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2019年11月15日 22:02:28 | 作者:养心乐园 | 来源:新华社
Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010缅甸反对党派质疑军队将移交权力The head of Burma's military junta, General Than Shwe, says he intends to give up control of the government to whoever wins elections in 2010. However, members of the opposition in Burma doubt the military will allow a transition to civilian rule. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将说,他准备把缅甸政府的控制权交给任何在2010年选举中获胜的人。不过缅甸反对党成员怀疑,军队是否会允许同意把权力移交给文职政府。Burmese general Than Shwe went on national television, Thursday, to mark the country's Armed Forces Day holiday. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将为纪念缅甸建军节在全国电视台上露面。A constitutional referendum is scheduled for May, paving the way for multi-party elections in 2010, at which time the general says power will be handed over. 缅甸定于5月份就一项宪法草案举行公投,为2010年的多党选举铺平道路。丹瑞大将说,届时他将交出权力。In his speech, he said his government has what he describes as "a sincere aim for developing the country without any cravings for power." 丹瑞在讲话中表示,他的政府是一个“对国家发展有着真诚目标,但对权力却没有任何欲望”的政府。But members of Burma's opposition are expressing doubt that the military has any intention of giving up power to civilians. Veteran opposition politician Thakin Chan Tun indicates it is likely General Than Shwe, who is now 77 years old, will have no choice but to give up power in two years' time, because of his age and health. But he says that does not mean the military will relinquish power.但是缅甸反对党成员对军政府是否会把权力移交给文职政府表示了怀疑。反对党资深成员德钦貌吞说,丹瑞大将现年77岁,由于他的年龄和健康,在未来两年里他没有其他选择,很可能不得不放弃权力。The politician says the basic principles of the constitution drafted by the military leaders allow for the military to retain control of much of the parliament and key posts in the government. He says the army will be able to continue to rule the country, even if Than Shwe gives up his post. 但是德钦貌吞说,这并不意味着军队也会放弃权力。他说,缅甸军队领导人起草的宪法草案的基本原则是,允许军队保持对议会的主要控制权,并保留关键的政府职位。即使丹瑞放弃他的职位,军队还会继续保持对缅甸的统治能力。The military has ruled Burma since a coup in 1962. The military took over virtually every aspect of the Burmese economy, which has gone from being one of the most diverse and prosperous in Southeast Asia to one of the poorest. Despite being rich in natural gas, timber and other resources, per capita income is less than 240 dollars a year. 自从军队1962年发动军事政变以来一直统治缅甸。军队实际上控制着缅甸经济的每一个层面。缅甸从一个经济最具多样性、最繁荣的东南亚国家之一,跌落到一个最贫困的东南亚国家之一。虽然缅甸有着丰富的天然气、木材和其他资源,但是缅甸的人均收入却每年不到240美元。A spike in fuel prices, last year, triggered mostly peaceful protests by thousands of Buddhist monks and others who demanded reforms. 去年燃油价格飙升引发了数千名佛教僧侣和其他人举行基本上和平的示威活动,要求实行改革。Government forces used violence to crush the demonstrations and have continued to imprison people suspected of participating in protest activities. ed Nations officials say more than 30 people were killed in the crackdown. Others say the figure is probably higher. 政府部队动用暴力镇压示威,并继续关押被怀疑参加了抗议活动的人士。联合国官员说,有30多人死于政府的镇压行动,但其他人说,这个数字可能更高。The ed States and other members of the international community have called on the Burmese leaders to undertake real democratic reforms and open a meaningful dialogue with political opponents, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for years. 美国和其他国际社会成员国呼吁缅甸领导人切实采取改革措施,并同包括反对派领袖昂山素季在内的政治反对派人士开展有实质意义的对话,昂山素季多年来一直被软禁。Burmese leaders have launched what they call a "road map to democracy," approving a draft constitution that will go before voters in May. Washington has labeled the referendum a sham because it was drafted in a closed process by a hand-picked committee dominated by senior officials of the military government. 缅甸领导人启动了他们所称的“民主路线图”。他们批准一项宪法草案,选民将于今年5月进行表决。美国政府称这项公投是骗局,因为宪法草案是由政府筛选出来的、以军政府高级官员为主的委员会秘密起草的。