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A Brief Introduction of the Painted Clay Crafts塑简介Among the Chinese folk arts, the painted clay crafts are unique in their style. They are beautifully shaped, vivid, lively and lovely. They have become an art that is appealing to both the elite and the unsophisticated. The history of the painted clay crafts goes bock to the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 years ago. Popular themes include mystical and historical figures,animals as well as fruits. The process of making such clay crafts is not very complicated. The artisan will first make a model,then make roughcast afterthe model by using a mixture of clay and pulp, which are to be sun - dried, powdered, painted and finally varnished.在中国的民间艺术中,绘泥塑工艺品的风格是独一无二的。它们造型优美,生动,活泼,可爱。它们已经成为一门艺术,精美和质朴无华。绘泥塑工艺品的历史可以追溯到600多年前的明代。热门主题包括神秘的和历史性的人物,动物以及水果。这种绘泥塑工艺品的制作过程也不是很复杂。工匠会先制作一个模型,然后用粘土和纸浆的混合物将它们做成毛坯模型后在太阳下自然干,涂粉,描画,最后上漆。 /201610/470203Try out this sample meal plan if your diabetic treatment plan includes a prescription for a 2000-calorie diet.如果你的糖尿病治疗处方方案包括一个2000卡路里的饮食疗法,那么就可以试试这个膳食计划。You#39;ll be able to indulge in (low-carb) pancakes, tuna and walnut salad, and Thai Curry Chicken.你可以吃喜爱的(低碳水化合物)煎饼、金鱼、核桃沙拉和泰国的咖喱鸡。This sample plan provides a total of 2000 calories -- 50% from carbohydrate and 30% from fat. Although this is the maximum amount of fat recommended for a diabetic meal plan, the fat sources are high in ;good,; unsaturated fats.这个计划方案提供了总数为2000卡路里的热量—50%来自碳水化合物和30%来自脂肪。虽然对糖尿病患者的膳食计划来说,这是能推荐的最大脂肪量,但是脂肪的来源是高质量的不饱和脂肪。Read more about diabetic meal planning.阅读更多关于糖尿病患者的膳食计划。Breakfast:早餐:#8226; Low-Carb Pancakes Recipe #8226; 低碳水化合物的薄煎饼食谱#8226; 1 tablespoon light syrup #8226; 1汤匙轻糖浆#8226; 1 cup sliced strawberries #8226; 1杯草莓切片#8226; 1 cup skim milk #8226; 1杯脱脂牛奶#8226; Coffee with 2 tablespoons fat-free half-and-half #8226; 2汤匙无脂对半咖啡Lunch: 午餐:#8226; 1 serving Tuna amp; Walnut Salad Recipe #8226; 1份金鱼和核桃沙拉食谱#8226; 1 cup raw salad greens #8226; 1杯生蔬菜沙拉#8226; 4 whole-wheat crackers #8226; 4个全麦饼干#8226; 1 apple #8226; 1个苹果#8226; 1/2 cup sugar-free pudding #8226; 半杯无糖布丁#8226; 5 vanilla wafers #8226; 5个香草晶片#8226; 8 to 10 ounces water or sugar-free beverage #8226; 8到10盎司的水或无糖饮料Dinner: 晚餐:#8226; 1 serving Thai Curry Chicken Recipe #8226; 一份泰国咖喱鸡食谱#8226; Add 1/2 sweet potato, thinly sliced, to the curry#8226; 加入半个红薯、切成薄片加入咖喱饭里面#8226; 1/3 cup cooked brown rice #8226; 三分之一杯的熟糙米#8226; 1/2 cup cooked zucchini #8226; 半杯熟西葫芦#8226; 1 100%-fruit frozen fruit bar#8226; 一个100%水果冷冻拼盘#8226; 8 to 10 ounces water or sugar-free beverage #8226; 8到10盎司水或无糖饮料译文属 /201610/471813

Letting the mind go blank for five minutes each day is good for health, according to an initiative on healthy lifestyle recently launched in China.我国近日启动一项倡导健康生活方式的项目,提出每天发呆5分钟有益健康。The initiative was jointly created by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Chinese Health Education Center and All-China Journalists Association.该项目由中华人民共和国国家卫生和计划生育委员会、中国健康教育中心和中华全国新闻工作者协会联合发起。Other suggestions include working out for an hour every day, playing at least one sport and joining one sports community.