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个词看懂习近平今年首访 --5 ::35 来源: 国家主席习近平于月日至1日对巴基斯坦进行国事访问,于1日至日赴印尼出席亚非领导人会议和万隆会议60周年纪念活动【在巴基斯坦】home of brother兄弟的家This will be my first trip to Pakistan, but I feel as if I am going to visit the home of my own brother, said Xi Jinping.习近平说,这是我首次访问巴基斯坦,但我感觉就像到自己兄弟家中探访一样all-weather strategic cooperative partnership全天候战略合作伙伴关系China and Pakistan upgraded their relations to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Monday, eyeing perpetual friendship from generation to generation.中国与巴基斯坦一致同意将两国关系提升为全天候战略合作伙伴关系,致力于中巴世代友好core interests核心利益The two countries should support each other on their core interests, Xi Jinping said, noting that China firmly backs Pakistan's efts to safeguard its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.习近平说,两国应该维护彼此的核心利益他表示,中方坚定持巴基斯坦在维护其主权独立和领土完整方面所做的努力Iron Pakiron brotherhood巴铁铁哥们Chinese netizens even coined the term "Iron Pak" to refer to the unbreakable ties between China and Pakistan.中国网友甚至造出“巴铁”这个术语,用以形容中国和巴基斯坦之间牢不可破的友谊China-Pakistan Economic Corridor中巴经济走廊The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, called a flagship project of "One Belt and One Road", is at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 1st Century Maritime Silk Road.中巴经济走廊位于丝绸之路经济带和1世纪海上丝绸之路交汇处,是“一带一路”的旗舰项目【在印度尼西亚】Bandung Spirit万隆精神Asian and African countries should carry on the Bandung Spirit, which upholds principles of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, and promote a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation.亚非国家应该继续弘扬“团结、友谊、合作”的万隆精神,促进合作双赢的新型国际关系three-point proposal三点倡议The three-point proposal by Xi Jinping includes boosting Asia-Africa cooperation, expanding South-South cooperation and promoting South-North cooperation.习近平提出的三点倡议分别为:深化亚非合作、拓展南南合作和推进南北合作historic walk历史性步行Asian and African leaders' "historic walk" Friday from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka, or the Independence Building, was part of the commemorative events upon the 60th anniversary of the gathering in Bandung.日,亚非国家领导人一起参加"历史性步行",他们从萨沃尔-霍曼饭店步行前往万隆会议旧址——独立大厦,以纪念万隆会议召开60周年one plus one greater than two1加1大于Asian and African nations, Xi Jinping suggested, need to boost win-win cooperation and create the "one plus one greater than two" effect.习近平说,亚非国家加强互利合作,能产生“一加一大于二”的积极效应Bandung Message万隆公报Later on Friday, the leaders mally endorsed the Bandung Message, which urges stronger Asian-African cooperation.日晚些时候,各国领导人正式签署了《万隆公报,旨在进一步推动亚非合作(中国日报网英语点津 杜娟)。

  • 跨界携手巨头 宝马1年全自动无人驾驶车上路 -- ::38 来源: 年7月1日,宝马集团将与英特尔、Mobileye公司联合,把自动驾驶车辆和未来出行理念成为现实这三家分别来自汽车、科技与计算机视觉与机器学习行业的领军企业正展开合作,目标是到1年实现高度自动驾驶车辆和全自动驾驶车辆量产 BMW has teamed with two leading tech companies to deliver fully self-driving vehicles in 1.BMW与两家科技巨头合作,将于1年将全自动无人驾驶汽车变成现实The partnership, which involves Intel (INTC, Tech30) and the Israeli computer vision company Mobileye (MBLY), will create an open platm the next generation of vehicles.两家合作伙伴分别是英特尔和以色列的电脑视觉公司Mobileye,他们将携手为下一代的汽车创建一个开放平台The companies will announce the news Friday at BMW’s headquarters in Munich.BMW将于星期五在其总部慕尼黑宣布此消息BMW said the new iNEXT model will be the basis future fleets of fully autonomous vehicles that will drive on both highways and in urban environments, which are far more challenging. A BMW spokesman said it expects a steering wheel and pedals to remain in the fully self-driving vehicle, in case the driver wants to be in control.BMW表示,新的 iNEXT车型将会为一系列全自动驾驶车辆打下基础这些车辆将用于高速公路以及城市道路,非常具挑战性BMW一位发言人表示,全自动无人驾驶汽车只需要一个方向盘和脚踏就可以了,以方便在必要时控制车辆"With this technological leap ward, we are offering our customers a whole new level of sheer driving pleasure, whilst pioneering new concepts premium mobility," said BMW’s chairman Harald Kruger.BMW集团董事长科鲁格表示,“随着科技的飞跃式发展,我们将为消费者打造纯粹驾驶乐趣的全新高度,同时也为高档出行开创全新的理念”The BMW deal comes a day after attention swirled around an accident that killed a Tesla driver who was using the car’s autopilot software. The car did not recognize a tractor-trailer in its path and plowed into it, killing the driver and raising questions about the safety limits of autonomous software.