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武隆区中医医院收费怎样铜梁区中医院电话号码Aries: Thistle, wild rose, gorse, nasturtium, woodbine 白羊:蓟、野玫瑰、金雀花、旱金莲花、忍冬 /201106/140319重庆祛胎记哪家医院好 Negotiate Before you sign a lease or renew your lease, take the time to talk to your landlord and try negotiating. Oftentimes if you are willing to sign a longer lease, your landlord may be willing to reduce your monthly rent. If he or she doesn't seem receptive to lowering your monthly rent, try getting him or her to include utilities or parking in your rent. 与房主协商在你签下合约或续签合约之前,花点时间跟你的房主协商一下。通常情况下如果你愿意签较长的租约,你的房主可能会给你减一些月租。如果他/她不太愿意给你减月租,那你可以试试让他/她包水电费或停车费。Have Roommates A foolproof way to save money on rent is to have a roommate or two. Take advantage of Craigslist or Roommates.com and find a couple roommates. Living with roommates is much cheaper than renting your own studio or one bedroom apartment.找一个合租人要省钱的可靠方式还是找一个或两个合租的室友。可以上Craigslist或Roommates.com找两个合租伙伴。和两个人一起合租比独自租下一个工作室或一室公寓便宜多了。DIY Decorating Make your apartment feel like a home by decorating frugally. If you enjoy photography, grab your camera and go take some pictures. Then use them as decorations around your apartment. Or, if you enjoy pottery, showcase your creations in your apartment.自己装饰房屋你可以自己简装一下公寓使之看起来更有家的感觉。如果你喜欢摄影,不妨带着你的相机去拍一些照片。然后用它们来装饰你的房间。或者,要是你喜欢陶艺,就在房间里摆上你的作品。Share Food With Your RoommateWith the price of groceries rising, a great way to save money is to share food with your roommate. Invest in a membership to Sam's Club or Costco, set up shopping days with your roommates, and buy in bulk. Then, just split the bill. Or, switch off cooking dinner every night. Cooking in bulk tends to be less expensive than just making one meal at a time. 和室友共享食物随着日用品费用的不断上涨,和室友共享食物是省钱的一大绝招。加入Sam' Club或Costco,设立“购物日”与室友一起购物,买大分量的食物。然后分摊账单。或者每晚轮流做饭。一次做几人份的饭比只做一人份的饭要省钱一些。Watch Your UtilitiesUtilities can add up quickly and be a total budget drainer. When leaving a room, turn off the lights. Don't leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. Invest in energy efficient lighting. By making small changes to your utility usage, you can save big time.注意你的水电费不注意的话,水电这些费用会让你的花销直线上升直至破产。离开房间的时候,把灯关掉。刷牙的时候关掉水龙头。买个节能灯。花些心思在水电使用上,你可以节省一大笔钱。 /201105/135413Cheerleading traces its roots to the late 19th century, whencrowdsbegan to chant and yell to encourage their team. Credit for thefirstorganized cheer is often given to a University of Minnesotastudentnamed Johnny Campbell who got the Gopher faithful to shoutduring alosing effort in the 1898 season。  啦啦队的由来和发展要回溯到19世纪后期,那时候人们就开始有节奏的齐声为他们的球队喝、呐喊助威。第一次有可查的、组织以齐呼口号方式为球队加油的是明尼苏达大学学生约翰尼?坎贝尔,他在1898年的赛季中指挥大家为他们的球队助威鼓劲。  到了20世纪20年代女性开始介入   For the first few decades of its history, cheerleading was anall-male activity, but by the 1920's women joined as well. Nowadays,over 90% of America's cheerleading participants are female。  在啦啦队成立之初,队员通常由男生组成,到了20世纪20年代,女性开始介入。现在,美国有超过九成的啦啦队成员是女性。  In 1948, Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, a former Southern MethodistUniversity cheerleader formed the National Cheerleaders Association(NCA). Herkimer is credited with originating many of cheerleading'sfundamental moves。  1948年,劳伦斯-何其莫,外号"Herkie",成立了美国啦啦队协会(NCA)。何其莫被认为是啦啦队多项重大活动的创始人。 /201007/109715巴中自体丰胸多少钱

