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The amazing transmation from male singer to bearded diva has turned Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst into a global superstar.“大胡子美女”肯奇塔·沃斯特夺得了欧洲歌唱大赛冠军,这位由男歌手变性的“大胡子美女”一举成为全球超级明星An audience of around 0million people across the world watched the Austrian triumph when she was awarded a staggering 90 points her permance of Rise Like a Phoenix in Copenhagen on Saturday night.奥地利歌手肯奇塔·沃斯特在周六晚上的比赛中演唱了一曲《Rise Like a Phoenix in Copenhagen,全世界约1.7亿观众见了她获得高达90的得分Spoting a full beard and gold embellished fishtail gown, she took to the stage in front of a smokey backdrop, bee giving a powerful permance of the song.沃斯特蓄着络腮胡须,身穿鱼尾礼,走上烟雾缭绕的舞台,深情演唱了这首歌And with the permance earning her a legion of new fans, experts are predicting she could stand to earn as much as #3;5million, becoming the biggest Eurovision winner since Abba, who triumphed in the 197 competition.演唱后沃斯特的粉丝量大涨,有专家预测她接下来将会吸金500万英镑(约人民币),这会使她成为197年阿巴乐队夺冠以来最大的欧歌赛赢家But bee transming into alter-ego Conchita Wurst, the 5-year-old whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, tried to find fame in a boyband called Jetzt Anders.但在成为极具个性的“大胡子美女”之前,这位5岁的歌手原名叫做托马斯·莱维斯,他曾在Jetzt Anders乐队中试图扬名歌坛Early pictures show Thomas clean shaven, without the beard that brought Conchita Wurst to worldwide attention.从早期的照片可以看出,托马斯下巴干净、没有胡须,这与肯奇塔·沃斯特的吸睛杀手锏“大胡子美女”形成强烈反差In , Thomas transmed as Conchita Wurst complete with long hair, fluttering eyelashes and the now world-famous beard.托马斯在年变性成为现在的肯奇塔·沃斯特,留着长发、忽闪迷人的睫毛、以及现已闻名世界的大胡子Conchita was then selected to represent Austria in this year’s Eurovision contest with her eventual victory sending Twitter into a frenzy, generating 5,38,678 tweets.肯奇塔随后被推选代表奥地利参加今年的欧洲歌唱大赛,最终她赢得了冠军,其报喜推特疯传网络、转载量达538678条之多Accepting the trophy, she said: ‘This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. We are y.’在颁奖仪式上,她说:“把这个奖杯的喜悦奉献给所有相信和平自由的人,我们团结一致!” 9788

In pop-culture terms, it has been ever since the Men in Black franchise last installment.在流行文化词条中,自上部《黑衣人系列电影推出后,“黑衣人”三个字便成了永恒的经典And now, years after the sequel and after the original film, agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back in black and y to save the Earth, again.#6579;年前电影《黑衣人诞生,5年之后《黑衣人续集上映而如今,探员K(威尔#86;史密斯饰)和J(汤米#86;李#86;琼斯饰)这个黑衣人组合又再次归来担当起拯救地球的使命To say that no one was clamoring a Men in Black 3 (MIB 3) would be an understatement. The announcement of the franchise third installment came with a sense of impending flop.要#6579;说没有人期待看到一部《黑衣人3这并不过分《黑衣人3开拍的消息一经公布,就伴随着一种即将失败的预感;With something like Men in Black, a sequel is actually more difficult than the original,; Walter Parkes, who has produced all three of the films, told the Los Angeles Times.,出#6579;任三部《黑衣人系列影片制作人的沃尔特#86;F#86;帕克斯在接受《洛杉矶时报采访时表示:“像《黑衣人这样的电影,事实上续集要比第一部难拍得多”;The challenge is to be fresh and original but also deliver on the core values of the franchise.;“#6579;我们面临的挑战在于保持新颖与原创的同时,还要传递出《黑衣人系列影片的核心价值观”Then, what the magic of this franchise that makes Sony Pictures more than willing to approve a budget of millions even after a decade?