就在宝马公司宣布该消息的前一天,即6月30日,同样使用自动驾驶技术的特斯拉Model S电动车发生了一起致命的交通事故,当时车辆正处于“Autopilot”自动驾驶模式,车辆未能识别出从其车道上开过的牵引式挂车,撞了上去,驾驶员死亡此事引发了公众对自动驾驶汽车安全局限性的疑问The companies say the partnership will lay the foundation an entirely new business model.该公司表示,合作关系将为一个全新的商业模式打下基础Their platm will be made available to multiple car vendors, as well as to other industries that could use autonomous machines.这个平台将向众多汽车供应商和其他使用自动驾驶的公司开放"In just five years, the driverless experience will be activated by the touch of a button," said Amnon Shashua, the chief technology officer of Mobileye.Mobileye公司首席技术官Amnon Shashua表示,“在5年内,只需一个钮就可以启动无人驾驶汽车”Experts say that autonomous vehicles could have a dramatic impact on safety, and curtail the 1.5 million deaths every year on the world’s roads.专家表示,自动驾驶汽车的安全性能将会显著提高,大大降低全球道路交通每年5万的死亡率Automakers and tech companies are increasingly interested in the potential of self-driving vehicles. In March, GM (GM) spent billion to acquire Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley start-up that makes self-driving car software. In late , Toyota (TM) committed to spend billion on artificial intelligence, including efts to make fully self-driving vehicles.汽车制造商和科技公司对自动驾驶汽车的市场潜力非常有信心今年3月,通用集团花了亿美元收购了位于美国硅谷的自动驾驶初创公司Cruise Automation,它主要生产自动驾驶汽车软件年底,日本丰田在人工智能领域投资了亿美元,包括致力于研发全自动驾驶汽车。
  • 一周热词榜(7.3-9) --01 :: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.'高温天气'炙烤全国7亿人.'网约车'合法地位获明确3.钢铁行业''最多.我国悄然兴起'二孩经济'5.美首现'女性总统候选人'6.印征'脂肪税'遏制肥胖症1. 高温天气heat wave请看例句:At least 1 people have reportedly died of heatstroke in the heat wave that has affected more than 700m since July in China.本月日以来,全国逾7亿人受到高温天气的影响,据报道,至少1人因中暑死亡近日,全国多地开启高温"烧烤"模式(barbecue heat),包括长江中下游(middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River)和江南大部(most parts of regions to the south of the Yangtze River)在内的许多地区均迎来了今年最强高温天,部分地区体感温度高达50℃连日来,中央气象台持续拉响高温橙色预警(orange alert high temperatures),上海、重庆、湖北等地更是拉响了今年首个高温红色预警(regions including Shanghai, Chongqing and Hubei issued this year's first red alert heat wave)国家气象中心首席预报员马学款表示,此轮高温天气是受副热带高压(subtropical high)影响形成的,具有影响范围广、高温强度大、持续时间长的特征(be noted its wide scope, high intensity and long duration)他表示,目前来看,本次高温天气过程还将持续天,华南北部、江南(south of the Yangtze River)、江汉、江淮、重庆等地高温天气或将贯穿至7月底,局部地区气温将达39-1℃(the temperature in some areas may reach 39 to 1 degrees Celsius)受持续高温天气(continuous high temperatures)影响,上海、安徽、山东、江苏用电负荷屡创新高(the electrical load on the power grid in Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong and Jiangsu repeatedly set new highs),多地出现了高温中暑病例"中暑"可以用heatstroke或sunstroke、heliosis等表示, 指身体失去"调节体温(regulate body temperature)"的能力,当体温达到0摄氏度或更高时就会危及生命(threaten one's life)大量出汗(sweat a lot)、昏昏欲睡(lethargy)、头晕目眩(dizziness)、口渴难耐(thirst)及肌肉痉挛(muscle cramps)等都是中暑的症状气象专家提醒,高温天气会导致人体免疫力(immy)下降且易使体力(strength)迅速流失,增加中暑的可能性,建议公众尽量避免在高温时段长时间外出,保休息,户外作业人员(outdoor workers)需注意防暑降温[相关词汇]桑拿天 sauna weather湿热天气 sultry weather闷热 stiflingly hot湿热 hot and humid防暑降温补贴 high temperature subsidy消暑 beat the heat避暑 escape the heat. 网约车online car-hailingonline car-booking请看例句:A long-awaited regulation giving legal status to online car-hailing services in China was released by the central government on Thursday.