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东风汽车公司襄樊医院治疗附件炎怎么样枣阳市第一人民医院可以治疗漏尿症吗襄阳医院宫颈糜烂多少钱 European Council President Donald Tusk visits Greece and Turkey Thursday and Friday to discuss the migrant crisis at its front lines.欧洲理事会主席图斯克星期四和星期五访问希腊和土耳其,讨论欧洲面临的移民危机。Tusk is aiming to ease tensions among European Union members before a meeting with Turkey on the migration issue. The meeting is scheduled for Monday in Brussels.图斯克要争取在欧盟与土耳其商讨移民问题之前缓解欧盟成员国间的紧张关系。欧盟与土耳其定于下星期一在布鲁塞尔举行会议。Tusk is expected to hold talks with Greek officials in Athens Thursday, followed on Friday by a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.图斯克预计星期四在雅典与希腊官员会谈,星期五在伊斯坦布尔会见土耳其总统埃尔多安。Turkey, Greece, and other Balkan nations are dealing with an overload of migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa who want to pass through on their way west, to Germany and other wealthier nations. Greece, which was aly in a tight financial situation before the migrant crisis began, has asked for more than 0 million from the European Union to help it handle expenses.目前土耳其、希腊以及其他巴尔干半岛国家正在应对从中东和北非涌入的大量移民,他们希望取道这些国家前往德国和其他富有国家。在移民危机出现之前,希腊已经处于财政困境,因此要求欧盟提供5亿多美元来帮助希腊付处理难民问题的开。Turkey has offered to sign mission agreements with 14 countries, which would enable Ankara to quickly take back migrants rejected by the EU, a foreign ministry spokesman said.土耳其外交部发言人说,土耳其已经提议4个国家签署重新准入协议,以使安卡拉尽快重新接收被欧盟成员国拒绝接纳的移民。来 /201603/429967China must hold a Winter Olympics that is ;clean as the snow; when it hosts the event in 2022, President Xi Jinping said on Friday, after two corruption scandals involving Chinese officials linked to the Games.在两起冬奥会相关官员贪污丑闻曝光之后,国家主席习近平在上周五的一次发言中表示,2022年由中国承办的冬奥会必须“和白雪一样纯洁干净”。Beijing, along with the nearby city of Zhangjiakou, won the right to host the Games last year. The only other city bidding to host the event was Kazakhstans Almaty, after other prospective cities dropped out citing costs and other worries.去年,北京和邻近城市张家口赢得了举办下一届冬奥会的资格。其他城市因经费不足和其他问题而退出竞争,当时唯一和北京竞争的城市是哈萨克斯坦的阿拉木图市;Strengthen supervision, let the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics be as pure and clean as the snow and ice,; the report paraphrased him as saying.报道转述了习主席的讲:“通过加强监管力度,让北京冬奥会和残奥会像冰雪一样纯净。”The run-up to Chinas bid last year was overshadowed by corruption investigations into a deputy sports minister who had sat on Chinas Olympics committee and the Communist Party boss of Hebei province, where Zhangjiakou is located, who had attended meetings of the bid committee.去年在竞逐承办资格之际,中国爆出了重大腐败丑闻。涉案官员包括一位体育部副部长兼中国奥委会前成员,以及一位曾参加过竞标会的河北党内高级人员。Speaking at a meeting with senior Chinese Winter Games and sports officials, Xi said there must be strict budget management to ensure the cost of hosting the Games was kept under control, in comments carried by state television. Xi made no direct mention of either corruption scandal.中央电视台在就此事件作出的中表明,在和中国冬奥会高级官员及体育部官员的会面上,习近平主席要求必须要有严格的预算管理措施,来确保主办赛事的经费都在控制之下。不过习近平主席并未直接提及两起腐败案中的任何一起。Xi, who doubles as party and military chief, has pursued a relentless campaign against deep-rooted corruption since assuming power three years ago, vowing to go after powerful ;tigers; as well as lowly ;flies;.作为中国共产党主席及军委主席,习近平自三年前上任以来,不遗余力地打击腐败官员,誓要在打击“大老虎”的同时也要抓住“小苍蝇”。来 /201603/433461襄阳第四医院电话多少