200803/32617M: Ron Rogge from the University of Rochester is heading up the ( the)newly-weds study. And Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist here in New York and Today contributor. Good morning to both of you. R amp; G: Good morning, Matt. M: Ron, 40% of these marriages are...the divorces ( 40 got )are happening in the first 5 years of marriage. Why are those first 5 years so turbulent? R: Well, merging your lives together is a really complicated and difficult thing. Suddenly your business partner, your roommates, for most couples, you'll also become parents together, and the joy and the fun that you have with each other can get lost in that tangle. M: And maybe you had unrealistic expectations going into it. You didn't stop and talk about the things that you should've talked ( should've done )about when you were still dating. R: True. That. . . . we actually find that, you know, a lot of couples argue about sex, money, finances, urm, chores. But it turns out it doesn't matter as much what you are arguing about. It's how you handle those problems. M: And actual(ly), and this is what you comment because you say that really one of the ways to avoid this is to remember what you learned in kindergarten. Explain that. R: Well, it really comes down to being nice to each other. You know, when problems come up, when you have a problem, your partner has a problem or there's a problem between the two of you, trying to handle it with kindness will give you a really long way. M: Gail, is it. . . is it that easy as all about being nice to each other, sharing your toys and getting naps when you need them? G: We all know it's , it's an extension of that. The , the take peace talk about communication. And that is so key because you're never gonna be each other's clones. So you're always gonna have to negotiate, you're always gonna have to compromise, and you can't do that unless you talked to the person about what's going on . The other thing is that the feeling of being understood. Nothing makes you feel intimate like feeling like your partner really understands ya. M: So, clearly in a lot of these marriages especially the ones that're ending in divorce, that line of communication is closing down somehow. (Yes. ) So, so how do ya keep it open because stuff happens as the expression goes? G: That's correct. But it takes time. You see you've brought up unrealistic expectations and that's true, this is an expectation that it should be bliss. You shouldn't have to say much. This person is in my corner aly. So I can just go out and do my things in the world and kind of ignore and come home and they'll just be there. But that's not true. It does take time. It does take effort to communicate. It takes a concerted effort and you have to be vulnerable which lots of people don't want to do. M: On Wall Street they look at the stock market and they say it's a good indicator what happens in the first couple of weeks in January, generally tells you how the market's gonna do all year long. So were you saying that these first couple of years of marriage is gonna tell you how you, what your chance of survival is? R: It's amazing. We can see the seeds of divorce in the first month of marriage when couples are saying, "we are blissfully happy, we will never get divorced". And yet, if they are not handling these things well, if they are not keeping the fun in their relationship and really nurturing their relationship, we can see that it's probably gonna head down on a wrong path. M: Gail, let's get to some of your tips. Give more than take. G: You know, it's interesting. My parents told me this all along as I was growing up. If you give each other 80%, you'll both be getting plenty, right? I think about that in my own marriage and I think about that in people I counsel all the time. Give a lot. People always are so concerned about staking out their territory. That doesn't work. Give a lot. M: Next know how to fight? G: So important because you can have a little skirmishes, and you will, and those are okay, but if you let them fester, you get the big brouhaha and that'll break up the marrige. M: And , and show lots of affection that one