那#6579;么,这一系列电影又具备哪种魔力,使得索尼影业能在十年后仍然乐意花费百万预算来拍摄续集呢?Star power明#6579;星效应;Bee Smith starred the 1997 original film, he was this rapper-turned actor who impressed the audience with Independence Day. Everyone was wondering whether he was a one-hit wonder,; The New York Times movie critic A.O. Scott wrote.《#6579;纽约时报影评人A.O.斯科特写道:“在出演1997年的《黑衣人之前,史密斯是一位由嘻哈歌手转行来的演员,曾凭借《独立日中的表演给观众留下了印象所有人都在想他会不会只是昙花一现”Things are different now. The first Men in Black has achieved so much success that it made Smith an A-list star. And look at him now–a box-office guarantee.如#6579;今时过境迁《黑衣人1取得了如此巨大的成功,史密斯也成为一线明星现在他已经成为电影票房的保Innocent and wacky卖#6579;萌与古怪并存Having achieved the hybrid creation of cutting-edge yet nostalgic aliens, the franchise succeeds in maintaining the innocent and wacky take on old Hollywood creatures.《#6579;黑衣人创造的外星人形象新潮前卫,却又带有以往影片中的怀旧风格《黑衣人成功地延续了传统好莱坞制造中那些卖萌与古怪的元素;Films about aliens usually end up being dark, violent and scary, but the Men in Black series goes a different way–light-hearted, comedic, and even a little bit cynical,; Ben Fritz wrote in his review the Los Angeles Times.本#6579;#86;弗里茨在《洛杉矶时报中道:“外星人电影往往都是以黑暗,暴力和惊悚为主题,但《黑衣人系列却不走寻常路——轻松,幽默甚至有点玩世不恭”;Like Steven Spielberg E.T., a warm, touching story about an alien.;“就像史蒂芬#86;斯皮尔伯格的《E.T一样,讲述了一个温馨感人的外星人故事” Buddy movie友#6579;谊万岁At the core of Men in Black is the relationship between agents K and J. Somewhere between the aliens and space travel there a story about two partners–a futuristic take on those timeless themes of friendship, loyalty and extraterrestrials.《#6579;黑衣人的核心便是探员K和J的友情在外星人与太空旅行这两个主题之间,讲述了一对搭档的故事——运用科幻来诠释出友谊、忠诚和天外来客这些永恒的主题Funny and intelligent风#6579;趣且睿智And to judge by what on screen, the filmmakers not only managed to overcome their strife, they have created one of the satisfying summer popcorn movies.从#6579;画面场景来看,制作团队不仅设法克了内部分歧,更是为暑期档打造了一部令人满意的爆米花电影It a funny, intelligent film shot through with strong permances by Smith and Josh Brolin (who plays a younger version of agent K), and an emotional finale.这#6579;是部风趣又睿智的电影,史密斯与乔什#86;布洛林(出演年轻版的探员K)极富张力的表演贯穿始终,结局十分感人;Yeah, there were some issues. And youve seen some media reports about overages and runaway production and no script. That was all true,; Barry Sonnenfeld, director of all three of the Men in Black films, told AP.《黑衣人三部曲的导演巴里#86;索南菲尔德在接受美联社采访时表示:“是的,确实有些问题人们可以看到,有媒体报道该片预算超标,制作过程失控,而且还没有剧本这些都是真的”;Ultimately, the movie delivers. And the audience isnt going to care.;“最终,电影如期上映而观众才不会在意这些呢” 1856

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is officially a mother.中国著名女演员章子怡正式成为了一名母亲The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress posted a photo of three hands, one hers, another of her musician husband, Wang Feng, and the small hand of a baby on her Sina Weibo on 9:3 am today.这位曾出演《卧虎藏龙的女演员在今天早上9点3分在微上晒出自己、音乐人丈夫汪峰,以及女儿的牵手照;Dec 7, , you, me and her...the birth of the little one allowed us to have a family of our own! Everything is well, I am indefinitely grateful!; Zhang captioned the photo.