襄阳南漳县人民中心医院包皮手术多少钱Donald Trump is turning out to be a gold mine for his comic foes on late-night television, lifting ratings and advertising revenues for shows that deliver the sharpest criticism of the new US president.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)看起来对深夜电视节目的喜剧演员简直是一座金矿,那些最猛烈抨击美国新总统的节目的收视率和广告收入上升。On CBS’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert has homed in on politics, helping him unseat N’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the most-watched nightly chat show for three straight weeks.在美国哥伦比亚广播公CBS)的《深夜秀Late Show)节目中,斯蒂科尔伯特(Stephen Colbert)近来专注于政治议题,这帮助他连续3周超过美国国家广播公N)由吉法伦(Jimmy Fallon)主持的《今夜秀Tonight Show),成为观众人数最多的深夜脱口秀节目。Late-night television is an important source of profit and cultural cachet for US broadcasters. N has long dominated the networksrivalry, but Mr Colbert has widened his lead to nearly 300,000 viewers in the week ending February 17, the most since he debuted on CBS in 2015.深夜电视节目是美国各广播公司重要的盈利和文化威望来源。N长期主导着各家广播公司之间的竞争,但科尔伯特在27日结束的那一周将领先优势扩大至近30万观众,这是他自2015年在CBS首次主持节目以来达到的最高水平。Across the TV dial, audiences are flocking to a brand of biting political satire that largely originated with Jon Stewart at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, but which has now sp to the television mainstream. Daily Show alumni include Mr Colbert on CBS, John Oliver on HBO and Samantha Bee on TBS.纵观各个电视频道,观众纷纷转向犀利的政治讽刺节目,这种节目在很大程度上源于由喜剧中心频道(Comedy Central)的约斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)主持的《每日秀The Daily Show),但现在已是主流电视节目的一部分。曾主持过《每日秀》的演员包括CBS的科尔伯特、HBO的约奥利John Oliver)以及TBS的萨曼莎?Samantha Bee)。Mr Colbert had suffered declining ratings at CBS since he succeeded David Letterman at the Late Show desk. He struggled to win over viewers after dropping the blustery rightwing pundit character that made him a star on Comedy Central. In August 2016, his audience dipped below 2m for the first time.自担任《深夜秀》主持人、接替大莱特David Letterman)以来,科尔伯特的收视率一度连连下降。在放弃狂轰乱炸的右翼员角色——该角色曾让他成为喜剧中心频道的明星——之后,他似乎很难赢得观众016月,他的观众人数首次降至200万以下。But Mr Trumps ascendancy appears to have sharpened the focus of Mr Colbert and his writers on the frenetic Washington news cycle, and the ratings trend is now in reverse. Viewership grew 3 per cent in January from a year ago, and has now reached 3m, 30 per cent above last summer’s lows, according to Nielsen figures.但特朗普的崛起似乎让科尔伯特及其写作人员更加关注华盛顿发狂似的新闻周期,如今收视率趋势出现了逆转。尼尔森(Nielsen)的数据显示,1月观众人数同比增%,如今达00万人,与去年夏季的低点相比增长了30%。On CBS’s earnings call last week, Les Moonves, chief executive, talked up Mr Colbert’s contribution to the network’s “great story in late night CBS said advertising revenue for the network’s nightly line-up, which also includes Britain’s James Corden, increased 10 per cent in 2016 and was on pace to grow again this year.在CBS上周的电话财报会议上,首席执行官莱斯?穆弗Les Moonves)夸赞了科尔伯特对该公司“深夜伟大故事”的贡献。CBS表示,该网络的深夜节目——还包括英国的詹姆斯?科登(James Corden)主持的节目——实现的广告收入016年增长了10%,而且今年有望进一步增长。“Colbert’s show has become more aggressively political. That’s probably responsible for his numbers going up. He’s found a comedic strategy similar to that which made him popular before,said Robert Thompson, director of Syracuse University’s Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture.美国雪城大学(Syracuse University)的布莱尔电视和流行文化中Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture)主任罗伯汤姆Robert Thomson)表示:“科尔伯特的节目变得在政治上更加咄咄逼人。他的观众人数很可能因此增长。他找到了一个与之前蹿红类似的喜剧策略。”In contrast, The Tonight Show’s ratings have slipped 14 per cent since January 2016, as Mr Fallon has taken a softer approach to political subjects. He drew criticism for a September interview with Mr Trump in which he mussed the then-Republican nominee’s hair and asked a series of unchallenging questions.相比之下,《今夜秀》的收视率自2016月以来下4%,法伦对政治话题的较为温和。他在去月对特朗普的采访招致批评,当时他揉乱了还是共和党总统候选人的特朗普的头发,还问了一系列没有挑战性的问题。Mr Fallon still leads in the 18- to 49-year-old age group most desired by advertisers, but Mr Colbert is closing in.在最受广告客户重视的18岁到49岁观众群体中,法伦的收视率仍高居榜首,但科尔伯特正在紧紧追赶。Other shows are aly reaping financial rewards from presidential parody.其他节目已经在从总统模仿秀中获得财务回报。N’s Saturday Night Live is drawing its biggest average audiences in 24 years, with total viewership up 26 per cent this season from a year ago, according to Nielsen figures cited by the network.N援引尼尔森的数据表示,该广播公司《周六夜现场Saturday Night Live)吸引的平均观众人数创4年来的最高水平,本季总的收视率同比增6%。