couple said, "we still hold hands a little bit. Do more than that. Get in there , it will be affectionate. " Right? G: Absolutely. R: But we asked couples, you know, "How much affection would you like? Well, would you like to change in your relationship? "And it's amazing how often, both the husbands and wives will say, "I'd like to have more affection. " G: But it means being"vulnerable", you have to, in order to show each other affection. By the way, the bedroom is a big barometer for what's going on there. There're lots of sexual fights that can end a marriage. Sex is important. M: And you are gonna follow these 1, 600 people, these 8 hundred couples over the,over the course of 4 years. I would imagine just the evaluation, the process may help a lot these couples coz' they are gonna talk about it. R: Well, you know, they really like, in general, when we asked couples, they like to participate. M: Very good. A lot for more. Ron, thank you so much. Gail, thank you very much. R: Pleasure. 200808/46528Hold tight please!请抓紧了!This is Anna, on a bus going to an interview for a job as a sales executive at Tip Top Trading – one of Londons fastest growing companies.这是安娜,她在前往Tip Top Trading公司面试销售主管的公车上,Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一。How are you feeling Anna?你感觉怎么样,安娜?Oh, a little nervous but I really want this job.有点紧张,但是我很想得到这个工作。Well dont worry Anna, as long as you say the right things, youll be fine.别担心,安娜,只要你说话无误就没问题。The right things! ? Like what?正确的事情?!比如什么?You need to sell yourself, be confident, not arrogant and give examples.Like:你要宣传自己,自信,不傲慢还要有理有据。比如:A good example that comes to mind.我想到了一个很好的例子。Im particularly proud of.我特别自豪。Timekeeping is important to me.守时对我来说很重要。Oh right. Thanks. Perhaps you can come with me?是的,谢谢。也许你能跟我一起?Sorry Anna, youre on your own now – but well be listening in.对不起,安娜,现在你要自己去了,但是我们会听着的。Look! Youve just arrived. Good luck!看!你正好到了。好运!Come in. Hello, Im Paul, the Manager of Tip Top Trading. And you must be… Its Anna.请进。你好,我是保罗。Tip Top Trading的经理,你肯定是……我是安娜。Yes, very good. Thanks for coming.是的,很好。感谢你能来。Now somewhere in this pile, Ive got your CV…在这堆文件里,我有你的简历…… /201611/479856A senior American official has urged India to move quickly to wrap up a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. The request comes as India's prime minister says his government is trying to build a political consensus on the controversial agreement, which is strongly opposed by his communist allies.  美国一位高级官员敦促印度迅速采取行动,和美国敲定一笔民用核交易。印度总理说,印度政府正努力就这项有争议的交易取得政治共识,而这项交易受到他的共产党盟友的强烈反对。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher says the civilian nuclear deal between India and the ed States faces a lot of "tight deadlines."  美国助理国务卿包润石说,印度与美国的这笔民用核交易面临着很多“紧迫的最后期限”。Boucher spoke to reporters Wednesday in New Delhi, where he has met Indian officials.  包润石星期三在新德里发表以上讲话。他在新德里会晤了印度官员。The deal will allow New Delhi to get access to civilian nuclear technology, even though it has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. 如果双方达成协议,尽管印度没有签署核不扩散条约,也仍然可以获得民用核技术。The pact still needs to get the final approval of the U.S. Congress. Before that happens, India has to conclude an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency and obtain a waiver from the 45-nation Nuclear Supplier Group, which regulates global civilian nuclear trade.  这笔交易还需要得到美国国会的最终批准。在此之前,印度必须与国际原子能机构达成协议,并取得核供应国集团45个成员国的同意。核供应国集团负责协调管理全球的民用核交易。Boucher says all these steps need to be completed quickly so that the pact can be presented to the U.S. Congress by July, ahead of the American presidential elections. 包润石说,所有这些步骤都要迅速完成,才能赶在美国总统选举之前,于7月把这笔交易提交美国国会。"You start adding these things up and we are kind of playing on overtime right now. There is an awful lot of work to do and not a lot of time. So, I think everybody understands that reality and, as I said, as soon as the Indian government is y to go ahead, we are too," Boucher said.  他说:“很多工作摆在面前,而我们现在已经有些滞后了。