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郑州市中医院光子嫩肤价钱费用郑州中心医院吸脂手术多少钱(Thanks) very much. The long awaited inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed has begun at the high court in London. The jury will determine how the couple died more than 10 years ago in a car crash in Paris. Two separate investigations by French and British police concluded that the chauffeur Henri Paul had been drinking and was driving too fast. Kief Breeve's report contains flash photography.Amid a crush of media attention, Mohamed al-Fayed arrived at the High Court this morning. He's waited more than a decade for an inquest although he reached his own verdict long ago.I'm hoping for the justice. I'm a father who lost his son and fighting for 10 years. At last we are gonna have a jury from ordinary people and I hope to reach the sol(ution) the decision which I believe that my son and Princess Diana (were) being murdered by the royal family.Ok? Today's inquest follows 2 previous investigations, the French inquiry and then Lord Stevens report, both concluded Diana's death was an accident. This is the man who will chair the inquest. Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker will sit with a jury of 11 men and women to examine many of the issues surrounding the fatal crash in Paris. The inquest, expected to last up to 6 months, will look at events leading up to the crash. It will investigate the aftermath, Diana's journey to hospital and treatment, whether the driver Henri Paul was over the blood alcohol limit. And it's excepted to examine claims the couple bought an engagement ring on the day of the crash. How they died is not simply a medical issue, it's an issue that involves looking at where they were going? What they'd been doing? How they were travelling? All those sorts of things, and there will be a degree of controversy at the inquest as to how extensive and how much detail the Coroner goes into and is trying to probe into that issue. Just before Easter next year, the jury will be expected to reach a verdict. They can decide that the deaths were accidental. That the couple were unlawfully killed, or if it's still unclear they can record an open verdict. Well, our reporter Jane Dodge is at the High Court, where the inquest is taking place, and what's happened so far? Well, that jury that Mr. al-Fayed has campaigned so hard to get respond in this morning, 6 women, 5 men. And the Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker's very much directing his opening comments towards them. He ran through those events of that tragic night 31st of August 1997, and he told the jurors "most of you will remember where you were when you heard about the death of Diana princess of Wales. None of you would for a moment have thought that more than 10 years later you would be on a jury investigating what happened." He said there were four main questions they needed to find answers to. Who the deceased were? How they? (what) When they died? Where they died? But most importantly how they died? He said to the jury that they would be the most in the public highlight no other inquest jury had been before, and that evidence by the widesp worldwide interest here from the media in fact so much so a special annex has been built behind it, the wall of courts of justice to accommodate those dozens of journalists, and with that in mind the Coroner said to the jurors television programs have abounded, newspapers have frequently carried reports and articles, some he said near to the point of obsession. And he told the jurors "you must put anything that you have or picked up out of your mind and concentrate on the evidence given here." He is due to continue that opening statement today. This inquest could last up to 6 months. Next week, those juries will be taken to Paris to see the crash site for themselves.Jane, of course it's not just journalists who are obsessed with this whole saga, uh, I mean, it's attracting all sorts of people at courtroom. A handful of members of the public managed to get places. One was indeed queuing from 5 o'clock yesterday morning. He sat there, rather tearful with ''Diana at last'' painted on his face, who one of us likes to say, a handful of members of the public there for the duration. Jane Dodge at the High Court. 200805/39909河南省人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱 Bush Confident About Financial Bailout Plan布什总统有信心救市计划定会通过 U.S. President George Bush says he is confident there will be a deal to rescue America's troubled financial sector, a day after lawmakers failed to pass his 0 billion plan. The bill's failure led to record losses in the U.S. stock market. 