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how certain vegetables combat cancerWhile it has been known for some time that eating cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, can help prevent breast cancer, the mechanism by which the active substances in these vegetables inhibit cell proliferation was unknown -- until now.Scientists in University of California reported on Tuesday that their new research has shown how the healing power of these vegetables works at the cellular level.The study results was published in this month's journal Carcinogenesis."Breast cancer can be protected against by eating cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and near relatives of cabbage such as broccoli and cauliflower," said author Olga Azarenko. "These vegetables contain compounds called isothiocyanates which we believe to be responsible for the cancer-preventive and anti- carcinogenic activities in these vegetables."Their research focuses on the anti-cancer activity of one of these compounds, called sulforaphane, or SFN. It has aly been shown to reduce the incidence and rate of chemically induced mammary tumors in animals. It inhibits the growth of cultured human breast cancer cells.The researchers made the surprising discovery that SFN inhibits the proliferation of human tumor cells by a mechanism similar to the way that the anticancer drugs inhibit cell division. However SFN is much weaker than these other plant-based drugs, and thus much less toxic."SFN may be an effective cancer preventive agent because it inhibits the proliferation and kills precancerous cells," said the authors. It is also possible that it could be used as an addition to anticancer drugs to increase effective killing of tumor cells without increased toxicity. /200812/59933Have FunA happy person is a beautiful person. Set aside time for enjoyment and leisure. In today's fast-paced culture, this seemingly obvious tip is often forgotten. From a scientific perspective, it is proven by scientists that stress causes breakouts, as discussed in the article "How Stress Affects Your Skin." For a clear complexion and an alert and content mind, get out of the office and enjoy life every so often.做个快乐的女人有句话说的好,一个快乐的女人一定也是美丽的女人。多给自己留些享受的时光。压力会影响你的皮肤,一旦肌肤向你发出警告,那么不要犹豫了,走出办公室,拥抱一下美好的生活吧! /201104/134100Get Proper Nutrition 获取合适的营养 While it's much easier to follow a healthy balanced diet with home cooking, it's often very challenging if you have to eat out for all of you daily meals during travel. Here are some ideas that may seem obvious, but I'd challenge you to think back to your last business trip. How many of these did you really follow? 在家里的时候,毫无疑问我们能够很容易的遵循一种健康并且平衡的饮食习惯,但在外旅行时想要做到这点就很难了,尤其是当你必须吃完旅途中的所有食物时。以下这些想法可能是很浅显易懂的,但我想问的是,在你记忆中的最后一次差旅,你真正做到了其中几点呢? Avoid hotel breakfasts loaded with fat and salt (sausages, bacon, pastries, fried potatoes) 避免吃宾馆的早餐,那些早餐含有过多的脂肪和盐分(比如腊肠,培根,糕饼,薯片)Start your day with fresh fruit, yogurt and cereals 以新鲜水果,酸奶和谷物麦片开始你新的一天Definitely pass on fast food breakfasts but don't skip a healthy one 早餐绝对要吃,而且要吃得健康,不要把快餐作为早餐Stay with lighter fare lunches especially if attending conferences all day 如果一整天都要参加大型会议,记得吃工作简餐Find good salads and lower fat, whole-wheat sandwiches for lunch 午餐吃一些优质色拉和一些低脂,全麦三明治Don't overeat at dinner, especially at buffets (or you'll feel it back in your hotel room) 不要吃得过饱,尤其是在吃自助餐时(否则等你回房后你会反胃)Minimize the amount of fried, fatty foods at restaurants 在餐馆吃饭时,尽量少吃那些油炸的,富含脂肪的食物Drink lots