日,中央政府发布了一项人们期待许久的规定,给予网约车务合法地位这两年,叫车应用(car-hailing apps)到底该不该被合法化一直都是热议话题叫车软件除了提供常规的出租车叫车务(taxi-hailing service)以外,还延伸出了专车(tailored taxichauffeured car)、顺风车(ride sharing)、快车(fast ride)等不同级别的车辆定制务,的确为公众的出行提供了不少便利日,《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的指导意见和《网络预约出租汽车经营管理暂行办法正式出台,首次确立了网约车(online car-hailingonline car-booking)的合法地位(legal status)新规明确私家车(private car)符合条件可以转化为网约车《暂行办法规定,拟从事网约车经营的车辆应当符合以下条件:7座及以下乘用车(passenger vehicles with 7 seats or less);安装具有行驶记录功能的车辆卫星定位装置(GPS device)、应急报警装置(emergency alarm system);车辆技术性能符合运营安全相关标准要求符合条件的车辆,应在公安机关登记为预约出租客运(register under the ride-booking service category),并取得务所在地出租汽车行政主管部门发放的《网络预约出租汽车运输《暂行办法对驾驶员准入条件也有严格规定:网约车驾驶员应有三年以上驾驶经验(have three or more years of driving experience),无交通肇事犯罪记录(no record of traffic crimes)、无危险驾驶犯罪记录、无吸毒记录、无饮酒后驾驶记录(no record of dangerous driving, drug abuse or drunk driving)、无暴力犯罪记录(no record of violent crimes)另外,《暂行办法建立了里程报废标准(mileage-based vehicle scrappage scheme),规定网约车行驶里程达到60万千米时强制报废(scrappage is compulsory once it reaches the 600,000 km mileage limit)行驶里程未达到60万千米但使用年限达到8年时,退出网约车经营(be dismissed from online car-hailing service)[相关词汇]拼车合乘 car-poolingride sharing出租车起步价 starting taxi fare出租车行业改革 rems in taxi industry低于成本的车费 lower-than-cost fares黑出租 unlicensed taxi不公平竞争 unfair competition3. zombie companies请看例句:Around 7.51% of China's industrial businesses are "zombie companies" and it is the steel sector that has the highest proportion of such companies, according to a recent research paper.近日发布的一份研究报告称,我国约有7.51%的工业企业是"",钢铁行业的比例最高(zombie companiesfirmsbusinesses)一词最早出现于对世纪90年代早期日本资产价格崩盘后漫长经济衰退的研究中,意指接受信贷补贴的企业或没有利润的借贷企业年金融危机(financial crisis)后,这一概念也更广泛地出现在英国、西班牙等西欧国家的分析报道中结合已有的学术研究成果和我国的国情(China's national conditions),是指那些不具有经济自生能力(economically unviable),仅靠政府和的援助才能维持存活(be kept alive only with aid from the government and banks)的企业,大多分布在产能严重过剩的行业(industries with severe overcapacity)7日,中国人民大学国家发展与战略研究院(the National Development and Strategy Research Institute)发布国内首份完整的研究报告该报告使用1998-年中国工业企业数据库和1998-年上市公司(listedpublic company)数据库,分析了中国的现状报告发现,我国数量的高峰出现在00年,约30%的工业企业(industrial firms)是;-年间,的比例在波动中呈现下降趋势(downward trend),均值比例为7.51%分行业来看,比例最高的五个行业分别是:钢铁(steel)、房地产(real estate)、建筑装饰(architectural decoration)、商业贸易和综合类比例最低的五个行业是:、传媒(media)、非银金融(non-banking finance)、计算机和休闲务分地区来看,经济较发达的沿海省份(more-developed coastal provinces)数量最多,而经济发展水平较低的中西部省份数量较少分所有制来看,国有和集体企业(State-owned and collective enterprises)中的比例最高(have the highest ratio of zombie firms),民营企业(private enterprises)和港澳台及外商企业中的比例相近,且远低于国有和集体企业中的比例分规模来看,大型企业和中型企业(large and medium-sized companies)的比例最高,但其基数较小,大部分还是小型企业报告建议减少政府对企业的干预,慎用产业政策(be cautious in applying industrial policies);减少地方政府对辖区内的贷款决策(lending decision)的行政干预(administrative influence);多渠道化解过剩产能(reduce overcapacity)以及加快国企改革(rem of State-owned enterprisesSOE rem)步伐[相关词汇]亏损企业 enterprise running at a lossmoney-losing firmloss-making company大而不倒 too big to fail营业收入 operation revenue净利润 net profit财务报表 financial statement下岗潮 layoff wave供给侧结构性改革 supply-side structural rem[!-empirenews.page--]. 二孩经济second-child economy请看例句:With the adoption of the overall two-child policy, China has seen a boom of its "second-child economy", heating up related industries.