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淮安治宫颈肥大多少钱江苏省淮安市第二人民医院孕前检测多少钱A financial definition of insuranceThroughout human history,unexpected economic losses have occurred.Such losses would continue to occur whether or not a system of insurance had ever been devised.But through the operation of an insurance system,losses can be predicted bee they occur.The predictability of losses in advance is basic to an insurance system operations.Because an insurance system allows losses to be predicted in advance,it allows the cost of losses to be financed and redistributed in advance.The first definition of insurance that we will examine is the financial one.In this instance,insurance is a financial arrangement that redistrbutes the costs of unexpected losses.The insurance arrangement involves the transfer of many different exposures to loss to one insurance pool,which combines the numerous exposures.An insurance system accomplishes the redistribution of the costs of losses by collecting a premium payment from every participant in the system.In exchange the payment of the premium,the insured receives a promise from the insurance system to be compensated in the event of a loss.In most insurance systems only a small percentage of those insured suffer losses.Thus,an insurance system redistributes the costs of losses from the untunate few members who experience them,to all the members of the insurance pool(including those who suffer losses) who have paid premiums.Diagram 1 illustrates the way in which a fire insurance pool redistributes the costs of losses.Assume that each member of the pool is exposed to loss of his home by fire.Each member willingly contributed a premium-0-to the insurance pool in exchange the promise of payment in the event of fire.Assume that homeowner #6 loses his house in a fire.He will collect A lucky holidaymaker didnt have to worry about annoying seatmates, crying babies or a lack of space on his flight to an idyllic island – he had the entire plane to himself.一位幸运的游客在飞往度假小岛的航班上,完全用不着担心邻座吵闹、婴儿啼哭以及座位拥挤因为他自己拥有了整架飞机Alex Simon, , basically had his own private plane, as he was the only passenger who showed up a Philippine Airlines flight as he travelled from Manila to Boracay.今年岁的艾利克斯·西蒙基本上拥有了他的私人飞机他是菲律宾航空公司从马尼拉飞往长滩岛航班上的唯一一名乘客The travel blogger, who lives in Ischgl, Austria, was stunned when no one else boarded the twin turboprop – leaving him alone with two flight attendants and two pilots.这位旅行主住在奥地利的伊施格尔当他发现除自己以外,再没有人登上这架双涡轮螺旋桨飞机时,也惊呆了飞机上只有他、两名空和两名飞行员Simon shot footage on board the domestic flight and even had a chance to enter the cockpit and chat with the pilots bee the plane took off.在西蒙登上这架国内航班后,他就开始到处拍照,在飞机起飞前甚至还得到进入驾驶舱与飞行员聊天的机会Cabin crew had fun with the unusual situation, as they took turns filming Simon as he sat in his seat and walked off the plane.机组人员也因为这不同寻常的情况下来了兴致,轮流给西蒙拍了他坐在座位上以及下飞机的照片Simon told MailOnline Travel: When I arrived to the airport I just heard my name on the speaker, ;Sir Alexander Simon, please come to the inmation.;西蒙对每日邮报的旅游版表示:;当我到达机场的时候,就听到广播里叫我的名字:艾利克斯·西蒙先生,请速到问讯处;o the lady explained to me that I dont need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, were gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me.;然后有位女士向我解释,说我不用再等两个小时转接班机了,再过半小时我们就可以起飞,因为除了我没有别的乘客了;I was little bit surprised and I couldnt believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realised that it gonna be a special flight because this time I didnt even need to line up.;我当时很吃惊,以至于完全不敢相信,觉得这是在做梦直到开始登机我才意识到,这将是一次与众不同的飞行,因为这次,我甚至不用排队登机了;He added: I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window. She just answered, ;You can sit anywhere, because youre the only one passenger;.他接着说:;我坐在座位上,询问空是否能坐到靠窗的位置她说我可以坐在任何位置,因为我是唯一的乘客;The Austrian travel blogger took a seat in the front row and spent time chatting with the flight attendants这位奥地利旅行主选择在前排的位置坐下,并且和空们聊了一路He said: It was an ungettable feeling to take a flight to the one of the most beautiful islands of the world, but to be alone and feel like a superstar it made it more special.他说:;飞往世界上最美丽的岛屿之一的长滩岛是一次难忘的经历,但独自乘飞机享受明星般的待遇更是锦上添花; 5,000, the insured value of his house,from the insurance pool.If there were no insurance pool,the untunate victim would lose ,000.But instead,all the members of the pool have each paid 0 to provide funds to pay losses.Thus,each insured has paid a part of the ,000 loss experienced by one member.The 0 premium each insured paid in advance was calculated from the losses predicted by the insurance system.When the year began it was not predicted that home #6 would burn but,rather,that 33 houses from among the 5,000 insured would burn.From this prediction came the decision to charge each homeowner 0 his or her insurance.An insurance system is able to operate because all the insureds are willing to substitute a relatively small certain outlay,the insurance premium, a relatively large uncertain loss.It is generally assumed that most people find the possibility of suffering a large loss unpleasant to contemplate.Theree,people are willing to pay an insurance premium to be relieved of the uncertainty