美国总统布什说,挽救陷入困境的美国金融部门的协定是一定会通过的,对此他有信心。在他讲话的前一天,美国议员们没有通过他的7千亿美元计划。法案的失败导致美国股市创记录地大幅度下跌。President Bush says this is a critical moment for a U.S. economy that is depending on decisive action from the federal government. 布什总统说,现在是美国经济的关键时刻,现在要依靠的是联邦政府的果断行动。"As much as we might wish the situation were different, our country is not facing a choice between government action and the smooth functioning of the free market," he said. "We are facing a choice between action and the real prospect of economic hardship for millions of Americans. For the financial security of every American, Congress must act." 布什说:“尽管我们希望现在的情况不是这个样子,但是我们的国家不能在政府采取行动和让自由市场自由运行之间作出选择。我们面临的是采取行动,还是让几百万美国人真正面临经济困难的前景。为了每一个美国人的金融安全,国会必须行动起来。”The House of Representatives Monday rejected the president's plan to buy up mortgage-backed securities that have lost value during the decline in the housing market. 国会众议院星期一拒绝了布什总统收购抵押贷款债券的计划,这些债券已经在房产市场下滑期间贬值。Banks holding these assets are restricting credit, making it harder for businesses and consumers to get loans. So President Bush wants Congress to spend as much as 0 billion to buy up these securities, giving more banks more money to lend. 拥有这些资产的正在限制信用,让商家和消费者更难取得贷款。所以布什总统希望国会付多达7千亿美元收购这些债券,从而让更多有更多资金发放贷款。The plan's failure led to a record 778-point drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 这项计划的失败导致道琼斯工业平均指数创记录地下跌778点。Speaking to reporters at the White House before markets opened Tuesday morning, Mr. Bush said America's economy is facing an urgent situation, the consequences of which will grow worse each day lawmakers fail to act. 布什星期二早晨开市前在白宫对记者发表讲话说,美国的经济正面临紧急情况,议员们一天不采取行动,其后果就会与日俱增。"The dramatic drop in the stock market that we saw yesterday will have a direct impact on the retirement accounts, pension funds, and personal savings of millions of our citizens," he said. "And if our nation continues on this course, the economic damage will be painful and lasting." 布什说:“我们看到昨天股市急剧下跌,这将直接影响几百万国民的退休金、养老金和个人存款。如果我们的国家继续这样走下去,经济遭受的破坏将是痛苦和漫长的。”Public opinion polls show many Americans oppose the plan. Many of the lawmakers who voted against the bailout are in competitive races for re-election just over a month before voters go to the polls. 民意调查显示,许多美国人反对这一计划。议员中许多投票反对这一拯救计划的人正在竞选连任。再过一个多月选民就将进行投票。Both major presidential candidates, Democratic Senator Barack Obama and his rival, Republican Senator John McCain, suggested Tuesday that the limit on bank deposits guaranteed by the U.S. government should increase from 0,000 to 250,000. They said that should help small businesses. 两位重要的总统候选人--民主党参议员奥巴马和共和党参议员麦凯恩星期二提议美国政府担保的存款限额应该从10万美元提高到25万美元。他们说,这样做有助于小型企业。Obama and McCain urged lawmakers to keep working on a financial rescue plan. 奥巴马和麦凯恩呼吁议员们为制定金融拯救计划继续努力。The president said he understands that this is a difficult vote for many members of Congress, but he said addressing the problem and helping restore the economy and job growth is what elected leaders owe the American people. 布什总统说,他理解目前的情况使许多国会议员们难以投票,但是他说,解决问题并且帮助恢复经济和增加就业机会是民选领导者对美国公众应尽的责任。Mr. Bush sought to reassure investors at home and abroad by saying he is confident a deal will be reached to rescue the financial sector. He said his administration is continuing talks with legislative leaders to move forward on a bill when they return to Capitol Hill Wednesday. 为了让国内外的投资者放心,布什说,他相信挽救金融部门的协议一定会通过。他说,他的政府在继续和立法部门领导人会谈,等他们星期三回到国会后推动法案的通过。200810/51276焦作市第四人民医院治疗青春痘多少钱

郑州颐和医院做红色胎记手术多少钱GQ magazine is marking the 10th anniversary with its annual Man of the Year issue. And this year, there are three separate covers, one featuring actor Vince Vaughn, another with popular recording artist 50 Cent, and the first for the magazine, a cover featuring Jennifer Aniston, its very first Woman of the Year. Mark Healy is a GQ editor who wrote the Aniston's stories with this. Mark, Good morning. Morning. All right, first thing's first, it's always been a man. Er, it's always been a number of men, (yeah) yeah, but we've, we've, we've had a few women in the past, but this is the first time we've devoted a cover to a woman. Ah, Ok, so this is the actual dissension. So, do you're going to the newest stand today, you'll have three to pick from? Yes. Three different covers to pick from. Vince Vaughn, 50 Cent and Jennifer Aniston. All right, it, what is the usual criteria, if I may ask for a person