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It's hard to avoid traveling over the holidays but the experience I had last week really takes the cake. I flew back to Tucson, Arizona, to be with my wife's family, as we do every Christmas. I got to the airport an hour and a half bee my flight, which I thought would be plenty of time. When I got there, though, I saw that the security line was out the door. Because it was the holidays, people were traveling with a lot of extra packages. It took twice as long as it normally would to get to the front of the line. When I finally got to the gate, I found out that my flight had been oversold. The gate agent was looking people to voluntarily give up their seats a later flight in exchange a travel voucher. If she didn't get enough volunteers, she would have to bump people from the flight. Luckily, several people took her up on the offer and the rest of us boarded. What a hassle! I love the holidays but I don't love holiday travel. 背景链接:Basketball Court-Sports-Saturday篮球场-体育-星期六My friend Jason called me this morning to play basketball.I was kind of tired,but I still went because I love to play basketball.我的朋友杰森今天早上打电话约我去打篮球,我本来有点累,但我还是去了,因为我非常喜欢打篮球By the way. did I tell you my favorite basketball player is MiChael Jordan?He is very cool and he s my idol That is Why I practice every day to be Just like him.顺便说一下,我有没有告诉过你,我最喜欢的篮球选手是Michael Jordan(迈克尔·乔丹),他很酷且是我的偶像这就是为什么我每天练习,希望将来能像他一样If I can,Ill try out NBA someday.Though it seems like a dream so far away,but dreams will eventually come true.如果我能够的话,总有一天我会参加NBA的选拔赛,尽管这看起来像是一个遥远的梦想,但梦想总有一天会成真的Enough of talking. I have to go practice now.That is the only way me to ever get closer to my dream.Just like people say,practice makes perfect.I agree with that.不讲了(说够了),我现在必须去练习啦,对我而言,这是唯一能使我逐渐接近梦想的方法,就如俗语(人们)所说:“熟能生巧”,我同意这样的说法 31

Perry: Look at her! What I wouldnrsquo;t give to get a date with her.佩里:快看这个美女!只要能让她跟我约会,我愿做任何事情Lynn: You should go talk to her and ask her her number.林恩:你应该过去和她搭话,然后要她的电话号码Perry: No way! Shersquo;s completely out of my league. See that guy shersquo;s talking to? Hersquo;s the kind of guy whorsquo;ll get her number.佩里:没办法!我没那个艳福看看那个在和她交谈的家伙那种人才能要到她的电话号码Lynn: That guy has nothing on you. The only thing that guy has that you donrsquo;t is confidence.林恩:那家伙完全不能和你相比你唯一不如他的地方就是信心不足Perry: See? Shersquo;s giving him her number. I donrsquo;t have a chance.佩里:看到了吗?她把电话号码给他了我没机会了Lynn: But look what hersquo;s doing with it. Hersquo;s throwing it away. What a jerk! Wait here.林恩:等等,看他做了什么?他把号码扔了这个白痴!在这里等我Perry: Hey, where are you going?佩里:嘿,你去哪儿?Lynn: Irsquo;ve got it. Here it is. Herersquo;s her number. Call her.林恩:我把它捡回来了给你这是她的电话号码给她打电话Perry: Call her?! Out of the blue? Yoursquo;re crazy. Shersquo;ll think Irsquo;m some kind of creep.佩里:给她打电话?!这太突然了吧?你疯了吧?她会把我当做卑鄙小人Lynn: No, shersquo;ll think yoursquo;re being bold. Shersquo;ll love that.林恩:不,她会认为你很勇敢她会喜欢你这样做的Perry: What am I supposed to say to her? ;Hi, I stole your phone number and Irsquo;d like a date.;佩里:我该怎么对她说?这样说吗:;嗨,我偷了你的电话号码我想和你约会;Lynn: No, tell her the truth. Tell her you saw her, admired her from afar, and wanted to ask her out.林恩:不,告诉她真相告诉她,你一见她就对她心存爱慕,想和她约会Perry: What if she asks me how I got her number?佩里:如果她问我怎么知道她的电话号码的,我怎么回答?Lynn: Tell her yoursquo;ll tell her when you see her on your first date. Youll come off as mysterious. Shersquo;ll eat it up.林恩:你跟她说,你会在你们第一次约会时告诉她的这会显得很神秘她会吃这套的Perry: I canrsquo;t do it. Therersquo;s no way I could do that, could I?佩里:我做不到我做不到这一点,我能做到吗?Lynn: Yes you can. After all, no guts, no glory!林恩:是的,你能做到不入虎穴,焉得虎子! 318

