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车震被误认为是绑架,警方大力搜索‘求救’女子 --19 :8:36 来源: 仁川警方在接到报警后进行大规模搜索,却发现是报案者把欢悦的呼喊误作求救的尖叫声 Police launched a massive search in Incheon on Wednesday after receiving a report from a person who had mistaken a cry of joy as a scream help.仁川警方在周三接到报警后进行大规模搜索,却发现是报案者把欢悦的呼喊误作求救的尖叫声"I was passing by when I saw a man and a woman inside a car," said the person who made the report. "The woman suddenly shouted ‘save me,’ so I ran to the fire station nearby and asked help."“我路过看到一个男人和一个女人在车里,”报案者说“这位女子突然大喊‘救我,’所以我跑到附近的消防站并请求帮助”More than police soon arrived at the scene, but the car was gone. This made them believe there had been a kidnapping and a big search was organized to find the car.超过位警察立即跑到现场,但是车已经开走了这令他们相信这是一场绑架案并组织大规模搜查寻找这辆车After analyzing CCTV footage from the surrounding area, police managed to track down the car’s owner.经过分析附近的监控视频,警察设法找到了车主The "kidnapping" turned out to be a couple having a passionate session of car sex. Police said the woman in question had actually shouted "Save me, please go slower."所谓的“绑架”原来是一对夫妻在车震警方说这位女子其实说的是“救我,请慢一点”Police said they will charge the couple with obstruction of justice when their investigation ends.警方说他们将在调查结束后将控告这对夫妻妨碍公务

有一种友谊叫比尔盖茨与巴菲特(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 鸡汤文有云:重要的不是去向哪里,而是与谁同行比尔;盖茨(Bill Gates)和沃伦;巴菲特(Warren Buffett),这两个曾经轮流登顶世界富豪排行榜的男人,用他们的故事告诉我们:鸡汤文说的是对的! 近日,盖茨亲自撰文,回忆了他和巴菲特之间长达5年的友谊两人甚至还应用时下最热的VR技术共同出镜拍摄了一部短片,以纪念这段友情一个是常穿短裤T恤的极客,一个是衣冠楚楚、富可敌国的投资家两个人一看就很不搭(mismatch),年龄还相差5岁他们究竟如何成为莫逆之交? 一起来看: 5 Years of Learning and Laughter I don’t remember the exact day I first met most of my friends, but with Warren Buffett I do. It was 5 years ago today: July 5, 1991. I think the date stands out in my mind so clearly(印象深刻) because it marked the beginning of a new and unexpected friendship Melinda(盖茨的夫人)and me—one that has changed our lives the better in every imaginable way. Warren has helped us do two things that are impossible to overdo in one lifetime: learn more and laugh more. 沃伦帮助我们做了两件事,两件在人的一生中怎么做也不嫌多的事情——学习更多,欢笑更多 Over the last quarter-century of our friendship, we’ve done a lot of both. Melinda and I often find ourselves recounting somegem of wisdom(智慧的结晶)Warren shared with us, or,chuckling(轻笑,呵呵)when we recall something funny he said or did. To mark the anniversary of our friendship, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of our time together. Warren and I also created avirtual reality film(VR,哇,时下最火的技术) together at this year’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting, which you can watch on my blog. 强烈建议点击观看!若手机无法播放,请复制链接到电脑上观看拖动鼠标更有惊喜! https:www.gatesnotes.comAbout-Bill-Gates5-Years-of-Learning-and-Laughter?WT.mc_id____5YearsWarrenBuffett_BG-LI_amp;WT.tsrcBGLI An Awkward Start: At first glance, Warren and I may seem like a mismatch. I’m a technology nerd. He’s an investor who doesn’t use email. In fact, I never expected to be friends with him. 