章子怡在微上写道:;年月7日,你我她,小生命的诞生,让我们拥有了自己的家!一切平安、顺利,无限感激!;Wang re-posted Zhang photo soon afterwards. ;She is here, the adorable little one,; wrote Wang. This is the first child Zhang and the third Wang.之后汪峰转发了章子怡的微,并写道:“她来了,可爱的小生命” 这个孩子也是章子怡的第一个孩子,汪峰的第三个孩子The expectant mother prepared delivery in the ed States. Wang flew to the US to be with his wife Christmas, and Zhang posted photos on her Weibo of them spending time together on Christmas Eve. The heavily-pregnant Zhang, along with her mother and Wang, were recently spotted at the entrance gate to the San Diego Zoo in Calinia.据悉,当初,这位准妈妈是在美国待产的汪峰在圣诞节飞往美国与她的妻子团聚,并且章子怡也在微上晒出两人一起度过圣诞夜的照片当时即将临盆的章子怡,和她的妈妈以及汪峰一起,在加利福尼亚圣地亚哥动物园的大门处被拍到 18576

《纸牌屋 House of Cards 导演: 大卫·芬奇 詹姆斯·弗雷 卡尔·弗兰克林 乔·舒马赫 编剧: Beau Willimon Michael Dobbs 主演: 凯文·史派西 凯特·玛拉 罗宾·怀特 迈克尔·凯利 克里斯汀·康奈利 Sakina Jaffrey 拉里·派恩 Reuel Pendleton 寇瑞·斯托尔 类型: 剧情 首播日期: --01(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 棋牌馆 众议院要人 剧情简介:Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina 5th congressional district and the House Majority Whip, who after getting passed over appointment to Secretary of State, decides to exact his revenge on those who betrayed him. The series also stars Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and Corey Stoll in lead roles. (Source: Wikipedia)以今天的华盛顿哥伦比亚特区为背景,《纸牌屋讲述了一个来自南卡罗来纳州第五选区的民主党人,同时也是众议院多数党党鞭的弗兰西斯·安德伍德(凯文·史派西饰)在其晋升国务卿的希望破灭后,决定对那些背叛他的人报复的故事该剧的主演还有罗宾·怀特,凯特·玛拉和寇瑞·斯托尔 小编点评:《纸牌屋绝对是年初最受关注的美剧,由Netflix推出与以往美剧不同,一次性推出一季的更新方式实在是让剧迷们大呼过瘾迷政治局的你,今年一定不可错过的就是这一部!   《圣经故事 The Bible 导演: 托尼·米歇尔 Tony Mitchell Crispin Reece 主演: 迪奥戈·莫加多 Laurie Calvert Paul Marc Davis Amber Rose Revah 兰利·柯克伍德 Soraya Radd Fraser Ayres Eddie Elks 类型: 历史 首播日期: --(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 圣经 剧情简介:The series covers ;Genesis to Revelation; in ;one grand narrative,; within five two-hour parts, each containing two or three biblical stories told through live action and computer-generated imagery. According to Burnett, it included ;obvious; stories such as Noah Ark, the Exodus, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Five hours are taken from the Old Testament, five from the New. The series is based on the New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. (Source: Wikipedia)这部剧覆盖了圣经从创世纪到启示录的故事,每集时长两小时共五集,每集内容包含两到三个圣经故事,通过现场表演和电脑制作的形式表现根据制作人Burnett描述,这部剧包含了众所周知的故事,如诺亚方舟,出埃及记,以及耶稣的生、死和复活五小时内容取自旧约,另五小时取自新约这部剧根据新国际版和新改版标准《圣经改编而成 小编点评:这部剧由美国历史频道推出,把《圣经拍成了电视剧对《圣经感兴趣,又没有时间和精力去研究经文的同学们,可以关注下这部剧啦!   《杀手信徒 The Following 导演: 马科斯·西恩加 编剧: 凯文·威廉姆森 主演: 凯文·贝肯 杰姆斯·鲍弗 Maggie Grace Natalie Zea 类型: 惊悚 首播日期: -01-1 季数: 1 集数: 单集片长: 5分钟 又名: 杀手之王 跟踪 剧情简介:In Entertainment Weekly, features TV writer Melissa Maerz wrote in a preview , ;Purefoy plays Joe Carroll, a mer college professor who taught the works of Poe and killed young women in the gothic hero honor—until he got caught. Since then he been spending hours on a computer in the prison library, building a social network of copycat killers