of water with your meals and limit alcohol (hangovers during travel are no fun) 在用餐的时可以多喝水,也可以适当得喝一点酒(但旅行期间宿醉就不好了)Don't overdo the trips to the coffee shops during the day 咖啡店不要去得太勤Avoid junk snacks - pick up some fresh fruit at local grocers instead 避免垃圾零食-你可以在当地的食品店里买一些新鲜的水果Pack enough multivitamins to last your entire trip as inexpensive diet insurance 在整个旅途中带上足够的复合维生素,这是一种非常经济的膳食保Exercise On The Road 旅途中的锻炼 As I remember all the big meetings and conferences I've attended, it's incredible just how few travelers stay active on the road. With overeating and inactivity, it's no wonder why many travelers end up gaining weight. So here are some tips to stay active on the road. 在我回忆起所有我参加过的大型会议时,我发现很少有人在旅途中还能够积极锻炼。因为暴饮暴食以及缺乏运动,许多旅行者的体重在旅行结束时都增加了。所以下面就介绍下有关旅途中锻炼的技巧。Use the hotel/cruise ship gym as even 20 minutes on a cardio machine will help prevent travel weight gain 充分利用旅馆或者游艇上的健身房,即使在有氧运动器材上锻炼20分钟也足够防止旅途中的体重增加Do laps in the hotel pool if there is one (always pack your swimwear) 如果旅馆有提供游泳池的话,去游上几个来回(所以记得带上你的泳衣)Use the hotel gym weights even if you have to modify some usual exercises 如果旅馆周边环境较好的话(去问问旅馆的工作人员),可以出去散散步If the neighborhood around the hotel is nice and safe (ask the concierge), take a brisk walk outside 如果没有健身房,可以在自己房间里进行一些简单的健美操和低强度的有氧运动If no gym, do basic calisthenics plus low impact cardio inside your hotel room 尽管由于社交需要有时候要熬夜,但请保持足够的睡眠 /201109/152820Most people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful. There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life; things that could have saved me from many of the mistakes and hurts I suffered over the years—and most of those that I inflicted on others too。   随着时间的流逝我们一直在获得新的知识,但是这些学问却往往在我们需要它的时候姗姗来迟。很多对我早期生活应该极其有用的事情我却现在才知道,它们本可以帮助我在那些年里避免很多错误跟伤害--大部分事情我也曾经强加于别人身上过。  I don’t buy the romantic notion that my life has been somehow richer or more interesting because of all the times I screwed up; nor that the mistakes were “put” there to help me learn. I made them myself—through ignorance, fear, and a dumb wish to have everyone like me—and life and work would have been less stressful and more enjoyable (and certainly more successful) without them. So here are some of the things I wish I had learned long ago. I hope they may help a few of you avoid the mistakes that I made back then.   我不相信生活会无故地变得富裕而有情趣,那只是浪漫的妄想。因为我一生都充满动荡和不安。也不同意错误是已经存在于某个地方好帮助我们学习的。那些错误都是我自己犯的- ---出于无知、害怕还有希望所有人都喜欢自己的愚蠢愿望----没有了它们我们的生活工作就会有更少的压力更多的快乐(当然还包括成功)。下面有几点是我很久以前就希望自己能够了解的。期待它们能帮助大家,即使是小部份人,能够避免重蹈我的覆辙。  1. Most of it doesn’t matter.So much of what I got excited about, anxious about, or wasted my time and energy on, turned out not to matter. There are only a few things that truly count for a happy life. I wish I had known to concentrate on those and ignore the rest。  1。拥有一颗平常心。  太多我曾经为其兴奋,为其焦虑,亦或是浪费了我时间以及精力的事情到最后却被明是无关紧要的。它们只是幸福生活里极其微小的一部分。我多么希望早点知道这些,以便能把精力都投入到这些关乎幸福的事,而不是其他。 /200912/91347

We tend to regard hair only as a reflection of our personal style, but as a living, growing part of our body, it's also tied in to our physiology. "Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. There are three parts to your hair: the hair shaft (the fiber), the hair bulb (the root) and the hair cycle (the period of rest and regeneration). Most problems are related to one of these three things, says Mirmirani. 我们习惯于把头发仅仅当作个人风格的一种反映,但是作为我们身体的一个不断生长的部分,头发与我们的生理系统息息相关。美国皮肤学会教员、皮肤科医学士马诺莫尼表示:“头发可以反映出身体内部的变化——比如疾病、营养和压力。” 我们的头发包含三个部分:毛干(纤维),毛球(根部)和毛发周期(休息和再生的周期)。马诺莫尼表示,大多数的头发问题都与其中的某个部分相关。 /200903/65881