lesson Two[00:.]Section One:Dialogues[00:.5]Dilogues 1:[00:.59]Ithink a doctour shouldd be a friendly person.[00:.91]Yes,I agree.[00:.55]Dilogues :[00:.61]Would you like something to drink?[00:19.1]Just coffee,please.[00:.77]Are you sure?[00:1.39]Quite certain.Thank you.[00:3.85]Dilogues 3:[00:6.]What are you doing in New York?[00:.55]I'm writing a story YES magazine.[00:30.7]I see.[00:33.]Dilogues :[00:35.97]What are you doing in Cairo?[00:38.66]I'm visiting my parents.[00:0.]Really![00:.0]Dilogues 5:[00:.90]Why are you visiting Hongkong?[00:7.91]I'm just on holiday.[00:51.5]Dilogues 6:[00:5.31]Why are you in London?[00:57.50]I'm here on business.[00:58.78]Oh.[01:00.97]Dilogues 7:[01:.6]Thanks a lot putting me up.[01:.65]That's OK[01:.6]Do come and see me when you're New York.[01:.63]Sure,That'll be great.[01:.57]Dilogues 8:[01:18.]Have you heard the news?[01:.]No.[01:.69]There's been a terible air crash.[01:.5]Oh dear!Where was it?[01:3.77]A town called Band.[01:7.]Dilogues 9:[01:30.67]Excuse me ,how do yo say that word,C-U-S-T-O-M-S?[01:37.88]Customs[01:38.7]I see,Thank you.[01:37.7]Dilogues :[01:39.9]Would yo like some more potatoes?[01:39.57]I'm sorry I can't manage any more.Thank you.[01:.55]Section Two:[01:6.85]A.Conversation.[01:50.1]Male:Pubs?You must have good people.If the people are good,Tthe pub will be good.[01:57.80]Male;You must have a good landlord,and people with a sense of humor behind the bar.[:.]if the landlord si bad,the pub will be bad.[:.]Female:I love old pubs.If it's one of those modern places.I won't go in.[:.96]Male:And a good pub must have good beer.[:.69]If the beer's no good.people will look another place.[:18.75]Female:I won't go if there isn't a garden.[:.88]I have children,and if the pub doesn't have a garden or family room,we can't go in.[:.81]B.Story.[:3.65]My grandfather used to have a beautiful gold pocker watch.[:36.85]He wore it on a fine gold chain across the front of his waistcoat,[:1.7]and when I was small he promised to leave it to me in his will.[:5.00]"When I'm gone."he said,"this is going to be yours".[:9.7]Untunately that will never happen now.[:5.7]About three months ago,my grandfather came up to London to visit us.[:57.5]The first Sunday morning after he arrived,my yongest son said he wanted to go to the park.[:.79]"We'll do better than that,"said my grandfather."we'll go and feed dth pigeons in Trafalgar Square."So off they went.[:.81]They got home about tea-time and my grandfather was looking very upset.[:.96]"My watch,"he said,"it's gone.Someone must have stolen it while we were feeding the pigeons."[:.]Section Three:Dictation[:.8]Dictation 1:[:3.6]My name is Daniel.I am French.I live in a small town.[:.9]I work in hotel,but I do not live in the hotel.[:53.]I live with my parents.My home is near the hotel,so I walk to work every day.[:.63]Dictation :[:.68]There is some sugar,there is some coffee an there is a lot of tea,but there is not much jam.[:7.61]There are some tomatoes,but there are not any eggs or biscuits and there is not much milk. 75