工作很多,但是时间却不多。所以我认为大家都了解这个现实。只要印度政府做好准备,我们也做好了准备。”The deal has been held up by domestic politics in India. The Indian government's Communist allies strongly oppose the agreement because they feel it undermines India's sovereignty and have warned the government not to go ahead with it. 这项协议的进展受到印度国内政治的拖延。印度政府中联合政党的共产党强烈反对这项协议。他们认为这将损害印度主权,并警告政府不要签署这项协议。However, the government is holding talks with the IAEA and says it remains committed to sealing the nuclear agreement with Washington.  印度政府正在和国际原子能机构举行谈判,而且表示印度仍然致力于跟美国签署这一核协议。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told parliament Wednesday his government is trying to bring around its allies.  印度总理辛格星期三对议会说,印度正在试图说持印度共产党。"We also continue to seek the broadest possible consensus within the country to enable the next step to be taken," Singh said. I believe such cooperation is good for us, for our energy security and for the world. 他说:“我们还在继续寻求在国内形成最大的共识,以便采取下一步的进程。这种合作对我们是有利的,对我们的能源安全有利,对世界有利。”But it remains unclear how Prime Minister Singh will overcome opposition from his Communist allies, who have repeatedly threatened to withdraw support for the government if it goes ahead with the nuclear deal. 可是现在仍然不清楚辛格总理将采取何种办法说共产党联盟转变立场。印度共产党反复威胁说,如果印度政府签署这项核协议,他们就不再持政府。200803/28749

"Across the battlefield, I saw the bodies of Jamuqa's(扎木和) men lying together like felled logs in the forest." Following the defeat, Jamuqa fled into the mountains of Tannu(唐努). He hid throughout the winter of 1204. In the spring, he reappeared, escorted by two of his own generals who thought they knew where their best interests lay. They delivered Jamuqa to Temujin(铁木真). "The generals expected a reward for betraying their leader and delivering him into the hands of his enemy. And I saw they got their reward."felled: chopped down (about a tree)200809/49720

SEACREST: Congratulations to Taylor Hicks, the new American idol.TAYLOR HICKS, WINNER OF "AMERICAN IDOL" FIFTH SEASON: Feeling great.SEACREST: Has it sunk in yet, Taylor?HICKS: I've been on a press tour, we both have, for about 48 hours now and, yes, I mean slowly as things start slowing down I start realizing it and it's pretty amazing stuff.SEACREST: And, Kat (ph), you talk about the bubble that all of you live in during the series. How do you feel now being the runner- up, which is a huge accomplishment?KATHARINE MCPHEE, RUNNER-UP "AMERICAN IDOL" SEASON FIVE: A huge accomplishment. I feel fantastic. Yesterday was a little weird. First of all, I only had about 45 minutes of sleep.JACKSON: Wow!MCPHEE: Between the finale and...SEACREST: Is that right, 45 minutes of sleep?MCPHEE: Forty-five minutes of sleep between the finale and when we started our press very early in the morning. And I just -- it was weird because my day was over at 2:30 yesterday. I know Taylor's was a little bit longer. But I was like, all right, well I guess I'll just sleep. It was just weird, you know.JACKSON: Par for the course.MCPHEE: The bubble has now officially been popped so the world is at our fingertips.SEACREST: Well, Randy, how would you now looking back on the season assess what these two have accomplished?JACKSON: I just want to say congratulations to both you guys. I mean you guys are definitely two of my favorites. And, I think, you know, at the beginning of the season, you know, we see all these kids, Ryan. You're out on the road with us and you really never know. But I must say we're really happy because he was so different. We'd never seen anything like him. And she, I don't know if she knows this, she was really different for us too, reason being we've never had a great contestant from L.A.SEACREST: Yes.JACKSON: This is where we live. Oh, my god, California, come on and we were like shocked.SEACREST: You know it's interesting because you come from different backgrounds, different parts of the U.S., Taylor from a smaller town in Alabama. By the way, Alabama, lots of idols coming out of Bama.HICKS: