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On Oct. 17, an offering was given at Yasukuni Shrine on behalf of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.107日,日本首相安倍晋三委托他人代表自己出席靖国神社参拜仪式。However, the prime minister will not pay an in-person visit to the shrine during this years autumn worship.但是在今年秋季的靖国神社参拜活动当中,安倍晋三将不会亲自前往参拜。According to Japanese media analysis, Abe is likely giving priority to bettering Japans relationships with China and Korea, since the three countries recently coordinated on plans for a summit meeting.据日本媒体分析,安倍可能更优先于考虑改善和中韩两国的关系,因为最近中日韩三国就一场首脑会议计划进行了协商。On Oct. 10, Toshihiro Nikai, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Japans governing party, indicated that Abe may dissolve the House of Representatives and conduct a new election.100日,日本自民党(日本执政党)秘书长二阶俊表示,安倍晋三可能会解散众议院,进行一场新的选举。Abes term will end in December 2018. If the LDP is able to extend Abes tenure and win the election, then Abe will remain in office at least until early 2021.安倍的任期将在20182月结束。如果自民党能够延长安倍的任期,那么安倍将可以继续执政至少021年年初。Japans Kyodo News Agency offered the theory that, behind Abes skirting of the delicate historical dispute is the politicians intention to remain in power for longer, giving him more time to realize his political agenda.日本共同社提出一套理论称,在安倍微妙历史纷争外衣的背后是其想要延长任期的野心,这样一来安倍晋三就会有更多的时间来实现自己的政治抱负。In order to revise the constitution, Abe will first attempt to reduce friction with Japans neighboring countries, who are otherwise likely to support his opposition.为了修改宪法,安倍将首先试图减少与日本周边国家的擦,否则这些国家就有可能会持他的反对方。At a memorial ceremony for victims of World War II on Aug. 15, Abe claimed that Japan would adopt a modest perspective on world history, but neglected to mention introspection or offer an apology.在今5日纪念二战遇难者的一场仪式上,安倍晋三声称,日本将对世界历史采取一个温和的看法,但是却对反省和道歉一事闭口不谈。Moreover, the question of how to keep his own support base and still mollify the right wing is an important one for Abe.此外,如何保持自己的持率、安抚日本右翼仍然是安倍面临的重要问题。来 /201610/474553Scientists want to be able to genetically engineer humans so that they do not get diseases.科学家们希望能够改造人类基因从而使他们免于病痛。That is the conclusion of a new report from two of the worlds most elite scientific institutions, which calls for people to be allowed to make modifications to inherited human DNA so that diseases are edited out or treatments are edited in.这是两家世界顶尖科学机构最新发布的一份报告得出的结论。报告要求允许对人类的遗传DNA进行修改,从而删掉疾病基因或者通过基因编辑治疗遗传病。Such controversial changes could allow scientists to stop diseases from being passed on to future generations.科学家可以通过这种备受争议的改变阻止疾病遗传给后代。The report is a landmark because it in effect amounts to an official sanctioning by the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine of medical research that looks to edit, remove or add DNA in human eggs cells, sperm or embryos.该报告具有里程碑式的意义,因为这相当于美国国家科学院和国家医学院正式认可对人类卵子、精子或胚胎进行基因编辑、删除、添加的医学研究。But opponents have argued that editing for specific problems could begin a trend for making other changes, like adding selected physical features or optimising children so that they are strong or fast.但反对者认为,针对具体问题进行基因编辑可能引发其他更改的趋势,比如添加选定的生理特征或者优化儿童的基因,从而让他们更强壮或成长得更快。Gene editing, which effectively allows the precise ;cutting and pasting; of DNA, is aly used in basic research and clinical studies that involve non-heritable ;somatic; cells.基因编辑可以对DNA进行有效且精准的“剪切复制”,该技术已经应用于非遗传“体细胞”的基础研究和临床研究。Now the two elite organisations have ruled that gene editing of the human ;germline; - inherited DNA - should not be seen as a red line in medical research.如今,这两家一流机构已经认定不应将对人类“生殖细胞”——遗传DNA——进行基因编辑视为医学研究中的红线。Future use of germline gene editing to treat or prevent disease and disability is a ;realistic possibility that deserves serious consideration;, the report says.报告称,未来利用生殖细胞基因编辑技术治疗或预防疾病和残疾是“切实可行的,值得人们认真考虑”。However, the two academies point out that the technology is not yet safe enough to justify testing it on the inherited DNA of human patients.然而,两家机构指出,目前还不足以明可以运用该技术对人类患者的遗传DNA进行安全的试验。They add that gene editing for enhancement should not be allowed ;at this time; - but do not rule it out completely.他们还称,“现在”不应允许以优化为目的的基因编辑——但并不完全将其排除在外。A broad public debate should be held before permitting clinical trials, even those involving non-inherited DNA, for any purpose other than treating or preventing disease, the report says.该报告称,除了治疗或预防疾病,在允许进行临床试验前应该对所有存在其他目的的基因编辑进行广泛的公开辩论,包括对非遗传细胞的基因编辑在内。Professor Alta Charo, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US, who co-chaired a study committee appointed by the academies to investigate the wider implications of gene editing, said: ;Human genome editing holds tremendous promise for understanding, treating or preventing many devastating genetic diseases, and for improving treatment of many other illnesses.;美国国家科学院与国家医学院机构任命美国威斯康星麦迪逊大学教授阿尔塔沙罗担任一研究委员会的联合主席,以调查基因编辑技术产生的深远影响。阿尔塔沙罗称,“人类基因组编辑技术在了解、治疗或预防许多致命性遗传疾病、提高多种其他疾病的治疗水平方面存在巨大潜力。”