  快速版本请移步实战听力板块Raul: What are the chances that Rob will be here on time? 罗伯准时到这儿的几率有多大?Tiffany: I’d say it’s fifty-fifty. You never know. He might surprise us and be early. 我觉得五五开吧谁说的准呢他可能早来,让我们吃惊一把呢Raul: Fat chance of that happening. I’ve known him three years and if I had to stake my life on whether he’ll arrive early or not, I’d be in big trouble. 几乎不可能认识他三年了,如果我要预测他能不能早来的话,那我赔大发了Tiffany: Don’t exaggerate. Rob isn’t completely irresponsible. I’d say there’s a pretty good probability that he’ll be here when he said he would, especially after he promised. 别那么夸张罗伯也不是毫不负责那种人要我说,他答应别人要来的时候多数时候都准时到了Raul: His intentions are good, but he loses track of time and doesn’t know what day it is half the time. 他没坏心,但是他没有时间观念,半数时间都不知道星期几Tiffany: He told me that he’s trying to change. 他给我说他试着改呢Raul: Well, as I said, his intentions are good. He just needs to work on his follow-through. 好,跟我说的一样,他没坏心他就是需要坚持Tiffany: Come on, he could be on his way right now. 得了吧,他现在可能就在路上了Raul: Don’t hold your breath. I’ll believe his promises when hell freezes over. 别太激动我不信他的承诺Tiffany: Aren’t you being just a wee bit cynical? 你是不是有点太讽刺他了?Raul: And aren’t you just indulging in wishful thinking? 你是不是想得太美了?Tiffany: Hey, I think that’s him coming down the road! I think you’d better eat your words. 嘿,我想路上走得那个人就是他了!你最好闭嘴了Raul: And I think you’d better get glasses. 我觉得你还是戴上你的眼镜吧 5590

  What divine drink wouldst thou have, my God, from this overflowing cup of my life?我的上帝,从我满溢的生命之杯中,你要饮什么样的圣酒呢?My poet, is it thy delight to see thy creation through my eyes and to stand at the portals of my ears silently to listen to thine own eternal harmony?通过我的眼睛,来观看你自己的创造物,站在我的耳门上,来静听你自己的永恒的谐音,我的诗人,这是你的快乐吗?Thy world is weaving words in my mind and thy joy is adding music to them.你的世界在我的心灵里织上字句,你的快乐又给它们加上音乐Thou givest thyself to me in love and then feelest thine own entire sweetness in me.你把自己在梦中交给了我,又通过我来感觉你自己的完满的甜柔 7。

  第一、赏析语段Mr Crick went on,; But I think bulls like music better than cows.克里克先生继续说道:“但我认为公牛比母牛更喜欢音乐Did I tell you all about William Dewy?我跟你们讲过威廉·杜威的事吗?On his way home after a wedding he found himself in a field with an angry bull.一次婚礼结束后,在回家路上的一块田地上,他遇上了一头愤怒的公牛He took his violin and played some Christmas church music and down went the bull on his knees!他拿出了小提琴,拉起一些圣诞节的教堂音乐,那头公牛居然跪下来了:就像围绕着小耶稣的动物那样!Just like the animals around baby Jesus!And so William was able to escape.;然后威廉就得以逃脱了”;It a curious story.It takes us back to the past, when belief in God was a living thing.;“这是一个奇特的故事它把我们带回到过去的年代,那时对上帝的信仰是生动真实的”This unusual remark came from under a cow.有人从一头奶牛身下做出了这个不平常的论断;Well, it quite true, sir, believe it or not.I knew the man well,; said Mr Crick.“哦,这是完全真实的,先生,信不信由你我跟那个人相当熟”克里克先生说第二、写作佳语go on:继续e.g. Im all right here. Go on with your work.我这里很好,你继续工作吧e.g. I dont want to leave, but I cant go on.我不想离开,但我继续不下去了tell sb about sth告诉某人某事e.g. We were instructed not to tell anyone about it.我们受到指示不得说出那件事e.g. He began to tell about his plight.他开始讲述他的困境play sb some music:给某人弹奏音乐e.g. Play me some music.给我来点音乐belief in:相信,信赖e.g. He holds a strong belief in the goodness of human nature.他对人性的善良坚信不移e.g. My brother has a firm belief in the value of cold baths.我的兄弟坚信洗冷水澡有益健康believe it or not:随你take sb back to the past:使某人回到了过去 531