Beep, beep, beep. Then the text comes: " President Bush calls for a timetable for the withdrawal of the Iraqi people from Iraq." It's not a news update. It's Omar Abdul Kareem's relentlessly beeping cell phone - and one of the 20 or so humorous text messages he gets every day from his friends. In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives. Most restaurants, cafes and movies have closed due to the country's security situation. The content of the text messages and ringtones speak volumes about the state of affairs here: jokes and songs about suicide bombings, sectarianism, power outages, gas prices, Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Cell phone shops, the only crowded stores these days, sell special CDs with ringtones at about apiece. Collections of short jokes especially written for texters are best-sellers. Iraqis fiddling with their cell phones on the streets look like New Yorkers hooked on iPods. "It's not like there's much to do around here," Abdul Kareem said. "It's perhaps the only venue to express ourselves." He used to buy worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend - until they broke up. After sending her a lot of "I miss you" texts, he's moved on. Now he sends his aunt dozens of jokes, most of them at the expense of ethnic Kurds. The daily reality of violence and explosions has influenced every aspect of Iraqi life - including love notes. "I send you the tanks of my love, bullets of my admiration and a rocket of my yearning," one popular message s. A popular ringtone features the music from Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." But the local version includes a voice similar to Saddam's rapping in English: "I'm Saddam, I don't have a bomb/Bush wants to kick me/I don't know why/smoking weed and getting high/I know the devil's by my side." The song concludes with: "My days are over and I'm gonna die/all I need is chili fries" as a crowd yells "Goodbye forever, may God curse you." 嘟--嘟--嘟!短信来了:“布什总统拟订将全体伊拉克人赶出伊拉克的时间表。” 这不是一条新闻,而是阿布杜勒·卡里姆收到的一条手机短信,卡里姆每天都会从朋友那里收到20条左右的搞笑短信,所以,他的手机总是嘟嘟嘟的响个不停。 在这个了无生趣的城市,发短信和互发手机铃声成了伊拉克年轻人用来调节生活的流行时尚。由于受到国内安全形势的影响,伊拉克的大多数餐馆、咖啡馆和电影院都停止营业了。 手机短信和铃声的内容充分反映了国内局势,其中包括自杀性爆炸、宗派主义、能源断供、油价以及萨达姆和美国总统乔治·布什的一些笑话和歌曲。 眼下,手机商店成了伊拉克唯一生意兴隆的商店,店里出售各种手机铃音光盘,价格在每张2美元左右。那些专门为“短信族”编写的短篇笑话集也十分畅销。 伊拉克人摆弄着手机招摇过市就像纽约人身上挂着iPod一样,是一种时尚。 阿布杜勒·卡里姆说:“这里没有更多的事可做,手机可能是我们表达自己心声的唯一场所。” 过去,卡里姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。 和女友分手后,卡里姆开始改发别的短信了。现在,他每天都给他的阿姨发很多搞笑短信,其中最多的是关于库尔德族人的笑话。 在伊拉克,暴力和爆炸事件成为家常便饭,影响到人民生活的各个方面,甚至包括爱情短信。有一条流行短信是这样写的:“我为你送上爱的坦克,倾慕的子弹和一架思念的火箭。” 还有一段由库里欧的《黑帮天堂》改编而成的手机铃音颇为流行。而伊拉克的这个版本则是一段酷似萨达姆声音的英文说唱:“我是萨达姆,我没有炸弹/布什想要我下台/但我不知道为什么/吸口大麻爽到家/我知道魔鬼就在我身边。” 这首搞笑歌曲的结尾是:“我没多少日子了,我要完蛋了/现在我只想吃辣薯条”,这时,一群人集体喊道“永别了,上帝诅咒你!”Vocabulary: bereft of : deprived of (剥夺;夺走;如:They are bereft of their dignity.他们丧失了尊严。) all the rage : 风靡一时的事物;时尚(Short dresses and long boots were all the rage last year.去年短裙配长靴风靡一时。)speak volumes about/for : 清楚的表明;充分的说明fiddle with : 摆弄(fiddle with a clock 摆弄钟) /200809/47189