The variety show’s February 11 edition was the most-watched episode in eight years as viewers tuned in to watch Alec Baldwin reprise the role of the president, Melissa McCarthy skewer Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, and Kate McKinnon lampoon both Jeff Sessions, the attorney-general, and Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s adviser.21日播出的这档综艺节目年来观众人数最多的一期,观众们踊跃收看亚历克?鲍德Alec Baldwin)再度模仿特朗普总统,梅利莎?麦卡Melissa McCarthy)模仿白宫新闻发言人肖斯派Sean Spicer),以及凯麦金Kate McKinnon)模仿两人:司法部长杰赛辛Jeff Sessions)和特朗普顾问凯莉安妮?康韦(Kellyanne Conway)。The ratings bump has allowed N, owned by Comcast, to charge advertisers more money. The average cost of a half-minute spot on SNL increased 86 per cent in January from a year ago, according to Standard Media Index, which tracks ad agency spending.收视率飙升让康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的N可以向广告客户收取更多费用。追踪广告公司出的标准媒体指数(Standard Media Index)的数据显示,《周六夜现场》半分钟广告平均成本月份同比上涨86%。The trade magazine Adweek estimated that SNL’s ad revenue rose 34 per cent to .1m for its January 14 episode and 22 per cent to m for January 21. Overall, N saw a 9.8 per cent gain in ad spending for the month.业内杂志《Adweek》估计,《周六夜现场》在14日节目的广告收入增长34%,至210万美元,1日节目的广告收入增长22%,至200万美元。整体而言,N月份的广告收入增长了9.8%。“The attention on SNL since the Trump administration took office is paying off well for N,SMI said.标准媒体指数表示:“《周六夜现场》自特朗普政府就任以来的人气飙升,为N带来了丰厚的回报。”来 /201702/494585襄阳人民医院男科最好的医院 Bill Clinton has urged Americans to vote for his wife Hillary in November, calling her the “best darn change makerhe knew, just hours after she made history as the first female presidential nominee of a major US party.在希拉里(Hillary)历史性地成为首位美国主要政党的女性总统候选人几小时后,比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)敦促美国人在今年11月投票持其妻子,称她是自己认识的“最出色的改变缔造者”。“She’s insatiably curious, she’s a natural leader, she’s a good organiser and she’s the best darn change maker I ever met in my entire life,the former president said in a highly personal address to delegates at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia.美国前总统向出席费城民主党全国代表大会的代表们发表了极具个人色的演讲:“她具有无与伦比的求知欲,她是一位天生的领导人,她是一名优秀的组织者,她是我在一生中遇到的最出色的改变缔造者。”The speech by Mr Clinton, who is widely seen by Democrats and Republicans as one of the best political campaigners of his generation, was aimed at humanising his wife and underscoring what he described as her dogged tenacity to deliver results.克林顿的演讲旨在让其妻子显得人性化,并突显被其称为百折不挠的品质。民主党和共和党人普遍认为,克林顿是他这一代人当中最出色的政治活动家之一。Earlier on Tuesday, the overwhelming majority of the delegates inside the Wells Fargo arena broke into raucous applause as the former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state cleared the penultimate hurdle in her second White House bid eight years after her painful loss to Barack Obama.周二早些时候,富国中心(Wells Fargo Centre)会场内的绝大部分代表爆发出热烈的掌声,美国前第一夫人、纽约州参议员和国务卿在第二次试图问鼎白宫的征途中清除了倒数第二道障碍—年前她痛苦地输给了巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)。Speaking by after her husband’s address, Mrs Clinton thanked delegates for the historic result, saying: “I can’t believe that we have put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.”希拉里在其丈夫演讲之后通过视频发表了演讲,为这一历史性的结果对代表们表示了感谢,她说:“我简直无法相信我们让玻璃天花板出现了有史以来最大的裂缝。”Her primary rival Bernie Sanders has urged his supporters to back the woman who will face Donald Trump in what is expected to be one of the ugliest presidential races in modern US history.她在初选阶段的竞争对手伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)敦促其持者持希拉里。希拉里将在预计是现代美国历史上最丑陋的一场总统选举中与唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)对决。Speaking 24 years after he accepted the Democratic nomination and went on to beat George Bush, Mr Clinton regaled delegates with tales about how he courted his wife when they were law students, telling the crowd: “I married my best friend24年前,克林顿获得民主党提名,进而击败了乔治#8226;H#8226;W#8226;布什(George H W Bush),他在演讲中向代表们讲述了当年他如何追求希拉里的花絮——当时他们都是法学院的学生——他告诉听众:“我娶了我最好的朋友。”