初看我俩确实很不搭:一个是只关注科技的书呆子,一个是连电子邮件都不用的投资人我根本没料到自己会和他做朋友 In 1991, when my mother called me to come out to our vacation home on Hood Canal to meet a group of friends, including Warren, I didn’t want to go. I told her I was too busy at work. Warren would be interesting, my mother insisted. But I wasn’t convinced. “Look, he just buys and sells pieces of paper. That’s not real value added. I don’t think we’d have much in common,” I told her. Eventually, she persuaded me to go. I agreed to stay no more than two hours bee getting back to work at Microsoft. 1991年,由于沃伦的存在,我一度拒绝了亲妈的邀请,因为我确实觉得自己和这个只会买进卖出却没有任何实际贡献的家伙有任何共同点后来还是在我妈的一再坚持下,我才最终答应去待两个小时 Then I met Warren. He started asking me some questions about the software business and why a small company like Microsoft could expect to compete with IBM and what were the skill sets and the pricing. These were amazingly good questions that nobody had ever asked. We were suddenly lost in conversation and hours and hoursslipped by(悄悄溜走). He didn’t come across as abig shot(大人物)investor. He had this modest way of talking about what he does. He was funny, but what impressed me most was how clearly he thought about the world. It was a deep friendship from our very first conversation. (姜还是老的辣)初次见面,沃伦用一个好问题开了个好头:微软这样的小公司要如何和IBM这种巨头竞争?从来没人问过我这种问题于是我们很快聊开了,不知不觉就过了好几个小时我发现,哇,这家伙又谦虚又幽默,对世界的认识还如此深刻!从第一次谈话开始,我们就结下了深厚的友谊 Oreos Breakfast: One thing that was surprising to learn about Warren is that he has basicallystuck to(坚持)eating what he liked when he was six years old. He did move past baby food, of course, but he mostly eats hamburgers, ice cream, and Coke. (That’s one reason it’s so fun to go out to dinner with him.) I remember one of the first times he stayed at our house and he opened up a package oeos(奥利奥!扭一扭,泡一泡!)to eat breakfast. Our kids immediately demanded they have some too. He mayset a poor example(他树立了一个坏榜样,至少在健康方面) young people, but it’s a diet that somehow works him. 很难想象这样一位大富豪最喜欢吃的都是孩子们的最爱——汉堡、冰淇淋和可口可乐第一次到我们家做客,巴菲特拆了一包奥利奥饼干当早餐,结果我家的娃纷纷表示:我们也要! “We love what you’ve done with the dining room, Warren!”When Warren invited Melinda and me to stay at his house in Omaha the first time, he gave us a tour. When we got to the dining room, we saw that there were no seats on the chairs. Warren was as surprised as we were. “What’s going on?” he said, examining his chairs. Eventually, he learned that the cushions had been removed months bee to getreupholstered(重装椅面), but he had not noticed until then. (He must have been eating his Oreos and ice cream in the kitchen.) We’ve been laughing about that visit ever since. 等到我们去沃伦位于奥马哈的家中做客,大家惊讶地发现餐厅里的椅子都没有垫子据说是几个月前就被拆了,一直没装回去,反正主人也没发现我们由此推断:这家伙压根就不用餐厅吧,在厨房里找点奥利奥和冰淇淋随便吃吃算了 Emotionally Invested: Warren earned a reputation as the“Oracle of Omaha”(奥马哈先知) his shrewd approach to investing in business. But he’sequally gifted at investing in people(对于人的投资,他同样是个天才). I’m always amazed how he is able to draw people in and make it fun them to learn from him. Even though he keeps up ahectic schedule(繁忙的日程), Warren finds time tonurture friendships(维系友情)like few other people I know. He picks up the phone and calls to say hello. He regularly sends s he’s in the mail that he thinks Melinda or I will find interesting. I’ve learned many things from Warren over the last 5 