Yes, it's...SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).HICKS: Yes.SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).JACKSON: Ham and the ham is putting it down.HICKS: Interesting, you know.SEACREST: Of course, Sherman Oaks, a part of Los Angeles.MCPHEE: Yes.SEACREST: Do you think that that was a plus or a minus, a pro or a con being from a big city on "American Idol" Kat? MCPHEE: I think it might have definitely played against me a little bit. I mean I don't want to go into any negative because, look it, I mean I got this far and obviously people were voting for me. But, you know, it's just different coming from especially not only, I mean it would be different with like Chicago or Boston but L.A., you know, this is like where everybody comes to become famous and I was born here, so it's just different.HICKS: Well, you know what, you're famous now.JACKSON: Absolutely, that's right. And you know, listen, it was special for us though with saying that we still every season didn't find anybody great from L.A. And you know there's somebody great here and when you showed up we couldn't believe it though. We couldn't believe it. We couldn't. Dude, I'm serious.MCPHEE: Oh, thanks Randy.SEACREST: I know for a fact the judges when they would see Los Angeles on the audition schedule they would say, "Oh, we're not going to find" -- everybody's jaded.MCPHEE: Really?(CROSSTALK)JACKSON: Because we haven't been to New York in years.SEACREST: You actually didn't want to go there.JACKSON: Yes, well we hadn't been to New York in a couple years, Ryan's hometown Atlanta we hadn't been in a couple years just because the big cities started giving us kind of more of a little bit of a jaded vibe, you know.MCPHEE: Wow.JACKSON: But it's just amazing to me. That's why I don't know if you remember me asking you "Dud, where you been?" Like what?MCPHEE: Yes, I remember that.SEACREST: And what's the answer?MCPHEE: Oh, gosh.SEACREST: Where were you hiding?MCPHEE: Where have I been hiding? I've been like in the town, so crazy. I just -- I've been, you know, auditioning like every other girl in L.A.SEACREST: Apparently we're having some problems with her microphone with Kat's mike.MCPHEE: Oh.SEACREST: You can -- we'll try and fix that in the break in just a second.MCPHEE: OK.SEACREST: Now, Taylor, in that moment that we saw you are the winner of "American Idol." A beat before I announced your name what was going through your mind"HICKS: Don't fall down. Don't let your legs or your knees buckle. And, then you when you announced it, it was great.SEACREST: And the moments after when you were performing could you even -- is it just too much to take in sensory overload?HICKS: Yes, it's overwhelming, you know, and I wanted to thank the band and all the production staff and everybody behind the scenes that really makes this phenomenon work.200809/49232

Hello. Its another busy day at the offices of Tip Top Trading…你好,这又是Tip Top Trading办公室忙绿的一天。And I said no John, not at my age, Id rather take the bus…然后我说,不,约翰,不是我的年龄该做的事,我宁愿坐公交。…yeah Pete, thats great, so well deliver 2,000 bananas by Friday.是的,皮特,很好,我们会在周五前送去2000个香蕉。Lets have a beer soon… yeah… cheers mate.让我们改天喝杯啤酒,再见,伙计。But there are two people who are busy annoying each other…但有两个人在闹得不可开交。So you did what?所以你做了什么?You ordered the second-hand ones? !你定了二手的?Chillax Hannah… Anna!冷静,汉娜。安娜!…theyre just oranges…他们只是橙子。…plastic lemons actually.其实是塑料柠檬。Anna is struggling to work with Rachel, Mr Socrates favourite Sales Executive, who hes sent in to help out… or hinder more like!安娜正尽力和瑞秋合作,这是苏格拉底先生最喜欢的员工,他派她来提供帮助或者更像是制造麻烦!Look, Im off for a cappuccino, everything will be just fine. Ciao.我去喝杯卡布奇诺,一切都会好的,再见。Anna, has Rachel gone out?安娜,瑞秋走了吗?Yes.是的。Shes a bit of a man-eater.她简直是食人族。She almost ate me once.她有一次差点吃了我。She eats men?她吃人?Well, not exactly.也不是。I worked with her in my last job.我上一份工作和她一起合作。 /201705/507594

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