随着全面二孩政策的实施,"二孩经济"在我国兴起,带动相关行业迅速升温准妈妈(mother-to-beexpectant mother)人数的激增使得保胎育儿药品成为"抢手货"为了提高怀几率(improve their chances of conceiving),许多人都前往药店(pharmaceuticals)买药叶酸、多种维生素等产前补充剂涨幅最高(prenatal supplements like folic acid and multivitamins have seen the highest increase),如金斯利安的销量涨幅为90%,爱乐维的销量涨幅为71%由于产检需求(demand antenatal care)的不断增加,各大医院的产科(obstetrical departments)经常人满为患准妈妈们通常要等很久才能排到号进行产检,一些知名妇幼医院(well-known women and children's hospitals)的产科门诊(outpatient service)更是"一号难求"有时,准妈妈甚至要排队几小时才能看上专家(line up hours to see a specialist)受巨大的需求影响,许多婴相关行业的利润都大幅增长婴儿游泳池等幼儿设施(children's facilities like baby swimming pools)前永远排着长队一些附加值较高的行业更是对"二孩经济(second-child economy)"感到期待,比如,如今许多儿童摄影工作室(child photo studios)纷纷对其业务进行扩张(expand their businesses)此外,购物中心(shopping mall)和中心(entertainment center)也看准了这个巨大的商机(great business opporty),开设更多儿童天地、玩具专区、婴幼儿用品专区有专家预计,根据此前的生育率(fertility rate)和结婚夫妇以及人口年龄(population ages)测算,-19年可能是二孩出生的高峰(second child births may peak between and 19)这给婴儿食品(infant food)、母婴零售、婴幼儿早教(early education infants and toddlers)及出国留学等领域带来新的投资机会(investment opporties)[相关词汇]全面二孩政策 universaloverall two-child policy生育时间表 birth time schedule母婴用品 maternal and child supplies婴幼儿配方奶粉 infant mula milk婴幼儿用品行业 industries related to infants and children5. 女性总统候选人female presidential candidate请看例句:Hillary Clinton has been crowned as the Democratic presidential nominee, making history as the first female presidential candidate, and firing the gun on a fierce battle with Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.希拉里·克林顿已被确认为民主党总统提名人,成为美国历史上第一位女性总统候选人她将与共和党提名人唐纳德·特朗普展开激烈的竞争当地时间6日,美国前国务卿(mer secretary of state)希拉里·克林顿在宾夕法尼亚州费城召开的民主党全国代表大会(Democratic National Convention)上正式获得该党总统候选人提名(be mally anointed Democratic presidential candidate)当天,来自美国50个州、哥伦比亚特区和海外领地的各代表团逐一公布了投票结果南达科他州公布投票结果后,希拉里所得党代表票数累计超过获得提名所需的383票(Clinton has more than the ,383 delegates needed to win the party's nomination)美国广播电视新闻网对此称,希拉里成为总统候选人打破了美国政坛一道依然存在的"看不见的屏障(invisible barrier)"在希拉里被提名后,其丈夫、美国前任总统比尔·克林顿发表演讲,称赞希拉里为天生的领导者(natural leader),也是其一生中遇到的最佳革新者(the best darn change-maker he has ever met in his entire life)日希拉里正式接受了民主党总统候选人提名,承诺提供"稳定的领导(steady leadership)"并为美国人创造更多的经济机会(more economic opporties Americans)尽管希拉里如愿获得总统候选人提名,但民主党内前曝光的邮件丑闻而出现的分裂局面依旧存在许多桑德斯的持者仍对初选结果感到失望(many Sanders fans remained dismayed at the outcome of the primary),他们表示初选过程受到了操纵、对这位佛蒙特州的参议员不利(be rigged against the Vermont senator)希拉里获得正式提名后,数十名桑德斯的持者走出会场,在旁边的媒体中心内静坐抗议(a few dozens of his supporters walked out of the hall in protest, staging a sit-in inside the adjacent media center)[相关词汇]女权主义者 feminist性别平等 gender equality总统大选 presidential election选举人团 electoral college蓝州(持民主党的州) blue state红州(持共和党的州) red state摇摆州 swing state6. 脂肪税fat tax请看例句:The government of Kerala in India announced a .5% "fat tax" on pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and other junk food served in branded outlets.印度喀拉拉邦政府近日宣布,将对品牌外卖店供应的匹萨、汉堡、三明治、炸玉米饼和其他垃圾食品征收.5%的"脂肪税"喀拉拉邦是印度肥胖症患者第二多的地区,仅次于印度北部的旁遮普邦(Kerala has the most number of people suffering from obesity after the northern state of Punjab in India)为了让人们更加注意对饮食的选择和控制肥胖(make people more conscious about food choices and curb obesity)问题,喀拉拉邦政府推出的"脂肪税"明确规定,在麦当劳、肯德基、赛百味等餐厅出售的高脂肪和高热量食品(high fat and calorie food)都属于"脂肪税"征收的范畴当地官员表示,此举旨在抑制可能导致肥胖的食品消费(curb consumption of food which might lead to obesity),同时也是为了响应世界卫生组织倡议的使用财政手段促进健康饮食的号召(in sync with the World Health Organization's advocacy of using fiscal tools to promote healthy eating)虽然这项措施可能会令部分年轻人感到沮丧(upset some youth),但医生和家长都会为此感到高兴一名当地儿科医生表示,脂肪税并不一定能阻止孩子们食用"垃圾食品",不过由于家长在购买这些食品时会因价格问题而三思,垃圾食品的消费量将会下降(consumption of junk food will drop)为了与肥胖作斗争,许多国家都曾考虑引入脂肪税年,丹麦就曾推出过脂肪税(Denmark introduced a fat tax in ),但后来因为发现国内消费者纷纷跨境购买高脂肪食品(consumers shop across the border high fat goods),又于年废除了该政策[相关词汇]减肥 lose weight体脂肪率 body fat percentage腹肌 abdominal muscles个税 personal income tax房产税 housing property tax(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:Helen)。