or a woman or a man of this GQ's . . Well, some(one), primarily someone we believe in, someone who's had an impact that year, um, someone who, you know, reflects the year in...in culture and, so...I gave Vince Vaughn, I gave Vince Vaughn in a big way, Vince Vaughn was we think of the mirrors of the finest actor in America today. . . , ha, ha. . . Well, you know. . . In a lot of ways he is, I mean, he is a great comedic actor. I think he, he's only provided our ers with more laughs this year, (Right) better time in the movies than they would've had ordinarily,(Right.)and, and he had been doing it for 5 years or so. (Right, yeah) 50 cent had a great year and he started out with a, with a great, (huge) with a big record and finished an ambitious, sort of revealing movie and. . . And he's busting out in all kinds of other career paths, (Yeah) even as we speak. Here is Jennifer Aniston. It's...it's a coincidence that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vanughan would have covers at the same time? It was, we decided to put them on the cover a long time before I knew this, was at all credible (Right.)if in, if in fact it is. I mean I think that we started talking about Vince in April (Yeah) and ,er, when we first started seeing screenings of 'the Wedding Crashers' and then once more, once more we saw it, you know, we all decided that was it. So let's cut it straight, you went, you hung out with Jennifer Aniston in Malibu, her house. (Yeah. ) What was that experince about?It's comfortable, you know, it's sort, sort of plush and that certainly a good place to spend some time. (Yeah.)She is good company, as you know, (yeah), and made, you know, made me feel very welcome and it was a beautiful Malibu afternoon and we just hung out. There are some fabulous pictures of her in the, in the magazine. She is in...she is in fighting shape, as you might say. Yeah, yes, I would say, she is in fighting shape. Fairly comfortable with how she looks and how she is feeling and you know, she chose to express it. A part of the reason, is it part of the reason for choosing her the way she's handled this past year? Yes. I mean I think in the glare of this public breakup, um, she's been dignified, and, and graceful, and respectful of the five years of marriage that she did have, which I think, you know, a lot of Hollywood marriages these days last 5 weeks. (Yeah) And you know, here is someone who respected that enough to, to be quiet and honor it. In the...in the article, you talked about this advice that Gwyneth Paltrow gave to Jennifer Aniston which I thought was very, very interesting. Well, I think it was, not so much advice or the comment she made in the press but one that, she said, you know, perhaps, they , Brad and Jane , when things were going well, were a little too open to press, were a little too welcoming of the world, to share their good thing and that in the end, that came back that to haunt them, and when I brought that up with her, she agreed. There you go , thanks very much for coming in this while.Thanks for having me. 200808/46260郑州植发多少钱 Revelations about inspection检查规定A: Good morning Mr. Liu. I am Tom from China Daily. We had an appointment. Here I come.A: 早上好,刘先生。我是中国日报的汤姆,我们约好了今天见面,我来了。B: Sure, come on in. Welcome to China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. What can I do for you?B: 哦,是啊。快请进。欢迎你来到中国进出口商品检验局。我能为你做点什么?A: Heres the thing. I am going to do a report on the import-export commodity inspection. So I am here to collect some information and materials. I hope you can help me on it.A: 事情是这样的。我要作一篇报道,是出口商品检验的报道,所以我来您这解一下情况并搜集一些有用的信息希望:您能给我提供一些帮助。B: No problem. This is also our responsibility to make the public comprehend some knowledge about import-export commodity inspectionB: 没问题啊。让公众了解一些关于进出口商品检验的有关问题也是我们的责任。A: Thats really nice of you to say so. Shall we begin now?A: 您能这样说真是太好了。我们现在开始好吗?B: Sure, please go ahead.B: 当然可以,开始吧。A: My first question is what significance it is to do the commodity inspection.A: 我的第一个问题是进行商品检验的意义是什么?B: Commodity inspection is done in order to protect the public interests and the lawful rights and interests of the parties involved in foreign trade. And the other great significance of commodity inspection is to promote the smooth development of economic and trade relations with foreign countries.B: 进行商品检验首先是为了维护社会公共利益和进出口贸易有关各方的合法权益。其次商品检验的另一个重要意义在于它能够促进对外经济贸易关系的顺利发展。A: Great.thank you. Then my next question is that is it the case that all import-export commodities should go through the inspection formality !A: 很好,谢谢您。