  The Blessed Dress幸运的礼I got an engagement ring Christmas. My boyfriend and I had been dating almost a year and both felt the time was right to join our lives together in holy matrimony.圣诞节的时候我戴上了订婚戒指我和男友交往已快一年,我们都感到是携手步入神圣的婚姻殿堂的时候了The month of January was spent planning our perfect Alabama June wedding. My mother,two sisters and I went to Huntsville,the closest town with a selection of bridal shops,to buy the gown that would play the leading role on my special occasion.整个一月份我都忙于计划我们将于六月份在阿拉巴马州举行的美丽婚礼我和母亲,连同两个前往最近的城市汉斯维尔的一些新娘装店去挑选结婚礼-这可是婚礼中至关重要的一个环节We had a wonderful time just being together and sharing silly jokes, but the day soon turned serious by afternoon: still no sign of the dress of my dreams. Both sisters were y to give up and try another day in another town, but I coerced them into one more boutique.我们母女四个高高兴兴,互相开着玩笑但是等到了下午气氛就变得严肃起来:仍然没有我梦想中的结婚礼的丝毫影子我的两个都已经准备就此打道回府,改天再到其它的城镇去买,但是我迫使她们陪我再多看一家小店I had a good feeling as we entered the quaint little shop filled with the scent of fresh flowers.当我们进入这家满是新鲜花香的精致小店时,我有一种很好的预感The elderly clerk showed us several beautiful gowns in my size and price range, but none were right.上年纪的店员让我们看了几件 适合我穿的美丽的礼,价格也都在我的预算之内,但是都不是我想要的As I opened the door to leave, the desperate shop owner announced she had one more dress in the back that was expensive and not even my size, but perhaps I might want to look at it anyway. When she brought it out, I squealed in delight.正当我打开店门准备离开之即,孤注一掷的老板娘喊道,在后面库里还有一件礼,这件礼很贵,甚至没有我穿的号码,但是也 许我还是想看一眼当她拿出来时,我欣喜的叫出声来This was it!就是这一件了!I rushed to the dressing room and slipped it on. Even though it was at least two sizes too large and more costly than I had anticipated, I talked Mom into buying it. The shop was so small it didnt offer alterations, but my excitement assured me I would be able to get it resized in my hometown.我冲进试衣间把身体滑进去尽管它至少要大上两码,价格也比我预想的要高很多,我仍说了母亲买下了它这家店很小,连改衣的务都不提供,但是在激动之余,我确信能在家乡把它改好Excitement wasnt enough. On Monday morning, my world crumbled when the local sewing shop inmed me the dress simply could not be altered because of numerous hand-sewn pearls and sequins on the bodice. I called the boutique suggestions but only got their answering machine.然而盲目的激动是无济于事的礼拜一早上,当我们那儿的裁缝店告诉我礼上手缝的珠子和饰片太多因而没法改动时我傻眼了我打电话给那家装店寻求建议,听到的却只是机器的自动应答A friend gave me the number of a lady across town who worked at home doing alterations. I was desperate and willing to try anything, so I decided to give her a call.一个朋友给我镇上一个裁缝的电话,这个裁缝在家里做活在绝望之余,我愿意进行任何尝试于是我决定给她打个电话 387Buck: I’m never going to that coffee house again! Star: Why? What happened? Buck: It’s the third time in a week that I’ve had lousy service. I don’t expect five-star treatment, but I do expect service industry employees to be at least civil. Star: What happened this time? Buck: I walked in and went up to the counter to place my order. The woman working there was talking to her friend, another customer. I stood there, clearly needing to be waited on and she couldn’t have cared less. Star: You mean she didn’t even acknowledge you? Buck: Are you kidding? She didn’t stop talking one second. When she finally took a breath, I told her my order. She gave me a dirty look and finally turned around to get my coffee. She practically threw it at me! Star: Well, maybe she was having a bad day. At least you got your coffee. Buck: I got a cup of coffee, but not the kind I ordered. When I realized it, I went back to the counter and she was still talking to her friend. I interrupted her and told her that I got the wrong order. She had the chutzah to try to tell me that I had made a mistake in telling her my order. Not only did she not take resonsibility her mistake, she tried to tell me that it was my fault! Star: That’s really infuriating. What are you going to do? Buck: One good thing about her talking with her friend so long is that I got her name. I’ll be calling the manager to complain. Star: Aren’t you overreacting? Buck: No, I’m not. She’s lucky I didn’t pour the coffee over her head!