years, but maybe the most important thing is what friendship is all about. It’s about being the kind of friend you wish you had yourself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend who is asthoughtful(体贴的)and kind as Warren. He goes out of his way to make people feel good about themselves and share his joy about life. 5年中,我从沃伦身上学习了很多,而其中最重要的就是友谊本身所谓友谊就是,你想结交什么样的朋友,你自己就要成为那样的人 To this day, every time I go to Omaha (which I try to do whenever I can), Warren still drives out to the airport topick me up. 时至今日,每当我去奥马哈(只要有机会我就会去),沃伦总是亲自开车到机场接我 It’s a small gesture, but it means the world to me. I’m always impatient the plane doors to open because I know Warren will be waiting with a new story or a joke and I’ll be learning and laughing with him all over again. 这对他可能是件小事,但对我来说意味着很多很多所以等待舱门打开的时候,我总是很着急,因为我知道他正在等着我,要和我分享一些新的故事或笑话 Thanks your friendship, Warren. It’s been an amazing 5 years. I look ward to making many more memories with you in the years ahead. 好啦,看完全文,小编帮大家总结一下: 第一,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话!重要的事情说三遍如果当初盖茨没听他妈的话,将错过一个多么重要的朋友啊 第二,你想结交什么样的朋友,自己就要成为什么样的人圈子不同,就别强求先努力提升自己,再自然而然结交更高层次的朋友吧! 最后,帮盖茨补充一件很重要的事情,他和巴菲特一起干的—— 年,两人在先后捐出个人资产之后,又携手发起了“捐赠誓言”活动,号召世界上最富有的人及其家族拿出至少一半的财富用于慈善事业 Two of the world's richest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, made headlines in when they said they would seek to get fellow billionaires to commit half of their wealth to good causes as part of the ;Giving Pledge;. 截至今年的6月1日,已经有来自个国家的名宣誓人及其家族宣布加入这一活动最新一批名加入者当中包括来自中国的蒙牛创始人牛根生 仅凭这一件事儿,这对好朋友就值得我们给予热烈掌声 好啦,小伙伴们,你和你最好的朋友到目前为止已经认识多少年了?你们一起做过什么难忘的事儿吗?留言告诉我们吧

芬兰一城市为新生发应急礼盒 -- :50: 来源: 芬兰一城市为新生发应急礼盒Finnish city hands out 'survival box' to new studentsA Finnish city is handing out "survival packs" to new students, taking inspiration from the country's famous baby starter boxes.芬兰一座城市给新生派发“应急礼包”,灵感来自芬兰著名的新生儿大礼包“育婴宝盒”The city ofLahtihas packaged up a selection of essentials new arrivals to its universities and colleges, helped by contributions from local businesses, national broadcaster Yle reports. More than 1,000 students have received one of the kits so far. And just like the parcels given to expectant mothers across the country,Lahti"s offering comes in a modest cardboard box.据芬兰广播公司(Yle)报道,拉赫蒂(Lahti)市的大学和学院为新生挑选和打包了一些必备品,这些必备品由当地企业赞助目前,已有00余名学生领取了礼盒和赠送给芬兰全国的准妈妈的“育婴宝盒”一样,应急礼盒也采用硬纸板箱包装,看上去并不起眼Among the items new students will find inside is a bus pass trips around the city, some locally produced sheets and socks, and a pack of porridge, Yle says. Students can also tuck into the popular Nordic snack salmiakki - a sour, salty liquorice. The survival pack is meant to introduce students to the delights ofLahtiwhile also serving as a marketing opporty businesses in the city.芬兰广播公司报道称,“应急礼盒”里有一张市内公交卡、当地制造的床单与袜子还有一罐粥学生们还可以尽情享用芬兰人气零食salmiakki——一种酸中带咸的甘草糖这个应急礼盒不仅向新生展现了拉赫蒂的独特风情,也为当地企业打了个广告"There has been some swapping going on," says Mari Rosberg from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, adding that someone was willing to swap their porridge some ice hockey tickets. Ms Rosberg adds that other cities have also been in touch to enquire about the kits.