播The birth of breaking TV news.即时新闻报道就此诞生By 1965, 9 out of 10 American families own a television.到1965年 美国十户人家里有九户都有电视机Over 70% of the adult population watch the TV news every evening.超过70%的成年人群每晚收看电视新闻All three networks show the Selma violence.三大电视网络都播放着塞尔玛的暴力事件45 million viewers.观众数量达到四千五百万人Television made horror and brutality local,电视使得恐惧与暴行so local that it was in your living room.就像发生在你的客厅里一样That had never happened before in the history of the ed States.这在美国的历史上前所未有The nation couldn#39;t look away.国家无法熟视无睹People were amazed,人们对这些即时的画面错愕万分however grainy, however black and white,at the immediacy of those images,不管画面颗粒多粗糙 也不在乎看到的是黑白的场景the people who were beaten to within an inch of their lives.那些人都被打到奄奄一息You didn#39;t have to be in the movement to believe in Civil Rights,你不必亲自参与到运动中后 才相信民权but those pictures you couldn#39;t turn off.但这些画面你无法回避Within 15 days, president Lyndon Johnson Proposes the Voting Rights Act,十五天内 林登·约翰逊总统 提出投票权法案Outlawing voter discrimination.Landmark legislation.宣布对投票者的歧视为不合法行为 这是具有里程碑意义的立法A turning point for civil rights in America.是美国民权运动的转折点 Article/201606/448242

  TED演讲视频:袖珍卫星展示接近实时地追踪地球的变化卫星成像颠覆了我们对地球的认知,在网上可以看到几乎每个街角的清晰照片。但星球实验室的威尔·马歇尔认为我们可以做得更好,更快--方法是变得是更小。他来介绍他的袖珍卫星--体积10×10×30立方厘米--而当这些卫星集群发射后,它们能够提供地球每日更新的高清图像。 Article/201705/509592

  新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson45:Embarrassing Experiences难堪的经历661. I can’t believe I said something that stupid at the party. 我简直不能相信我在晚会上竟说了那样的傻话。662. I just spilled my drink all over my pants. 我把饮料洒满了我的裤子。663. Halfway through my speech, I forgot the rest of what I wanted to say. 我的讲话说到一半,我就忘记了后面的内容了。664. I didn’t notice the stainu until I got to work. 我上班的时候才发现衣上的污渍。665. He tripped and fell right in front of the guests. 他绊了一下,摔倒在客人面前。666. She came to the party in the same dress as me. 她穿着和我一样的衣来参加聚会。667. My ex-girlfriend told everyone at the party about me. 我的前女友把我的事情告诉了所有参加聚会的人。668. He was so sick that he vomitedv right in the middle of dinner. 他很不舒了,晚餐吃到一半的时候就呕吐了。669. I just realized that this shirt isn’t clean. 我这才意识到这件衬衫不干净。670. Someone told Bob what I said about him. 有人把我说鲍勃的话告诉了他。671. That has to be my most embarrassing moment ever. 那是我一辈子最难堪的时刻了。672. That shouldn’t be enough to cause you to quit. 你也不能仅仅因为这个就放弃呀。673. That is a little embarrassing. 那有一点令人难堪。674. Still you shouldn’t stop doing something you liked just because of one incidentw. 你还是不应该因为一件事就放弃你喜欢做的事。675. I embarrassed myself the entire evening. 整个晚上我都难堪极了。【生词解读】1. stain [stein] n. 污点,污迹,瑕疵2. vomit [5vRmit] vi. 呕吐3. incident [5insidEnt] n. 事件;事变 /200811/19268。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464437

  He pried the box open with a screwdriver.他用螺蛳起子把箱子打开。pry把东西撬开,注意过去式要把y变i再加ed.He pried the door open with a knife.他用刀把门撬开。 /200802/27283

  This would be an upscale French cafe for me. -Oh, really?这家咖啡厅对我来说算高档的了。-哦,是么。Not terribly upscale, but upscale.不是最高档的,但是挺高档的。I like very simple, down-to-earth, basic things.You know, I don#39;t like anything fancy.我喜欢非常简单朴素的东西。我不追求那些花哨的东西。And of course, I suppose that#39;s such a contradiction. Well, exactly.不过这听起来也有些矛盾。Here I love all these women dressed up in all these...But I don#39;t mind it. L...What other people do doesn#39;t concern me.我喜欢那些穿着华丽的女人,但是生活上的事,我真的不怎么在意别人怎么样我也不关心。It#39;s just not my interest.我就是没什么兴趣。Tell me something about your family.说说你的家庭吧。Oh, my family#39;s just working-class people.哦,我的家里不过是普通的工薪阶层。Just marvelous, normal, hardworking people.就是些普通的,勤劳的人。And Catholic people.我家信天主教。I think I have, uh, half and half.我大概继承了我父母双重性格。When I#39;m outgoing, I guess I#39;m my dad.我有时像我父亲那样开朗。And when I#39;m...uptight you#39;d call it now, or whatever you call it, uh, I#39;d be definitely my mother.有时又很谨慎…不管你怎么说,那时的我就完全是我母亲的性格。What does your family think of what you do?你家人对你的工作怎么看呢?No one ever said anything about it, but I think in years, in retrospect...#39;cause I never thought about it...他们没说过什么做这行这么多年以来我也没想过家里人会怎么想,they didn#39;t think fashion was a very manly pursuit, or profession, for a man, you know.不过他们大概觉得男的不该做时尚这行吧,对于男性来说,他们显得不太专业。So it was that kind of thing. Right.大概是这样。Whatever.无所谓了。 Article/201609/460804

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