  • 超500件梦露私人物品将被拍卖 包括她用过的口红(组图) -- :3:18 来源:chinadaily Nearly 5 years after Marilyn Monroe tragically passed away, fans are still clamoring to own a piece of the screen icon.在荧幕偶像玛丽莲bull;梦露不幸去世近5年后,粉丝们仍然争相拥有她生前用过的物品In November, a collection of the star's personal items — including handwritten notes, receipts, clothing, accessories, and jewelry — will go up auction at Julien's Auctions.今年月,这位女星的众多私人物品——包括手写便条、收据、衣、配饰和珠宝将在朱利安拍卖行进行拍卖More than 500 lots of her belongings will be at the auction, which will take place in Los Angeles, and in total they are expected to fetch between $ million and $ million.梦露的500多件私人物品将在洛杉矶举行的拍卖会上亮相,总计将拍得0万到00万美元The items up grabs were left to her acting mentor, Lee Strasberg, whom himself died in 198, years after Marilyn.这些将被拍卖的物品是梦露留给她的表演导师李bull;斯特拉斯伯格的198年,在梦露去世年后,斯特拉斯伯格也去世了Julien's Auctions said the items have never been on the auction block bee, and are being offered sale by the estate of Strasberg. The actor, director, and teacher also taught stars including James Dean, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Jane Fonda.朱利安拍卖行称,这些由斯特拉斯伯格产业提供的藏品此前从未上过拍卖台作为一名演员、导演和导师,斯特拉斯伯格还曾给许多其他明星授课,包括詹姆斯bull;迪恩、阿尔bull;帕西诺、杰克bull;尼科尔森和简bull;方达Many of the items are preserved exactly as they were when Monroe died of a drug overdose in 196, at the age of 36.藏品中有许多都保存得和梦露去世时一模一样196年梦露死于药过量,享年36岁The collection will first go on tour in Europe, Asia, South America, and the US bee being sold off on November 19 and .这些藏品将于月19日至日被拍卖,拍卖前将前往欧洲、亚洲、南美和美国进行巡回展览'This is one of the most important and historic auctions of Marilyn Monroe ever,' said Martin Nolan, the Executive Director of Julien's Auctions. 'This diverse collection gives us a most intimate glimpse of the screen legend. Never bee have there been so many important artifacts from the life and career of the much loved global icon Marilyn Monroe.'朱利安拍卖行的执行总监马丁bull;诺兰说:“这是有史以来最重要、最具有历史意义的梦露藏品的拍卖之一这些内容多样的藏品让我们得以一窥这位荧幕传奇女性的私人生活此前我们从未见过这么多来自这位备受喜爱的全球偶像生活和工作的重要工艺品”One of those artifacts include a small gold minaudiere, which is being sold with two dimes, eight Philip Morris cigarettes, and a used Revlon lipstick in the vibrant red shade. It is expected to fetch between $,000 and $,000.其中一件工艺品是一个金质的小化妆品盒,它将连同盒内的两个美分硬币、八根菲利普bull;莫里斯香烟、一用过的露华浓亮红色口红一起被拍卖预计将拍得1.5万至万美元There are several other handbags as well, including an alligator one from I. Magnin #38; Co. and a grey pony handbag from Mexico still containing three one-peso bills.藏品中还有几个手提包,包括I. Magnin #38; Co.公司生产的一只短吻鳄皮包,以及来自墨西哥的一只灰色马皮包,里面还装有三张1比索面额的钞票Bidders will also have a chance to purchase a pair of the star's shoes, a crystal-embellished make-up mirror, coats, and furs.竞拍者还有机会购得梦露的一双鞋、一面用水晶装饰的化妆镜、几件外套和皮草Of course, it wouldn't be a Marilyn auction without some jewelry, as the blonde bombshell was the first to deliver the song Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend to the public.当然,如果没有珠宝,那就不算是真正的梦露拍卖会,因为这位金发性感尤物是第一个将《钻石是女孩最好的朋友这首歌传递给大众的This auction will include a platinum diamond Blancpain watch, which is estimated to fetch between ,000 and 双语:高空的浪漫 美国夫妇的热气球婚礼 -- :9: 来源:   Suspended 00ft above the ground, a Georgia bride and groom were literally floating on air on their big day as they tied the knot on a hot air balloon.  在距离地面00英尺(约6米)的热气球上,佐治亚州的一对夫妇在空中举办了一场别出心裁的浪漫婚礼  Sara and Joseph Stewart, from Canton, exchanged their vows during the unusual ceremony, watched by a single friend.  只有一位好友同在热气球上见了这对夫妇--萨莎·斯图尔特和约瑟夫·斯图尔特相互交换誓言的那一神圣时刻  But it wasn't all plain sailing, as the loved-up pair had had to keep their unique choice of venue a secret until the last moment in case the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.  