Research that involves modifying inherited genes in human embryos is currently not allowed in the US, and a number of other countries have signed an international convention that prohibits it.目前,美国还不允许对人类胚胎中的遗传基因进行修改,而其他一些国家已经签署了禁止该行为的国际公约。Altering germline DNA is also banned in the UK, with one important exception. Parliament has ruled that inherited DNA in the mitochondria can be replaced if they are defective and the cause of devastating diseases that are passed down from mothers to their children.英国也禁止修改生殖细胞DNA,但存在一项特例。英国议会已经认定,如果线粒体DNA存在缺陷并且会导致母体将致命性疾病遗传给孩子,那么可以将其替换。Mitochondrial DNA makes up only about 0.1 percent of all the inherited genetic material in a human cell and does not affect key characteristics such as hair and eye colour or personality.线粒体DNA仅占人类细胞所有遗传物质的0.1%,且不会影响头发、眼睛颜色或性格等关键特征。来 /201703/495567The trial of two Turkish journalists has resumed, with the two defendants facing charges of espionage and aiding a terrorist organization for their reporting that alleged the government was smuggling arms to Syria.土耳其法院对两名记者的审理继续进行。两名被告因在报道中称土耳其政府向叙利亚偷运武器而被指控犯有间谍罪和协助恐怖主义组织罪。The closed-door trial involves Cumhuriyet newspaper editor-in-chief Can Dundar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul. They could get sentences of life imprisonment if found guilty.法庭对《共和报》总编#8226;丁达尔和驻安卡拉记者站主管埃德#8226;居尔进行闭门审理。如果罪名成立,两人将面临终身监禁。Their case, which has generated international interest as a test of press freedom, went to trial last Friday, but was adjourned until this week after opposition lawyers and politicians ignored the judge’s ruling to close the courtroom to the public.他们的案件被视为一场对新闻自由的考验,引起了国际关注。案件于上周五进行审理,但是由于反对起诉两名记者的律师和政界人士无视法官闭门审理案件的裁决所以被迫休庭。法院休庭到这个星期。Protesters have gathered at the courthouse in Istanbul calling, ;Free press, free society.;抗议者聚集在伊斯坦布尔的法院高喊“新闻自由,社会自由”的口号。The men are accused of publishing images that date back to January 2014 of Syria-bound trucks, which the newspaper said proved Turkey was smuggling arms into that country.两人被控刊登014年一月开往叙利亚的卡车的图片,《共和报》报道称,这些图片明土耳其当时在向叙利亚偷运武器。来 /201604/435540

Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s foreign minister, has been chosen to replace Matteo Renzi as prime minister amid signs of a quick solution to the political crisis that has convulsed the eurozone’s third-largest economy over the past week.意大利外交部长保真蒂洛尼(Paolo Gentiloni)被选定接替马泰伦齐(Matteo Renzi)出任总理,有迹象表明,各方试图快速解决过去一周困扰欧元区第三大经济体的政治危机。After three days of consultations with parliamentary leaders, Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president, summoned Mr Gentiloni to the presidential palace in central Rome yesterday and asked him to form a government. 在与议会领导人磋商三天后,意大利总统塞尔马塔雷拉(Sergio Mattarella)昨日在罗马市中心的总统府召见了真蒂洛尼,提请他组建新政府。Mr Gentiloni accepted in a brief statement.真蒂洛尼在一份简短的声明中表示接受任呀?Italy was plunged into political uncertainty last week after voters rejected constitutional reforms championed by Mr Renzi by an overwhelming margin of 20 percentage points in a referendum 上周,意大利选民在公投中0个百分点的压倒性优势否决了伦齐倡导的宪法改革,这使得意大利陷入了政治不确定性。on which he had staked his tenure in office.伦齐把自己的政治生涯押在了此次公投上。Mr Renzi resigned last Wednesday, triggering the talks held by Mr Mattarella. 上周三,伦齐宣布辞职,促使马塔雷拉开启磋商。The urgency of installing a new government increased on Friday after the European Central Bank rejected a request from Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Italy’s third-largest bank, for extra time to raise capital among private investors.上周五,在欧洲央ECB)拒绝了意大利第三大西雅那(Monte dei Paschi di Siena)希望获得更多时间向私人投资者筹集资金的请求后,组建新政府的紧迫性进一步上升。The ECB’s decision has increased the chances that the Italian government may have to use state funds to rescue one of its most prized financial institutions, which has been dogged by non-performing loans. 欧洲央行的决定增加了一个可能性,即意大利政府可能被迫动用国家资金来拯救该国最受珍惜的金融机构之一,该行一直受不良贷款困扰。The board of MPS was expected to meet later yesterday and make a statement.西雅那董事会定于昨天晚些时候开会并发表声明。People close to the talks said the bank was still trying to complete a market rescue, although they did not rule out the state injecting funds into the lender.知情人士称,该仍在努力借助市场筹集资金,尽管他们不排除国家向其注资。Even if a solution were found for Monte Paschi, it would not mark the end of Italy’s banking worries. 即使找到了西雅那的解决方案,也不标志着各方对意大利业担忧的结束。Mid-sized Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca also need as much as EURO3.5bn in additional capital, which would be more difficult to raise privately if MPS required a state bailout, say people close to the talks.据知情人士透露,中等规模的维琴察大众银Popolare di Vicenza)和威尼托(Veneto Banca)也需要高5亿欧元的追加资本,如果西雅那需要国家救助,那么这两家从私人部门筹集资金将变得更加困难。They also did not rule out Italy seeking to create a EURO10bn fund to backstop the banks in Vicenza and Veneto as well as Siena.他们也不排除意大利会寻求创造一00亿欧元的基金,来持维琴察大众、威尼托以及西雅那。来 /201612/483166

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