The former Arkansas governor said the woman who had devoted her life to helping children and the disadvantaged was the “realHillary Clinton not the “cartoonfigure portrayed at last week’s Republican convention, when mentions of her name were met with chants of “lock her up这位前阿肯色州州长表示,一生中都在帮助儿童和弱势群体的希拉里是“真正的”希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)——而非上周共和党全国代表大会所描述的“卡通”人物,当时提到希拉里的名字时人群会齐声高喊“把她关起来”。Mr Clinton told the audience that his wife had been tough on terrorism and on Iran, in an effort to counter recent attacks from Mr Trump and his surrogates, who have portrayed her as someone who would follow the path of Mr Obama, who many Republicans believe has weakened the US position in the world.克林顿告诉听众,他的妻子一直主张对恐怖主义和伊朗采取严厉立场,此举旨在反击特朗普及其代理人最近的抨击,后者称希拉里将会沿袭奥巴马的路线——许多共和党人相信,奥巴马削弱了美国在世界上的地位。He said the two pictures of his wife were irreconcilable, telling the audience that “one is real; the other is made upbefore congratulating the delegates for their historic nomination of “the real one他说,希拉里的这两幅画面是不可调和的,他告诉听众,“一个是真实的,另一个是编造的”,然后祝贺代表们历史性地提名了“真实的希拉里”。“You just have to decide which is which, my fellow Americans,said Mr Clinton. “The real one repeatedly drew praise from prominent Republicans when she was a senator and secretary of state克林顿表示:“你们不得不明辨是非,我的美国同胞们,真正的希拉里在担任参议员和国务卿的时候屡次获得共和党知名人士的赞扬。”The Clinton campaign hopes the former president will employ his campaigning skills which his wife concedes she cannot match to energise Democrats and win over independents. Mr Obama, who speaks to the convention on Wednesday, will also be enlisted to galvanise voters for his former secretary of state.希拉里竞选团队希望克林顿运用其娴熟的政治活动技巧——希拉里承认自己在这方面比不上丈夫——来激励民主党人,并争取无党派人士。奥巴马周三向民主党全国大会发表演讲,他也被请来动员选民持他的前国务卿。来 /201607/457207湖北化学纤维厂职工医院治疗前列腺炎怎么样

襄阳四医院男科怎么样 The King of Saudi Arabia certainly knows how to travel in style.沙特国王显然知道如何高品味地出游。In the first visit by a Saudi ruler in almost half a century, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud arrived in Indonesia for a nine-day tour of the worlds most populous Muslim nation.沙特国王萨勒曼·本·阿卜杜勒阿齐兹·阿勒沙特日前对全球穆斯林人口最多的国家--印度尼西亚进行为天的国事访问,这是沙特国家元首近半年世纪来第一次访问印尼。And according to media reports, he isnt traveling light.据媒体报道,他可是有豪华出行装备的。Adji Gunawan, the president of airport services company PT Jasa Angkasa Semestar, said the King will be traveling with 459 metric tons of luggage, approximately 505 US tons, the Jakarta Post reported.据印尼《雅加达邮报》报道,机场务公司PT Jasa Angkasa Semestar总裁阿吉·古纳万称,沙特国王本次出行带59吨行李,大约折合505美吨。For anyone struggling to wrap their heads around how that compares to your more traditional -- if slightly meager by comparison -- 40 pound luggage allowance, the average African Elephant reportedly weighs between 2.5 and 7 US tons.任何人都难以想象,这个重量如何与传统的行李去衡量--如果略作轻微对比--正常的行李箱大约40磅重,而一头非洲象的平均体重约.5美吨左右。So take your oversized suitcase, and replace it with two hundred of the worlds largest land-based animals.所以脑补一下这超大号的行李,将其替换成200头世界体型最大的动物……The more unconventional things in his luggage include two Mercedes-Benz S600 and two free-standing electric elevators, according to the Jakarta Post.另外据《雅加达邮报》报道,非常人眼球的是,其行李中居然还包括两辆奔驰S600轿车和两部独立电梯。his might seem odd, but it isnt even the first time the lavish leader has traveled with an elevator.这看起来可能很古怪,但这并非是这位土豪国王第一次带上电梯出访。In 2015, the Kings installation of an elevator on a beach in France caused an outcry, as locals protested its installation as well as the beachs closure, according to Reuters.据《路透社》报道,2015年,这位沙特国王就曾在法国的一处沙滩安装电梯从而引起了一片哗然,因为当地人抗议沙滩被关闭,也反对装电梯。来 /201703/497061襄阳市中医医院是不是有主任保康县妇幼保健中医院男科妇科网上预约



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