  what it worth, it never too late无论太晚或太早Or in my case, too early对我来说To be whoever you want to be你都可以成为你想成为的那个人There no time limit没有时间限制Start whenever you want只要你想 随时开始You can change or stay the same改变现状或者保留原样There no rules to this thing随心所欲没有束缚We can make the best of it可以实现梦想 也可以破碎人生I hope you make the best of it但我希望你会成为你想成为的人I hope you see things that startle you希望你去探索令你惊叹的世界I hope you feel things you never felt bee体会你从未有过的感觉I hope you meet people with a different point of view希望你去遇见千奇百怪的人I hope you live a life youre proud of希望你活出自己感到自豪的人生If you find that you are not如果你的生活和想象的不一样I hope you have the strength to start all over again没有关系希望鼓起勇气重新开始 59Drinking Alone with the Moon月下独酌李白From a wine pot amidst the flowers,I drink alone without partners.To invite the moon I raise my cup.We’re three, as my shadow shows up.花间一壶酒独酌无相亲举杯邀明月对影成三人Alas, the moon doesn’t drink.My shadow follows but doesn’t think.Still now I have these friends,To cheer me up until the spring ends.月既不解饮影徒随我身暂伴月将影行乐须及春I sing; the moon wanders.I dance; the shadow scatters.Awake, together we have fun.Drunk, separately we’re gone.我歌月徘徊我舞影零乱醒时同交欢醉后各分散Let’s be boon companions ever,Pledging, in heaven, we’ll be together.永结无情游相期邈云汉收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 686

  I was at the airport to pick up my friend Sandra, who was visiting from Italy. Gustavo: Do you have everything? Sandra: Yes, I think so. But, I don’t have any U.S. dollars. Where can I change money? Can I do that here? Gustavo: You could, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The exchange rate is really high and so are the fees. I’ll take you to the bank tomorrow.….. The next day, I picked Sandra up from her hotel and we went to a branch nearby. Bank clerk: What can I do you? Sandra: I’d like to exchange some currency and to get some U.S. dollars. Bank clerk: Okay, how much would you like? Sandra: How much is one Euro worth? Bank clerk: The current rate is one dollar to .8 Euros. Sandra: In that case, I’d like 500 U.S. dollars. Bank clerk: Okay. That will be 00 Euros. Would you like that in large or small bills? Sandra: I’d like a mix of both, I’d like some change, too. Bank clerk: That’s no problem. Please sign here. That will be 0 in $’s, I went to bank this morning. Instead of standing in line to talk to a bank teller, I decided to use an ATM, but it wasn’t working. Robin: Excuse me. Could you help me? I’m trying to use this ATM machine, but it stopped working after I put in my PIN and it won’t give me back my ATM card. Bank clerk: It looks like the machine is jammed. Step over to this teller window and I can help you. What transactions are you trying to make? Robin: I want to make a deposit, transfer some money between my checking and savings s, and make a cash withdrawal. Bank clerk: I can make those transactions you. Robin: Okay. Let me take this check out of the deposit envelop. And what about my card? Bank clerk: I’ll call the technician and she should be able to retrieve it you. Robin: Thanks a lot. I guess that the machine just doesn’t like me. Bank clerk: It’s not you. Those machines just act up sometimes. Robin: In that case, I won’t take it personally. 68 in $’s, and in ’s and ’s. And, here’s in change: quarters, dimes, and nickels. Sandra: That’s perfect. Thanks a lot. Bank clerk: Is there anything else I can help you with? Sandra: No, that’s all. Thanks your help. Bank clerk: It’s my pleasure. Have a nice day. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 68





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