我的下一个问题是所有的进出口商品都要进行商品检验吗?B: Not really. The import and export commodities which meet the conditions for exemption of inspection provided for by the State may be exempted from inspection upon the examination and approval of an application from the consignee or consignor by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection.B: 不完全是这样的。进出口商品中符合国家规定的免予检验条件的,由收货人或者发货人申请,经国家商检部门审查批准,可以免予检验。B: OK.I get it. Then how exactly the commodity is inspected, or I mean on what basic principles should the inspection be carried out?A: 好的,我明白了。那么,究竟是如何进行商品检验的呢?或者我的意思是说进出口商品检验是基于什么样的基本原则呢?A: Import-export commodity inspection should be done on the basis of human health and safety, the life or heath of fauna and flora, environmental protection and public safety and prevent fraud.B: 进出口商品检验应当基于保护人类健康和安全、保护动物或者植物的生命和健康、保护环境、防止欺诈行为、维护国家安全而进行。B: What will be done to the disqualified commodities?A: 不合格商品该怎样处理?A: Imported commodities which do not go through the inspection formality are not allowed to sell or use; exported commodities which prove to be disqualified in the process of inspection are forbidden to be exporled.B: 进口商品未经检验的,不准销售、使用出口商品未经检验合格的,不准出口。B: Thank you so much. The information you offered to me is really helpful to me. I appreciate it.A: 非常感谢您刘先生。您给我提供的信息非常的有价值,再次感谢您。 /201602/425131河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院祛痣好吗

河南附属医院去眼袋多少钱US Treasury Secretary Outlines Financial Rescue Plan布什政府提案解决坏帐  In an effort to deal comprehensively with a severe financial crisis on Wall Street, the Bush administration Friday is proposing the creation of a government agency to deal with the bad loans of U.S.-based financial institutions. The plan could cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, which will be used to buy up bad mortgages and other debt. 为了全面解决华尔街严重的金融危机,布什政府星期五提议成立一个新的政府机构,应付美国金融机构的坏帐问题。这项计划要购买不良的房屋抵押贷款和其它债务,可能要耗费纳税人数千亿美元。Saying the financial system faces an unprecedented challenge, President Bush says the government must intervene in the markets to restore financial stability.  美国总统布什说,金融体系面临前所未有的挑战,政府必须对市场进行干预,以便恢复金融稳定。Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says emergency legislation will be presented to lawmakers within the next two days. 美国财政部长保尔森说,将在今后两天内向国会提交这个紧急法案。"I look forward to working with Congress to pass legislation to remove these troubled assets from our financial system," he said. "When we get through this difficult period, which we will, our next task must be to improve our regulatory structure so that these past excesses do not reoccur." 保尔森说:“我期待与国会合作,通过法案,清除金融体系中的不良资产。 我们会撑过这段艰困的时期,在我们撑过去之后,我们的下一个任务必须是改善我们的规范管理结构,避免重蹈覆辙。”Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke briefed congressional leaders on the plan Thursday night. The Treasury secretary says he hopes for congressional approval next week. 保尔森与美联储主席伯南克星期四晚间向美国国会领导人通报了这个计划。保尔森说,他希望下星期能获得国会的批准。The plan would create a government entity that would buy bad loans. A similar agency, the Resolution Trust Corporation, was created in 1989 to deal with the bad debt related to real estate lending. The RTC cost American taxpayers about 0 billion. Paulson says this bank rescue is likely to cost much more. 该计划将会成立一个新的政府机构,购买坏帐。美国在1989年曾经成立过一个类似的机构--美国重组信托公司,应付房地产借款相关的坏帐。这个机构花费了美国纳税人大约1500亿美元。保尔森说,这次的拯救方案耗费的资金很可能要多得多。"We're talking hundreds of billions," he said. "This needs to be big enough to make a real difference and get at the heart of the problem." 保尔森说:“我们说得是数千亿美元。这笔金额必须足够多,以便真正解决问题的核心。”President Bush, speaking about the financial crisis for the third time this week, said significant amounts of taxpayer money will be put at risk, but that he expects the money to eventually be paid back. Without government action, he said, there was a risk that financial sector could grind to a halt. 美国总统布什这个星期第三次对金融危机发表了讲话,他说,虽然拯救措施将一定数量的纳税人资金置于危险的处境,但是他预计这些资金最终会收回来。他说,政府如果无所作为,金融体系就有完全停摆的危险。Wall Street welcomed the news of the bail out, as stock market indexes soared. They had registered deep declines earlier this week as one investment bank collapsed and a giant insurer was taken over by the US government. The federal government aly has pledged more than 0 billion in the past year to bail out, or help bail out, some of the biggest names in American finance. 华尔街对拯救消息表示欢迎,股市指数因而上扬。这星期早些时候股指重跌,因为一间投资破产和一间大保险公司被美国政府接收。在过去一年里,美国政府已经动用了6000亿美元拯救或者协助拯救美国一些大型金融公司。200809/49444 郑州市第三人民医院激光去斑多少钱郑州中心医院韩式隆鼻多少钱




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