about a loss,as well as to be compensated if the loss actually occurs.Thus,even if no loss occurs during a year,as will be the case most insureds,value has still been received in the m of a reduced or eliminated unpleasant mental state,the anxiety about a loss.Legal principles of insuranceHEADING AIt is sometimes said that insurance is like gambling.In betting, example,one gives a sum of money to a bookmaker who agrees to pay out on the bet if the horse one has backed wins the race.The law however has found a means of distinguishing between gambling contracts,which it will not ence,and insurance contracts,which it will. a contract to be one of insurance the insured person must have an insurable interest in the subject matter of the insurance.That is,he must stand to lose financially if the event insured against happens.In life insurance, example,a man or woman obviously has an interest in his or her own life and can theree insure it and also the life of a husband or wife.But one cannot insure the life of anybody else unless their death would result in financial loss to oneself.Similarly,with property,insurance may only be effected if one stands to lose financially by its loss or destruction.Clearly the owner of the property would lose but so also might other people,such as a building society which has lent money on the security of a house or a dry cleaner who has taken in clothes cleaning.HEADING BFurther,in insurances on property or against liabilities the law applies the principle that the policyholder must not make a profit if the event insured against happens.The insurance contract is said to be one of indemnity,to make good the insured loss and no more.Suppose, example,that property is insured more than its value and is destroyed as a result of an event insured against.The insured recovery will be limited to the actual value.Again,if the property has been insured twice over and is destroyed,the insured will not be entitled to recover in all more than its total value.And if insured property is destroyed in circumstances which give the insured a right to claim both against his own insurerand against some other person who was responsible the damage,the insured must allow the insurer to have the benefit of the right to claim against the other person.HEADING CContracts of insurance m a special class of contract in that the law requires both parties to them,the insured and the insurer,to exercise the utmost good faith towards each other.In particular when anyone applies insurance(he is known as the proposer) he must tell the prospective insurer every fact that he knows,or ought to know which would influence a prudent insurer in deciding whether to grant the insurance and,if so,on what terms.To take an example,a proposer life insurance must reveal if he has recently had a heart attack as this may be a sign that he is more likely to die prematurely.Similarly if a motorist is seeking to insure his car and has had a number of recent road accidents,he must reveal that fact so that the insurer can decide whether to charge him an above-normal premium because he appears to be especially prone to accidents.If any fact of the kind described is not disclosed by the proposer,or if any fact is misstated,even unintentionally,the insurer is entitled to refuse to pay a claim under the policy.Insurers maintain that this is only right because the proposer knows the facts and the insurer does not.The insurer needs to be put in a fair position to decide whether to accept an insurance and on what terms. 700淮安中山医院属于国企吗? In an extraordinary case of blood donation, the fates of the donor and beneficiary became tied together life, reported Chongqing Morning Post.据《重庆晨报报道,在一起离奇的献血案例中,捐赠者和受助者的命运一辈子绑在了一起Nine years ago, Lin Xiaofen went to a hospital in Taipei after getting very sick.九年前,林晓芬在得了一场重病后前往了台北的一家医院She fell into coma and suffered massive blood loss. She was only able to make a narrow escape after receiving a large blood transfusion.由于失血过多,她陷入了昏迷在大量输血过后她才死里逃生Recently, Lin shared the experience with her boyfriend Lian Zhicheng. The man, who is a frequent blood donor, jokingly asked: ;Maybe it is my blood?;日前,林晓芬把她的这一经历告诉了男友连志成连志成自己也经常献血,于是开玩笑说:“也许是我的血呢?”Curiously, Lin checked the records of the hospital.由于好奇,林晓芬去查阅了医院的记录To her surprise, the donor who saved her nine years ago was actually her boyfriend.让她大吃一惊的是,九年前献血救了她命的人竟然真的是她男朋友Lian said humorously: ;Go donate your blood now, because you have a chance to bring a wife home.;连志成于是幽默地说道:“现在就去献血吧,因为你有机会带个老婆回家” 931A: Good morning, I made an appointment with Dr. Smith, but I have to change it.B: When you made your appointment, what day did you choose?A: My appointment was on Wednesday.B: At what time was that appointment?A: It was :00 in the afternoon.B: I can see the appointment that you had. What day do you need to change to?A: I want to change to next Tuesday.B: What time would you prefer?A: I would prefer three o’clock in the afternoon.B: I will put you down that time. Thank you calling to reschedule.内容来自: 96淮安治疗生殖器感染医院哪家好

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