这一切并不是一帆风顺的,因为热气球的起飞会受天气状况的影响,所以两人将热气球婚礼的计划一直保密到最后   The unusual choice of venue also meant that Mrs Stewart's father was unable to be with them as they exchanged vows, although he did give his daughter away beehand.  由于婚礼举办场所比较特殊,新娘的父亲无法当面见新人交换誓言,但在两人登上热气球之前,萨莎的爸爸牵着女儿的手将她交到了约瑟夫的手中  In the event, the only close friend to share the couple's magical moment was Leslie, a military chaplain who permed the ceremony.  热气球上除了萨莎和约瑟夫,只有作为牧师的两人的好友莱斯利在场分享了他们的喜悦瞬间  Rather than sending their friends invitations to a wedding, the couple invited them to their house the following day to watch the footage of the quirky ceremony and celebrate their marriage.  与其他人直接邀请朋友去婚礼现场不同,斯图尔特夫妇在婚礼第二天邀请朋友们去家里观看他们在热气球上的浪漫婚礼视频,以此来为他们庆祝  Mrs Stewart, a wedding photographer, came up with the idea after her new husband revealed he had planned to pop the question on a hot air balloon, but decided it was too expensive.  萨莎是一名婚礼摄影师,约瑟夫之前本想在热气球上向她求婚,但因为花销不菲只能作罢两人在热气球上举行婚礼的想法就来源于此  'In my line of work I had seen so many different weddings and I didn't want to copy anyone else's,' she says. 'I wanted to do something different.'  “我在工作中看到过各式各样的婚礼,我不想重复他人的”萨莎说,“我想做点与众不同的事”  'I wanted to do something I had never seen bee. Joey told me that he had thought about proposing to me on a hot air balloon, so then I came up with the idea of getting married in one. He thought it was an awesome idea.'  “我想做一些之前从未经历过的当约瑟夫告诉我他本想在热气球上向我求婚的时候,我就想出了举办热气球婚礼的主意他也同意并觉得很棒”  The couple married in August after dating two years - but the soulmates had been friends since meeting during an American Football game at university in .  萨莎和约瑟夫交往两年后于年结婚,但是两人从年在大学的一场足球赛上相识后就一直是朋友  'We got a lot of great reactions from our friends and family,' added the happy bride. 'I'm sure a lot of them thought we were weird doing it, but I think after everyone watched the they agreed that it was a pretty cool idea.  “我们的朋友和家人对此反应不一”萨莎说,“我确定大部人肯定觉得我们这么做有点怪,但是我相信只要他们看到我们婚礼视频,一定也会赞成这是个很酷的想法的”  'We actually didn't tell them about the balloon because we weren't 0 per cent sure that we would be able to fly so we kept it a secret in case we needed to change plans.  “实际上之前我们并没有跟大家说要在热气球上举行婚礼,因为我们不能百分百确定热气球一定能在那天顺利起飞,所以为了防止计划有变我们一直保密到最后”  'It really was the best day of my life. I loved when Joey was saying his vows to me because we were completely surrounded in a cloud of white. It was perfect, so still and beautiful.  “那天真的是我生命中最重要的一天约瑟夫对着我讲誓言的那个时候,我真是陶醉了,因为那时我们正被洁白的云朵包围着宁静而美丽,简直太完美了”  'We started the ceremony on the ground so that my father could still give me away, and only immediate family came to see us fly. It was perfect.'  “婚礼是在地面上就开始举行的,这样爸爸仍可以牵着我的手将我交给约瑟夫,当时在场观看我们热气球婚礼的只有我们最亲近的家人这感觉很棒”,000 but could go much more. There are also diamond necklaces and bracelets.这场拍卖会上将会有一只宝铂牌的白金钻石手表,预计将拍得8万至万美元,也可能比这高得多另外拍卖会上还会有钻石项链和手链In addition to clothes, jewelry, and accessories, several lots include paper documents, address books, and artwork once belonging to the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star.除了衣、珠宝和配饰,还有许多其他物品,包括纸质文件、通讯簿和这位主演过电影《绅士爱美人的明星生前拥有的艺术品Vocabularyminaudiere: 化妆盒英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编辑:丹妮。