其他建议还包括每天运动1小时、掌握至少1项运动技巧和加入1个运动社群。The initiative also stressed the importance of a more balanced diet. As suggested by the initiative, an individual should consume more than 12 kinds of food on a daily basis and more than 25 on a weekly basis.该项目还强调了更均衡的饮食的重要性。根据该项目的建议,个人每天应摄入12种以上食物,每周应摄入25种以上食物。The guideline added that it is common for the working class to experience stress, insomnia, anxiety, excessive eating and drinking and deteriorating memories.此外,该指导意见还补充说道,工薪阶层普遍都存在压力过大、经历失眠、焦虑,暴饮暴食、记忆衰退。Wu Tao, an expert in emotional management and a member of the International Coach Federation, said long-term emotional stress can have severe health consequences and may lead to cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems and even cancer.情绪管理专家、同时也是国际教练联盟的会员的吴涛表示,长期的情绪压力可能会带来严重的健康后果,可能会导致心血管疾病,消化问题甚至癌症。To mitigate the risks, the public needs to first understand and recognize their emotions.为了减轻风险,公众需要首先了解和认识他们自己的情绪。;When you are able to face and effectively control your emotions, negative feelings such as stress can be converted into positive energies,; added Wu.吴涛补充说道:“当你能够面对和有效地控制你的情绪时,消极的情绪,比如压力,就可以转化为正能量。” /201610/474551

1. “Goodnight Moon”《晚安,月亮》“Goodnight Moon” doesn’t really have much of a story. The book is just a description of certain things like kittens, a mouse and a quiet old lady. There are also mittens, a toy house and even a cow. The author introduces everything in the beginning and then says goodnight each of them at the end.《晚安,月亮》并不是一个真正意义上的故事。这本书只是描述了某些东西,比如猫咪们、一只老鼠和一位安静的老太太。还有连指手套、一座玩具屋,甚至有一头奶牛。这位作者在开始介绍了上述的一切,然后在结尾时向他们道声晚安。“Goodnight Moon” uses repetition of the same sentence structures with different vocabulary, which is great for English learners. For example, one line in the book s, “Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.” This is really helpful for learning a lot of new words.《晚安,月亮》重复使用相同的句式,但是词汇不同,这对英语学习者而言很棒。例如,书里有一行写道, “晚安,房间。晚安,月亮。晚安,跳过月亮的奶牛。”这对学习许多新词很有帮助。Most of the story is made of short two- and three-word sentences, which is why I have listed it as the easiest book here.大部分的故事是由两三个单词的句子组成,这是我将它列为最简单书目的原因。2. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” 《饥饿的毛毛虫》“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is about a caterpillar who eats more and more food during a week. The book starts with a little caterpillar who comes out of its egg and starts searching for food. He does this every day.《 饥饿的毛毛虫》是关于一只一周内越吃越多的毛毛虫。这本书以一只小毛毛虫从卵里孵出来,开始寻找食物作开篇,他每天都在做这件事。In the beginning, the caterpillar eats healthily, such as fruit and vegetables. Later, the caterpillar begins to eat junk food more and more, until its stomach hurts. Because of this, the caterpillar decides to eat something good again and it feels better. In the end, the caterpillar wraps up into a cocoon and soon becomes a butterfly.开始,这只毛毛虫吃得很健康,比如水果和蔬菜。后来,这只毛毛虫开始吃越来越多的垃圾食品,直到它的胃受伤。因此,毛毛虫决定再吃些好东西,也感觉舒起来。最后,毛毛虫化茧成蝶。This children’s book is great for learning essential English words, such as numbers, foods and days of the week. Once again, repetition is very important for improving your English, and this book has lots of great repetition.