四川重庆治黄褐斑多少钱Japan shoppers grab lucky New Year bags amid gloomForget the recession, at least for now in Japan, where it's time for some mystery New Year's shopping designed to cast off the economic gloom.Thousands of shoppers queued for hours in front of department stores across Japan on Friday to buy limited-edition, traditional New Year's "goodie" bags in what has become one of the biggest events of the holiday season.The so-called Lucky Bags are priced between 10,000 yen (0) and 30,000 yen, and are completely sealed, with nothing to indicate the contents.But experienced shoppers know that they are often filled with fashionable accessories and clothes at a substantial discount, which makes them especially desirable during the current financial crisis.In Tokyo's glitzy Ginza shopping district, excited shoppers dashed inside the Mitsukoshi department store to grab over 20,000 lucky bags."There's this excitement before you open your bag, then comes the surprise and some degree of disappointment, but most of the time I'm happy with what I get," said Hisayo Kuwabara, a 52-year-old part-time worker.Some shoppers sought to banish the economic gloom with these festive bags."Though the economy is worsening, I wanted to buy some lucky bags because it is sold at a discounted price. I also wanted to get some luck in this recession," said Eiichi Kakegawa, a 47-year-old businessman.Takashi Masuko, director of "Lucky Bags" operations at Mitsukoshi, said the yearly shopping extravaganza is especially popular this year."People tend to buy more Lucky Bags during a recession," he said."We've been preparing for this day since last August, and since we were expecting some recession ahead, we changed the volume and items of our bags to better satisfy our customers at times like this."The economy appears set for a gloomy 2009 in Japan, as firms cut their outlooks and industrial output slumps.Most economists say a recovery in Japan will have to wait until global demand picks up. Some say that will not happen until the final quarter of next year, at the earliest. /200901/60383荣昌区中医院激光祛斑多少钱 The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Take a look and see if you’re doing something wrong!  女人事实上总是会被男人独特而有趣的特质吸引。为了成功地吸引女人,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。在接下来的短短时间里,你将会学到吸引女人最该具备的特质。看看你是不是有哪些地方做得不对!Personality Trait 1Do: Confidence 自信  Whenever you’re talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn’t faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punchesand handle himself in all situations。  无论什么时候和女人接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。 /201002/95997开州区做韩式开眼角哪家好

泸州去日晒斑多少钱 Exercise helps smokers quit - study Want to quit smoking? Hit the gym.A study released on Tuesday by the American College of Chest Physicians found smokers who combine exercise with nicotine gum or transdermal patches are more likely to quit than those who rely onnicotine replacement therapyalone.Sixty-eight patients at two Austrian hospitals were randomly assigned either a treatment program that included exercise or one that only used nicotine replacement therapy.After three months, 80 percent of those who exercised had quit smoking, while 52 percent of those in the group that did not exercise had quit.And those who exercised were more likely to reduce their cigarette smoking if they did not quit, the study found. They also scored better on several tests measuring respiratory health.The study was conducted at Otto Wagner Hospital and Lainz Hospital in Austria.想戒烟吗?快去运动吧!美国胸腔医学院本周二公布的一项研究显示,吸烟者在使用尼古丁口香糖或皮肤药贴戒烟的同时进行适当的运动,比仅采用尼古丁替代疗法效果好。研究人员将奥地利两家医院的68个病人随机分成了两组,一组人的治疗计划中加入了运动,而另一组人只用尼古丁替代疗法。三个月后,通过运动戒烟的人中有80%成功戒烟,而另一组没有进行运动的人中只有52%戒了烟。研究发现,就算运动戒烟者未能彻底戒除烟瘾,他们的吸烟量也会大大减少。而且运动戒烟者在其它几项有关呼吸健康测试中的得分也相对较高。这项研究是在奥地利的奥托·瓦格纳医院和廉兹医院进行的。Vocabulary:nicotine replacement therapy: 尼古丁替代疗法 /200808/46428重钢总医院网上预约系统巫山县治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱



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