  • 慕尼黑击案:嫌疑伊朗裔 无伊斯兰恐怖组织背景 --5 ::50 来源: 德国警方周六宣布,在慕尼黑用射杀九人然后自杀的伊朗裔德国青年有过治疗精神病的经历,很可能是一个孤胆手,与伊斯兰激进组织没有联系 MUNICH (HuffPostReuters) - A German-Iranian teenager who killed nine people and then himself in Munich had undergone psychiatric treatment and was in all probability a lone gunman who had no Islamist militant ties, police said on Saturday.《赫芬顿邮报、路透社慕尼黑报道——德国警方周六宣布,在慕尼黑用射杀九人然后自杀的伊朗裔德国青年有过治疗精神病的经历,很可能是一个孤胆手,与伊斯兰激进组织没有联系The 18-year-old attacker opened fire at a fast food restaurant near a busy shopping mall in Munich on Friday evening, killing at least nine people in the third attack on civilians in Western Europe in eight days. He was later found dead of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, carrying more than 300 bullets in his backpack.这位18岁的攻击者周五晚上在慕尼黑一家繁忙的商场旁边的快餐店开火,打死至少9人,这是西欧八天内经历的第三起针对平民的攻击后来,他被发现疑似死于自己造成的伤,背包里携带了300多发子弹As authorities sought to piece together the circumstances of an attack, they all but ruled out any link to Islamic militant groups.当局试图还原这次攻击的本末,他们想了所有的可能性,但排除了任何与伊斯兰激进组织的联系Following a police search of the shooter’s room, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said there are “no indications whatsoever that there is a connection to Islamic State,” nor is shooting connected to the issue of refugees. The investigations also indicate the shooter acted alone, he said.慕尼黑警察局长胡贝图斯·安德烈在警方搜查过手的房间之后说,“没有任何迹象表明,手有和伊斯兰国家的联系”,击案也和难民问题无关他说,调查还表明手是单独行动的The teenage gunman was born and brought up in the Munich area and was a dual Iranian-German national, police said.警方称,这名十几岁的手在慕尼黑出生、长大,具有伊朗和德国双重国籍He had spent time in psychiatric care, and appeared to be obsessed with mass shootings ― his room was full of books on the subject, including a title called: ‘Rampage in Head: Why Students Kill.’ Police said he had no criminal record but he was a victim of two minor crimes ― a theft in and bodily harm in .他在花了一些时间来治疗精神病,表现得似乎很迷恋大规模击——他的房间里放满了有关这个主题的书,其中一本的标题是《狂暴的头脑:为什么学生会杀人警方称,他没有犯罪记录,但他是两起小型犯罪的受害者——分别是年的盗窃和年的人身伤害Investigators said the shooter appears to have hacked a young woman’s Facebook and posted a message luring people to the mall where he carried out the shooting, HuffPost Germany reported. “I’ll give you something if you want, but not too expensive,” the message , asking people to come to the mall at p.m., per the Associated Press.据《赫芬顿邮报德国版报道,调查人员说,手似乎已经入侵了一个年轻女子的Facebook账户,并发布一条消息吸引人们去他犯下击案的那个商场援引美联社的消息,“我会给你你想要的东西,但不会太贵”这条消息要人们下午点去商场German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said there were indications the killer had been bullied “by others his age.” He also cited concerns about the role violent games may have played in the crime.德国内政部长托马斯·德梅齐埃说,有迹象表明手曾经“被同龄人欺负过”他也表达了暴力会导致犯罪的担忧The shooting took place on the fifth anniversary of twin attacks by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, who in shot dead 69 attendees at a youth summer camp hours after murdering eight others by detonating a van bomb in Oslo. De Maiziere said it was also too early to associate the Munich shootings with Breivik.击事件发生在与之类似的挪威大规模击案五周年的时候当时的凶手安德斯·布雷维克年在奥斯陆引爆了一辆面包车炸弹杀害八人后,开打死69名参加青年夏令营的成员德梅齐埃说,现在就把慕尼黑击案与布雷维克相关联还为时尚早In addition to determining the motive, police will have to find out how the 18-year-old got the firearm used in the attack in a country whose gun control system is described by the U.S. Congress Library as being “among the most stringent in Europe.”除了确定动机,警方还需要找出这位18岁的手是如何在美国国会图书馆称之为“几乎是欧洲最严格”的控系统中得到攻击用的武器的Police commandos, armed with night vision equipment and dogs, raided an apartment in the Munich neighborhood of Maxvorstadt early on Saturday where the German newspaper Bild said the gunman lived with his parents.装备了夜视器材和警犬的警方突击队,周六早晨搜查了慕尼黑马克斯城区的一间公寓,据德国报纸《图片报说,手在此和他的父母住在一起“I am shocked, what happened to the boy? Only God knows what happened,” Telfije Dalpi, a 0-year-old Macedonian neighbor of the family told Reuters. “I have no idea what happened - but he was a good human being. I have no idea if he did anything bad elsewhere.”“我惊呆了,这孩子发生什么事了?只有上帝才知道发生了什么”这家人的马其顿邻居、0岁的塔尔菲吉·达尔皮告诉路透社记者,“我不知道发生了什么——但他是一个很好的人我不知道他在别的地方做了什么坏事”There was a huge police presence in the street, which lies just north of Munich’s old city.