世界各国都有“三大姓”的说法,中国有张王李;英国是Smith, Jones, Williams; 美国是Smith, Johnson, Carson; 法国是Martin, Bernard, Dupont; 德国是Schultz, Mueller, Shmidt; 苏联是Ivanov, Vasiliev, Deternov。一些古怪搞笑的姓氏逐渐会被淘汰,请看下面有关英国姓氏变迁的有趣新闻:The number of people in Britain with surnames like Cockshott, Balls, Death and Shufflebottom--likely the source of schoolroom laughter--has declined by up to 75 percent in the last century。一些容易成为校园笑柄的英国怪姓在过去一个世纪里下降了75%,这些姓氏包括考克夏特、鲍尔、戴斯和苏佛尔鲍特姆。A study found the number of people with the name Cock shrank to 785 last year from 3,211 in 1881, those called Balls fell to 1,299 from 2,904 and the number of Deaths were reduced to 605 from 1,133.一项研究表明,1881年有3211人以Cock为姓,去年这个数字下降至785人;姓Balls(意思同Cock)的从2904人下降到了1299人,姓Deaths(死亡)的人由1133人降为605人。People named Smellie decreased by 70 percent, Dafts by 51 percent, Gotobeds by 42 percent, Shufflebottoms by 40 percent, and Cockshotts by 34 percent, said Richard Webber, visiting professor of geography at King's College, London。伦敦国王学院地理系客座教授理查德韦伯表示,姓Smellie(臭)的人口减少了70%,姓Dafts(愚蠢)的减少了51%,其它减少的姓氏有:Gotobeds(上床)42%,Shufflebottom(苏佛尔的屁股)40%,Cockshotts(一种游戏)34%。"If you find the (absolute) number goes down, it's either because they changed their names or they emigrated," Webber, author of the study, told Reuters on Wednesday。负责此项研究的韦伯周三对路透社表示,如果你发现姓氏的数量减少了,那可能是人们改姓或者移民了。He said that in many cases, people probably changed their surnames as they came to be regarded as in bad taste. "It's because the meaning of words can change. Take the name Daft --that as a term for a stupid is a relatively recent innovation."多数情况下,一旦人们觉得自己的姓氏没品味,他们就可能改姓。“词汇的含义会不断改变。比如随着词义的变化,Daft这个词就新增了‘愚蠢’的含义。”According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Daft meant "mild" or "meek" in Old English, whereas it means "foolish" today. "That's why there are names which people think aren't really very pleasant names and you wonder why they persisted as long as they did."《牛津英语字典》显示,Daft在古英语中是“温和”与“温顺”的含义,而如今它却是“愚蠢”的意思。“这就是为什么在人们眼中不讨喜的名字却在过去存在了许久的原因。”Webber, whose work can be seen on the website mapyourname.com, got his data for 2008 from credit card firm Experian and mapping service Geowise. He then compared it with the census of 1881.mapyouname.com网站显示了韦伯的研究成果。韦伯2008年的统计数据来自于信用机构Experian和地理分析软件供应商Geowise。他将这些数据同1881年人口普查的数据进行了对比。Webber also discovered that the most popular names in Britain have not changed over the past 127 years. Last year, Smith, Jones, Williams, Brown and Taylor held the top five spots, in exactly the same order as they did a century ago。韦伯也发现,英国127年以来排名靠前的姓氏始终未变。去年的统计显示,史密斯、琼斯、威廉姆斯、布朗和泰勒占据了姓氏排名的前五位,而这个排名一个世纪以来未有变动。Webber also found that between 1996 and 2008, the names Zhang, Wang, and Yang experienced the fastest growth. Zhang rose by 4719 percent, while Wang grew by 2225 percent。韦伯同时发现,在1996至2008年期间,张姓、王姓和杨姓成为增幅最大的几个姓氏。其中姓张的人口飙升了4719%,而姓王的人口增加了2225%。 /201001/95193

1、把重返校园充电认真列入计划,并在30岁前再次毕业。1, Put the plan of returning to school seriously into schedule, and graduate before the age of 30. /200912/91068

The slower you build up energy in the morning, the more painfulwaking up will be. What's better, spending thirty minutes wrestling withthe snooze button followed by an hour ramp up to normal mentalfunctioning or quickly starting the day with energy?早晨起床越慢,你就越会觉得痛苦。床上挣扎三十分钟,然后花上一个小时才能清醒过来,或者精神百倍地迅速开始新的一天,你会选哪个呢?Here are a few things to reduce the transition period from being asleep to becoming fully alert.Not only does speeding up this wake-up process save time, it makes waking up less of astruggle.这里是一些能够帮你从半梦半醒到神清气爽的小窍门。这些快速清醒的窍门不仅能帮你节省时间,也能让你少做挣扎。1. Light 灯光Your body's natural clock is tuned to the amount of light. Turn on all the lights in your room rightafter waking up. Getting bright lights can help trick your body into thinking it is time to get out ofbed.人体的生物钟会受光线的影响。所以起床就打开房里所有的灯。充足的光线能唤醒你的身体,让它觉得是时候起床了。 /200912/92136

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