who hang on his every command. When the series begins, he just escaped from death row with help from those followers, and the FBI calls in mer agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon)—who brought down Joe the first time—to consult on the case;. (Source: Wikipedia)在《周刊中,本片编剧Melissa Maerz在一篇预告文中写道:“Purefoy扮演一位前大学教授Joe Carroll,他在课堂上讲爱伦·坡的作品却同时为了哥特式的英雄荣誉杀害年轻女性——直到他被捕从那时起,他花费大量的时间在监狱图书馆的电脑上,建立起一个盲目听从他的每一个命令的杀手社交网络这部剧开始时,他刚在那些信徒的帮助下逃离出死囚牢房,FBI向曾经抓获此人的前探员Ryan Hardy (Bacon饰)咨询该案 小编点评:这样充满犯罪和悬疑的剧情听起来就让人想看呢,热爱刑侦局的你不妨去鉴定一下这部剧是不是值得大家追吧!   《贝兹旅馆 Bates Motel 导演: Tucker Gates 编剧: Robert Bloch Anthony Cipriano Carlton Cuse Kerry Ehrin Jeff Wadlow 主演: 维拉·法米加 弗莱迪·海默 妮可拉·佩尔茨 Jenna Romanin Carolyn Adair Brittney Wilson 杰尔·伯恩斯 马克斯·希尔莱耶 理查德·哈蒙 Diana Bang Mercedes de la Zerda Matt Ellis 康奇塔·坎贝尔 Olivia Cooke 内斯特·卡内尔 基冈·康纳·特雷西 迈克·沃格尔 Emmalyn Estrada Hiro Kanagawa 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: --18 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 贝兹汽车旅馆 惊魂序曲 贝茨旅馆 剧情简介:The series, inspired by the novel Psycho by Robert Bloch and Alfred Hitchcock 1960 film of the same name, depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock film, albeit in a different fictional town (;White Pine Bay, Oregon,; as opposed to the film ;Fairvale, Calinia;) and in a modern, 1st-century setting. The series begins after the death of Norma husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life. (Source: Wikipedia)被Robert Bloch的小说和1960年希区柯克执导的电影《惊魂记启发,这部剧描述了Norman Bates和他的母亲Norma在希区柯克电影里的事件发生之前的生活,尽管故事发生在一个不同的虚构小镇(俄勒冈的白松湾,而不是电影中的加州费韦尔镇)和一个现代的1世纪的布景这部剧开始于Norma在丈夫死后买下了坐落于俄勒冈海滨小镇的一间汽车旅馆,在那里他们开始了新的生活 小编点评:作为希区柯克的超级粉丝,小编不得不说,《贝兹旅馆对悬疑迷来说实在是太有吸引力了!在开始这部剧之前,没有看过《惊魂记的同学不妨找来看看吧,希胖绝对不会让你失望   《汉尼拔 Hannibal 编剧: 布莱恩·福勒 弗兰克·哈里斯 主演: 休·丹西 麦德斯·米科尔森 卡洛琳·达芙娜 Lara Jean Chorostecki 阿隆·艾布拉姆斯 劳伦斯·菲什伯恩 斯考蒂·汤姆森 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 犯罪 首播日期: -- 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 剧情简介:The series is based on characters and elements appearing in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a ensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham most cunning enemy. (Source: Wikipedia)这部剧根据Thomas Harris的小说《沉默的赤龙中的角色和元素改编而成它着重描写FBI特别探员Will Graham和善辩的精神病学家Hannibal Lecter士之间初萌的复杂关系,士注定会成为探员最狡猾的敌人 小编点评:开播于月号,与以往的美剧不同,这部剧第一季同N电视台签了集,而之后的每一季也都将只出集看来今年的悬疑惊悚剧还真不少,有点眼花缭乱,不知哪部剧将会脱颖而出呢?   《达芬奇的恶魔 Da Vinci Demons 编剧: 大卫·S·高耶 主演: 汤姆·莱利 拉娜·普尔弗 类型: 剧情 传记 历史 首播日期: -- 季数: 1 集数: 8 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 达芬奇侠传 剧情简介:The series is being written by David S. Goyer and marks the first collaborative eft between Starz and B Worldwide under a new co-production agreement med after the production of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Described as an historical fantasy, the series will explore the untold story of da Vinci ;inventing; the future at the age of 5. The series mythology is also rumored to involve the mystery cult known as the Sons of Mithras. (Source: Wikipedia)这部由David