拉赫蒂应用科学大学(Lahti University of Applied Sciences)的玛丽?罗斯伯格(Mari Rosberg)说:“有的学生用礼盒里的物品以物易物”她表示,有人愿意拿自己的粥交换冰球比赛门票罗斯伯格还说,其他城市也纷纷联系他们打听礼盒的事情While Yle reports that students have been giving the box "rave reviews", local newspaper Etela-Suomen Sanomat has a few ideas some useful additions. After 900 reports of bicycle thefts inLahtilast year, the paper thinks a bike lock would be pretty handy. And given many students' fondness a drink, they suggest a bottle of fizzy orange pop is included as a guaranteed hangover cure.芬兰广播公司报道称,应急礼盒被学生“疯狂点赞”不过,当地的《南芬兰日报(Etela-Suomen Sanomat,以下简称《日报)建议礼盒增加一些有用的工具鉴于去年拉赫蒂市接到900起单车盗窃的报告,《日报觉得一把单车锁能免去不少烦恼另外,由于不少学生喜欢喝上几杯,《日报建议礼盒内容添加一瓶橘子汽水,当作解酒利器Vocabularyliquorice:甘草糖rave:盛赞的英文来源:B译者:garywguo

英国脱欧,苏格兰要求独立,这是要闹甚? -- 3::3 来源: 脱欧公投引发了民众的激烈辩论而英国脱欧的代价可能是英国本身的破裂英国该何去何从? Pamela Jenkins saw a world of opporty her children growing up inside the European Union. Now she is devastated by Britain’s vote to leave the bloc.帕米拉·詹金斯曾经见了一个可以让她的孩子成长于欧盟的机会世界而现在,对于英国公投脱离欧盟集团,她觉得十分震惊“I’m so mortified that the country that I live in has opted out such, in my opinion, horrific reasons, sheer xenophobia and racism in my opinion. I don’t see our ed Kingdom now as so wonderful as I did bee.”“我感到很羞耻,在我看来,对于我生活的这个国家因为如此恐怖的原因而脱欧,我觉得完全是排外和种族主义我觉得现在的英国没有我之前所看到的那么美好”Two years ago, Jenkins voted no in the Scottish Independence Referendum. She has Changed her mind.两年前,詹金斯在苏格兰独立公投上投了反对票而今,她改变了看法“I would like them to grow up within the EU, absolutely. And if voting an independent Scotland means that that’s more likely to happen, then that’s what I would do.”“我绝对更愿意孩子们成长在欧盟之中而且如果公投苏格兰独立意味着这一目标更可能实现,那么我就会去成全”She is not alone. Polls taken after the Brexit vote show around 60 percent of Scots now support independence, compared to 5 percent in the referendum.她并不是唯一这么想的人在英国脱欧公投之后的民调显示,约有60%的苏格兰人现在持独立,而相比,年公投中仅有5%Many Scots felt that the government in London is cing them to accept a deeply unpopular decision and that is stirring a root cause Scottish Independence.许多苏格兰人认为伦敦方面强迫他们接受这一极不受欢迎的选择,而且这激发了苏格兰独立的根本原因Edinburgh University student, Ben Nisbet has also switched sides since the referendum.爱丁堡大学的学生本·尼斯贝特自年的公投后,如今也变换阵营“I would really, really be inclined to vote ‘Yes’ to an independent Scotland, and that’s something that I’m really surprised about.”“我真的会更倾向于赞成苏格兰独立,而且这是我特别惊讶的事情”Nisbet says his generation has benefited greatly from EU membership.尼斯贝特说他这一代从欧盟会员国身份中受益良多“I’ve been able to travel a lot of in Europe, very cheaply and very easily without costs visas or ever. As well as I’ve seen a great deal of cultures within Scotland as well. It does mean a lot to me, you know, in terms of funding as well. I’ve got a younger brother who has Down Syndrome. And the EU has been really active in, sort of, engaging with people with additional needs.”“我可以很便宜又很轻易的畅游欧洲各地,永远不会有签的费用而且,同时,我在苏格兰境内见识了更多的文化你知道吗,在资金援助上也确实对我意义深刻我有一个患有唐氏综合症的弟弟,欧盟一直活跃于帮助那些有特定需要的人”The wider picture is more complex. “Scotland the Brave” blasts out across the center of Edinburgh.