这里就在慕尼黑的旧城区北边,街道上挤满了警察Andrae said authorities saw no links to an attack in southern Germany last Monday in which an axe-wielding -year-old asylum-seeker injured five people in an incident claimed by the Islamic State group.安德烈说,当局认为此事与德国南部上星期一的袭击有关,那次事件中岁的寻求庇护者用斧头砍伤了五,伊斯兰国组织声称对此次事件负责Bavarian State premier Horst Seehofer said attacks should not be allowed to undermine democratic freedoms. “ the second time in a few days we’ve been shaken by an incomprehensible bloodbath... Uncertainty and fear must not be allowed to gain the upper hand,” a visibly shaken Seehofer told reporters.巴伐利亚州州长霍斯特·泽霍费尔说,袭击事件不应该破坏民主自由“对于几天来我们第二次被难以理解的屠杀所动摇……不能让不确定和恐惧占上风”看起来明显动摇了的泽霍费尔告诉记者Andrae said it was premature to say whether Friday’s shooting was a terrorist attack, as French President Francois Hollande said, or the work of a deranged person.安德烈说,把周五的击案定为一起恐怖袭击还为时过早,或者就如同法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德所说,这是一个疯狂的人做出来的事Police said they were investigating a in which the gunman is heard shouting “I am German” and exchanging racial slurs and profanities with another man. “We are trying to determine who said what,” a police spokesman said.警方说,他们正在调查一段视频,在视频中手喊了一声“我是德国人”并和另一个人互相说有关种族污辱和亵渎的话“我们正试图确定谁说了这些话”警方发言人说Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her top security advisors Saturday to review Friday’s attack. “We are all - and I’m saying this on behalf of the whole federal government - mourning with a heavy heart those who will never return to their families,” Merkel said.安格拉·默克尔总理周六与最高安全顾问会面,商谈周五的击案“我们所有人——我个人,代表整个联邦政府——沉痛哀悼那些无法回到自己家庭的人”默克尔说“To the families, the parents and children whom everything today seems empty and pointless, I say personally and in the name of many, many people in Germany: we share your pain, we’re thinking of you and we’re suffering with you.”“对这些家庭、父母和孩子来说,来说,今天似乎一切都是空的、毫无意义的,我以我个人名义,并代表很多、很多德国人,一起分享你们的痛苦,我们正想你们所想,我们正痛苦着你们的痛苦”Seven of his victims were themselves teenagers. Three of his victims were years old, two were , one was and one 19. The others were and 5, the police chief said.受害者中有7人是青少年其中3人岁,人岁,一人岁,一人19岁警察局长说,其余两人分别是岁和5岁At least people, including several children, were in hospital and three were in critical condition, Andrae said.安德烈说,包括7名儿童在内的至少人受伤送医,其中3人伤势较重Kosovan media reported that three of the victims were of Kosovan origin. Naim Zabergja, the father of one of the victims wrote on Facebook: “With great sadness I want to inm you that my son Dijamant Zabergja, 1, was killed yesterday in Munich.”科索沃媒体报道称,有三名受害者来自科索沃一名受害者的父亲,纳伊姆·扎加在脸书网上写道:“怀着巨大的悲伤,我想告诉你,我1岁的儿子迪迦门特·扎加,昨天在慕尼黑被杀了”A second victim was named by her brother on Facebook as Armela Segashi, who he said died along with a third, Sabina Sulaj.另一名受害者是由她的兄弟在脸书网上确认姓名的阿米拉·瑟加西,据她的兄弟所说,一同丧生的还有第三名受害者萨宾娜·苏拉吉Friday’s incident snarled traffic as authorities blocked highways, closed the main railway station, and shut down public transport.上周五的事件导致了交通拥堵,因为当局封锁了公路,关闭了主要的火车站和公共交通Thousands of people had been crowding the streets and squares in Munich’s city center on Friday a beer festival.上周五,成千上万的人因为啤酒节挤在慕尼黑市中心的街道和广场上“There were a few people who came running towards us who were screaming and in panic. But mostly it was surprisingly calm,” said Elena Hakes, who had been with a friend in the Odeonsplatz square.“有几个人一边惊恐地尖叫着一边向我们跑过来但大多数时候平静得出奇”曾在音乐厅广场与朋友待在一起的埃琳娜·哈克斯说The incidents in Germany follow an attack in Nice, France, in which a Tunisian drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 8. Islamic State claimed responsibility.德国的事件发生在法国尼斯的袭击之后,当时一名突尼斯人把货车开到庆祝法国国庆日的人群中,造成8人死亡,伊斯兰国声称对此负责。
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