S. Goyer创作的剧标志着Starz和B电视台在推出《火炬木:奇迹的一天之后的第一次合作被形容为历史奇幻剧,这部戏将探索达芬奇在5岁创造未来时不为人知的故事另一个关于此神话剧的流言则是它将设计到被称作”密特拉之子“的神秘宗教 小编点评:达芬奇这一神话般的人物一直是剧作家们热衷的话题,这次要说的是年轻时的达芬奇不仅有达芬奇关于宗教的挣扎,同时也描述了大家都很好奇的,跟达芬奇有关的女人听起来十分值得期待,该剧本月日首播   《凯莉日记 The Carrie Diaries 导演: Miguel Arteta 编剧: Amy Harris 主演: 安娜索菲亚·罗伯 斯蒂芬妮娅·欧文 奥斯汀·巴特勒 凯蒂·芬德莱 艾伦·王 弗莉玛·阿吉曼 布兰登·杜林 类型: 喜剧 爱情 首播日期: -01-(美国) 集数: 单集片长: 0分钟 又名: 凯丽日记 凯瑞日记 剧情简介:The Carrie Diaries is an American teen drama television series on The CW. It is a prequel to the HBO television series Sex and the City and based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. The first season of the show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school in 198, and she explores life in New York while interning at a law office(Source: Wikipedia)《凯莉日记是一部美国电视剧,是《欲望都市的前传,由坎迪斯·布什奈尔的同名小说改编而成《凯莉日记描述了凯莉·布雷萧世纪80年代早期高中最后一年的生活及部分凯莉在纽约的作家经历 小编点评:介绍了这么多年的新美剧,终于有一部轻松的了!在如此众多悬疑剧的压抑氛围下,怎么能错过这部青春时尚剧!更令人期待的是,它是《欲望都市的前传《欲望都市的众粉丝们,你们准备好迎接高中时代的凯莉了吗?   《扭曲青春 Twisted 导演: Jon Amiel 编剧: Adam Milch 主演: Finise Avery 凯莉·班伯里 Kylie Bunbury Grey Damon Maddie Hasson 阿万·乔贾 类型: 悬疑 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: -3- 集数: 单集片长: 0 剧情简介:The series focuses on -year-old Danny Desai, who returns to his hometown after killing his aunt 5 years prior. While trying to rekindle old friendships and fit in with his judgmental peers, Danny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a fellow classmate. (Source: Wikipedia) 这部剧讲述了岁的 Danny Desai 在五年前杀害了他的阿姨被释放回家乡的故事当他正试着重新与老朋友联络并适应同伴们审判的眼光时,却再一次因为一名同学的被杀成为了头号嫌疑犯 小编点评:因为去年年底康州发生的 Sandy Hook 惨案,很多观众担心这部剧将不被A播出最终这部剧还是如期在三月份播出,对青少年题材感兴趣的同学不妨看一看   《铁杉树丛 Hemlock Grove 导演: 伊莱·罗斯 编剧: 伊莱·罗斯 主演: 比尔·斯卡斯加德 法米克·詹森 Emilia McCarthy Aaron Douglas 伊莲娜·琼斯 类型: 科幻 惊悚 恐怖 首播日期: --19 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 剧情简介:A young girl is brutally murdered and found near the mer Godfrey steel mill. As rumors mount, two of the suspects in her killing—Peter Rumancek, a -year-old Gypsy trailer trash kid rumored to be a werewolf, and Roman, the heir to the Godfrey estate—decide to find the killer themselves. (Source: Wikipedia)一个女孩被残酷谋杀并被抛弃在戈德弗雷家族的钢厂附近谣言四起,被认为是狼人的岁吉普赛问题少年彼得·鲁曼切克(Peter Rumancek)和戈德弗雷家族的继承人罗曼·戈弗雷(Roman Godfrey)成为了嫌疑人为了明自己的清白,他们决定自己找出凶手 小编点评:狼人控的同学们千万不能错过这部片,豆瓣上的简介只有一句话:“一位狼人挣扎于野性与人性之间……”所以,我们一起拭目以待这是个怎样的狼人故事吧   《美国谍梦 The Americans 导演: 加文·欧康诺 亚当·阿金 Alex Chapple Holly Dale 让·德·塞贡扎克 Daniel Sackheim 托马斯·施拉梅 编剧: Joseph Weisberg Joel Fields 主演: Keri Russell 类型: 剧情 首播日期: -01-30 集数: 单集片长: 60分钟 又名: 美国人 赤色公民 剧情简介:Set during the Cold War period in the 1980s (starting in 1981), The Americans is the story of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), two Soviet KGB officers posing as American citizens and a married couple, with the intent of ensuring government communications as well as the prevention of anti-Soviet activities. (Source: Wikipedia)故事背景设定在二十世纪80年代冷战时期,《美国谍梦讲述了 Elizabeth 和 Philip Jennings 两个前苏联克格勃间谍乔装成夫妻在华盛顿郊区收集情报的故事他们在保政府情报的同事还要阻止反苏联的活动 3597

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