而更广范围来看,情况更复杂苏格兰民歌《苏格兰勇士在爱丁堡的市中心高声奏响“The Spinning Blowfish” are a Scottish-Italian trio: European integration personified, but bagpiper David Spiers voted to leave the European Union, because he considers it undemocratic.“旋转的河豚”是一个由苏格兰人和意大利人组成的三重唱,欧盟一体化的体现但是风笛手大卫·斯派尔斯投票持离开欧盟,因为他认为欧盟不民主“I also voted in favor of Scotland becoming independent in . But I accept that we lost that vote, and it was very, very recent. And I don’t think we should have another referendum just to try to undo the decision that’s been made.”“我年也投票持苏格兰独立,但是我接受我们输了公投,而且是最近我认为我们不应该开展另一项公投来取消已经做出的决定”The EU vote has ignited a fiery debate over identity and democracy. The price of ‘Brexit’ could well be the breakup of Britain itself.脱欧公投引发了对于身份和民主的激烈辩论而英国脱欧的代价可能是英国本身的破裂

北京积分落户“双创人才”得分多 -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 《中共北京市委关于深化首都人才发展体制机制改革的实施意见6月日出台,提出对于符合条件的创新创业人才,将通过积分落户办法优先办理引进请看相关报道:Beijing will allow some skilled workers from home and abroad to obtain permanent residence by accumulating points based on skills, employment history and education credentials.北京将允许国内外专业技术人才通过积分方式获得永久居留身份,该积分系统包括专业技能、就业履历以及教育文凭等指标Beijing will give priority to what it calls "innovative and entrepreneurial talent", which includes startups with a certain level of investment, investors and investment companies, high-tech companies and market leaders in the cultural industry.对于“双创人才”,北京将给予优惠政策,“双创人才”包括得一定规模创业投资的创业人才、投资团队以及投资公司,高新技术企业以及文化产业市场领军人物所谓的“双创人才”就是指有创新精神和创业能力的人才,英文可以用innovative and entrepreneurial talent这个表述来源于年李克强总理在政府工作报告中提出的“大众创业,万众创新”(mass entrepreneurship and innovation)发展理念北京市积分落户指标体系(merit-based household registration system)包括合法稳定就业(stable employment)、合法稳定住所(stable residence)、教育背景(educational background)、职住区域、创新创业指标、纳税指标、信用守法等指标其中,获得学士学位的申请者(applicants holding a bachelor's degree)可获个积分,获得士学位者(applicants holding a doctor's degree)则可得到39个积分在上述指标中,创新创业指标及分值(innovative and entrepreneurial merits)是其中重要的一项指标在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间中的创业企业就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加分,最高加6分在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间、技术转移务机构、相关专业科技务机构就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在国家高新技术企业、中关村高新技术企业就业的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在科技、文化领域以及创新创业大赛获得国家级或本市奖项的申请人,获国家级奖项的加9分,获本市奖项的加6分(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

短语:垃圾箱着火,没得救了~ -- ::6 来源:chinadaily 钱钟书说,老年人恋爱,就像老房子着火,没得救英文中有个类似的表达,也可以用来描述失控的状态,就是垃圾箱着火 Dumpster fire refers to a person, organization, or situation that is hopelessly and disastrously out of control, or something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with. “垃圾箱着火”指的是某人、某个机构、或某种情况处于绝望境地,或者处于灾难性地失控状态也可以指某件事很棘手,没人想处理 例句:This project is a complete dumpster fire. 这个项目完全就是垃圾箱火灾 In entertainment or sports, dumpster fire refers to a laughably poor permance usually caused by: 在或体育领域,“垃圾箱火灾”指的是表现差得可笑,通常是因为如下原因: 1. Lack of planning, preparation or talent. 缺少计划和准备,或缺乏人才 . Random events that effectively sabotage the eft (i.e., technical problems). 足以破坏掉努力的随机事件(比如技术问题) 例句: Dumpster Fire is the kindest thing I can say about Oakland's game against San Diego. 奥克兰队对阵圣地亚哥的这场比赛就像一场垃圾箱火灾,这已经是最仁慈的说法了

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