这本童书对学习基础英语单词而言很棒,比如数词、食物和一周七天。再说一次,重复对提高英语来书很重要,这本书有许多很好的重复。3. “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” 《如果你给驼鹿一块松饼》“If You Give a Moose a Muffin” is about a moose who always wa00nts something more in his life. First, he wants a muffin. Then he wants some jam to go with it. When he’s finished eating, he wants some more until they’re all gone. Then, he asks you to make more, and more…《如果你给驼鹿一块松饼》是关于一头在生活中总是想要更多西的驼鹿。开始,他想要一块松饼。接着他想要一些搭配松饼吃的果酱。当他吃完了,他想要更多,直到吃完所有松饼。接着,他让你再多做一些,再多一些……This book is one of the shortest on the list, and its language uses a lot of future tense. This means most of the sentences have the verb “will” in them. For example, “If you give a moose a muffin he’ll want some jam to go with it.” This book is especially helpful for learning future tense and its contractions (he’ll, you’ll, etc.).这本书是名单中最短的一本,而且语言用了许多将来时。这意味着许多句子里有“将要”这个词。例如,“如果你给驼鹿一块松饼,他即将要一些搭配松饼吃的果酱”。这本书对学习将来时和相关的缩写尤其有帮助。If you like this book, you’ll probably also like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” written by the same author.如果你喜欢这本书,你或许也会喜欢同一位作者写的《如果你给老鼠一块曲奇》。4. “Curious George”《好奇乔治》“Curious George” is very famous series about a monkey named Curious George. The word “curious” means to be interested in knowing more about something. Curious George is a little too curious, which causes humans to catch him and bring him to their big city.《好奇乔治》是连载故事,关于一只名为好奇乔治的猴子,非常出名。“好奇”这个词意味着对某些事情想了解地更多。好奇乔治是一个小好奇,这引得人类抓住他并将他带去了大城市。There, the monkey creates all sorts of problems. He calls the fire department, ends up in prison (jail), escapes from prison, is carried into the sky by balloons and eventually, he arrives safely in the zoo.在那儿,这只猴子制造了各种各样的问题,他打电话给消防部门,被关进监狱,逃狱,被气球带飞到天上,最后,他安全地到达动物园。This book uses a lot of short, simple sentences, which makes it very easy to for English learners. For example, “One day George saw a man. He had on a large yellow straw hat. The man saw George too.” As you can tell, the sentences are very short and choppy, which is what makes “Curious George” a great for both children and English learners.这本书用了许多短而简单的句子,对英语学习者而言很容易阅读。例如,“一天,乔治看到一个人。他戴着一顶很大的黄色草帽。这个人也看到了乔治。”正如你可以看到的,这些句子很短,不连贯,使《好奇乔治》成为孩子和英语学习者很棒的读物。5. “The Giving Tree”《给予的树》In this story, a boy loves to play in an apple tree, and the apple tree loves when the boy plays with her. The boy gets older, though, and doesn’t play in the tree anymore. Later in life, he comes back to the tree to ask her for help in life. The tree helps the boy because she loves him. In the end, the boy comes back to the tree one final time as an old man, and uses the tree’s stump (the short part that’s left after a tree is cut down) to sit, making the tree happy.在这个故事里,一个男孩喜欢在苹果树上玩,这时候苹果树也很喜欢。可是男孩日渐长大,再也不在树上玩了。后来,他回到树身边寻求帮助,这棵树因为爱他帮助了他。后来,男孩成为一位老人,最后一次回到树的身边,坐在树墩上,让它开心。This book has such a deep meaning, and it is fun to at the same time. This book uses its simple words to create one clear idea, making it an easy .这本书意义深刻,同时读起来又很有乐趣。这本书用简单的词汇创造出一个清晰的概念,使它简单易读。 /201609/466165

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